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ADDENDUM (A Common Thread)

 By Karl Priest December 14, 2009

With the abundance of information provided at A Common Thread and this addendum along with the MEGGIDO documentaries (Megiddo I: The March to Armageddon and Megiddo II: The New Age): THE POINT HAS BEEN POWERFULLY PROVED: TIME IS SHORT! (NO NEW ITEMS WILL BE ADDED AFTER JUNE 2, 2022.)

IMPORTANT: The material on this page documents the delusions that (mostly) well meaning people will embrace if they reject the Truth. The most important thing you can do is read “Real World Peace”.

The teaching that we can, in and of ourselves, usher in the Kingdom of God on heretical… It is not the earth we are to save but rather men, women, and children’s souls. (

As stated in “The Common Thread”, there is an immense amount of proof of the PAN-EVO religious movement. “The Common Thread” provides some names of individuals and movements that are not referenced below. In this addendum are related references that, if pursued with Google, will lead to a wealth of information. I did not attempt to make this an all-inclusive list of connections. For example, of several threads I omitted from this compilation is one about the way to reach a higher state of consciousness (See “A Common Thread.”) is found deep in our DNA ( Others are“Evolutionary Spirituality” (, “Co-Intelligence” (, Association for Global New Thought (, Source of Synergy Foundation (, Deep Ecology (, and Rights of Nature ( Those subjects may be mentioned, or even added, at some point.

II Timothy Chapter 3 describes the PAN-EVO philosophy:
[ 5] Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.
[ 7] Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.

A warning to watch out for this deception is given in Chapter 2 of Colossians.
[8] Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit, after the tradition of men, after the rudiments of the world, and not after Christ

Keeping with the theme of spider web thread, the conclusion is that there is a large spiritual spider with many smaller spiders and the identification of that spider is provided in “The Hub of the Thread”.

DISCLAIMER: The websites used for reference in this article may contain information not endorsed by Karl Priest.

Almost the entire addendum has been copied and pasted from long hours of looking at hundreds of pages. The intent was to provide a reader with a thorough source of quick reads in order to see the connections. In some cases my words are labeled with a >(Karl)<.

Categories discussed below are listed in alphabetical order. The number indicates the numerical order in which I listed items over the years. Item 1 is the credit to the motivation for the Common Thread.

SUGGESTION: Use your SEARCH feature to jump to a particular category. For example, insert Yoga to find all references to “yoga” including item #29. Or, enter 29. (with the point) to go (usually) directly to that item.

TAKE NOTE: “Public Schools” are mentioned in various categories (Also see "Education."). There may be a particular subject that is not listed below but is mentioned within another category.

Yoga is perhaps the main way that the God of This World (II Cor. 4:4 KJB) will bring in his One World Religion. In addition to the information below, PLEASE see what yoga is about (start at point 37:00.)  I recommend watching the entire Gods of the New Age video and ordering a copy to share with others. For a detailed expose’ of yoga see Yoga Uncoiled. If you think yoga is compatible with Christianity, PLEASE see why it is NOT. Also see news items 1-10 and 3-9-2013; 3-6 and 3-31-2008; “Yoga Should be Left out of Schools” (4-21-2008) and “Religion Established in PublicSchools” (4-12-2008); and “Yoga Zealots’ Own Words” (1-10-2013).

Great Resources on the subjects covered below: Berean Call and Lighthouse Trails. Be sure to read "When Men Cry Peace and Safety".

2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development 124
2045 Initiative
Agenda 21
Agenda 2030 113
Akashic Records 16
Albertson, Maurice
Alien Abductions 96
Alpha Course 51
American Indian Spirituality 34
American Renaissance Alliance (see Peace Alliance)
Angels 87
Animism 27
Antichrist 41
Arcane School 103
Arguelles, Jose
Ascended Master 146
Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.) 114
Association of World Citizens 4
Association for Consciousness Exploration 54
Aurobindo, Sri 13
Bailey, Alice 111
Banathy, Belaa Heinrich 13
Beck, Don 13
Beck, Glenn 31
Beckwith, Michael 31
Bell, Rob 44
Benson, Herbert 28
Bible Prophecy 3
Blavatsky, Helena
Bono 52
Brown, Dan
Buddhism 54
Byrne, Rhonda 31
Campolo, Tony 32
Canfield, Jack 31
Catholicism 50
Cayce, Edgar 114
CE5 (Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind) 137
Celebrities 31
The Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence (CSETI) 138
Channelers and Channeling 36
Chopra, Deepak 56
Chrislam 40
Church Growth Movement 32
Church of All Worlds 54
Circle Sanctuary 54
Cleric Compromisers 32
Climate Change (See Environmentalism.)
Clinton, Hillary 19
Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind 137
Cloward-Piven Strategy 131
Club of Rome (See Environmentalism.)
Cohen, Andrew 52
Common Core 791
Communism/Socialism 43
Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund (CELDF) 127
Conscious Evolution 13
Conscious Media Network 62
Covey, Steven R. 20
COVID-19 130
Crook, Gloria 81
Crowley, Aleister 49
Cultural Marxism 95
Dalai Lama 10
Davos Agenda 118
Deep Ecology 54
Deep State 140
Demons 24
Devil Worship 49
Dominionism 66
Dowd, Michael 52
Do what thou wilt 54
Druids 48
Eat, Pray, Love 33
Earth Charter 52
Earth Day 18
Ecumenism 32
Education 6
Eisle, Riane Tennenhaus 13
Elgin, Duane 13
Emergent Church 44
Environmentalism (Also: Earth Day, Global Warming, Green Movement, Mountain Top Mining) 8
Evolutionary Worldview 101
Extraterrestrials 96
Faith Shared 40
Findhorn Foundation 25
Fonda, Jane 31
Fourth Industrial Revolution (4-IR) 136
Fox, Selena 54
Fox, Matthew 93
Friends of the Earth 4
Fritjof, Capra 7
Fuller, R. Buckminster 55
Gaia 47
Gallup Polls 23
Gardner, James 53
GATE (The Global Alliance for Transformational Entertainment) 83
Gilbert, Elizabeth 33
Global Alliance for the Rights of Nature 126
Global Alliance for Transforming Education 6
Global Center for the Responsibility to Protect 5
Global Citizen 117
Global Economic Restructuring 62
Global Education 4
Global Education Monitoring Report 115
Global Forum of Spiritual and Parliamentary Leaders for Human Survival 64
Global Governance 5
Global People's Assembly 4
Global Renaissance Alliance (see Peace Alliance)
Global Warming 8

God Equation 26
Goldstein, Joseph 52
Gore, Al 8
Great Reset 118
Green Movement 8
Greenpeace 8
Hall, Manly P. 91
Hermeticism 38
House of One 88
Houston, Jean 13
Hubbard, Barbara Marx 11
Hubbard, Libby 53
Humanism 60
Huxley, Aldous 14
Huxley, Sir Julian 13
Institute for Educational Studies (TIES) 6
Institute of Noetic Sciences 21
International Baccalaureate 4
Incarnational Spirituality 99
Integral Theory 105
Internet of Bodies (IoB) 143
Interspirit Alliance 102
Islam 40
Istvan, Zoltan 77
Jaworski, Joseph 52
Jung, Carl 92
Kabala (Kabbalah) 5
Keller, Rosemary 53
Laszlo, Ervin 13
Leadership Conference of Women Religious ( LCWR) 73
Leary, Timothy 49
Leftists/Left Wingers 42
Lerner, Michael 52
Lorian Association 99
Love Gospel 45
Lovelock, James 47
Luciferianism 145
Lucis Trust 148
Luckman, Sol 62
Magic/Magick 38
Manifesto on Planetary Consciousness 106
Manning, Brennan 39
Marxism 43
Maslow, Abraham 13
Masonry 38
Maclaine, Shirley 36
Masahisa Goi 78
McKechnie, Sara 52
McLaren Brian 44
Meditation 28
Melchizidek, Drunvalo 72
MeMoves 82
The Message 116
Metaverse 134
Millennium Summit 125
Mind Control 139
Mindfulness 82
MindUp 82

Mitchell, Edgar D.
Montgomery, Ruth Shick
Moore, Beth 32
Mother Earth 47
Mother Teresa 89
Mountain Top Mining 8
Muller, Robert 4
Native Americans 34
National Religious Partnership for the Environment (NRPE) 64
NEA (National Education Association) 55
New Age 19
New Thought 70
New World Order 5
Nichols, Lisa 31
Noetic Sciences (Institute of) 21
Noosphere 13
NoVo Foundation 84
One Earth Choir 108
One Planet 133
One World Education 79
One World Government 5
One World Religion 30
Ordo Templi Orientis 54
Oz, Mehmet 54
Paganism 54
PAN (god) 8
Panpsychism 94
Pantheism 27
Peace Alliance 74
Peck, M. Scott 81
Peterson, Brenda 46
Philosophical Research Society (see Manly P. Hall)
Phoenix Center for Regenetics 62
Pierce, Chester M. 6
Planet Art Network (PAN) 8
Policy Paper 28 115
Popular Culture 33
Positive Thinking (Power of) 37
Posthumanism 54
Potter, Charles Frances 60
Potter, Harry 33
Project BEST 120
Ragamuffin Gospel 39
Rain Forest Action Network 4
Rapture of the Church (see Bible Prophecy)
Ray, James Arthur 31
Reimagine Education 121
Rice, Ann 33
Robbins, Anthony "Tony" 67
Rose Cross 38
Rosicrucianism 38
Russell, Peter 13
Ruth Shick Montgomery 9
Sahtouris, Elisabet 13
Salk, Jonas 13
Satanism 49
Science 7
Sea Shepherd Conservation Society 128
Secret, The 31
Seven Habits 30
Seven Levels of Consciousness 15
Shack, The
Silva Mind Control 71
Simultaneous Policy (Simpol) 85
Singularity 147
Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) 84
Social Darwinism 97
Socialism/Communism 43
Sociology 59
Soros, George 129
Spangler, David 98
Spiral Dynamics 13
Spirit Science 72
Spiritual evolution 100
Starwood Festival 54
Stealth Tactics 20
Supra-humans 63
Sustainable Development 64
Sustainable Environment 107
Sweet, Leonard 44
Teilhard de Chardin, Pierre
Theosophy 17
Tolle, Eckhart 31
Transcendental Meditation 53
Transhumanism 77
Transpersonal Psychology 54
Tuffy, Duke 44
UFOs 96
Unesco (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization ) 4
United Nations 4
United Religions 142
United Religions Initiative 30
Unity/Unity Church 69
Universalism 116
Venus Project 112
Vision 2050 123
Vision Project 52
Walsch, Neale Donald 76
Warren, Rick 32
Wells, H. G. 65
White, Canon Andrew 90
Wicca 54
Wilber, Ken 13
Wild Goose Festival 44
Williamson, Marianne 68
Winfrey, Ophrah 31
World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) 122
World Core Curriculum for Global Education 80
World Council of Churches 135
World Economic Forum 118
World Federalist Movement 5
World Goodwill 144
World Government Summit 141
World governance 5
World Parliament of Religions 4
World Peace Prayer Society 78
Yoga 29
Young, William Paul 32
Zapolin, Mike 58
The Zeitgeist Movement 86
Zell, Timothy 54

1. Upfront a. Credit for providing me with the information about the New Age explanation for the Rapture goes to Peter and Patti LaLonde (Left Behind, 1995). See The Common Thread. The Rapture is Imminent. Be prepared!
                     b. Abandoning a standard Bible is the frist step in being opened to the heresies, apostasies, and the satanic doctrines described herein. For lots of information how all of this ties into Bible (per)versions see Are Modern Bible Translations Trustworthy?


2. PAN-EVO has existed throughout the recorded history of indigenous cultures.

American Indians saw no difference between man and his animal brothers and sisters long before Darwin came along to teach a similar truth. To the Indian, everything was connected in the web of life, and to hurt a part of it was to hurt all. This corresponds to a modern understanding regarding the delicate balance of nature. He did not believe man was the final pinnacle of creation with any right of dominion over his non-human relatives. (

An Iroquois prayer goes “We thank the Moon and the stars, who give us their light when the Sun retires.... We thank the Great Spirit, incarnation of all kindness, who directs all things  for the good of Its children." (

Under the guise of multi-culturalism, that type of PAN-EVO was pushed into the public schools in the early 1970’s. The people of Kanawha County, WV brought this to national attention in 1974.

See #8, #18, #29.


3. Bible Prophecy An excellent source to research One World Government and One World Religion as part of biblical prophecy is Lamb and Lion Ministries ( Other prophecy websites of which I am less familiar are “Prophecy Website (, “Prophecy News Watch”
(, “Rapture Ready” (, and “The Rapture Solution” (

The Bible says that in the last days “God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:” (II Thess. 2:11). There will “come a falling away first” and “there shall be false teachers among you” that “will not endure” the “sound doctrine” of the “pure”“preserve[ d] ”“words of the LORD”“and shall deceive many” (II Thess. 2:3; II Pet. 2:1; II Tim. 4:1-4; Psa. 12:6; Matt. 24:5,11).

