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If you think that your school is an exception you are willingly blind.



"Christian parents are _commanded_ to place their children under godly and Christian teaching, not neo-pagan or humanistic instruction. Whether we acknowledge it or not, only two choices remain-- obedience or disobedience to God’s commands. (See Col. 2:8; 2 Cor. 10:3-5; Deut. 6:1-9; Mal. 4:6; 2 Cor. 6:14-19 along with Luke 6:40. Matt. 22:37-38 and Eph. 6:4)" E. Ray Moore.


Governor Joe Manchin III, during his 2008"State of the State" address, made it very clear that West Virginia Public Schools are not a good place for children.

In his own words:
"I sincerely believe that until we’re committed to giving our teachers back the ability and freedom to teach their students, instead of requiring them to spend their days policing their students, we are never going to truly accomplish all of the other things that we know are so important in education. Our teachers and our students deserve better, and I am determined to do better and to give our teachers every possible tool they need to take back their Classrooms." 

“The difference between insane asylums and our public schools is that in the insane asylum you have to show some improvement before you can get out.”

Please look at the school news below as well as for other years (along with my articles) for documentation about why tax-payers should “just say NO!” to pouring more money down the government school rat-hole.

Among these headlines you can easily follow common threads of drug abuse, sex (including teachers with students and promotion of sexual perversion), lack of disciple, violence, poor academic standards, crime, anti-Christianity, and wanting more and more money “for the kids”.

Sex crimes in the education system are rampart and traceable to the decay of society which is closely connected to humanism taking over “public” schools. Parents in Kanawha County warned of this in 1974. Now, we are simply reaping what is sown.

The sin of sexual abuse is inexcusable, but the fact is that it is rare that church personnel molests a child. That is not so with school personnel. You will be amazed at the reports of school personnel sex with students throughout the WV School news headlines. See the comments on this issue on the main WV News page. Also, teachers, unlike preachers, do not get scandalized for their adultery and other sex escapades with adults. See the March 26, 2009 headline “W.Va. teacher charged with sex assault of teen” for a sad, but pertinent point.

The moral sickness in the school system goes all the way back to 1977--a couple of years after the Kanawha County Parents sounded the alarm.

(Note: Some of the links are closed by the media outlet after a period of time. Several of the headlines came from Charleston Daily Mail and Gazette on-line searches. All articles can be found by contacting the news source.)

(Note: Some of the links are closed by the media outlet after a period of time. All articles can be found by contacting the news source.)

Drug Testing (Dec. 30, 2008)
From the article: “We have a drug problem. I know we do.” (Pete Thaw) Karl’s comment: Parents can no longer ignore the obvious.

County school drug testing plan blocked temporarily (Dec. 30, 2008)
From the article: “Duerring testified and recalled a few incidents of employee substance abuse. When he was a principal, he said, one teacher at his school was an alcoholic who often arrived at work inebriated and could barely walk up the stairs some days… More recently, Duerring said, a county teacher suspected of drug use was suspended because she fell asleep at her desk and failed to teach the curriculum.” Karl’s comment: Why do parents subject their children to this?!

Vanishing potential (Dec. 26, 2008)
From the article: “In West Virginia, various measures show that students are behind in reading and math scores and education attainment” Karl’s comment: This editorial ist claims the solution is expanded early childhood education. Why give the failed government shool system more control over children?

Teacher charged in sex sting (December 20, 2008)
From the article: “A West Virginia school teacher is facing federal charges in Virginia after investigators said he attempted to arrange a sexual encounter with what he thought were two minors." Karl’s comment: See December 13 below.

Sex Offender in School (Dec. 18, 2008)
From the article: “The man, who is from Tennessee, traveled over five hours to meet with the 15 year old…Roberts even met with her at St. Albans High School a few different times and was allowed in to see her.” Karl’s comment: This is another one that is too alarming to say anything except, Rescue your children!  

Mother, daughter arrested after fight with officer at Riverside (Dec. 18, 2008)
From the article: “A mother and daughter were arrested at Riverside High School today after a fight with the school's resource officer, who is a Kanawha County sheriff's deputy." Karl’s comment: What did your child learn in school today? 

GW student accused of selling marijuana (Dec. 18, 2008)
From the article: “A George Washington High School student was arrested and accused of selling marijuana at school." Karl’s comment: See the posts for Aug. 26; July 9; May 1 and 2; April 9 and 29; Feb. 25, 26, and 29.  

Teacher trainer group files for bankruptcy (Dec. 18, 2008)
From the article: "A company that has received more than $1.1 million to train Kanawha County teachers over the past two years filed for bankruptcy last week. …‘This is the single worst example of any type of training they've been trying to cram down our throats,’ said the teacher, who feared retaliation and asked to remain anonymous... Teachers have said they believe the training has helped them open up and talk to each other about instruction in the classroom, according to Duerring." Karl’s Comment: I wrote the following Op-Ed for the Charleston Daily Mail on September 19, 2007. << During more than 30 years as an educator, I saw dozens of highfalutin' "final solutions" to the problems in the public schools. Most of them cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. None of them worked, but they all had fancy words like "collaboration," "frameworks" and "research-based." The public was pacified and the central office had something to do. Now, another "final solution" is upon us. Kanawha County has spent nearly a million dollars to force teachers in 57 schools to participate in another fad pushed by education bureaucrats from their ivory towers. This time it's called "Teach First," and the superintendent says it is an "attempt to move the district where it needs to be" and "we can't afford to spend 10, 15, 20 years getting there." He admits Kanawha County is sub-par. It's just another con game to separate taxpayers from their money. If the good teachers ever start schools of their own, the public schools would go out of business and taxes would go down. Unfortunately, caring parents cannot wait on that, but they have a great alternative. I strongly encourage parents to remove their children from the influence of the public school swindles.>>

Teacher, students adjust to split classes (Dec, 16, 2008) From the article: “In Kanawha, there are 22 split classes. The class splits are among the second/third, third/fourth and fourth/fifth grades." Karl’s comment: Private schools should never be intimidated for having split classes.

