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The Inside Story

By Karl C. Priest, M.A. October 14, 2009 (Revised 3-13-18)

I taught in West Virginia (arguably the buckle of the Bible belt) public schools for about 35 years and, with my own eyes, have seen things that should scare parents who love their children. For parents who think “their school” is an exception to the rule—take heed! I taught from one end of Kanawha County to the other and was a principal in rural Roane County for three years. My last six years were in the “nice” suburban community of Cross Lanes. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS!

Even though most teachers are intelligent and range from fair to very good in pedagogical skills—there are often teachers who are, frankly, pathetic. The good teachers are tragically affected by the pressures inherent in the system. Sometimes it makes them physically sick and they use the generous sick leave policy thereby leaving their classrooms to substitutes who often are nothing more than well paid baby sitters. (The high teacher absentee rate is common knowledge. See the WV News entry for January 16, 2009. As teachers retire there are fewer who have the values that are associated with the teachers like those from the 50’s television sit-coms. The few who make it out of the colleges of education unscathed by liberal brain-washing, and the miniscule fewer who are fundamentalist Christians are hamstrung by restrictions placed upon them by powerful entities such as the ACLU.

Besides lacking traditional American conservative values, way too many teachers are lazy, incompetent, mean, or unethical. The system, even if it succeeds, takes way too long to eliminate them. If a child has one of those teachers, serious academic problems will result. But, there are far worse dangers.

As you can see by scrolling through the WV News headlines that there is a high probability that school personnel will cause other than academic harm—emotional and spiritual—to the children with which they come in contact. If I had made up fictitious scenarios to support my point I could not have done better than the examples taken from actual news articles. It is bad enough to motivate the liberal Charleston Gazette to headline an editorial “Abuse: Teacher-student Sex”. The headline of another news article in 2007 read “ Sexual Abuse Plagues Schools”.

I said that there was a high probability of something serious happening to harm innocent children and I was talking about more than just “sex”, but another headline is shocking: “29 out of 101 Teacher Misconduct Cases Involve Sex”. Someone may argue that 29 out of several thousand teachers is a small percentage. Would any reasonable parent send their precious child walking through an Afghanistan mine field where there is a small percentage of places where the child can step that will maim or kill the child? Of course not! Then why do they risk ruining, or destroying, their children spiritually by placing them in a morally dangerous public school?

Teachers are a serious threat, but other students can also be harmful. There were hallway fights with loud vile cursing, I am 6’ 3” and weigh over 200 pounds but have had to roll on the hallway floor breaking up violent fights.

I still remember the obscene note I intercepted in a 5th grade class. Those kinds of notes were confiscated throughout my career. Filthy restroom graffiti, and the regular lock-downs to accommodate drug-sniffing dogs are common events in schools—including those claimed by naïve (or willingly foolish) parents to be exceptions.

After I retired I was invited to speak at the Fellowship of Christian Athletes meeting at a local high school. I stood in the hallway waiting for the lunch bell to ring. When the bell unleashed the students it didn’t take long for me to witness some eye-opening scenes. In a dim corner at the entrance to the auditorium a couple began to kiss passionately. Before I could see how far they would go (knowing full well that I was standing there watching) a boy came by wearing a dress. At first I thought (though it would have been a poor example of school disciplinary standards) that the guy was just a clown. Later the FCA leader told me that the boy was one of two bi-sexuals in the school that wore dresses.

Thankfully, the FCA sponsor arrived and we went into the auditorium for our meeting. My emotions were mixed. I was blessed to be with that handful of Christian students. In contrast, I was saddened by looking at them and listening to the tumultuous hallway sounds. An image of the Roman Christians gathering in the catacombs came to mind.

Anyone who thinks I exaggerate only needs to scan the news items I have under WV News. It is easy to follow threads of drugs, sex, lack of disciple, violence, poor academic standards, crime, and anti-Christianity. Also, I encourage citizens to ask to see the monthly discipline statistics for their local school. Governor Manchin (and even the teacher unions) has expressed explicit alarm at how much time is lost due to student disciple problems. The governor’s comments are near the top of the WV News pages. A 2008 WV News teacher union commentary disclosed that one third of West Virginia teachers report losing 20 percent of instructional time due to student misbehavior. Nearly 60 percent have been threatened by classroom thugs. A West Virginia teacher union president said, “ It's a common occurrence for teachers to be cursed. ”

It would be difficult for me to describe anything more serious than teachers sexually molesting students. As bad as that is, it must be viewed in the light of what the Bible tells about the value of our eternal souls. The Kanawha County Textbook Protesters sounded the alarm in 1974 that atheists (we called them humanists) were fervently fighting to control the minds (which, if they succeed) will corrupt the souls of American school children.