From Barbara Marx Hubbard’s book, Book of Co-Creation, The Book of Revelation: Believers in your potential to be me, listen now. You have nothing to fear. Eternal life is already yours. An irreversible process has begun in you which can no more be turned off than the mechanism of puberty. You will go the whole way to become co-creative...Out of the full spectrum of human personality...One-fourth is resistant to election. They are unattracted by life ever-evolving. Their higher self is unable to penetrate the density of their mammalian senses. They cannot be reached... They are full-fledged animal/humans...They are defective seeds. There have always been defective seeds. In the past they were permitted to die a "natural death." Their bodies were recycled to new life, and their souls reincarnated in bodies capable of receiving signals from the higher self. Now as we approach the quantum shift from creature-human to co-creative human...the destructive one-fourth must be eliminated from the social body.

We have no choice, dearly beloveds. It is a case of the destruction of the whole planet, or the elimination of the ego-driven, godless one-fourth who, at this time of planetary birth, can, if allowed to live on to reproduce their defective disconnection, destroy forever the opportunity of Homo sapiens to become Homo universalis, heirs of God...Before this stage of power can be inherited by the God-centered members of the social body, the self-centered members must be destroyed. There is no alternative. Only the God-centered can evolve.

Be sure to see comments about the Rapture in “The Common Thread”.


4. United Nations Have you ever stopped to wonder about the underlying belief system of the United Nations? What ideology - religious persuasion - motivated it to conceive the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and drives it continually to enforce its principles upon all peoples and nations of the world? (

The United Nations Environmental Sabbath Service e xcerpts of Prayers:

We need to reflect and to rediscover the mystery that lives in us, that is the ground of every unique expression of life, the source of the fascination that calls all things to communion.

Today we know of the energy that moves all things: the oneness of existence, the diversity and uniqueness of every moment of creation, every shape and form, the attraction, the allurement, the fascination that all things have for one another.

We join with the earth and with each other. To create the human community

We live in all things---All things live in us

Earth Ministry’s Mission:

To inspire and mobilize the Christian community to play a leadership role in building a just and sustainable future.
(See Parliament of the World's Religions u nder One World Relgion below.) (


Snips from an extensive article:

Robert Muller(b. 1923) joined the United Nations in 1951, soon after its birth. He was the assistant to three Secretary-Generals. He was director of the Secretary-General’s Office and director of the UN Economic and Social Council (UNESCO).
Muller, who was the keynote speaker at the Parliament of World Religions in 1993, advocates a one-world religion and one-world government. He claims to communicate with spirits 
(John Ankerberg, “Who are the Leading Voices of the New Age Movement,”
Speaking at the 20th anniversary of the U.N. Meditation Room in 1977, Muller said:

“For me the tall building of the U.N. is an edifice of human hope and dream jutting into the universe and receiving from that universe increasingly clearer messages. Perhaps we have reached a time of cosmic evolution. Little by little, a planetary prayer book is being composed by an increasingly united humanity seeking its oneness, its happiness, its consciousness and its full participation in the continuous process of creation” (

Muller says the world must prepare for “an interdependent, safe, prosperous, friendly, loving, happy planetary age as has been heralded by all great prophets” (p. 8). He believes that the “great period of human fulfillment on planet Earth is only now about to begin” (p. 8).
“The United Nations is much more than a political organization, it is a paradigm, the expression of a deep, evolutionary change which in the long run will transform the world for the best” (p. 122).
“The supreme unity of the human family, universal and interdependent, as seen by all great religions must now become a political reality; the hour has struck for the implementation of a spiritual vision of world affairs; the next great task of humanity will be to determine the divine or cosmic laws which must rule our behavior of this planet” (p. 184).

He believes the man, the earth, and God are one:

"Once again, but this time on a universal scale, humankind is seeking no less than its reunion with the ‘divine,’ its transcendence into ever higher forms of life. Hindus call our earth Brahma, or God, for they rightly see no difference between our earth and the divine. This ancient simple truth is slowly dawning again upon humanity. Its full flowering be the real, great new story of humanity as we are about to enter our cosmic age” (New Genesis, p. 49).

In his 1986 book Decide to Be, Muller said that man is God:

“Decide to open yourself to God, to the Universe, to all your brethren and sisters, to your inner the potential of the human race, to the infinity of your inner self, and you will become the will become infinity, and you will be at long last your real, divine, stupendous self” (Muller, Decide to Be, 1986, p. 2; published by the British New Age journal Global Link-Up; quoted from Alan Morrison, The Occult Character of the United Nations).


Muller believes that New Age education is a major key to preparing children for world citizenship. He mentions this repeatedly in his book New Genesis, calling education “the key to our future” (p. 22).

Muller says that this education must make the children see that they are one with the universe and teach them “how they should relate to the skies, to the stars, to the sun, to the infinite, to time, to the human family, to their planet and to all their human brethren and sisters” (New Genesis, p. 22). (

Robert Muller's utopian book New Genesis- Shaping a Global Spirituality (1982) presents his blueprint for a framework of an ever-evolving humanity, reaching toward fulfillment and happiness. The author served the United Nations for thirty-three years as Assistant Secretary-General in charge of coordinating the work of the thirty-two specialized agencies and world programs of the United Nations. New York. 200 pages. ( (United-Nations-utopia, 1982)

A former New Ager said, “I immediately flashed back in my mind to 1982. Still deeply involved in the New Age movement, I was attending a meeting of local New Age leaders in my Northern California community. I remember the excitement we all felt when one of the presenters excitedly announced that a high ranking official at the United Nations was now “on board." She described a New Age conference she had recently attended, at which high-ranking U.N. official Robert Muller, had been one of the speakers…Shortly after the 1982 meeting, I remember a friend giving me a copy of Muller's book New Genesis: Shaping a Global Spirituality. The book was not only a declaration of Muller's own eclectic New Age spirituality, but was also his invitation to the religions of the world to begin working together, under the general auspices of the UN…Remembering how passionately I too, once believed all those things, I closed the book and thought to myself - Muller's 'broad way' world-wide spiritual ecumenism, no matter how well intentioned, is not close to the heart of Christ…Robert Muller is without question one of the chief false prophets of our time. Because he seems so 'positive' and 'spiritual' and works so tirelessly for the cause of peace, it's often hard for people to discern the danger of the doctrine he brings with him.” (

An example of the deceptiveness of Muller is his quote: “Was it not inevitable that the UN would sooner or later also acquire a spiritual dimension... I have come to believe firmly today that our future peace, justice, fulfillment, happiness and harmony on this planet will not depend on world government but on divine or cosmic government, meaning that we must seek and apply the 'natural,' 'evolutionary,' "divine,' 'universal' or 'cosmic' laws which must rule our journey in the cosmos.” (

Back in 1968, UNESCO, along with The Twentieth Century Fund (now called The Century Foundation) and the Ford Foundation, helped start a new educational body located in Geneva, Switzerland—the International Baccalaureate Organization*… In advancing the international-mindedness of IBO, the organization has endorsed the Earth Charter—an earth-centered declaration which venerates global political-ethical-moral and spiritual unification… In 1989, Robert Muller received the UNESCO Peace Education Prize for his work on developing a World Core Curriculum. Frederico Mayor, the Director-General of UNESCO at the time, praised Muller as an "innovator in education" and gave accolades for Muller’s book New Genesis: Shaping a Global Spirituality, saying that it "offers the world a blueprint for a new, spiritual vision of human destiny"… According to Muller,…humankind is seeking no less than its reunion with the "divine," its transcendence into ever higher forms of life. Hindus call our earth Brahma, or God, for they rightly see no difference between our earth and the divine. This ancient simple truth is slowly dawning again upon humanity. Its full flowering will be the real, great new story of humanity, as we are about to enter our cosmic age and to become what we were always meant to be: the planet of God. [New Genesis, p. 49]…Not surprisingly, Muller’s World Core Curriculum closely followed this New Genesis-New Age vein. (

(Robert Muller wrote) New Genesis: Shaping a Global Spirituality, and he helped create the UN-endorsed global education program known as The World Core Curriculum which America and numerous other countries have incorporated into their educational systems. His education agenda won for Muller the designation "Father of Global Education."

Muller also established a school in Arlington, Texas, based on the teachings of Alice Bailey. Though often referred to as the Robert Muller School, the preface of The World Core Curriculum clarifies that the Robert Muller School is founded on the ideas of Alice Bailey and The Tibetan: "The underlying philosophy upon which the Robert Muller School is based will be found in the teachings set forth in the books of Alice A. Bailey by the Tibetan teacher, Djwhal Khul (published by Lucis Publishing Company)."…

Muller’s pronouncement to a group of Canadian school children reflects the influence Alice Bailey has had on his thinking: "You are not children of Canada, you are really living units of the cosmos because the Earth is a cosmic phenomena…we are all cosmic units. This is why religions tell you, you are divine. We are divine energy…it is in your hands whether evolution on this planet continues or not."

For more on Muller, see #80.

*“The curriculum of the 21st century that our government-controlled public schools are feeding children might best be described as ‘mother earth, animal planet, and the global village.’...Globalization is the new ‘conceptual rubric’ in all the disciplines, ranging from anthropology to political science, and is certainly impacting education with full force. Although some use the terms ‘transnationalism’ and even ‘post-nationality,’ the term ‘globalization’ is being used to identify ‘forces of change’ that result in ‘deterritorialization of economic, social, and cultural practices from their traditional moorings in the nation state.’ Education programs such as the International Baccalaureate, which promotes ‘world citizenship,’ are now attracting parents who are told that IB schools are not ‘elitist,’ but that the curriculum focuses on ‘international perspectives of learning and teaching.’ In fact, the IB World Schools are yet another means by which students are being indoctrinated into a transnationalist worldview that sees national sovereignty as an obstacle to world peace and understanding. The number of IB World Schools in the U.S. has doubled in the last four years and now totals 1,007. There are 2,661 IB World Schools in 136 nations around the globe. The U.S. Department of Education has awarded funds to middle schools to participate and become feeder schools for IB high schools. Among their partnerships they count UNESCO, which has recognized them as a NGO of UNESCO since 1970.” (The War on Children by Karen Gushta (2009, Coral Ridge Ministries)

"In general, Unesco must constantly be testing its policies against the touchstone of evolutionary progress. A central conflict of our times is that between nationalism and internationalism, between the concept of many national sovereignties and one world sovereignty...

"The moral of Unesco is clear. The task laid upon it of promoting peace and security can never be wholly realised through the means assigned to it - education, science and culture. It must envisage some form of world political unity, whether through a single world government or otherwise...However, world political unity is, unfortunately, a remote ideal, and in any case does not fall within the field of Unesco's competence. This does not mean that Unesco cannot do a great deal towards promoting peace and security. Specifically, in its educational programme it can stress the ultimate need for world political unity and familiarise all peoples with the implications of the transfer of full sovereignty from separate nations to a world organization." Julian Huxley, UNESCO: Its Purpose and Its Philosophy, (Washington, DC: Public Affairs Press, 1947) p.13.

Understanding other's points of view, cultures and languages is, in itself, a noble task - it's something that I work at pursuing and instilling within my own children and in myself. But underlining IBO's philosophy is something deeper; according to George Walker, the Director General at IBO, "International education offers people a state of mind: international-mindedness. You've got to change people's thinking."

Providing the Earth Charter initiative with advanced support, the International Baccalaureate Organization has agreed to become an Earth Charter partnership entity, along with such groups as the Association of World Citizens, Friends of the Earth, Global People's Assembly, Rain Forest Action Network, the US branch of the United Nations Association, and the World Parliament of Religions.

By endorsing and incorporating the Earth Charter, the IBO is blatantly pushing a pseudo-religious/spiritual agenda - an international social-change concept that is grossly intertwined with global governance aspirations, United Nations empowerment, and earth-centered religious philosophies. UNESCO itself, as part of IBO's foundational base, endorses a quasi-religious version of international education through the work of a former high-ranking UN official, Robert Muller. Muller said, "We must manage our globe so as to permit the endless stream of humans admitted to the miracle of life to fulfill their lives physically, mental, morally and spiritually as has never been possible before in our entire evolution. Global education must prepare our children for the coming of an independent...happy planetary age." (

PLEASE read The Truth about the International Baccalaureate Programme (but were afraid to ask).


(The United Nations) is “the response to a prodigious evolutionary march by the human species towards total consciousness...a real turning point in evolution, the beginning of an entirely new era” (New Genesis, p. 28).

“I have come to the conclusion that our planet, all life on it and in particular human life, is a manifestation of cosmic or divine forces of the universe. Within us therefore resides a basic cosmic force that impels us to respond to our evolutionary duties and to be in favor of life and of our further ascent. If we don’t, we are abandoned by this central, all-pervading force and we die individually or collectively. Faith in life and in our future is therefore the most vital force we must rely on to continue successfully on our strange, unfathomable journey in the universe. This is what the Christ and many other messengers from the outer heavens have told us...” (NewGenesis, p. 136).

