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(Some good creationist websites)

Note:  These ministries may not have a Pure and Sure Bible or have made a call for Christians to rescue their children. Exceptions will be noted if I am notified.

4th Day Alliance (astronomy)
Amazing Organisms that Defy Evolution

Answers in Genesis
The Ark Foundation
Ark of Noah Ministries
Ask John MacKay
Awesome Science
Awesome Science Media
Awesome Works
Complete Creation
Coral Island Adventures (highly recommended) KIDS
Creation Adventure Family (highly recommended) KIDS
Creation and Science Chronicle
Creation Answers
Creation Club (highly recommended) KIDS
Creation Clues for Kids KIDS
Creation Conversations
Creation Evidence Expo
Creation/Evolution Digest
Creation, Evolution, and Science Ministries
Creation-Evolution Headlines (hilarious and insightful)
Creation Fact File
Creation Facts
Creation Fair
Creation Family Ministries
Creation History Project
Creation Illustrated
Creation in the 21 st Century (Rated 5 stingers out of 5.)
Creation Liberty Evangelism(Uses the King James Bible.)
Creation Ministries International (Has a homeschool dedicated webpage.)
Creation Ministries of Ian Juby (Lots of fun!)
Creation Moments
Creation Network
Creation Quest
Creation Research
Creation Research Society
Creation Safaris (news commentary)
Creation Science 4 Kids (highly recommended) KIDS
Creation Science Evangelism
Creation Science Hall of Fame
Creation Science Movement
Creation Speech
Creation Speaks
Creation Studies Institute
Creation Summit
Creation Superstore

Creation Today
Creation Training Initiative
Creation vs. Evolution
Creation Worldview Ministries
David Rives Ministries
Discover Creation (Alpha Omega Institute)
Dr. Robert A. Herrmann (mathematics)
Easy Creation Lessons
Evident Creation (Lots of fun!)
Evidence Press

Evolution Facts
Evolution Fairy Tale
Evolutionary Truth by Piltdown Superman (Question Evolution Project)
Fundamentalist Science (highly recommended)
Genesis Academy
Genesis Apologetics
Genesis Evidence Ministries (King James Bible Solid)
Genesis Science Network
Institute for Creation Research (the leader)
Institute for Scientific & Biblical Research
International Association for Creation
Kids Find Truth
Science Club (Highly recommended) KIDS
Logos Research Associates
Meridian Creation Science

Mission Imperative
Mt. Blanco Fossil Museum (highly recommended)
Points of Origin (highly recommended)
Primordial Soup (highly recommended)
Project Creation
Radaractive (This liberal saw the light.)
Real Science Radio
Revolution Against Evolution
Science Against Evolution (highly recommended)
Scientists for Jesus
Search Creation
Search for Truth
Searching for Truth Ministries
Standing for Truth
Studies on Creation (essay contests)
True Origin
Virtual Creation Zoo
Visit Creation

Your Origins Matter

(Some local creationists groups across America)

Arizona Origin Science Association (AZ)
Creation Coalition of Connecticut (CT)
Creation Science Association for Mid-America (KS)
Creation Science Association of Orange County (CA)
Design Science Association (OR)

East Tennessee Creation Science Association (TN)
Foundations in Genesis of Idaho (ID)
Kanawha Creation Science Group (WV)
Mid-West Creation Fellowship (IL)
Missouri Association for Creation (MO)
Northwest Creation Network (WA)
Quad Cities Creation Science Association (IA)
Rocky Mountain Creation Fellowship (CO)
Space Coast Creation Club (FL)
Triangle Association for the Science of Creation (NC)
Twin Cities Creation Science Association (MN)
Genesis Foundation (WI)

Many more are listed at



Here are several videos of the INCREDIBLE and INSPIRATIONAL insects.

1. The insect links below are not necessarily creationist sites.
2. Some may "fit" into more than one category.

Admiration (May overlap with Education.)

Alex Wild-Diversity of Insects
Alien Empire
Beetle Experience
Book of Insect Records
Bug Eric
The Bugman’s (not the Insectman) Bug Collection
Bug Nation
Bug Squad
Butterflies 2000: On the Wings of Freedom 
Butterflies North and South (Canada and Peru)
Butterfly Site
Butterfly Utopia 
Butterfly Website
Cicada Mania
Danielle's Place
Digital Dragonflies
Dragonfly Website
Father of Entomology (Creationist Jean Henri Fabre)
Firefly Experience
Free Insect Art Prints and Wall Art
Ianni Butterfly (Not just butterflies) 
Insect Collectors Forum
Insect Play List (Look at and listen to facts about God's little creatures.)
Insects did it Frist. Can Engineers do it Better?
Insects Home Page
Insect Singers
Insect World (great photos)
Ladybug Lady
Learn About Butterflies
Living With Insects
Metamorphosis (highly recommended)
The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Insects (parody)
Songs of Insects
Water Insects
Wonderful World of Insects
World of Birdwing Butterflies
Videos: Go to and search for “insect” or “bug” or, a particular insect. For fantastic videos featuring insects as created creatures see this INSECT PLAY LIST.