School Threat (Dec. 16, 2008)
From the article: “Rumors are swirling at Cedar Grove elementary school that two students threatened to kill other kids.” Karl’s comment: See Dec. 15 entry.

Student Stabbed During Fight at School (Dec. 15, 2008)
From the article: “Corporal Tucker with Chapmanville Police says both boys are juveniles. He says one had a history of bullying the other.” Karl’s comment: “So much for so-called Safe Schools”.

Former Capital employee pleads guilty to sex charges (Dec. 13, 2008)
From the article: “A former computer technician at Capital High School admitted in Kanawha Circuit Court on Friday that he had sex with a 15-year-old student.” Karl’s comment: See November 19, 2008 below.

WVEA files 2nd drug-testing suit-ACLU joins in legal push for teachers vs. Kanawha school board (Dec. 6, 2008)
From the article: “The state's largest teachers union has filed the second lawsuit intended to stop random employee drug testing of Kanawha County school employees.” Karl’s comment: See my entries for Nov. 12, 27, and Oct. 16 2008

Justices throw out suit by man who says school system let him down (Dec. 2, 2008)
From the article: “West Virginia Supreme Court justices have ended a Kanawha County man's lawsuit against the local school system, which he alleged failed to educate him.” Karl’s comment: The ruling only said the former student did not avail himself of the state’s administrative complaint process and also that the student did not complain soon enough. They dodged his claim that the student as poorly educated.

Teachers file drug test suit (Nov. 27, 2008)
From the article: “(AFT member Greg) Dodd and others expect a costly legal battle that could drag on in the courts for years.” Karl’s comment: The BOE is hiring a private law firm at tax-payer expense. This is an insult to the public and clearly shows that teacher unions do not have a high priority on student safety.

WV State Police Investigating Former Principal for Years of Alleged Sexual Abuse (November 25, 2008)
From the article: “In June 1996, (a) forty-eight year old (man) was arrested after spending the night in a Charleston motel with a 17-year old boy. At the time, (he) was the principal at Valley High school in Smithers, WV. The teenager was one of his students…(The principal) has traveled the world and made friends with dignitaries and other high ranking officials…His role as a teacher and principal in at least three WV high schools has opened other doors to prominent state politicians.” Karl’s comment: Wow!

Ex-high school computer tech charged with sexual assault of 15-year-old student (Nov. 19, 2008)
From the article: “A former computer technician at Capital High School has been indicted by a grand jury on 22 counts of sexual assault and sexual abuse of a 15-year-old student…Last year, another Capital High School teacher...was accused of sexual abuse by six female students. The girls, who each testified at his trial, said (he) fondled them in 2005…School board member Pete Thaw said he doesn't think the newest allegations should raise concerns about an overarching problem at Capital High…‘I'm sure it's not indigenous just to Capital.’” Karl’s comment: Hmmm. Indigenous? That could mean it is happening at other schools too. Search “sex” and see what comes up below. Oh, here is a snip from the Gazette story about this incident: “Prosecutors and police allege they had intercourse, oral sex and other sexual acts on multiple occasions in fall 2007, according to the complaint and the grand jury's indictment.” (
FYI: Thaw is a fake friend of Bible believing Christians.

Teacher drug testing may see legal action (Nov. 12, 2008)
From the article: “Unless members of the Kanawha County school board change their minds about a plan to randomly drug test teachers, the county could be in for a costly legal battle…’If there's not a reversal, I think it's going to be expensive for everybody,’ said Judy Hale the president of the West Virginia chapter of the American Federation of Teachers. ‘This is too important for us to just let it go as is, because people's careers can be destroyed over a false positive read’…The AFT is working with three lawyers to formulate a legal strategy. The West Virginia Education Association will also send a lawyer or two. Both organizations are expected to the lobby the board before its Nov. 20 meeting.” Karl’s comment: With the bogus argument of a “false positive” the idiotic unions are going to use ACLU tactics (probably the ACLU is already involved) to bully the BOE with financial loss. (See the Oct. 16, 08 post for a related comment about teachers and drugs.) Also, from the article: “The number of alcohol, tobacco and other drug violations increased by nearly 200 to 710 during the 2007-08 school year, according to data provided by Kathyrn Burgess, who manages the Safe and Drug Free Schools grant for the county. A third were drug violations. The majority of the violations involved tobacco.” Karl’s comment: So, that’s about 235 drug violations in Kanawha County. No parent should think their school is drug free. (See these 2008 posts too: Sept. 17, Aug. 26, July 9, May 2 &1, April 4, Feb. 25, 26, 29. Then SEARCH for “drug” for previous headlines below.)

W.Va. teacher wanted students to bring in alcohol, tobacco for class project (Nov. 11, 2008)
From the article: “Parents at Inwood's Musselman High School were alarmed when their son came home with a note from science class asking him to bring in alcohol, tobacco and prescription drugs.” Karl’s comment: Not withstanding the stupidly of the teacher—all the kids had to do was get the stuff from their classmates. See the post above this one.

Schools ask for time out on No Child Left Behind (Nov. 11, 2008)
From the article: “Every school system in West Virginia should ask for a reprieve from strict federal accountability standards for at least one year while students and teachers adjust to a new standardized test, according to the superintendent of one county that has already done so...’I think school systems are trying to say enough is enough," he said. "The high-stake standards are starting to eat into time for music and fine arts and other things’...Now, Seal (head of the state board of education's Office of Education Performance and Audits.) says, the federal government doesn't give states very much wiggle room.” Karl’s comment: This is an admission that the state cannot meet high academic standards. It’s all smoke and mirrors to keep the public confused. Every four years, or so, something similar to this occurs. Academic skills (such as how to solve an algebraic equation) do not change. That is why the national NAEP test stings the public schools every time it is given. See the Aug. 26, 08 post.