“If we give the right education to the fifteen thousand children born every hour and make them feel part of the beautiful human family and its mysterious physical, mental, moral and spiritual interdependencies, then we will obtain a better world. We must give a global education to all the world’s children...” (New Genesis, p. 58).

Muller tells how that UN Secretary General U Thant envisioned a United Nations University that “would give all other universities the global views, inspiration and curricula needed for a peaceful society and right human relations” (New Genesis, p. 22). Thus, he wanted the UN to have the power to influence all higher education throughout the planet.

This global education is intended to produce “world managers” (New Genesis, p. 23).

New Age mysticism is to be at the very heart of the curriculum. The world students are to be nurtured in their “faith” by “spiritual exercises of interiority, meditation, prayer and communion with God, the universe and eternity” (New Genesis, p. 153).

In 1984, Muller founded the Robert Muller School in Arlington, Texas, which is certified by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). The school is a “participating institution in the UNESCO Associated Schools Project in Education for International Co-operation and Peace.”

His educational curriculum is called the World Core Curriculum and the Global Peace Curriculum.

Muller’s educational curriculum is based on Alice Bailey’s occultic teachings. The believes in the divinity of man and the coming of the cosmic christ and the establishment of the Age of Aquarius.

The Robert Muller School World Core Curriculum Manual (1986) was published by the Lucis Publishing Company.

Muller addressed the Lucis Trust’s
(See #52) Arcane School Conference in New York City on August 12, 1979. The Lucis Trust was originally founded by Alice Bailey as the Lucifer Trust to establish a new world order. Because of controversy over the name, it was changed to Lucis Trust. Bailey’s guru, Madame Blavatsky, named her magazine Lucifer and believed that Lucifer is a mystical agent of light and spiritual knowledge who is bringing enlightenment to mankind.

“We will be resurrected materially in other life forms on this planet and ultimately into atoms of other stars, but most of all, we will continue to live by the contribution we have made to humanity’s improvement through our deeds, thoughts, love and reverence for life during our own incarnations” (New Genesis, p. 126).

The Institute for Creation Research exposes “the hidden agenda of Global Education and show conclusively the links between Global Education, the New Age religion, and evolutionism."

Proponents of Global Education often disguise it by using a variety of other names: multicultural education, international curriculum development, international studies, cultural awareness, futurism, Project 2000, Welcome to Planet Earth, and World Core Curriculum. Dick Sutphen, a leading New Age thinker, summarizes the New Age doctrines as: (1) the external world and consciousness are one and the same; (2) we are all part of God, so we are God, (3) life is for evolutionary purposes; (4) awareness of one's true self within leads to mastery of one's own reality.

This new world religion is envisioned as a synthesis of Christian ethics and Eastern Mysticism, in which the task of re-ordering our traditional values and institutions is given over to our public schools.

Two scientists who are calling for such a paradigm shift are marine biologist James Lovelock and microbiologist Lynn Margulis. Both strongly advocate the so-called Gaia Hypothesis (Gaia was the Greek goddess of the earth—"Mother Earth," so to speak). This mystical Gaia Hypothesis assumes that the earth is actually a living entity and humanity is a vital part of its life system.

The basic assumption underlying the New Age movement is evolutionism, with its accompanying transformation of individuals and society, now supposedly ready to move into a New Age of peace, harmony, and international cooperation. (

See #52.


In an age where evangelical Christianity – and for that matter, Judaism – is seen as too “intolerant” or “divisive” for a civilized world, interfaith movements, the New Age Movement, and Unitarian Universalism are gaining in popularity.  Nowhere is that more evident than within the United Nations.  ( (Also see the United Nations tab at the top.)


But the stone in the middle of the room has more to tell us. We may see it as an altar, empty not because there is no God, not because it is an altar to an unknown god, but because it is dedicated to the God whom man worships under many names and in many forms. (

There have been several occasions when New Agers have actually channeled spirits at the United Nations. For example, this occurred in May 1999, at the Vienna International Center, which houses the United Nations and the Atomic Energy Agency. Steve Rother channeled spirits that he calls “the Group” to an assembly of people from these two organizations. He said that he found that most of the attendees had been reading the Beacons of Light Meditations, which are supposed communications from spirits, and that these are “passed around in the internal e-mail system of the UN” (“Lightworkers at the United Nations,” May 20, 1999, We believe that we are in a rapid state of evolution unmatched in all of eternity. That evolution is causing tremendous change in the human condition, leading us all to a state of unprecedented human empowerment. (

The UN has a public plan cleverly called Agenda 21.

To achieve world government, it is necessary to remove from the minds of men their individualism, loyalty to family tradition, national patriotism, and religious dogmas. Brock Chisholm (Director of the UN World Health Organization from 1948–53, a Unitarian Humanist of the Year for 1959 ( September 11, 1954 in an address to the Conference on Education in Asilomar, California.

“The age of nations must end. The governments of nations have decided to order their separate sovereignties into one government to which they will surrender their arms.” The UN World Constitution

"We do not want another committee, we have too many already. What we want is a man of sufficient stature to hold the allegiance of all the people and to lift us up out of the economic morass into which we are sinking. Send us such a man, and whether he be God or devil, we will receive him."  Paul-Henri Spaak, one-time secretary general of NATO and first president of the United Nations General Assembly

Satan seems to be using the UN toward the biblical predicted One World Government . At the heart of the plan is the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SGDs).  Goal # 4 is “Quality Education” ( ).  Note how the COVID crisis is being used. Like the liar he has been since he lied to Eve, Satan uses some smooth sounding words such as “free primary and secondary education (and) equal access to quality pre-primary education” (which are bad in themselves in that the One World Government wants to brainwash children from “pre-primary (the cradle), but also beware of “education for sustainable development and global citizenship.”

At the Quality Education link, select the rectangle labeled "Education Related Goals 4" where you will find these snips:

>Education for all has always been an integral part of the sustainable development agenda. 

>The crucial role of education in achieving sustainable development was also duly noted at the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development, held in Rio de Janeiro...

>In 2005, UNESCO launched the  United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainable Development ( r-sustainable-development) There you will see):

> Education should be transformative and allow us to make informed decisions and take individual and collective action to change our societies and care for the planet.

See #5 and #30.


5. One World Government The move toward One World religion is inseparable from the need to establish a One World Government. This is being done through the political arena, the entertainment industry, and most insidiously—by the indoctrination of children in government schools. (Karl)

Hollywood celebrities and education gurus have teamed together to distribute to schools across the country a dramatic new curriculum… to teach America's school children a "social justice" brand of history that rails against war, oppression, capitalism and popular patriotism.

The program and discussion guide is the most ambitious resource among many offered to America's schools by the "Zinn Education Project", a collaboration of "Rethinking Schools" and "Teaching for Change"…

Critics of the Zinn Project, however, warn that the curriculum is more about pushing Zinn's admitted pacifist and socialist agenda on the next generation.

According to a Zinn Educational Project report, in April 2008, with support from an anonymous donor, ZEP partnered with 32 organizations to offer 31,000 teachers and teacher educators free packets for instilling the "people's history" in schools across the country. (

From the “Zinn Education Project” website: “We believe that through taking a more engaging and more honest look at the past, we can help equip students with the analytical tools to make sense of - and improve - the world today.” (

From “Rethinking Schools” website: “It takes more than a brilliant teacher or two to ensure that our youth leave school with the skills, confidence, and critical consciousness to be productive and thoughtful participants in the world.” (

The winter 1997-98 edition of the “Rethinking Schools” magazine contains five articles attacking creationism and promoting evolutionism. ( One particularly caught my eye. “Creationists Push Pseudo-Science Text” is about the book Of Pandas and People. See the account of my personal battle regarding that textbook at (Karl)

The left-wing radical William Ayers (See Chapter 1 of Protester Voices—The 1974 Textbook Tea Party.) is a regular contributor to the magazine.

Form the “Teaching for Change” website: “Teaching for Change provides teachers and parents with the tools to transform schools into centers of justice where students learn to read, write and change the world… Teaching for Change encourages teachers and students to question and re-think the world inside and outside their classrooms, build a more equitable, multicultural society, and become active global citizens. ” (

For information from a political standpoint see “A Chronological History Of The New World Order”.

(Paraprased) The Global Center for the Responsibility to Protect (R2P) works in partnership with the World Federalist Movement which is a main coordinator and member of R2P. The R2P advocates for a "global rebalancing" and "international redistribution" to create a "New World Order."  In a piece last March in the Ottawa Citizen newspaper, "Toward a new world order," a co-founder and advisory board member of R2P wrote, "Westerners must change lifestyles and support international redistribution." (

In response to the acceleration of interdependence on a worldwide scale, both between human societies and between humankind and the biosphere, world governance designates regulations intended for the global scale…In a simple and broad-based definition of world governance, the term is used to designate all regulations intended for organization & centralization of human societies on a global scal e… Global governance is not world government (the notion of a single common political authority for all of humanity)…global governance would not be necessary, were there a world government. Domestic governments have monopolies on the use of force—the power of enforcement. Global governance refers to the political interaction that is required to solve problems that affect more than one state or region when there is no power to enforce compliance World governance is closely tied to “climate change,” world peace, education, and anti-capitalism.

An Internet search for “global governance” produces lots of hits including the goals in their own words. Global Governance Project: (W)e see global governance as characterised by the increasing participation of actors other than states, ranging from private actors such as multinational corporations and (networks of) scientists and environmentalists to intergovernmental organisations ('multiactor governance').
( The Global Governance Institute: Our vision is a more equitable, peaceful and sustainable global order based on effective but accountable international organizations, the global rule of law and the empowerment of the individual across borders and cultures. (

Goals of the New World Order:
(1) Consolidate everything.
(2) Commercialize everything.
(3) Classify everything.
(4) Claim everything.
(5) Control everything.
The Intelligent Student's Guide to the New World Order” by Erica Carle ( transformation/er022.htm)

If the New World Order is to succeed in reaching its goals, Judaism and Christianity are among the religions which have to be eliminated. People who are guided by the Bible, the Ten Commandments and what the Bible teaches about God, cannot be depended upon to be totally dedicated to the sociological goals of a world management system. They cannot be intimidated into exchanging morals and conscience for sociological goals. This is why the system does not tolerate competition. Its own Positive religion or religion of Humanity must prevail. Sociology’s founder, Auguste Comte, wrote: “By speaking of Positivism as organic, we imply that it has a social purpose; that purpose being to supersede Theology in the spiritual direction of the human race.” Auguste Comte; System of Positive Polity, Vol 1, P. 45.

A National Association of Scholars article “Teaching Collegians to Be World Citizens” describes a liberal arts college whose version of world citizenship includes training in the "normative theory of ecological citizenship (EC)," which is speeding us along the path to "occupy a space that transcends national boundaries" and give us a form of "globally-oriented citizenship"… The article argues that there is an “ important affinity” between ecological and global citizenship. (

Lots more New World Order information can be found at

See #6.


6. Education “Vision Changers is a 6 week program consisting of one forty-minute interactive experience per week and 1- 5 minute segment per day. These sessions are ACTIVE learning, child centered, and can be integrated into other parts of the curriculum…Imagine a network of individual children around the world visioning how they would like their world to be, or their 'preferred world view'. The Vision Changers program will teach students to create their own ideas for their preferred world views. This founding notion for this idea was first created as part of the 'Planetary Initiative for the World We Choose', a global think tank. The Planetary Initiative developed the process for creating a Preferred World View (PWV) by visioning and consensus…Vision Changers believe that the apparent chosen direction of society can and will be affected by the collective conscious will of concerned human beings…We understand that everything is connected and that a healthy planet will be the result of healthy people. It is our individual responsibility to maintain our health, by being aware that we are what we consume and what we think. From our thoughts we create our world…Vision Changers are familiar with the framework for Global Education…” (

Brave New Schools by Berit Kjos Chapter 4

No wonder students pledge their loyalty to a spiritualized Earth, sing anthems to a coming New Age of peace, and--in stark opposition to Biblical truth--celebrate a oneness that denies all religious barriers… This oneness is central to the international education system. Chapter 2 showed that America's education goals match those of the World Conference on Education for All (WCEFA). They also match the goals of the United States Coalition for Education for All (USCEFA) which helps link our national education system to the international system. While all three groups seek common values, the USCEFA emphasizes "the oneness of humankind." Hidden in these words is their joint understanding that the common values must be grounded in common beliefs and spirituality… Re-establishing our unity with earth and spirit is encouraged in classrooms across the country. Multicultural, global, environmental, and arts education teach children the occult formulas that once linked the world's shamans, voodoo priests and medicine men to their respective spirit guides. While words will differ from culture to culture, the pagan practices within earth-centered traditions are similar around the world.

A new mental "framework" is vital to this paradigm shift. But to launch the new system, the old patterns must be blurred and broken. The educational establishment knows that children who are fed a daily diet of biblical truth will resist their plans for change. They also know that students bombarded with strategicsuggestions and idealized pagan images will probably reject Christianity. If schools can build the "right" kind of framework or filter in the minds of children early enough, the new global beliefs will fit right in. In other words, the battle for the hearts and minds of America's children will be won by the side that first trains children to see reality from its point of view.