For general cartoons about insects (unscreened) go to and type "insect" in the search box. You may have to do it again on a second screen. 

Also, go to: and type "insect" in the search box.

Education and Fascination (May overlap with Admiration.)

Google “insect activities for kids” or “bug activities for kids.”

AES Bug Club
All About Ants
Amateur Entomologists Society
American Insects
Ant Ark
Ant Base
Ant Keepers
Antlion Den
Antlion Pit
Ants Canada (Lots of videos)
Ants of the World
Audubon Insectarium
Bark Beetles
Bark and Wood Boring Beetles of the World
Basic Entomology
Bee Cam
The Bee Hive
Bee Keeping 101 (Amazing Video of a Creationist bee keeper!)
Bee Keeping and Bee Breeding
Beginner’s Guide to Entomology
Benefits of Honey
Bible Topics: Insects
Brueggens Bees
Bug Battalion (Bug Info)
Bugs and Insects
Bug Guide
Bug Hunter
Bug Rangers--formerly The Roach Approach--Bible themed children stories
(This program no longer has a website, but a Google search will find lot’s of the items.)
Bug Snacks
Bug Squad (happenings in the insect world)
Bugtime Adventures (Bible themed children stories)
Bumblebee Conservation Trust
Butterfly Conservation
Butterfly Flower Gardening
Butterfly Gardening Resource Guide
Butterfly in Transformation (WONDERFUL SITE WITH SIGHTS TO SEE!)
Butterflies In Your Playground
Cicada Central
Cicadas of the Mid-Atlantic
Cockroach Facts
Creating Pollinator Gardens
Cricket Care
Critter Catalogue
Division of Insects (University of Michigan)
Dr. Crawley’s Insectorium
Enchanted Learning
Entomology for Kids and Teachers
Entomological Society of America
Everything About Insects
Field Guide (butterflies)
Field Guide (misc)
Fireflies (Tufts University)
Florida Bug Club (lots of good stuff)
Fruit Flies (advanced)
Going Buggy
Ground Beetles
Guide to Insect Collecting
Help the Honeybees
Hermie and Friends (Bible themed children stories)
HoneyLove Urban Beekeepers
How to Attract Butterflies
How to Collect and Display Insects
How to Make an Awesome Insect Collection
How to Make a Butterfly Garden
How to Start a Butterfly Garden
“How To” Videos
Insect Diversity Project
Insect Eyes
Insect Lesson Plans
Insects 101
Insects (Lots of links)
Insects Explained
Insects For Kids
Insects in the City
Insects on WWW
Insect Theme Page
Insect Vista
Interactive Quizzes
Journal of Insect Science
Keep Bugging Me! Insects and Society
Keeping Insects (Praying mantis, butterflies, stick insects and beetles)
I Study Flies
Live Monarch
Living with Bugs (dealing with problems)
Lost Ladybug Project (has great activities for ladybugs and other insects)
Migratory Dragonfly Partnership
Monarch Migration
Monarch Watch
Mosquito World
The Outdoor Enthusiast's Guide to Bugs
Pet Bugs
Pronunciation Guide for Scientific Names
PSYCHE (A Journal of Entomology)
Roaches (Blattodea Species File)
Cockroach Dissection
Rubber Bug Collecting
Second Grade Insects (Lots of links)
Singing Insects of North America
State Insects HERE and HERE
The Story of Honey
Tails From The Hive
Unit study: Insects
Using Live Insects in Elementary Classrooms
US Mantis
Wayne’s World
Wiki Answers—Insects
Wild about Ants
Xerces Society


IDENTIFICATION (Some in “EDUCATION” such as "Discover Life” are helpful.)

Insect Keys Down To ORDER

Insect Keys to FAMILY (In some cases)

Butterfly Identification
Butterflies and Moths of North America

Identifying Caterpillars



Ant Key
Bee Spotter
Discover Life
God's amazing arthropods (Christian Entomologists on Facebook)
A Homeowner’s Guide to Entomology and House Insects
Insect Identification for the Casual Observer
Insects Explained
What's that Bug?