Too Many Students, Not Enough Seats? (Nov. 10, 2008)
From the article: “(The principal said), ‘(We have an) Extremely large 9th grade class, but we've pretty much fixed any problems we had.’…(The principal) says the school doesn't encourage students to sit on the floor, but she says if they do it's a personal choice and not a necessity brought on by overcrowding.” Karl’s comment: Read closely and note “pretty much fixed” and “a personal choice”. What about discipline? Why haven’t staff members directed students to vacant seats?

MoreThan Half of Winfield Students are in Portables (Nov. 10, 2008)
From the article: “Students and teachers say it's pretty unbelievable to think how far they have to walk from their classrooms into their actual school… The county school board will ask for 22 million dollars.” Karl’s comment” I walked uphill (both ways) to school and back. ;) Seriously, the attempt to soften up the public to pay for more of the same terrible “educational” system has begun.

‘PRO’ officer provides safety at school (Nov. 08, 2008)
From the article: “Officer J.C. McPeake of the Beckley Police Department is one of 56 officers who spend their days watching over school campuses… you can predictably find him scanning the parking lots, walking up and down the hallways between classes…” Karl’s comment: The article is full of praise for the officer. Paul Harvey would have “the rest of the story” and some hints are below.

State Supreme Court to Hear Former Bridgeport Teacher's Appeal (Oct. 29, 2008)
From the article: “The State Supreme Court will hear the case of a former Bridgeport Middle School teacher...(He) was convicted of stalking a student last year.” Karl’s comment: As I said above: You can easily follow common thread of sex (including teachers with students and promotion of sexual perversion)

New University High School cost $40 million (Oct 28, 2008)
From the article: “University's new 217,000-square-foot, $40 million building is nearly $10 million over its projected costs. But to school officials, it's well worth it. The 94-acre site for the school provides a breathtaking view of the Monongahela River and plenty of room for the school to grow. The sprawling interior requires a color-coded map and a special numbering system to navigate. ‘It's a facility for the future.’” Karl’s comment: An objective study (Private Education is Good for the Poor) looked at private education in the Third World. The children were housed in facilities in which most Americans would not store their lawn mowers. The scientific study revealed: “The raw scores from our student achievement tests show considerably higher achievement in the private than in government schools.” The “future” of education is not in multi-million dollar, tax-payer boondoggles!

Pop Politics (Oct 28, 2008)
From the article: “The family of a middle school (South Charleston) student says a teacher played political favorites in the classroom. (The mother) says her son was in a class where some students were not allowed to have any soda because they supported John McCain and not Barrack Obama for president. Karl’s comment: The school claims, and it likely is true, that this involved only students. Well, where was the teacher?

Some long-term substitutes lack proper certification (Oct. 28, 2008)
From the article: “The Harrison County school system employs 28 long-term substitutes though 16 of them are not certified in the classes they are teaching. The teachers who lack the proper certification are located in 15 of the county’s 25 schools….” And from an Oct. 3o editorial: “But we can’t help wondering about the hundreds of students affected by the lack of properly certified teachers in 16 of those 28 positions.” ( Karl’s comment: Public schools have no room to criticize “unqualified” parents or Christian school teachers.

Cheating moves to head of the class (Oct. 27, 2008)
From the article: “A comprehensive study that has looked at cheating in school from the 1960s to 2008 shows the practice has skyrocketed from 26 percent to 90 percent….Dick Miller, faculty chair at Lincoln High School, said he has been teaching for 35 years, and cheating has become the norm…Bridgeport High School senior Tyler Faris said he would estimate 70 percent of fellow students have cheated.” Karl’s comment: Please do not cheat your child out of a Godly education in a home of Christian school.

Middle School Student Claims to be Target of Constant Bullying (Oct 27, 2008)
From the article: “Outside of a Teays Valley hospital, 7th grader Amber Pates shows us bruises and cuts, wounds she said she got after being beat up at Hurricane Middle School Monday afternoon. ‘It is awful,’ Pates said. 'Sometimes I beg my mom to let me stay home.’ Amber said the bullying been going on since she started 6th grade. She said things are getting worse. 'It is an everyday thing,' Pates said. 'I've called the principals, the school board, the police,' Perry said. ‘Everything I can do other than pulling her out of school.’" Karl’s comment: What more can I say?

What happened on the team bus? (Oct. 24, 2008)
From the article: "When people send their children to public schools, they assume adults will be in control and will see to it that their children are safe. It's a reasonable expectation." Karl’s comment: They may have been true a long time ago. No longer and never again will it be safe to put children into public schools.

John Adams football coaches suspended after hazing charges (Oct. 22, 2008)
From the article: “John Adams Middle School's head football coach and two other coaches have been suspended for the remainder of the season after an incident in which two seventh-graders on the team allegedly restrained a classmate on a school bus and simulated a sexual act.” Karl’s comment: The coaches may not have been aware of the incident and I guarantee that all teachers are unaware of a lot of obscene things that go on as part of the public school atmosphere.
(See the Oct. 15, 2008 article.)

Must police be in schools? (Oct. 20, 2008)
From the article: “A third of the state's high schools now have police officers--'prevention resource officers'--on the premises every day, and the program is moving into middle schools. It's a rather sad commentary on the atmosphere that afflicts too many public schools today.” Karl’s comment: Just re-read the last sentence from the article quote.

Board votes to randomly test teachers for drugs (Oct. 16, 2008)
From the article: “(T)he board's lone nay vote, argued that the testing policy did not treat teachers as professionals, would damage their morale and could invite lawsuits by teacher organizations and civil rights groups.” Karl’s comment: That “civil rights group” would be the ACLU. That, in itself, is telling. If several professionals had not been arrested on drug charges the situation would be different.

John Adams students disciplined for hazing incident on bus (Oct. 15, 2008)
From the article: “Superintendent Ron Duerring is said to be very angry and concerned over a school bus hazing incident involving the John Adams Middle School football team." Karl’s comment: The article said this incident was emotional—not physical. Too bad Dr. Duerring doesn’t get angry at the emotional trauma inflicted upon students daily from evolutionism, sexual perversion, and more.