This paradigm shift was no mystery to AldousHuxley, author of Brave New World. He wrote that education must provide a mental "framework... within which any piece of information acquired in later life may find its proper and significant place."

James Quina, "Aldous Huxley's Integrated Curriculum," Holistic Education Journal (December 1993); 54.

"What is needed is a shift in consciousness commensurate with the shift to a global society... emphasize global interdependence... Explore a major shift in belief systems with regard to our children and our future." Phil Gang, founding director of The Institute for Educational Studies (TIES) and Executive Director of Global Alliance for Transforming Education (GATE)

"As we look for answers [to saving the planet], more and more peoples are looking at the traditional peoples of the planet.... This is Indian history... our spiritualism, and we want to share it with the world." Alan Ross, retired South Dakota school superintendent, author of Mitakuye Oyasin (We are All Related) (

During a public elementary school assembly, the students sang the words of the Peacemakers' Planetary Anthem to the tune of the Star Spangled Banner. This melody, which has symbolized freedom to those who have loved America, now became a tactical trigger used to turn hearts from the old ways to the new vision:

O Say can you see by the one light in all
A New Age to embrace at the call of the nations,
Where our children can play in a world without war
Where we stand hand in hand in the grace of creation,
Where the rivers run clean through forests pristine....


"During the 1973 International Education Seminar, Harvard psychiatrist Chester M. Pierce, speaking as an expert in public education, said: "Every child in America entering school at the age of five is mentally ill because he comes to school with certain allegiances to our founding fathers, toward our elected officials, toward his parents, toward a belief in a supernatural being, and toward the sovereignty of this nation as a separate entity. It's up to you as teachers to make all these sick children well by creating the international child of the future." (

The Behavioral Science Teacher Education Project, outlined teaching reforms to be forced on the country after 1967. The document sets out clearly the intentions of its creators — nothing less than “impersonal manipulation” through schooling of a future America in which “few will be able to maintain control over their opinions,” an America in which “each individual receives at birth a multi-purpose identification number” which enables employers and other controllers to keep track of underlings and to expose them to direct or subliminal influence when necessary. The Underground History of American Education: An Intimate Investigation into the Problems of Modern Schooling by John Taylor Gatto (New York: Oxford Village Press, 2001)

Watch: Train Up A Child - A Review of Education in America

See#4, #5, #20, #55 and especially#79. Also search for “Public Schools.”


7. Science is making PAN-EVO seem respectable.

Heart rate variability, a sign of a healthy heart, has been shown to be higher in yoga practitioners than in non-practitioners, according to research to be published in a forthcoming issue of the "International Journal of Medical Engineering and Informatics." (

More than 1,000 peer-reviewed scientific articles have been published on the subject of meditation. (

See #27 and #28.

Also, as science realizes the amazing creation there is a subtle move toward vitalism which is a belief that living things are controlled by some type of “spirit.” An example of is a paper by the prominent evolutionist James A. Shapiro.

Contemporary research in many laboratories on cell-cell signaling, symbiosis and pathogenesis show that bacteria utilize sophisticated mechanisms for intercellular communication and even have the ability to commandeer the basic cell biology of “higher” plants and animals to meet their own needs. This remarkable series of observations requires us to revise basic ideas about biological information processing and recognize that even the smallest cells are sentient (having the power of perception by the senses; conscious.) beings. (

Encouraged by New Age apostles such as Fritjof Capra (The Tao of Physics and The Turning Point) and Gary Zukav (The Dancing Wu Li Masters), the belief is growing that modern physics and ancient mystical traditions have striking parallels that lead to similar views of reality and thus justify a merger between the two. The facts are quite the opposite.. Capra admits that his theory (which is so popular among New Agers) did not result from insight gained through scientific observation, but actually came about through a powerful mystical experience he had in 1969 "on a beach in Santa Cruz [California]."… Capra's present obsession is not the result of scientific investigation or evidence but of a classic Hindu mystical experience. In The Tao of Physics and The Turning Point, Capra argues for an integration of Eastern and Western thought in order to bring about what he perceives as a necessary "revolution in all the sciences and a transformation of our world view and values."… Such ideas are being taken seriously even by our top government officials. Consider, for example, the statements of ex-astronaut Edgar D. Mitchell in a [1980] address to members of Congress and Congressional staff on behalf of the Congressional Clearinghouse on the Future: Within ten years, psychokinetic (movement of physical objects by the mind without use of physical means) functioning will be reasonably well accepted. It knocks down the previous model of the human; there is something more fundamental than the material we are made of. We can control, external to our bodies, the matter that is around us, and control internally the functioning of our bodies, by the way we think. (


8. Environmentalism (Also, Global Warming, Mountain Top Mining) “Global Warming as Religion and not Science” It was Michael Crichton who first prominently identified environmentalism as a religion. That was in a speech in 2003, but the world has moved on apace since then and adherents of the creed now have a firm grip on the world at large. Global Warming has become the core belief in a new eco-theology…Extremists of the new religion regard humanity as an inconvenience or a pestilence that can be disposed of (not including themselves, of course). ( Note: This is not a Christian based article.

Michael Crichton: “Environmentalism as Religion” I think that you cannot eliminate religion from the psyche of mankind. If you suppress it in one form, it merely re-emerges in another form. You can not believe in God, but you still have to believe in something that gives meaning to your life, and shapes your sense of the world. Such a belief is religious."

Today, one of the most powerful religions in the Western World is environmentalism. Environmentalism seems to be the religion of choice for urban atheists. Why do I say it's a religion? Well, just look at the beliefs. If you look carefully, you see that environmentalism is in fact a perfect 21st century remapping of traditional Judeo-Christian beliefs and myths
. ( Note: This is not a Christian based article.

“Global warming: the bogus religion of our age” Like a religion, environmentalism is suffused with hatred for the material world and again, like religion, it requires devotion rather than intellectual rigour from its adherents. ( Note: This is not a Christian based article. (Karl)

“Gore's Global Warming Religion” At the 1992 Democratic Convention in New York, Al Gore said: "The central organizing principle of governments everywhere must be the environment." ( Note: There is lots of humor in this article.   Also see the Common Thread.

The Religion of Global Warming ( website has links to lots of articles that show how the cult of environmentalism has seeped into churches. Baptist eco-activists are blowing hot air, The Church of Global Warming, Christians told: Give up carbon for Lent, From Papal Indulgences to Carbon Credits: Is Global Warming a Sin?. There are several more links on this webpage.

“Global warming hysteria: Rise of the eco-religion” As if on cue, all the corporations are focusing on "protecting the environment" in their television advertisements.   The schools and universities are having increasing numbers of special events, eco-camps, presentations, and activities dedicated to environmentalism and are trying to get the youth on board with the agenda.  Also children's movies, such as "Happy Feet" have a political agenda--nature programs, news stories, Al Gore, even the Supreme Court--everybody's focusing on the environment, and the impending man-made doom that awaits us all.  (

Another way (besides evolutionism) that “science” will tie into the economic collapse is stated by the European Union’s president: "2009 is also the first year of global governance, with the establishment of the G20 in the middle of the financial crisis. The climate conference in Copenhagen is another step towards the global management of our planet."  

The United Nations climate negotiations in Cancun, Mexico, opened with the invocation of the ancient jaguar goddess Ixchel. Christiana Figueres, executive secretary of the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change, told the crowd of scientists and politicians that Ixchel was not only goddess of the moon but also “the goddess of reason, creativity and weaving” (“Post Carbon,” The Washington Post, Nov. 29, 2010). Figueres prayed that Ixchel would inspire the delegates “to weave together the elements of a solid response to climate change, using both reason and creativity as your tools.” This is typical United Nations New Age spirituality. (Had she invoked Jesus Christ, she would probably have been booed off the stage and fired.) At the U.N. Earth Summit in Rio De Janeiro in 1992, the opening ceremony featured a ship called Gaia, named for the Greek goddess of the earth. That conference was preceded by an all-night ceremony to worship Mother Earth. At dawn a Brazilian tribal high priestess led the worshipers to the edge of the ocean where they offered flowers and fruit to a sea goddess identified as the “mother of the powers, queen of the seas.” The Rio Declaration, which contains a radical environmentalist agenda, was referred to as “a sacred text.” In reality the U.N. climate change agenda is all about a greedy transfer of wealth and the furtherance of a one-world government, which is setting the stage for the events of the book of Revelation. The delegates to Cancun from 193 nations are hypocrites who claim that there has been major global warming and that the icecaps and glaciers are melting, but instead of meeting in Alaska in December they are meeting in Mexico. And instead of walking and bicycling and sailing to Cancun, they flew in gas-guzzling airplanes that many of these environmentalists have condemned as greenhouse gas-producing monstrosities.
(Friday Church News Notes, December 17, 2010,

Green Invasion of Christian Churches

The driving force behind the assault on Christian churches is called the National Religious Partnership for the Environment (NRPE). The Partnership is a formal agreement among four of the nation’s largest religious organizations, including the U.S. Catholic Conference, National Council of Churches, Coalition on the Environment and Jewish Life, and the Evangelical Environmental Network. In addition, The Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) holds a special “consultative” relationship with the Partnership. Funding comes from (among others) Pew Charitable Trusts, Stephen C. Rockefeller, the Turner Foundation, W. Alton Jones Foundation and the New World Foundation.

The Partnership operates out of an Anglican church in New York City called St. John, the Divine. The Cathedral is also the home of the Gaia Institute and the Temple of Understanding. The Temple is an official United Nations Non-Governmental Organization (NGO).

But don’t be misled into thinking these are just good Christians seeking to address environmental issues. The exact opposite is the case. The programs of the Religious Partnership for the Environment seek to steer churches away from Christian teachings and, instead engage in spreading the worship of the earth – “Gaia” – in the name of the Christian religion. Worship of Gaia, in fact, calls for man to worship the creation rather than the creator – the exact opposite of Christian teachings.

Jose Arguelles, leader of PAN (Planet Art Network)…Addressing (a) gathered crowd, Arguelles presented them with a new idea – that of seeing the earth as a living, spiritual being that could feel pain. The group was asked to tune into the crystal matrix frequency – what he called Mother Earth’s heartbeat. He told them to relax. Many went into a trance-like state. As people felt they were being filled with the Earth’s energy, they became vocal, with sounds rising and falling rhythmically. Some swayed and some fell down on the ground and began writhing.

Then Jose Arguelles stood before them and brought them to silence. Arguelles told the group to concentrate on a cloud floating over head, just drifting, and then he told them to invite the cloud in to fill the empty spirit, the empty soul. He then said to invite PAN in – to accept Pan as the leader and guide for their lives.

Jose explained that Pan was the first son of Mother Earth and used to live close to his mother in the primeval forest with his brothers and sisters. Pan’s brothers and sisters, he said, were the ones who went out and founded the temple-building societies. He meant the Aztecs and the Egyptians, etc.

But when Pan refused to join his siblings in the cities, they called him evil and “Satan.”The siblings, Jose said, invented their own selfish religion – Christianity, which, he said, must be removed because it includes a vision of an Apocalypse.

The Boulder audience was told that right now, Mother Earth is bringing Pan back to save us and lead us into the New Age. The audience was told it could help by surrendering to Pan, tuning into the crystal matrix frequencies and carrying out the directions while tuned in. Arguelles then explained this might included the physical removal of Christians because they are the biggest obstacle to transformation. (

Note: Both Satanists and Wiccan witches adore and worship the Pagan god, Pan. (

Lots of information about the Green Agenda is located at

From a scientist who says, “I am a scientist who was on the carbon gravy train, understands the evidence, was once an alarmist, but am now a skeptic.” Official climate science, which is funded and directed entirely by government, promotes a theory that is based on a guess about moist air that is now a known falsehood. Governments gleefully accept their advice, because the only ways to curb emissions are to impose taxes and extend government control over all energy use. And to curb emissions on a world scale might even lead to world government — how exciting for the political class!  (

There is a 138 page (as of Dec. 2011) UN document ("Ad Hoc Working Group on Long-Term Cooperative Action Under the Convention” which seeks an “ international climate court of justice,” the end of warvare, and the “ Rights of mother earth.”

The Copenhagen Treaty draft establishing a world “government” with unlimited powers of taxation and intervention in the affairs of states parties to the UN Framework Convention fortunately failed. Yet at the Cancun climate conference the following year 1000 new bureaucracies were established to form the nucleus of a world government, with central control in the hands of the Convention's secretariat and tentacles in every region and nation. The draft (Durban, South Africa 2011) “agrees that common principles, modalities and procedures as well as the coordinating and oversight functions of the UNFCCC are needed” – in short, global centralization of political, economic and environmental power in the manicured hands of the Convention's near-invisible but all-powerful secretariat… (

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s remarks as prepared for delivery to the Youth Event at the Alliance of Civilizations (Dec. 2011): “We live at a unique moment in human history. We recognize the fragility of our beautiful planet. We recognize our vulnerability to changes in the air and resources around us. That is why world leaders gathered for the climate change conference in Durban last week. We are trying to protect this planet to preserve it for future generations.

