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Orchard Manor

After living on Union Mission property we went to the notorious Orchard Manor housing project.

Some of these pictures and clips were made after I moved out, but the Manor was always the toughest neighborhood in the state and was once referred to in the media as West Virginia's South Bronx. As society's standards declined the Manor did also, until finally the only answer was to demolish most of the buildings. Sadly, I have observed the Darwinian “tooth and claw” way of living, which I grew up with in the Manor, is now becoming more widespread. America doesn’t realize what is coming.

The first three photos are of me and/or the back of my building. (Click on each picture for a larger image.)


Orchard Manor Church
(By God's Grace I helped establish this church.)

For more photos see "Over the Hill is Out".

Before moving to The Manor I lived at the Union Mission.