Parents file suit, saying daughter was raped (Oct. 14, 2008)
From the article: “The part of the bathroom where the assault allegedly took place was under video surveillance, according to the complaint, but was not being monitored. The two students were required to be in class, but the teachers did not notice their absences." Karl’s comment: This literally makes me want to scream, “We must rescue our children!!!”

Manchin shrugs off teachers union snub (Oct. 9, 08)
From the article: “WVEA President Dale Lee said his members believe Manchin should have done more in his first term to make teacher salaries more competitive with other states.” Karl’s comment: I was surprised that the other union endorsed Gov. Manchin. If a politician does not dance to the union drummer the union band gets vindictive.

Schools lag in phys ed instruction (Oct. 9, 2008)
From the article: “West Virginia children in more than 150 elementary schools did not receive the required 90 minutes of physical education each week during the 2007-2008 school year.” Karl’s comment: Yet some WV schools have time for Yogism. (See the March 31, 2008 article.)

Putnam parent questions 'fuzzy' math (Oct. 7, 2008)
From the article: “Elementary school students in Putnam County are learning the "fuzzy logic concepts" in mathematics before the basics, a parent complained to the county board of education.” Karl’s comment: I observed these education gimmicks over and over during my career. When money is pumped into the system ivory tower administrators have to spend it on something and every 5 or so years it is changed. Unfortunately, the kids suffer and some never recover. Too bad this parent is likely to keep his three children in what he knows is bad for them academically.

Martinsburg middle school teacher charged with battery Oct. 3, 2008
A Berkeley County Schools physical education teacher has been charged with a misdemeanor count of battery that police allege stemmed from a locker room altercation that the instructor had last week with a 14-year-old student at Martinsburg North Middle School. Richard B. Moore, 44, of 68 Dorset Drive in Martinsburg, was arraigned Thursday afternoon by Magistrate Jim Humphrey, who set a $2,500 bond…"Of course, Mr. Moore denies this charge against him," Manford wrote in an e-mail. Manford wrote that his client has been a teacher and basketball coach for 21 years at both Martinsburg High School and Martinsburg North Middle School and annually volunteers to work with young people in the summer months…The boy told police that Moore grabbed him in the boys locker room during a seventh-period class Sept. 22, according to a complaint filed by Martinsburg Police Department patrolman E.C. Neely. Two other juveniles told Neely they saw Moore push the victim up against some lockers while he washed his hands, according to Neely's complaint. The witnesses said the student and teacher had been arguing about Moore telling the victim to "shut up," according to Neely's complaint. The boy had bruising on his chest and scrapes on an elbow, according to the complaint. Several teachers and the school principal also were interviewed, Neely said. Karl’s comment: You can easily follow the thread of school personnel sex with students throughout the WV School news headlines. Also see the comments on this issue on the main WV News page.

W.Va. teacher denies battery charge (Oct. 3, 2008)
From the article: “Martinsburg police say (the teacher), a 44-year-old Martinsburg resident, committed battery against a 14-year-old boy at the Martinsburg school where he teaches.” Karl’s comment: I’ll reserve comment until the case is tried in court.

Kanawha school receives thorough scrubbing (Sep. 29, 2008)
From the article: “During the 1989-90 academic year, the school shut down for eight months and students shared quarters with Nitro Junior High while school officials spent $800,000 cleaning up the building and replacing its ventilation system.” Karl’s comment: A good example of the never-ending money pit that fails to protect children. In this case it is their physical health

Suspensions of school employees on rise (Sep. 25, 2008)
From the article: “The Kanawha County school system suspended more (41) employees last year for misconduct than any year within memory…The largest category of suspensions involved 12 employees who had inappropriate contact with students…Four employees for inappropriate remarks to students… Four employees who were arrested for felonies.” Karl’s comment: See what I said for the Sep. 23 entry immediately below this one. PLEASE scan on down for more alarming items.

Elementary school students made more aware of sexual harassment (Sep. 23, 2008)
From the article: “Last school year, there were 95 complaints of possible sexual, racial, ethnic or religious harassment in Kanawha County elementary schools, according to county records. ‘It used to be that we hardly ever got reports from elementary schools’ …only about half of the complaints in all grades ended up being substantiated. Still, the numbers are likely underreported. And even though schools are required to notify the county every time there is an incident, they don't…Last year's number of complaints in elementary schools is down from the 107 a year before, but up from 75 during the 2004-2005 school year.” Karl’s comment: Are parents willingly blind to the danger their children are in as public school students?

American Federation of Teachers Commentary (Sep. 19, 2008)
From the article: “…more than 1 out of 3 teachers reported losing as much as 20 percent of their instructional time due to student discipline problems.” Karl’s comment: It will get worse.

Andrew Jackson (Polluted) (Sep. 16 & 17, 2008)
From the article: “For years teachers and parents at Andrew Jackson Middle School have complained about the air quality in the building. One staff member said, “The allergens are so bad I have a couple of students that can't play their instruments because they can't breathe.” Karl’s comment: Sadly, the article features an eighth grade girl who suffers from asthma and has been sick since she started attending. Why would a mother even think of sending her daughter to a place that has had this issue since the 1980’s? Better yet, why would parents send their precious children into any public school knowing the spiritual and moral pollution that is rampant?

Police officer's role at Capital High more about prevention than discipline (Sep. 17, 2008)
From the article: “Cpl. Kevin Smailes doesn't expect to escort too many students outside Capital High School in handcuffs. Kanawha County now has at least five full-time police officers or deputies on staff at Capital, South Charleston, Riverside and St. Albans high schools and Stonewall Jackson Middle School.” Karl’s comment: They call him a positive roll model and a “prevention resource officer”. Anyone in touch with reality calls him a cop and knows he is there because of drugs, crime, and violence.

Math, science education isn't working, expert says (September 11, 2008)
From the article: “Science and math education in the state's elementary schools is confusing, unfocused and full of holes, a curriculum expert told the West Virginia Board of Education.” Karl’s comments: The speaker and state officials have excuses why this is so, but it is a fact and that is just another problem why parents should get their children out of government schools.