“I sometimes call this the great “multilateral moment” — a time for all nations, all people, to come together in common cause in the name of our global humanity. The challenges before us are challenges that no nation can deal with on its own. To overcome them, we have to join forces… You understand that. There are nearly 2 billion young people in our world. You are connected like no generation in history. Yet, being connected is not the same as being united. I hope you will unite; unite with the United Nations. Join our campaign for peace, human rights and environmental sustainability.” (

A former Greenpeace leader, Patrick Moore, “is a firm believer in James Lovelock's Gaia hypothesis, which posits that Earth is a self-regulating superorganism. He hates the word weed, he says, because ‘it's a value judgment about plants.’" ( James Watson left Greenpeace because it was not radical enough. He believes “ After all, we Homo sapiens are the last survivors of the hominid line, a group that has been on its way out for some time...We are the ruthlessly territorial primates whose numbers have soared far beyond the level of global carrying capacity for the deadly behavioural characteristics that we display... It began 50,000 years ago when a relatively hairless primate stumbled out of equatorial Africa and began wiping out the megafauna of the time. Wherever this creature (our ancestor) went, their arrival was followed by large die-outs of megafauna... The planet's ecosystem is a collective living organism and operates very much like the human body...Human beings (are) the ‘AIDS of the Earth’...There is only one cure, only one way of stopping this rising epidemic of extinctions... This is a process that will require a complete overhaul of all of humanities economic, cultural, and life style systems. Within the context of our present anthropocentric mind-set the solution is impossible. It will require a complete transformation of all human realities... We need vast areas of the planet where humans do not live at all and where other species are free to evolve without human interference. We need to radically and intelligently reduce human populations to fewer than one billion. We need to eliminate nationalism and tribalism and become Earthlings. And as Earthlings, we need to recognize that all the other species that live on this planet are also fellow citizens and also Earthlings... Who should have children? Those who are responsible and completely dedicated to the responsibility which is actually a very small percentage of humans.” (

The climate crisis also offers us the chance to experience what very few generations in history have had the privilege of knowing: a generational mission; the exhilaration of a compelling moral purpose; a shared and unifying cause; the thrill of being forced by circumstances to put aside the pettiness and conflict that so often stifle the restless human need for transcendence; the opportunity to rise.…When we rise, we will experience an epiphany as we discover that this crisis is not really about politics at all. It is a moral and spiritual challenge. Al Gore: An Inconvenient Truth (

(After listing the chemical components of humans.) “So when environmentalists assert that we are, after all, part of the earth, it is no mere rhetorical flourish. Our blood even contains roughly the same percentage of salt as the ocean, where the first life forms evolved. They eventually brought onto the land a self-contained store of the sea water to which we are still connected chemically and biologically. Little wonder, then, that water carries such great spiritual significance in most religions, from the water of Christian baptism to Hinduism’s sacred water of life.” Gore, Al. Earth in the Balance: Ecology and the Human Spirit, Houghton Mifflin Company, New York, NY, USA, pp. 99–100, 1992.

From Gore’s Earth in the Balance; Ecology and the Human Spirit :  

"...we feel increasingly distant from our roots in the earth... we lost our feeling of connectedness to the rest of nature." (page 1)
This   panreligious perspective may prove especially important where our global civilization's responsibility for the earth is concerned." (pages 258-259)
"Native American religions, for instance, offer a rich tapestry of ideas about our relationship to the earth…That the earth is our mother...This we know: the earth does not belong to man, man belongs to the earth." (page 259)
"The Earth is our mother, and we are all her children…‘Air is the Vital Force, Water the Progenitor, the Vast Earth the Mother of All.’"  (page 261) (

The environmental movement is a perfect disguise because it asks nations to surrender their sovereignty for a cause seemingly beneficial to all nations. Recently, a group of well-known evangelical leaders fell for this ploy by deciding to back an initiative to fight global warming. (

Some Earth Worshipers even thing they have a right to file suit on behalf of mother earth. "The idea that what many take to be inanimate objects (such as trees), or abstract ideas and the places we apply them to (such as wilderness) or even a 'symbol' (such as a river) can be wronged in some way, and therefore can be represented or spoken on behalf of, is brave and thoughtful.” They want to be Mother Earth’s spokespersons. (

Pope Francis (2015) called on every person to embrace an environmentalist ideology and forgo many of the comforts, such as air conditioning, that folks have grown accustomed to. (6) “Humanity is called to take note of the need for changes in lifestyle and changes in methods of production and consumption to combat this warming, or at least the human causes that produce and accentuate it,” Pope Francis wrote. (7) In his letter, the Pope uses the issue of climate change and global warming as a means to unite the entire world. “Beginning in the middle of the last century and overcoming many difficulties, there has been a growing conviction that our planet is a homeland and that humanity is one people living in a common home. An interdependent world not only makes us more conscious of the negative effects of certain lifestyles and models of production and consumption which affect us all; more importantly, it motivates us to ensure that solutions are proposed from a global perspective, and not simply to defend the interests of a few countries. Interdependence obliges us to think of one world with a common plan,” Francis wrote in the fifth chapter of his letter. Further on in the letter, Pope Francis declares the need for a new global authority which would be used to oversee national governments.  

More about environmentalism (including recycling):

“Climate Change” is part of the Mother Earth New Age religion and the Un wants global education to evangelize children. In a July 2015 resolution the UN “Human Rights” Council applauded another UN organ, the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), which has been at the forefront of pushing the extreme ideologies of globalism and statism through schools worldwide. “The UNESCO-led UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development, which began in 2005, was explicitly intended to instill in every human being ‘the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values necessary to shape a sustainable future,’” UNESCO chief Irina Bokova, a   Bulgarian communist,   boasted in a recent column. (hot link in original) Read that again.

“What is needed now is a global movement, with every student in every country learning about sustainable development from well-trained teachers, equipped with the appropriate curricula and resources,” Bokova continued, with “sustainable development” meaning a radical redesign of human society toward collectivism, central planning, humanism, population control, and global governance. In the same piece, Bokova bragged that her agency, which she regularly boasts promotes global humanism, was also “promoting climate-change education in schools.”   

The Club of Rome, a globalist think tank with close ties to the climate change agenda stated on page 75 of its publication “The First Global Revolution” in 1990: “In searching for a common enemy against whom we can unite, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill…. All these dangers are caused by human intervention… The real enemy, then, is humanity itself…” The passage appears under the subhead “The Common Enemy Of Humanity Is Man.”

Environmentalism in the extreme, or "Deep Ecology," by any other name is a CULT WITH DEEP ANCIENT ROOTS. The "green movement" is not a "secular" one, as advertised, but is deeply religious in the pagan sense.

Green New Deal: “It is not about climate. It is about creating a climate of fear, a picture of imminent planetary doom that can only be forestalled by government's control of every aspect of our lives, from the energy we use to the food we eat to the land we use to our modes of transportation. Everything from cows to combustion engines is bad… The origins and the purpose of the Green New Deal are not unlike the positive-sounding objectives of Agenda 21: to protect the environment and make a better life for all of us…Agenda 2030 was the death knell for freedom and independence around the world. It is a blueprint for world government of the U.N., by the U.N. and for the U.N. Its goals and targets leave no aspect of human life and activities immune from power grabs by government. The Green New Deal will make it happen here.”

“Effective execution of Agenda 21 will require a profound reorientation of all human society, unlike anything the world has ever experienced. A major shift in the priorities of both governments and individuals and an unprecedented redeployment of human and financial resources. This shift will demand that a concern for the environmental consequences of every human action be integrated into individual and collective decision-making at every level.” United Nations on Agenda 21


9. Ruth Shick Montgomery A self-described Christian psychic in the tradition of Jeane Dixon and Edgar Cayce. She was a biographer of Dixon and a protégée of Arthur Ford who claimed he (like Cayce) could access the Akashic Records (or database) of the Universe (see below). Montgomery initially believed her mission on Earth was to educate the public on her belief in life after death, which is common among spiritualists. However, she also studied reincarnation and came to believe that mental and physical illnesses often have their origins in past lives…Montgomery is particularly noted for her popularization of walk-in theory whereby a person's soul can depart a hurt or anguished body and be replaced with a new soul to take over the body (see Addendum #24 “Demons”)…Montgomery's "Guides" allegedly stated quite clearly that humans have free will and can make their own decisions regarding their destiny…In the late 1990s, the Guides predicted in her 1999 book, The World To Come, that the walk-in president would not come until 2008 at the earliest, and therefore the Shift would be delayed until 2010-2012 at least. (


10.Dalai Lama (in his own words) snips  I am sure that many people share my concern about the present worldwide moral crisis and will join in my appeal to all humanitarians and religious practitioners who also share this concern to help make our societies more compassionate, just, and equitable. I do not speak as a Buddhist or even as a Tibetan. Nor do I speak as an expert on international politics (though I unavoidably comment on these matters). Rather, I speak simply as a human being, as an upholder of the humanitarian values that are the bedrock not only of Mahayana Buddhism but of all the great world religions. From this perspective I share with you my personal outlook - that: 1. Universal humanitarianism is essential to solve global problems; 2. Compassion is the pillar of world peace; 3. All world religions are already for world peace in this way, as are all humanitarians of whatever ideology;

Each individual has a universal responsibility to shape institutions to serve human needs.

Of the many problems we face today, some are natural calamities and must be accepted and faced with equanimity. Others, however, are of our own making, created by misunderstanding, and can be corrected. One such type arises from the conflict of ideologies, political or religious, when people fight each other for petty ends, losing sight of the basic humanity that binds us all together as a single human family. We must remember that the different religions, ideologies, and political systems of the world are meant for human beings to achieve happiness. We must not lose sight of this fundamental goal and at no time should we place means above ends; the supremacy of humanity over matter and ideology must always be maintained.

All this calls for a new approach to global problems. The world is becoming smaller and smaller - and more and more interdependent - as a result of rapid technological advances and international trade as well as increasing trans-national relations. We now depend very much on each other. In ancient times problems were mostly family-size, and they were naturally tackled at the family level, but the situation has changed. Today we are so interdependent, so closely interconnected with each other, that without a sense of universal responsibility, a feeling of universal brotherhood and sisterhood, and an understanding and belief that we really are part of one big human family, we cannot hope to overcome the dangers to our very existence - let alone bring about peace and happiness.

The principles discussed so far are in accordance with the ethical teachings of all world religions. I maintain that every major religion of the world - Buddhism, Christianity, Confucianism, Hinduism, Islam, Jainism, Judaism, Sikhism, Taoism, Zoroastrianism - has similar ideals of love, the same goal of benefiting humanity through spiritual practice, and the same effect of making their followers into better human beings.

I would like to conclude by stating that, in general, I feel optimistic about the future. Some recent trends portend our great potential for a better world. As late as the fifties and sixties, people believed that war was an inevitable condition of mankind. The Cold War, in particular, reinforced the notion that opposing political systems could only clash, not compete or even collaborate. Few now hold this view. Today, people all over the planet are genuinely concerned about world peace. They are far less interested in propounding ideology and far more committed to coexistence. These are very positive developments.

Another hopeful development is the growing compatibility between science and religion. Throughout the nineteenth century and for much of our own, people have been profoundly confused by the conflict between these apparently contradictory world views. Today, physics, biology and psychology have reached such sophisticated levels that many researchers are starting to ask the most profound questions about the ultimate nature of the universe and life, the same questions that are of prime interest to religions. Thus there is real potential for a more unified view. In particular, it seems that a new concept of mind and matter is emerging. The East has been more concerned with understanding the mind, the West with understanding matter. Now that the two have met, these spiritual and material views of life may become more harmonized.

And though I do not believe that the Earth itself is a sentient being, it does indeed act as our mother, and, like children, we are dependent upon her. Now Mother Nature is telling us to cooperate. In the face of such global problems as the greenhouse effect and the deterioration of the ozone layer, individual organizations and single nations are helpless. Unless we all work together, no solution will be found. Our mother is teaching us a lesson in universal responsibility. 


11. Barbara Marx Hubbard to speak this week at the Democratic National Convention. Barbara is the president of The Foundation for Conscious Evolution… Barbara is an evolutionary educator communicating the new worldview of conscious evolution.” This interview on feminist radio is quite revealing.