My article “A Common Thread” reveals the satanic scheme that is being brought to completion through the public schools.

Yogism is acceptable in Kanawha County elementary schools. Classroom (not just those who teach science) teachers are trained to promote the next step (which is metaphysical) of human evolution. More about this is in another of my articles “Religion Rules Kanawha County Schools.”

Another abnormal agenda is engulfing public schools. That is the homosexual crusade to call evil good and good evil. In 2009 Kanawha County conservatives patted themselves on the back for blocking a the Board of Education from adopting policy (Called “diversity” this time.) that was pushed by homosexuals (See “ Debate Erupts over Kanawha Schools Diversity Policy ” (July 17, 2009 ) for July 5 in the 2009 WV News. All they did was provide false hope for Christians who still delude themselves that their particular public school is safe.

About ten years ago I attended a Faculty Senate session for training in preventing student bullying. The session was promoted by the office of the West Virginia Attorney General which had provided an AG staff member who was present to assist in conducting the meeting. The principal (an atheist) had recruited the two faculty sponsors of the FCA as the teacher liaisons for the anti-bullying policy. The two teachers were unaware of what was under way. Early in the meeting it became obvious that this was about homosexuality. I created somewhat of a stir. Soon thereafter the two sponsors resigned from leading the program and the West Virginia Family Foundation fought the slick attempts to place this agenda in schools statewide (1). (I cannot say for sure that there was a connection, but the Attorney General cooperated with an evolutionist extremist to have me arrested a few years later.)

Incidents like that stealth Faculty Senate meeting are not going to be noticed by parents. It is impossible for parents to monitor what is happening in the public schools. In fact, the word “public” is not appropriate for describing the schools. They are “government” schools and they are doing a great job of instituting the government educational goals.

Atheists know the value of government school education. With this “inside report” the citizens of West Virginia are now informed. Programs to train students to defend their worldview inside government schools are like sending Eagle Scouts to fight the Taliban.

Christians must, without delay, get their children out of government schools.

Additional Comments and Notes

>Also see They Roar, We Ignore.

>Some may argue that the children will have to face the world someday. To that , I respond: Letting them go when they are mature is not the same as placing them in jeopardy while they are minors. They will see enough of the world as they participate in sports, gymnastics, and other non-government school programs.

Exodus Mandate founder, Ray Moore, says it quite succinctly, "Christian parents are _commanded_ to place their children under godly and Christian teaching, not neo-pagan or humanistic instruction. Whether we acknowledge it or not, only two choices remain-- obedience or disobedience to God’s commands. (See Col. 2:8; 2 Cor. 10:3-5; Deut. 6:1-9; Mal. 4:6; 2 Cor. 6:14-19 along with Luke 6:40. Matt. 22:37-38 and Eph. 6:4)"

>For answers to common questions and a way to “ get ‘er done” please see CHRISTIAN EDUCATION .

(1) The West Virginia State Board of Education voted 6-0 on October 17 (2002 KCP) to put a school-based "civil rights team project" on hold after being besieged by parents who complained that it promotes homosexuality and "gay" activist groups.

Under the West Virginia program, launched in 1999, and a model version in Maine, student "civil rights teams" were recruited to operate in public middle and high schools. They were encouraged to report back to the Attorney General’s Office purported "hate" incidents, including "name calling and bullying." The programs allegedly promote tolerance and understanding with regard to a number of criteria, including race, religion and "sexual orientation." Students receive training on various issues, including "homophobia."

Critics of the program, led by Kevin McCoy of the American Family Association of West Virginia, say the "Civil Rights Team Project" turns students into "snitches," reminiscent of Nazi "brownshirts." They note that the project was never approved by the state school board but was launched by the attorney general’s office, which oversees the program.

Paul Sheridan, senior assistant to the West Virginia attorney general in the civil rights division, has sought to portray the "civil rights team" program as impartial and designed solely to stop bullying and protect all students. But Sheridan was embarrassed in an appearance October 16 opposite McCoy on the Fox Network’s The O’Reilly Factor. Read the rest of this report at

Also see: Sending Suicide Squads into Schools (Feb. 28, 2011) and Why Christian Education Is Important.