Standards, attitudes hampering education (September 7, 2008)
From the article: “Are students in Cabell County and elsewhere in the United States toiling enough to compete successfully in an economy where national borders matter less and less in the marketplace for jobs and the companies that provide them? Many answer that question with a ‘no.’… West Virginia's education struggles have been well-documented for years. The latest example is the state's showing in the 2008 ACT test data, released Aug. 13, showing West Virginia's student scores tied for 36th among all states and tied for 15th among the 26 states in which 50 percent of its graduating seniors took the test.

“And that's among the roughly 30 percent of junior and seniors who took the test. West Virginia also wrestles with large numbers of students who pursue little education beyond high school or do not finish at all. Moreover, lack of emphasis on education in the past has left the state with one of the least educated adult populations. Statistics from 2006 say 81.5 percent of West Virginians above the age of 25 had earned a high school diploma, a GED or higher, leaving the state ranked 45th among the 50 states and the District of Columbia.

“While the state's students struggle to keep up with their peers in other states, the United States overall is struggling to keep up educationally with countries that raised the bar on achievement long ago.

“According to 2006 data from the Program for International Student Assessment, U.S. 15-year-olds ranked 25th in math among the 30 countries that are members of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. In science, U.S. 15-year-olds ranked 21st out of 30. Although the data, collected every three years, is not directly comparable, it should be noted that the U.S. has fallen from 18th in math and 14th in science since 2000.

“In Cabell County and West Virginia, some are concerned that students aren't ready to compete in the local job market, let alone a global one. While the county and state want to teach students new skills, too many have yet to master the basics.

“Jerry McDonald, president of the Huntington Area Development Council, said companies already report concerns about the abilities of those in the local employee pool.

“‘We call on maybe 100 of our major companies on an annual basis, and they tell us the lack of basic skills is one of the top five concerns,’ McDonald said. ‘And that's reading, writing, computation and communication. If you don't have these basic skills, a person is going to be sentenced to lower-end jobs.’

“At Marshall Community & Technical College, enrollment in such remedial classes as reading improvement, elementary algebra and fundamental mathematical concepts has grown and few seats are ever open, according to Billie Brooks, MCTC's dean of student services. The school also offers courses in basic physical science, basic chemistry and basic U.S. history (1865 to present)…. ‘The level of mathematics I teach is the same as my 11-year-old nephew is currently learning in fifth grade in India,’ Sangoi said. ‘Without a doubt, the U.S. provides the best education system in the world. But if an 11-year-old from India can perform better than an 18-year-old student, this is not in favor of future American generations.’… Brooks said math isn't the only area in which MCTC students often need help. Reading, she said, has become a very serious deficiency in the Tri-State area.

“‘I think reading is the biggest now, and it impacts other subjects,’ she said. ‘Some of the high school requirements are getting stiffer, but that doesn't impact reading.’…‘I have not analyzed the AP/honors curricula in enough detail to give an opinion, but based on my observations and my early analysis of U.S. and India's high school curriculum, the average Indian is two to three years more advanced in their knowledge of math, physics, chemistry, biology and computer science,’ Compton said… State Superintendent of Schools Steve Paine said when he visited Singapore earlier this summer, he saw firsthand how much farther ahead students in Asian countries are.” Karl’s comment: Pathetic performance is rewarded by more tax-payer money. See WV News for January 26, 2010.

Four Kanawha County high schools struggle on graduation rate… (August 30, 2008)
From the article: “Four of Kanawha County's eight high schools did not graduate enough students in 2008…” Karl’s comment: Fifty percent failure. No automobile manufacturer could survive with a record like that.

Teacher arrested for sending porn to student (August 29, 2008)
From the article: “A Harrison County fine arts teacher has been arrested for allegedly sending sexually explicit material to a minor.” Karl’s comment: An exception? Please look below to see that it is NOT an exception!

Alleged football player hazing could go to court (August 27, 2008)
From the article: “(The parent) said her family still isn't satisfied by the reaction of the school system after her son Mitchell said he was choked unconscious and had his hands and feet taped together by fellow Red Devils…” Karl’s comment: The name of the mascot is enough to make any Christian cringe.

West Virginia Students Score above National Average on SAT Test (August 26, 2008)
From the article: “The scores are in and students in West Virginia are standing out.” Karl’s comment: Compared to whom? And, by how much? A national sample that is poor is nothing to boast about for besting. Also, the last line of the article reads, “Compared to last year's test results though, this year's scores were down in all three sections.” Another news source used this headline: “2008 SAT Scores Down Slightly". ( There are a lot of ways to play with statistics and headlines. The "Nation's Report Card"(National Assessment of Educational Progress-NAEP) is a much more objective evaluation of student performance.

Drug Testing (August 26, 2008)
From the article: “Due to growing numbers of incidents involving drugs in schools ‘the Putnam County Drug Endangered Children Task Force’ is suggesting random drug testing for all middle and high school students.” Karl’s comment: Endangered Children!!!!!!!!!

Student Drug Testing Not Just for Athletes (August 26, 2008)
From the article: “Next year, Cabell County schools will begin mandatory drug testing for many of its middle school students…this is a tool for parents and may open some eyes.” Karl’s comment: Just the headlines on my webpage should open eyes for parents to find their way out of government schools.

Kanawha County’s Newest Crimefighter… (August 26, 2008)
From the article: “The dog’s mission is to find drugs in the schools.” Karl’s comment: The dog, and a deputy, will work at one high and two middle schools. One is my former school where we used to only have surprise 'drug dog' sweeps.

Putnam BOE to unveil new elementary school (August 22, 2008)
From the article: “The demand for classroom space at most schools has exceeded supply, requiring the use of portable units to make up the difference for long periods of time.” Karl’s comment: It reminds me of a flashy caterpillar that is infested with an unseen parasite. The caterpillar goes merrily along until it is too late. Every one of the current government schools were new at one time. Christians can alleviate some of that over-crowing by rescuing their children before the secular parasite destroys them either morally, spiritually, and/or intellectually.