On the first anniversary of September 11, 2001, Barbara Marx Hubbard surfaced as a speaker at the “Quasquicentennial Lecture Series on the Future of Higher Education” at Texas A&M University. The college newspaper The Aggie Daily quoted Hubbard as stating that the world was at an “evolutionary crossroads” and that “we have equal power to destroy ourselves or create and transform ourselves into something greater.” The title of her lecture was “A New Evolution for the Future of Humanity: 9/11 a Wake-up Call for the Next Step in Human Development.” Hubbard was also quoted as saying, “This generation in the next 20 years will be a deciding factor in human evolution…. None of us know how to guide a planet through this; there are no experts.” She warned that “Humanity must realize that we are on the threshold of fulfilling our greatest aspirations but we must consciously take hold of that evolution or perish…. Higher Education may be the first step toward that next state on the path toward evolution rather than destruction.” (

We can see the sequence from Homo habilis, Homo erectus, Homo Neanderthal, Homo sapiens, to Homo sapiens sapiens. Why should it stop with us? Is it possible that a new species has been gestating in the womb of self-consciousness through the great avatars, mystics, and visionaries for thousands of years, and that now, due the crisis, this new human is being born in millions of us? Barbara Marx Hubbard, "A Vision for Humanity”

Self-described “futurist” and “conscious evolutionist” Barbara Marx Hubbard writes that in 1966 she heard an “inner voice” that came in response to a question she had asked aloud and directed to God—“What is our story? What in our age is comparable to the birth of Christ?” After asking the question she said she fell into a dreamlike state and was given an intense vision of the future... Since 1966, Hubbard has fulfilled her commission from “Christ” to tell his New Age/New Gospel story. From NASA to the former USSR to the United Nations, she has spoken to thousands of people and hundreds of groups and organizations about the “planetary birth experience” she had been shown in her vision.

Hubbard is a co-founding board member of the World Future Society... Today she is on a first name basis with many world leaders and proudly describes herself as part of the “New Order of the Future.”

Hubbard’s “Christ” describes how planet earth is at an evolutionary crossroads. He states that the world is about to make an evolutionary leap that will take all creation to a new level. Those who awaken to their own divinity, by aligning themselves as one with God and one with each other, will evolve.

Hubbards “Christ”... describes, therefore, the necessity of a “ selection process” that will select out resistant individuals who “choose” not to evolve.

(Her) “Christ” states that those who see themselves as “separate” and not “divine” hinder humanity’s ability to spiritually evolve. Those who deny their own “divinity” are like “cancer cells” in the body of God.

In this future described by Hubbard’s “Christ,” anyone who refuses to see themselves and others as “God” and “Christ” will be removed by the “selection process.”

Her character’s campaign embraces the slogan “Resolve to Evolve—The Only Solution is Our Evolution.” ( There are many good resources at this site.

More on Hubbard is at #12, 13, and 52. Also see the Common Thread.


12. EVOLVE At this time of rapid change in human society and global ecology there is a need for the connecting, coordinating, and integrating of individual and organizational initiatives working on behalf of balanced, ethical, and life-enhancing evolution for humanity and Earth.

This is the mission of EVOLVE: a Global Community Center for Conscious Evolution —to serve as a central resource hub for individuals and communities worldwide that are choosing to embrace and apply the emerging principles, tools and templates of cocreative self and social conscious evolution.

EVOLVE is being catalyzed by and is a program of the Foundation for Conscious Evolution (FCE). (


13. Conscious Evolution (additional notes) There are three new elements vital to conscious evolution…the 3 C’s, namely, the new Cosmology, the new Crises, and the new Capacities…Cosmology. We recognize now that the universe originated mysteriously through a singularity, an emergence, not fully understood, that it has been evolving for billions of years, and is still evolving now through us as well as throughout the entire cosmos…Crises. We are facing a set of complex and rapidly escalating crises in our world which could render the human species extinct…Capacities. These capacities reside in our advancing technologies, such as biotechnology, nuclear power, nanotechnology, cybernetics, artificial intelligence, space development, as well as new social technologies that offer us methods of greater cooperation, synergy, and evolutionary design through systems thinking and organizational application. The “noosphere,” a term used for the thinking layer of Earth by Teilhard de Chardin (De Chardin, 1955), is maturing rapidly as a “superorganism” combining our collective consciousness and capacities…If we learn ethical evolution, combining evolutionary consciousness, conscious evolution and evolutionary design capacities, as Eric Chaisson said, we stand at the beginning of “universal life,” a term of unknown, undefined potential…We draw our hope and our visions from the transformative power of the great 15 billion year tradition which is pulsing in our blood and bones. (

Self Evolution: Each of us is a unique part of the living planetary organism which is itself undergoing a shift from one phase of evolution to the next…Self-evolution, then, is the process of becoming a cocreator with the impulse of creation itself. The maturation of our species finds its expression in each of us unfolding the divine within. (

The universal human is a name for the next stage of human evolution. It may eventually become our name for the new species that is now emerging from within so many of us…This new type of human began to appear about 5000 years ago in Israel, India, Persia, Greece, China, the Middle East. We identify some of these humans as Isaiah, Buddha, Zoroaster, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Lao-tzu, Confucius, Jesus, Mohammed and others…people are leaving organized religion behind and experiencing the awakening of Spirit within themselves. They are listening to the voice of their Higher Self, the One Voice calling us all to grow in consciousness and to recreate our world. The Era of the Holy Spirit incarnating has begun…As we pass through our crises, as we successfully birth ourselves into a more universal humanity, we will emerge capable of co-evolving with nature and cocreating with Spirit. We will be able to solve our problems. We will be able to cocreate a new world. (

A CONTEXT FOR CONSCIOUS EVOLUTION: It has become obvious that a creative minority of humanity is undergoing a profound inner mutation or transformation. Evolutionary ideas are not only serving to make sense of this change, but also acting to catalyze the potential within us to transform…All great spiritual paths lead us to this threshold of our own consciousness…Jesus said, “These and even greater works shall you do”… This capability would be the fulfillment of the words of St. Paul: “Behold I show you a mystery…This would also be the emergence of what Alan Lithman calls, psyche materialis, and what the Bible calls, Adam of the quickening Spirit. [And so it was written: the first Adam was made a living soul; the last Adam was made a quickening spirit. (1 Cor. 15:45).]… Although we may never know what really happened, we do know that the story told in the Gospels is that Jesus’ resurrection was a first demonstration of what I call the post-human universal person. We are told that he did not die. He made his transition, released his animal body, and reappeared in a new body at the next level of physicality to tell all of us that we would do what he did. The new person that he became had continuity of consciousness with his life as Jesus of Nazareth, an earthly life in which he had become fully human and fully divine. Jesus' life stands as a model of the transition from Homo sapiens to Homo universalis. (

The “Conscious Evolution” cult is not a figment of the vivid imaginations of a few weirdoes. These people are almost all highly credentialed (i.e. Ph. D.’s from secular universities)

Conscious Evolution is a new social/scientific/spiritual meta-discipline. This worldview has progressed from Einstein's early admonitions that humankind cannot solve our problems from the same place of consciousness in which we created them, through noted scientists and philosophers such as Julian Huxley, Teilhard de Chardin, Sri Aurobindo, Abraham H. Maslow, Jonas Salk, to today's social scientists such as Bela H. Banathy, Hazel Henderson, Riane Eisler, Ervin Laszlo, Jean Houston, Duane Elgin, Edgar Mitchell, Ken Wilber, Peter Russell, Elisabet Sahtouris, Don Beck and many others who are building frameworks for practical application in health, governance, education, management, environment, science, the arts and media. (

The individuals (some are deceased) cited as contributing to the concept of Conscious Evolution are elaborated upon below in the order they are named in the previous paragraph.

Sir Julian Sorell Huxley An English evolutionary biologist, humanist and internationalist. He was a proponent of natural selection, and a leading figure in the mid-twentieth century evolutionary synthesis. (

He said, “Operationally, God is beginning to resemble not a ruler but the last fading smile of a cosmic Cheshire cat.” and “[I suppose the reason] we all jumped at the Origin [Origin of Species] was because the idea of God interfered with our sexual mores.” (

In 1946 Huxley was appointed as the first director of the UN Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization. From science he drew a philosophy, a system of ethics and a challenging theory of psychosocial evolution that involved eugenics, or selective human breeding, and culminated in “something in the nature of a religion.” This he called evolutionary humanism, a creed that placed its ultimate faith in human possibilities. The concept rejected revealed religion and belief in God for what the scientist termed religion in a broader sense, “the over-all relation between man and his destiny...his sense of what is sacred.” (New York times 2-16-75 pg. 1)

Huxley wrote: “...the world to-day is in process of becoming one, and since a major aim of Unesco must be to help in the speedy and satisfactory realisation of this process, that Unesco must pay special attention to international education...” UNESCO--Its Purpose and Its Philosophy pg. 30

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin In his posthumously published book, “ The Phenomenon of Man", Teilhard writes of the unfolding of the material cosmos, from primordial particles to the development of life, human beings and the noosphere, and finally to his vision of the Omega Point(a term to describe a maximum level of complexity and consciousness towards which the universe appears to be evolving) in the future, which is "pulling" all creation towards it. He was a leading proponent of orthogenesis, the idea that evolution occurs in a directional, goal driven way, argued in terms that today go under the banner of convergent evolution. Teilhard's life work was predicated on the conviction that human spiritual development is moved by the same universal laws as material development. He wrote, "...everything is the sum of the past" and "...nothing is comprehensible except through its history. 'Nature' is the equivalent of 'becoming', self-creation…   (

Teilard was a Jesuit priest who trained as a paleontologist and geologist and took part in the discovery of both Piltdown Man and Peking Man. Teilhard conceived the idea of the Omega Point (a maximum level of complexity and consciousness towards which he believed the universe was evolving.) and developed Vladimir Vernadsky 's concept of Noosphere. Noosphere is the third in a succession of phases of development of the Earth, after the geosphere (inanimate matter) and the biosphere (biological life). Just as the emergence of life fundamentally transformed the geosphere, the emergence of human cognition fundamentally transforms the biosphere. In contrast to the conceptions of the Gaia theorists, or the promoters of cyberspace, Vernadsky's noosphere emerges at the point where humankind, through the mastery of nuclear processes, begins to create resources through the transmutation of elements. It is also currently being researched as part of the Princeton Global Consciousness Project (GCP). It is also called the EGG Project which is a parapsychology experiment begun in 1998 as an attempt to detect possible interactions of "global consciousness" with physical systems. The GCP is privately funded through the Institute of Noetic Sciences and describes itself as an international collaboration of about 100 research scientists and engineers. (

Many (New Agers) regard the controversial priest, Teilhard de Chardin, as their spiritual father. His famous statement of faith was as follows: "(Evolution) is a general postulate to which all theories, all hypotheses, all systems must henceforward bow and which they must satisfy in order to be thinkable and true. Evolution is a light which illuminates all facts, a trajectory which all lines of thought must follow." Cited in "Nothing in Biology Makes Sense Except in the Light of Evolution: Theodosius Dobzhansky, 1900-1975," by Francisco Ayala, in Journal of Heredity (vol. 68, no. 3, 1977), p. 3. (

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin said, “I believe that the Messiah whom we await, whom we all without any doubt await, is the universal Christ; that is to say, the Christ of evolution” (Christianity and Evolution, p. 95)…He promoted the World Congress of Faiths and its syncretistic approach to religion as the path toward world peace and prosperity. He saw this movement as “indispensable for the future evolution of humankind” (Ursala King, Spirit of Fire, pp. 189, 190).

Sri Aurobindo (Aurobindo Ghose) The central theme of Sri Aurobindo's vision is the evolution of life into a "life divine". In his own words: " Man is a transitional being. He is not final. The step from man to superman is the next approaching achievement in the earth's evolution. It is inevitable because it is at once the intention of the inner spirit and the logic of Nature's process."  (

Abraham Harold Maslow An American psychologist. He is noted for his conceptualization of a "hierarchy of human needs", and is considered the founder of humanistic psychology. (

He said, “The existentialists (An existentialist believes that “a person should be forced to choose and be responsible without the help of laws, ethnic rules, or traditions.” along with many other groups are helping to teach us about the limits of verbal, analytic, conceptual rationality. They are part of the current call back to raw experience as prior to any concepts or abstractions. This amounts to what I believe to be a justified critique to the whole way of thinking of the western world in the 20th century, including orthodox positivistic science and philosophy, both of which badly need re-examination.” (

Maslow is a humanistic psychologist. Humanists do not believe that human beings are pushed and pulled by mechanical forces, either of stimuli and reinforcements (behaviorism) or of unconscious instinctual impulses (psychoanalysis). Humanists focus upon potentials. They believe that humans strive for an upper level of capabilities. Humans seek the frontiers of creativity, the highest reaches of consciousness and wisdom. This has been labeled "fully functioning person", "healthy personality", or as Maslow calls this level, "self-actualizing person."… Maslow states that educators should respond to the potential an individual has for growing into a self-actualizing person of his/her own kind. Ten points that educators should address are listed: 1. We should teach people to be authentic, to be aware of their inner selves and to hear their inner-feeling voices. 2. We should teach people to transcend their cultural conditioning and become world citizens. (

Jonas Salk An American medical researcherand virologist, best known for his discovery and development of the first safe and effective polio vaccine. He was “ convinced that humanists and artists have joined the scientists to achieve an understanding of man in all his physical, mental and spiritual complexity. Such interchanges might lead, he would hope, to a new and important school of thinkers he would designate as biophilosophers. (biophilosophy: the application of a "biological, evolutionary point of view to philosophical, cultural, social and psychological problems.). He said, “The past was dominated by death control; in the future, birth control will be more important. These changes we're observing are part of a natural order and to be expected from our capacity to adapt. It's much more important to cooperate and collaborate. We are the co-authors with nature of our destiny. His definition of a "bio-philosopher" is "Someone who draws upon the scriptures of nature, recognizing that we are the product of the process of evolution, and understands that we have become the process itself, through the emergence and evolution of our consciousness, our awareness, our capacity to imagine and anticipate the future, and to choose from among alternatives." (