3D Cockroach
Ask the Exterminator

Flea Bites 1
Bed Bugs 2
Bug Spray
Dealing with Bedbugs
DIY Pest Control
Do It Yourself
Do My Own Pest Control
eHow Videos
Fight Bugs
Flea Bites 1
Flea Bites 2
Flea Bites 3
Flea Bites on Humans
Garden Insects
How to Get Rid of Bedbugs
Get Rid of Flies Guide
Insect Cop
Insect Pests
Mosquito and Mosquito Bite Faqs
Mosquito Bite Remedies, Treatment and Prevention
Mosquito Reviews
Mosquito World
Natural Control
Pest Exterminator
Pest Helpers
The Pest Killers
Termite Web
TERRO Learning Center


Photos (can be found on other sites too)

Alex Wild Photographs
Bug Pictures
Cepolina Free Photo: Insects
Electron Microscope Images
Insect Images
Insect World Image Directory
Iowa State University
Keith Edkins Insect Photos
William Bump’s Pinterest Page (fantastic photos)



Amberica West
Bee Commerce
Bee Keeping Starter Kit (urban)
Bee Wrangling
Beeswax Co.
Beneficial Insects
Bugs in Cyberspace
Bug Maniac
Bugs Direct
Bug Spray (control)
Bug Toys
Bug Toys for the Big Kids
Burt's Bees
Bush Bees
TheButterflyCompany (many specimens besides butterflies)
Butterfly Designs
The Butterfly Farm
Butterfly Utopia
Buzz Honey (West Virginia)
Cafe Press (Search for "Insects")
Entomological Accessories
Ento Products
Everything Insects
Film Flies
Fossil Amber Insects
Galtee Honey Farm
Glenn Apiaries
God of Insects
Honeybee Centre
Insect & Bug Bracelets
Insect Company
Insect Designs Suppliers and Traders Directory
Insect Frames
Insect Lore (All kinds of fun stuff)
Insect Net
Insects International
Insect World
Live Beneficials
Metamorphosis (video)
Monarch Encounters
Mounted Bugs
Real Butterfly Gifts (all types of insects)
Ruhl Bee Supply
Thorne Insect Shop
Wings in Motion


Systematic Entomology

USDA Logo Agricultural Research Service




From Darkness to Light to Flight by Jules H. Poirier (High School-Adult)
The Life and Adventures of Monica Monarch by Jules H. Poirier (Children)
Bombus the Bumblebee by Elsie Larson (Children)
Bombus Finds a Friend by Elsie Larson (Children)
Hummy and the Wax Castle by Elizabeth Ernst (Children)
Bomby the Bombardier Beetle by Hazel May Rue (Children)

CHILDRENS’ STORIES with a biblical message featuring insects.
(Shop on Amazon or a site of your choice)

Matt Whitlock Series:

The Bionic Butterfly
Fleas and Thank You
Hear No Weevil
Humble Bee
The Gigantic Little Hero: A Story About Perseverance


OTHERS (These are important links which are related, to various degrees, to exterminating the lie of evolutionism.)

Calvary Baptist Church (If you cannot get out to church or cannot find an uncompromised church near you.  You can attend live or via podcast.)

 40-40 FACE the FACTS (rescue babies from slaughter)

American Right to Life (Be sure to see the Pro-life Profiles.)

Dial-the-Truth Ministries (King James Bible Facts and More)

Missionaries to the Preborn (Pro Life)

Americans for Truth about Homosexuality

Help for Addicts and Their Family Members (drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, gambling, food, and pornography)

Bible Believers (where to get questions answered)

Handy Resources (booklets and tracts on Christian issues)

Ephesians 5:11 and Ex-Masons for Jesus (The non-Christian religion of Freemasonry) Also see Freemasonry Watch and videos about Masonry such as Freemasonry Exposed.

King James Bible with Defender’s Study Notes

Take a Stand (Apologetics and Discernment)

The Tom Roten Show (The best talk radio anywhere.)

Coach Dave--Pass the Salt (A man after my own heart.)

America Asleep kNOw More(activism)

Wall Builders (American history)

Now the End Begins (prophecy)

Bible Basis (good place to start getting answers to basic Bible questions)

Amazing Bible (resounding resources)

Good Fight Ministries

America’s Party (tired of Demoncrats and Republicrites?)

Fundamental Broadcasting Network (great preachin’ and singin’)

Days of Praise (daily devotional)

Progressive Disorder (laughing at liberals)

Renew America

Lifecall (resources for pregnant women)

Gun Owners of America


Chick Publications

World History Institute

Teen Drug and Alcohol Abuse: A Guide for Caring Parents

10 Best Christian Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers

Lindell Recovery Network

Drug and Alcohol Rehab for Veterans