Most schools fall short of 180-day calendar (August, 20, 2008)
From the article: “Only four of the 55 county school systems in West Virginia met the required 180 days of instructional time for the 2007-08 school year. Every day that our children have of less instruction, that's one day less that they compete with other children across the nation who have not missed school." Karl’s comment: Snow days are no problem for homeschoolers. An Op-Ed ( from the liberal Charleston Gazette had these comments: “But most county school systems cheat their students by dropping below 180 days and failing to make up the lost learning…This is shameful” But the editorial gets even better. “Study after study shows that American youths are being outclassed by well-trained youngsters in other advanced democracies.” I couldn’t have said it better myself.

School bus driver gets 12 days in jail for driving drunk with students onboard (July 31, 2008)
From the article: "(He) lost control of the bus in February and it plunged over a 120-foot embankment." Karl's comment: Thank God, no one was injured. I pray that no one is exposed to this danger again.

Police officer to patrol South Charleston High School (July 18, 2008)
From the article: "Police Chief Brad Rinehart said: 'You'd be surprised of the volume of calls we get from the high school.'" Karl's comment: So, is that the way it was when you went to school?

The drug culture hurts West Virginia (July 9, 2008)
From the article:  "Wyoming County School Superintendent Frank Blackwell: 'Most of our discipline problems go right back to drugs. . .'"  Karl's comment:  You will not find a government school that does not have illegal drug use inside.

W.Va. students compare with U.S. peers in math, reading improvement (June 25, 2008)
From the article:  "(E)lementary students in West Virginia and across the country showed reading gains, but also stagnation and some decline as children age...Melanie Vickers, assistant superintendent in charge of Kanawha County middle schools, said the data is 'certainly not any reason to take a breather.  To me it's a national concern ... our math scores,' she said. 'The math concerns me.'"  Karl's comment:  Perhaps Ms. Vickers is aware of the wide-spread fudging of tests scores by government school systems.

Capital principal lashes out at critics (June 3, 2008)
From the article:  "...Giles took a stand against dirty dancing at Capital's prom. Giles required students attending the prom to sign a contract agreeing to refrain from 'grinding, bumping, humping' and other sexually explicit dancing.  The prior year, Giles kicked as many as 70 students out of the prom for breaking Capital's dance code..."  Karl's comment:  We had to police the dances in my middle school.  I pity the parent who sends a child to a government school thinking they will not be spiritually corrupted.

Abuse: Teacher-student sex (June 1, 2008)
From the article:  “West Virginia public schools periodically produce ugly news items like these:  > (A) Mercer County middle-school teacher (male) 50, was convicted on 38 felony counts of molesting male students. > (A) Preston County middle-school teacher (female) 28, was placed on probation for sex with a 13-year-old pupil. > (A) Capital High School science teacher (male) was cleared of criminal charges that he groped a dozen female students, but a grievance board ruled that his firing was justified. > (A) Fayette County Principal (male) was convicted of molesting two grade-school boys - and, horribly, of murdering one. > (A) Teachers (male) of Nitro High School, (male) of Mercer County, (male)of Lincoln County and various others have been accused of sex abuse toward students.”  Karl's comment:  If you will not listen to me--please heed this editorial from the liberal Charleston Gazette.

State is leading the way for our students (May 25, 2008)
From the article:  "...the United States continues to drop in international education rankings."  Karl's comment:  In a January 2, 2008 Daily Mail article Dr. Paine admitted "West Virginia students are not well prepared to compete for jobs."  This current article is a real propaganda piece that will snooker West Virginia tax-payers out of millions.  It was co-authored by the president of Verizon West Virginia.  I hope Verizon doesn't raise our phone bill to cover its investment in this new boondoggle.

Suspended teacher pleads guilty to battery (May 23, 2008)
From the article:   "A Mount Hope High School band director who police said fondled a 17-year-old student during a bus trip last fall pleaded guilty this week to the lesser charge of misdemeanor battery after striking a deal with prosecutors."   Karl's comment:  Sadly, news like this is a common occurrence.

Police parked outside George Washington Officials hope to stop further senior pranks (May 23, 08)
From the article:  "Fearful of more senior pranks at George Washington High School, school officials asked police to park outside the school Thursday night and all day today to deter would-be pranksters. Among other pranks, students released insects, mice and small chicks at the school last Friday, the seniors' last day of school."  Karl's comment:  This is not funny--it's pathetic.  Previously there was spray paint and auto vandalism along with paintballs fired at individuals. These are not pranks, they are criminal acts.  This is another of Newsweek's highly rated high Scholl nationally. 

Expulsions continue in Putnam (May 21, 2008)
From the article:  "Putnam County school board members on Tuesday voted to expel a middle school student and a high school student, continuing a string of expulsions for violations of the state's Safe Schools Act." Karl's comment:  So much for "safe" rural and suburban communities.

School Bus Problems (May 20, 2008)
From the article:  "Shortly after leaving the school the driver turned back around because of rowdy students...several students were standing up throwing paper and blocking the driver's rear view mirror."  Karl's comment:  I have seen that happen many times in classrooms.

Teacher accused of sex with 16-year-old (May 7, 2008)
From the article:  "A Montcalm High School teacher accused of having a relationship with a student faces abuse and abduction charges."  Karl's comment:  There are no "do overs" with what happens to your children.