“Conscious evolution will emerge from the evolutionary of consciousness and the consciousness of evolution.” (

Belaa Heinrich Banathy A linguist, systems scientistand a professor at San José State Universityand UC Berkeley…co-founder of the General Evolutionary Research Group (The General Evolution Research Group (GERG) began with a secret meeting in Budapest in 1984 of scientists from both sides of the Iron Curtain during a critical juncture in the Cold War. Spurred by the mounting threat to our species of rapid nuclear proliferation and overkill, the purpose was to see if it might be possible to use the chaos theory then coming into vogue to develop a new general theory of evolution that might serve as a road map for our species out of the mounting chaos of our times to the reassuring order of a better world. (


He authored Guided Evolution of Society: A Systems View (2000) ( Page 1: In the course of the evolutionary journey of our species, there have been three seminal events. The first happened some seven million years ago, when our humanoid ancestors entered on the evolutionary scene. Their journey toward the second crucial event lasted over six million years when - as the greatest event of our evolutionary history - homo sapiens sapiens, started the revolutionary process of cultural evolution. Today, we have arrived at the threshold of the third major event, `the revolution of conscious evolution,' when it becomes our responsibility to enter into the evolutionary design space and guide our own evolution. (

Closely connected to Banathy is “Evolutionary Guidance Media” (which is) is defined as "media designed both in content and context specifically for the purpose of guiding and/or facilitating the societal emergence of transpersonal consciousness – specifically planetary consciousness" (Klisanin, 2005). Planetary consciousness is “the knowing as well as the feeling of the vital interdependence and essential oneness of humankind, and the conscious adoption of the ethics and the ethos that this entails…Evolutionary guidance systems are systems designed such that human beings can take responsibility and control for their own evolutionary processes…The core values of evolutionary guidance media include "the promotion of values that support conscious evolution, planetary consciousness, transpersonal experiences, and superconscious learning. These include but are not limited to being-values, compassion, love, personal and social responsibility, creative altruism, peace and conflict resolution skills, gender and racial diversity." (

Riane Tennenhaus Eisler An Austrian born American scholar, writer, and social activist… has been described as a cultural historian and an evolutionary theorist… Her hypothesis about prehistory also relies strongly on sources such as the Gnostic Gospels… She and others using her partnership/domination conceptual framework have applied her analysis to fields ranging from politics and economics to religion, business, and education… a founding member of the General Evolution Research Group (see Banathy above)… a commissioner of the World Commission on Global Consciousness and Spirituality (The awakening of global consciousness is a new and monumental event in human evolution. (, along with the Dalai Lama… has received many honors, including the Humanist Pioneer Award… (In May 2009 Debate Dodger #10, Barbara Forrest, received the Humanist Pioneer Award from the American Humanist (read atheist) Association (

Ervin Laszlo A Hungarian philosopher of science, systems theorist, integral theorist, and classical pianist. He has published about 75 books and over 400 papers, and is editor of World Futures: The Journal of General Evolution….co-founder with Bela H. Banathy, Riane Eisler, John Corliss, Francisco Varela, Vilmos Csanyi, Gyorgy Kampis, David Loye, Jonathan Schull, and Eric Chaisson of the initially secret General Evolutionary Research Group (see Banathy above)… His 2004 book, Science and the Akashic Field: An Integral Theory of Everything posits a field of information as the substance of the cosmos. Using the Sanskritand Vedicterm for " space", Akasha, he calls this information field the "Akashic field" or "A-field". He posits that the "quantum vacuum" (see Vacuum state) is the fundamental energy and information-carrying field that informs not just the current universe, but all universes past and present (collectively, the " Metaverse"). Laszlo describes how such an informational field can explain why our universe appears to be fine-tuned as to form galaxies and conscious life forms; and why evolution is an informed, not random, process…in his book You Can Change the World that there is global choice for coming world crisis. One that can come in the form of a global breakdown centered on increasing fragmentation of economic inequality and a new arms race from rising powers. The other choice would be a global breakthrough led by international organizations. (

Jean Houston A leading figure in the cross-cultural study of New Thought spirituality and ritual processes. A prolific author of books, her PBS Special A Passion for the Possible has been widely viewed. uston was perhaps formerly best known for her involvement with renowned cultural anthropologist Margaret Mead…(Besides Pierre Teilhard de Chardin) She was deeply influenced by the work of Joseph Campbell (Campbell believed the religionsof the world to be the various, culturally influenced “masks” of the same fundamental, transcendent truths. All religions, including Christianityand Buddhism, can bring one to an elevated awareness …)…With her spouse Dr. Robert Masters, Dr. Houston founded the Foundation for Mind Research. She is also the founder and chief teacher of the Mystery School, a program for the cross-cultural study of spirituality and ritual processes. (

Duane Elgin An American author, speaker, educator, consultant, and media activist…He has an MBA from the Wharton Schoolof the University of Pennsylvania, an MA in economic history from the University of Pennsylvania, and an honorary Doctor of Philosophy for work in ecological and spiritual transformation from the California Institute of Integral Studies, San Francisco, CA. (

Edgar Dean Mitchell An Americanpilot, engineer, and astronaut. As the lunar module pilot of Apollo 14, he spent nine hours working on the lunar surface in the Fra Mauro Highlands region, making him the sixth person to walk on the Moon….Mitchell's interests include consciousness and paranormalphenomena. During the Apollo 14 flight he conducted private ESPexperiments with his friends on Earth. In early 1973, he founded the nonprofit Institute of Noetic Sciences(IONS) (see below) to conduct and sponsor research into areas that mainstream science has found unproductive, including consciousnessresearch and psychic events…Mitchell has publicly expressed his opinions that he is "90 percent sure that many of the thousands of unidentified flying objects, or UFOs, recorded since the 1940s, belong to visitors from other planets"…Mitchell is one of the initial supporters of the Campaign for the Establishment of a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly - which would be a first step towards a "world parliament."  (

Kenneth Earl Wilber II An American New Age writer who has written about adult development, developmental psychology, philosophy, world centrism, ecology, and Stages of Faith. His work formulates what he calls Integral Theory (A worldview that seeks a comprehensive understanding of humans and the universe by combining psychological, social, and/or spiritualinsights in a single framework.)… One of Wilber's main interests is in mapping what he calls the "neo-perennial philosophy", an integration of some of the views of mysticism typified by Aldous Huxley's The Perennial Philosophy (see below) with an account of cosmic evolution akin to that of the Indian philosopher Sri Aurobindo (The central theme of Sri Aurobindo's vision is the evolution of life into a "life divine". In his own words: "Man is a transitional being. He is not final. The step from man to superman is the next approaching achievement in the earth's evolution. It is inevitable because it is at once the intention of the inner spirit and the logic of Nature's process".). (

He wrote Sex, Ecology, Spirituality: The Spirit of Evolution. His philosophy has been influenced by Madhyamaka Buddhism, particularly as articulated in the philosophy of Nagarjuna. Wilber has practiced various forms of Buddhist meditation. (

Bill Clinton, Al Gore, Deepak Chopra have credited him with influencing them.

From a former devotee: Wilber taught that Nothing is 100% right or wrong, they merely vary in their degree of incompleteness and dysfunction. No one or nothing is 100% good or evil, they just vary in their degree of ignorance and disconnection. and Leaps in evolution usually occur in a manner of “transcending and including,” not by wiping out what came before. Wilber founded the Integral Institute (endorsed by Al Gore) to in order to influence academia and governmental policy. Alarmingly, Wilber “refused to distance themselves or repudiate some evil men with whom he had aligned. They were spiritual leaders Rabbi Marc Gafni a child molester, Adi Da who sexually abused female followers, and Andrew Cohen who physically and emotionally abused his followers”. (

Peter Russell A British author of ten books and producer of three films on consciousness, spiritual awakening and their role in the future development of humanity. He has designed and taught personal development programs for businesses, and been a popular public speaker…he gained a First Class Honoursin Theoretical Physics and Experimental Psychology. He then went to Rishikesh, India, where he trained as a teacher of Transcendental Meditation under Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. In 1971, he gained a post-graduate degree in Computer Science. From 1971to 1974, he studied for a Ph.D. on the psychophysiology of meditation at Bristol University…In The Global Brain Awakens (1995), an update of The Global Brain (1983), Russell's most popular book, he opens with part one on the Gaia Hypothesis. In part two, he discusses orders of evolution going from the evolution of the early universe during the Big Bang, through biological evolution, and finishing with "the emerging social superorganism." In part three, he discusses "inner evolution" and the "high- synergy society"… The White Hole in Time also took an evolutionary perspective on human affairs, arguing that the current global crisis is a result of our mental development not having kept up with our technological development. He suggested that we are heading towards an evolutionary singularity, which he equated with Teilhard de Chardin's Omega Point (A maximum level of complexity and consciousness towards which the universe appears to be evolving.).

In “From Science to God”, Russell evokes Thomas Kuhn's paradigm shift to argue that science is on the threshold of a new superparadigm (Thomas Kuhn coined the term "paradigm" to refer to the beliefs and assumptions underlying a particular science. But beneath all our scientific paradigms lies an even deeper and more pervasive assumption: the belief in the primacy of the material universe. When we fully understand the world of space-time-matter-energy, we will, it is believed, be able to account for everything in the cosmos. Being the paradigm behind nearly all our scientific paradigms, this worldview has the status of a "superparadigm". As we begin to explore what Ken Wilber calls "the more tender end of the spectrum" we find systems that take a more spiritual stance. In trying to pin down consciousness, science may find it has embarked upon a course that will ultimately lead it to embrace spirit and -- dare we say it -- God. To the scientific establishment, rooted in the physicalist worldview, this is anathema (but so was the notion of the solar system four hundred years ago. (

Elisabet Sahtouris A Greek-American evolutionary biologist, futurist, business consultant, event organizer and UN consultant on indigenous peoples…author of EarthDance, (Special thanks to Jim Lovelock and Lynn Margulis for the original inspiration to write this book …To ensure that my vision of evolution and history would stay simple and in clear focus, I kept telling its essence and more than a few of its particulars in something of the style of an ancient storyteller during many social evenings among my Greek village friends. I also wrote the story for children before I set about an adult version… There is no doubt that we humans continue creating the chaos of ongoing disaster and denial. She has been invited to China by the Chinese National Science Association, organized Earth Celebration 2000 in Athens, Greece, and has been a United Nations consultant on indigenous peoples…. appears in the feature documentary film about the Dalai Lama, entitled Dalai Lama Renaissance. (

Don Beck An American management consultant and co-author (with Chris Cowan-- co-founded the National Values Center) of the book Spiral Dynamics…. Beck has elaborated upon the work of his mentor, Clare Graves, to develop a multidimensional model for understanding the transformation of human values and cultures…

Clare Graves said, “ The Level of Human Existence (Theory) is a concept that says that the psychosocial development of the human being is an unfolding or emergent process marked by the progressive subordination of older behavioral systems to newer, higher order behavioral systems… Man, at the threshold of the seventh level, where so many dissenters stand today, is at the threshold of his human being. He is, now, for the first time in his existence truly becoming a human being. He is no longer just another of nature's species… Once man comes to the seventh level of existential emergence he will be driven by the winds of knowledge and human, not Godly, faith and the surging waves of confidence on to the H-U and still higher levels of existence.” (

Beck built upon what he learned from Graves to develop “Spiral Dynamics”: While Graves supplied the original blueprint, he cautioned me on numerous occasions to continue the research, to branch out far beyond what he could imagine, and pursue ‘the never-ending quest’,” says Beck. “SDi is based on a belief in the Invisible Spiral, the Prime Directive that works in human nature to continue our quest toward greater complexity”…

Ken Wilber (see above) is a close comrade of Beck’s: In 1999 Beck formed a deep and rich MeshWorks with author/philosopher Ken Wilber, whose work he had been following since l978. “In The Collected Works of Ken Wilber, a massive set of books to say the least, one engages the mind of someone like Professor Graves who searched over long periods of time, and often as a lone pathfinder, to discover and reveal the mechanisms and stages that have characterized our long, evolutionary ascent from an animal-like existence”…
See #105.