Hurricane mothers want bullies stopped (May 6, 2008)
From the article:  "(Two mothers) say other students beat and threatened their daughters....'She beat my daughter viciously', (one mother said. 'I want accountability for the people who failed to protect my daughter...our kids can't be safe at school, where can they be safe?'...The teens have threatened to slit her daughter's throat...They also have picked on her daughter for being Baptist, she said. When they threw a pop bottle at her, they said, "We don't need your religion in our school...(Superintendent) Hatfield, however, said he doesn't think Hurricane High has more violence than other schools."  Also the article points out that in April and May the Board expelled four (two each time) students for violating the Safe Schools Act."  Karl's comment:  I hesitate to pick on the mother, but the fact is that parents are accountable for failure to rescue their children from the public schools.  Also, the answer to her question is that her daughter would be safe in a homeschool and much safer in a Christian school.  This incident, and the number of admitted other violent incidents (in less than two months) occurred in a school in one of the more affluent areas of West Virginia. Also, Hurricane High was recently recognized as one of the best schools in the entire USA by Newsweek.

Fourth Grader Arrested for Threats (May 3, 2008)
From the article: "A Huntington fourth grader has been arrested stemming from threats made at school." Karl's comment: Even if he is not a serious threat he has serious problems which are bound to effect other children.

Riverside locked down for drug search (May 2, 08)
From the article: "Riverside High School was locked down after two students were allegedly involved in a drug deal with prescription pills." Karl's comment: See my previous comment.

Sherman Drug Sweep (May 1, 2008)
From the article: "Officers and their K-9's made a a surprise visit to Sherman High this morning looking for drugs. School leaders locked down the facility at 10:45 ." Karl's comment: Please do a search for "drugs" below and see how many times it comes up. There is much more that the media does not report In my middle school, when drug dogs came in, it never made the news. 

A Teen Is Sent To The Hospital After Getting Drunk At School (April 24, 2008) and
From the article: "I would think that my daughter would be going to school for an education not to learn how to get drunk and take drugs." (said her father) Karl's comment: Me too!

Middle School Coach (April 23, 2008)
From the article: "Rumors that a long time coach might have crossed the line with female athletes caused East Bank school officials to cancel track practice today." Karl's comment: These are rumors, but there is a long history of facts of West Virginia teacher-student sexual conduct.

Police arrest city teacher in bank robberies (April 22, 2008)
From the article: "The female half of an alleged brother-and-sister bank robber team is a teacher at a Kanawha County middle school, police said Monday." Karl's comment: I can't say it any better than this: Kanawha County School Board member Pete Thaw says...He's sick of hearing about teachers committing crimes. "They need good examples and a get-a-way driver on a bank job is not a good example."

Hurricane students protest shortened lunch (April 18, 2008)
From the article: "About 600 students at Hurricane High School stood in the parking lot for about 25 minutes to protest...Administrators cut the lunch period from 60 minutes to 30 minutes Thursday in response to a bomb threat made by a student..." Karl's comment: Are the inmates in charge of the asylum?

A vigil under fire: 'Day of Silence' draws protest from anti-gay groups (April 13, 2008)
From the article: "Students themselves spread it to nearly 4,000 K-12 schools and colleges nationwide, said Daryl Presgraves, spokesman for the New York-based Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network, which became the organizational sponsor of the event in 2001." Karl's comment: If your church had invited me to speak you would have been informed that this evil agenda is sweeping through the public schools.

West Virginia's dropout rate: 3% -- or nearly 20%? (April 12, 2008)
From the article: “West Virginia's calculated rate of high school dropouts varies widely. It all depends on whom you ask. Officials with the state Department of Education reported a 2.7 percent dropout rate in 2005-06. Those at the West Virginia Kids Count Fund figured a 17.1 percent rate that year…On April 2, Kanawha County school board members heard about the county's rising number of dropouts…Margie Hale, director of the Kids Count Fund, said state and federal data ‘underreports what's really happening.’…She figures West Virginia's annual dropout rate is closer to 20 percent.”  Karl’s comment: See the NOvemeber 5, 2009 headline “Drop Out”.

Drug Arrest Made After Dogs Searched Local High School (April 9, 2008)
From the article: "Assistant Principal, Jim Crawford says, 'Its the world we live in today. We all know the problems that go on in society and schools are a microcosm of our society.'" Karl's comment: (Another article said knives were found in backpacks.) Drugs have been a problem in our schools since the 1970's. Why would Christian parents expose their children to these dangers? 

Educator suspended for calling students 'trailer trash' (April 9, 2008)
From the article: "(The teacher) has since apologized, citing the stress of her job." Karl's comment: Do you want your children socialized with kids who drive a teacher to this type of behavior?

Kanawha dropout numbers on the rise (April 3, 2008)
From the article: "Every year, more Kanawha County high school students drop out than the year before." Karl's comment: Maybe more Eastern Mysticism would keep them in school. See next news clip.

'Calm and Energized': In-school yoga reduces stress, increases exercise (March 31, 2008)
From the article: "(Malden Elementary) children were taking yoga classes at school, and what exactly was that all about? Wasn't yoga some sort of Buddhist thing?" Karl's comment: I told folks this was coming! There will not be a vacuum. There will be someone's religion in the public schools.  See the Shoals (Elementary) Wellness Day entry below and the January 10, 2013 news item. Be sure to see the "The Common Thread Addendum”.

Workshop addresses violence in schools (March 27, 2008)
From the article: "To his knowledge, Ciccarelli said, West Virginia has never had a school shooting. But schools need to have a disaster plan in place and know how to respond in any scenario, whether it's a shooting or a flood." Karl's comment: I think their was a murder in a St. Albans JHS back in the early 1970's, but the point is that many of the more recent the school shootings occurred in "Bible Belt" states.

Princeton (high school) dealing with racial tension (March 25, 2008) From the article: "...a group of about seven protesters voiced dissatisfaction over how they believe school officials turn a blind eye to white-on-black harassment." Karl's comment: Christ is the answer.

Board alarmed at high number of school dropouts (March 24, 2008)
From the article: "Dropout rates so far this year at some Kanawha County schools have alarmed school board members and administrators." Karl's comment: There are some good ideas proposed to help those kids, but forcing them to stay in government schools until they are 18 is not one of them.

Teacher's sex talk to sixth graders angers parents (March 21, 2008)
From the article: (The 6th grade substitute was) "responding to students' questions about masturbation, condoms and different shades of pubic hair." Karl's comment: It just takes one day to ruin the life of your child!

Ex-teacher fights for benefits (March 13, 2008)
From the article: "A former Kanawha County teacher convicted on federal child pornography charges could still receive his pension benefits if a Kanawha County judge rules in his favor." Karl's comment: I think there is some principle that says for everyone caught there are several who are not detected.

Education case makes it to W.Va. Supreme Court (March 3, 2008)
From the article: "(A Sissonville High School) student who says he should not have graduated and Kanawha County schools did not prepare him for life." Karl's comment: Actually, a lot of former students could sue for malpractice.

Shoals (Elementary) Wellnes Day (March (6?), 2008)
From the article: "Students got to try their hands and feet at Yoga." Karl's comment: Can you imagine what would happen if "Yoga" was replaced with "Christianity"? Be sure to see the "The Common Thread Addendum”.

Principals say drug dogs are needed (Feb. 29, 2008)
From the article: "'I think we'd be remiss to say they aren't an issue,' said Riverside Principal Paula Potter...In the 1970s, students would walk school hallways intoxicated, (Principal Jim Vickers) said. Today, students bring drugs to school to sell." Karl's comment: What does it take to wake up Christian parents?!

Board member wants more school drug dog searches (Feb. 26, 2008)
From the article: "Becky Jordon is tired of students' profane language, drug use and disruptive clothes. The Kanawha County school board member said she wants local educators to curb a lack of respect for authority." Karl's comment: If you think this is not a problem in YOUR school then you must have made a down payment on ocean front property somewhere in West Virginia.

Kanawha board wants drug dogs back in schools (Feb. 25, 2008)
From the article: "Board member Pete Thaw said, "We have a serious drug problem (in our schools)." Karl's comment: If folks will not listen to me, I pray they will listen to the popular Pete Thaw!

School board OKs warning label policy (Feb. 22, 2008)
From the article: "This fall, Kanawha County teachers will have to flag books, articles, magazines and other materials used to supplement a student's learning if they feature sexual content, violence or profane language." Karl's comment: If I wasn't crying I would laugh. The Board clearly admits that scummy material is being used in instruction! We told you so in 1974.

Substitute teacher charged in drug sweep (Feb. 20, 2008)
From the article: “Clarksburg Police Lt. Robert Matheny says the teacher and a Robert C. Byrd student were each charged with misdemeanor possession of less than 15 grams of marijuana.” Karl’s comment: As I said above: You can easily follow common thread of drugs.

Qualified teachers becoming commodity for specialized subjects (Feb. 14, 2008)
From the article: "Chapman isn't the only teacher at the school not certified to teach a certain subject." Karl's comment: This should encourage parents who think they need certification in order to homeschool.

Survey: Teachers often feel threatened by bullies (January 17, 2008)
From the article: “More than half of school employees felt intimidated by a classroom bully last year, according to a survey released by teachers and service personnel unions. Roughly 58 percent of teachers, instructional aides, bus drivers and school personnel also believe that student misbehavior in classrooms is a ‘significant problem.’ The American Federation of Teachers-West Virginia and the West Virginia School Service Personnel surveyed 2,000 union employees about problem students and their impact on schools. "The discipline issue has gotten much worse, as the survey shows. It's a common occurrence for teachers to be cursed,'' said AFT-WV President Judy Hale…More than a third of teachers, 36 percent, say they lose 20 percent of instructional time every week to disruptive behavior -- a loss that amounts to one day a week." Karl’s comment: If you won’t believe me—listen to the unions.

Lawsuit filed over beating at local high school (January 16, 2008 )
From the article: “A Sissonville father is suing the Kanawha County school board after he says his son received severe injuries in a beating by an unsupervised group of students at Sissonville High School.” Karl’s comment: : As I said above: You can easily follow common thread of violence.

Pellet Gun Shootings Lead to Increased School Security (January 14, 2008)
From the article: "Students at one Kanawha County Elementary school returned to class to heightened security on Monday after nearly a month of pellet gun shootings on Grandview Elementary School's parking lot. ..Charleston police say the shootings tend to happen in the late afternoon or weekends. "Who's to say their not going to start shooting when the kids are there?" (a parent) asked. Kanawha County school leaders are taking steps to protect the children. Outsiders are locked out and the children are not allowed outdoors." Karl’s comment: The parent has a point, but what about the bullets of humanism that are flying within the classrooms?

Educators beefing up state testing, classroom instruction (January 2, 2008)
From the article: “State school officials are working to toughen the curriculum in public schools and the tests used to measure student achievement, in part because student performance in the Mountain State continues to slide in comparison to other states... State School Superintendent Steve Paine said the decision to change both the WESTEST and classroom standards came after officials recognized West Virginia students are not well prepared to compete for jobs. Students' scores on national tests - specifically the National Assessment of Education Progress - also have declined. NAEP scores are used to see how well states are preparing students and to assess which areas of the country are lagging academically. In a study released earlier this year by Gary Phillips, chief analyst at the American Institutes for Research, eighth-grade students in West Virginia had lower NAEP math scores than students in 45 states.” Karl’s comment: Public school officials make a similar big claim about every five years. The buzz word in this article is “21 st Century Skills” and is used to divert the attention to the woeful academic performance of West Virginia students. Hundreds of thousands of dollars will be wasted on this new pie-in-the-sky education boondoggle.

Scare at Herbert Hoover (no date available)
From the article: "They (students )have to be in school, as parents we have to bring them up here, drop them off and hope they are okay." Karl's comment: But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea. (Matthew 18:6)

Worthless Diploma

TV spot’s substitute kids upset parents (for lottery ad)

Bad men cannot make good citizens. It is when a people forget God that tyrants forge their chains.  A vitiated state of morals, a corrupted public conscience, is incompatible with freedom. No free government, or the blessings of liberty, can be preserved to any people but by a firm adherence to justice, moderation, temperance, frugality, and virtue; and by a frequent recurrence to fundamental principles.