Spiral Dynamics reveals the hidden complexity codes that shape human nature, create global diversities, and drive evolutionary change… Spiral Dynamics meshes the new science of memetics with Gravesian value systems to form “value memes” or “vMemes” to craft a model of transformational change… MICRO applications of Spiral Dynamics are found around the world in a variety of developmental, counseling and coaching projects. For example, leaders in a growing number of local, national and international youth development projects are currently using Spiral Dynamics Integral concepts. MESO applications of Spiral Dynamics look through a wider lens between and among groups of people in large corporations, within local communities, and even as distinctive cultures in city-states and entire countries. As our world is now moving into the next stage of cultural pluralism and diversity programs, Spiral Dynamics offers a point of view that looks at the evolutionary dynamic of the deep underlying values systems. MACROapplications of Spiral Dynamics re-examine the whole globalization issue through an entirely new lens. The focus is on the underlying vMeme currents and contours of the diverse, competing economic, political, health care, education, religious, and community-based models… It also demonstrates why simplistic, fragmented approaches to international and domestic terrorism, crime and drug-related problems, education, economic and social development – the list is endless – and the complexity of challenges in the Middle East and other hot spots around the globe will continue to confound us unless we integrate, align and synergize the efforts of all these stakeholders.

One example of “Spiral Dynamics in Action” is The Center for Human Emergence (which) will be a major international force for encouraging and facilitating a conscious or "directed" cultural evolution in the world. It will operate on a number of levels, including understanding - in a far more comprehensive way than in the past - the cultural underpinnings that drive human behavior, and will be focused on unification rather than fragmentation, presuming that cooperation is more in line with the future we need than competition. CHE will thus find innovative solutions for some of the most complex problems facing the world today, encouraging the development of new tools for making sense of the change that surrounds us, as well as actively helping humanity to embrace new values and perspectives that could provide the framework for significant change… The Center for Human Emergence will be a major international force for encouraging and facilitating a conscious or "directed" cultural evolution in the world. It will operate on a number of levels, including understanding - in a far more comprehensive way than in the past - the cultural underpinnings that drive human behavior, and will be focused on unification rather than fragmentation, presuming that cooperation is more in line with the future we need than competition. CHE will thus find innovative solutions for some of the most complex problems facing the world today, encouraging the development of new toolsformaking sense of the change that surrounds us, as well as actively helping humanity to embrace new values and perspectives that could provide the framework for significant change… The Center for Human Emergence will comprise a collection of functions – some of which represent profound breakthroughs in human knowledge and capability – which will, in concert, represent a potential watershed for our species. CHE will, as global cartographers, generate electronic maps designed to monitor the deepest level waves of chaos and order, change and stability, and progress and regression within our collective selves. CHE will be unique in that it will focus on the deeper codes that lie beneath our worldviews, belief systems, and behavior patterns.. Centers : Copenhagen and USA. (


14. Aldous Huxley A humanist (read atheist) and pacifist, and he was latterly interested in spiritual subjects such as parapsychology(A discipline that seeks to investigate the existence and causes of psychic abilities and life after death using the scientific method.) and philosophical mysticism(The pursuit of communionwith, identity with, or conscious awarenessof an ultimate reality, divinity, spiritual truth, or Godthrough direct experience, intuition, instinct or insight.). He is also well known for advocating and taking psychedelics (A psychoactive drug whose primary action is to alter the cognition and perceptionof the mind.)was considered, in some academic circles, a leader of modern thought and an intellectual of the highest rank…the grandson of Thomas Henry Huxley,the zoologist, agnostic and controversialist "Darwin's Bulldog"). His brother Julian Huxley… Heard introduced Huxley to Vedanta(Veda-Centric Hinduism), meditation, and vegetarianismthrough the principle of ahimsa. In 1938 Huxley befriended J. Krishnamurti, whose teachings he greatly admired. He also became a Vedantist in the circle of Hindu Swami Prabhavananda, and introduced Christopher Isherwood to this circle. Not long after, Huxley wrote his book on widely held spiritual values and ideas, The Perennial Philosophy *, which discussed the teachings of renowned mystics of the world. (

*Perennial philosophy is: "The metaphysic that recognizes a divine Reality substantial to the world of things and lives and minds; the psychology that finds in the soul something similar to, or even identical with, divine Reality; the ethic that places man's final end in the knowledge of the immanentand transcendent Ground of all being; the thing is immemorial and universal. Rudiments of the perennial philosophy may be found among the traditional lore of primitive peoples in very region of the world, and in its fully developed forms it has a place in every one of the higher religions" (If the reader desires an interesting explanation of New Age theology I suggest clicking on the hot links found in this paragraph at


15. Seven Levels of Consciousness A far-reaching subtle PAN-EVO methodology of the Barrett Values Centre. Richard Barrett wrote the “ Origins of the Seven Levels of Consciousness Model”. In “ Liberating the Corporate Soul”, I proposed that Maslow’s categories of needs represent states of consciousness and that the state of consciousness that Maslow labeled self-actualisation could be expanded to include four distinct stages in the development of soul consciousness or spiritual awareness – transformation, internal cohesion, inclusion of others, and unity….Thus, I was able to identify seven states or levels of consciousness that together explain the motivating forces of all human interactions.

From a psychological perspective, the first three stages in the development of human consciousness represent stages in the emergence and development of the human ego, and the last three stages represent stages in the emergence and development (or unfolding) of the human soul. Between the last stage in the development of the human ego and the first stage in the development of the human soul lies the fourth stage in the development of human consciousness (transformation).

As long as the ego’s needs remain unsatisfied it cannot fully align with the motivations of the soul. The ego must release its fears before it can become one with the soul. The energy field that is created by our fears is not compatible with the energy field of the soul.

Richard Barrett is the Founder and Chairman of Barrett Values Centre. He is an internationally recognized author, consultant and keynote speaker on values- based leadership. Barrett works with CEOs and senior executives in North
and South America, Europe, Australia, and Asia…He is the creator of the internationally recognized Cultural Transformation Tools (CTT)*, which have been used to support more than 1000 organizations in 42 countries in their transformational journeys. Barrett is the author of A Guide to Liberating Your Soul (1995)…He is a Fellow of the World Business Academy, and Former Values Coordinator at the World Bank.

In a speech Barrett is evasive about his worlview, but three of his comments stand out: 1. “At a very basic level, history shows us that the most successful species on the planet have been those that have been able to continuously adapt to their changing environment. 2. “Finding your soul purpose, and living it out, is the greatest gift you can give yourself.” 3. “Once I committed to being an Architect of Global Transformation, all manner of unforeseen circumstances and unplanned meetings have moved me forward.” ( He closed his speech with a quote from Kahlil Gibran who wrote a book (The Prophet) which “ became especially popular during the 1960s with the American counterculture and New Age movements… (

Barrett set up the Spiritual Unfoldment Society at the World Bank. The first purpose of that group is “promoting personal transformation through self knowledge and understanding, and awakening higher consciousness.” When the membership reached nearly 400 they “instituted monthly meditation sessions, created special-interest groups, held two retreats and published two newsletters” and held a conference attended by people from over twenty nations. (

*The Tools support the transformation of corporations, non-profits, NGO's, government institutions, schools, communities and nations… The Tools are based on the application of the Seven Levels on Consciousness, a model with roots in an expanded version of Abraham Maslow's hierarchy. The underlying principle is that individuals evolve through levels of consciousness and evolutionary growth can be supported through awareness, intention and coaching. Since organizations are the sum total of the individuals that comprise them, they too evolve. The evolutionary growth of organizations can be supported through leadership awareness, intention and actions. (

In researching the “Seven Levels of Consciousness” I came across one website on Shaman (a person who acts as intermediary between the natural and supernatural worlds--see #36.) and Hindu seven levels of consciousness, but the most disturbing was During my research for this paper I felt tremendous spiritual warfare raging around me and think that Satan did not want me to proceed. I have no doubt that Jesus Christ blocked the attacks. When I got to this particular site, near the end of my research, I saw what is probably a satanic inspired website. It has many biblical references. Honestly, I got the essence of the site and quickly closed it down. (Karl)


16. Akashic records (akasha is a Sanskritword meaning " sky", " space" or " aether") a term used in theosophy(and Anthroposophy) to describe a compendium of mysticalknowledge encoded in a non-physical plane of existence. These records are described to contain all knowledgeof human experience and the history of the cosmos. (


17. Theosophy is a doctrine of religiousphilosophy and metaphysics. Theosophy holds that all religionsare attempts by the " Spiritual Hierarchy" to help humanity in evolving to greater perfection, and that each religion therefore has a portion of the truth. (

By the late 1800s many occult members believed that the best way to bring their satanic teachings to large masses of people was to come in through the Christian churches. The 1904 annual report of the Theosophical Society stated: “I believe it is through the Churches and not through the Theosophical Society that Theosophy [the worship of Lucifer]... must and should come to large bodies of people in the West.” (Transactions of the Theosophical Society, H. P. Blavatsky, Annie Besant, 1904, p. 377). And then just eight years later the 1912 report of the Theosophical Society stated: “Our Lodges continue their propaganda work.... talking on the principles we are trying to put forward, preaching and other activities in connection with the Christian Churches and other organizations....” (Theosophist Magazine, Annie Besant, 1912, p. 88). A nineteenth century occult mystic who worked on the corrupt bible revision committee of 1881, Fenton Hort of Dublin, wrote, “At present very many orthodox but rational men are being unawares acted upon by influences which will assuredly bear good fruit in due time, if the process is allowed to go on quietly;” (Life and letters of Fenton John Anthony Hort, Vol. 1, 1896, p. 400). The “influences” that Hort was referring to were the occult influences in the church via corrupt bible versions… (

One of the central philosophical tenets promoted by the Society was the complex doctrine of The Intelligent Evolution of All Existence, occurring on a Cosmic scale, incorporating both the physical and non-physical aspects of the known and unknown Universe, and affecting all of its constituent parts regardless of apparent size or importance. The theory was originally promulgated in the Secret Doctrine, the 1888 magnum opus of Helena Blavatsky. According to this view, Humanity's evolution on Earth (and beyond) is part of the overall Cosmic evolution. It is overseen by a hidden Spiritual Hierarchy, the so-called Masters of the Ancient Wisdom, whose upper echelons consist of advanced spiritual beings.

Blavatsky portrayed the Theosophical Society as being part of one of many attempts throughout the millennia by this hidden Hierarchy to guide humanity – in concert with the overall Intelligent Cosmic Evolutionary scheme – towards its ultimate, immutable evolutionary objective: the attainment of perfection and the conscious, willing participation in the evolutionary process. These attempts require an earthly infrastructure (such as the Theosophical Society) which she held was ultimately under the inspiration of a number of Mahatmas, members of the Hierarchy. (


18. Earth Day The Smithsonian's National Museum of the American Indian held a 'Mother Earth' Event for Climate Change on July 6, 2007 in conjunction with the Live Earth Project.

Earth Charter We stand at a critical moment in Earth's history, a time when humanity must choose its future. As the world becomes increasingly interdependent and fragile, the future at once holds great peril and great promise. To move forward we must recognize that in the midst of a magnificent diversity of cultures and life forms we are one human family and one Earth community with a common destiny. We must join together to bring forth a sustainable global society founded on respect for nature, universal human rights, economic justice, and a culture of peace…Humanity is part of a vast evolving universe. Earth, our home, is alive with a unique community of life. The forces of nature make existence a demanding and uncertain adventure, but Earth has provided the conditions essential to life's evolution…The emergence of a global civil society is creating new opportunities to build a democratic and humane world. Our environmental, economic, political, social, and spiritual challenges are interconnected, and together we can forge inclusive solutions. We urgently need a shared vision of basic values to provide an ethical foundation for the emerging world community…Promote the equitable distribution of wealth within nations and among nations…Recognize the importance of moral and spiritual education for sustainable living…In order to build a sustainable global community, the nations of the world must renew their commitment to the United Nations, fulfill their obligations under existing international agreements, and support the implementation of Earth Charter principles with an international legally binding instrument on environment and development.  (

Earthdance ( 2010 will be the advent of the 8 Days of Peace. The 8 days of Peace starts on September 18 and ends on September 25 enfolding the International Day of Peace (Sept 21) in 2 global Prayer for Peace moments. The Global Focus for 2010 is: Embracing All Traditions. ( Using the power of coherent consciousness to co-create the peaceful, sustainable civilization we envision. Each day the Earthdance Peace Watch sets two times for our shared peace meditation, indicated by the violet dot. It automatically adjusts for time zones so everyone around the world is meditating at the same time. (

Closely connected to this category is the religion of the American Indians. See #35.

See #2, #8, #29, 52.


19. New Age (also known as the New Age Movement, New Age spirituality, and Cosmic Humanism,) is a decentralized Western social and spiritual movement that seeks " Universal Truth" and the attainment of the highest individual human potential. It includes aspects of cosmology, astrology, esotericism, metaphysics, alternative medicine, music, collectivism, sustainability, and nature. New Age spirituality is characterized by an individual approach to spiritual practices and philosophies, and the rejection of religious doctrineand dogma.

The New Age Movement includes elements of older spiritual and religious traditions ranging from atheismand monotheism through classicalpantheism, naturalistic pantheism, and panentheismto polytheism (see Addendum # 27) combined with scienceand Gaia philosophy: particularly archaeoastronomy, astronomy, ecology, environmentalism, the Gaia hypothesis, psychology, and physics. New Age practices and philosophies sometimes draw inspiration from major world religions: Buddhism, Chinese folk religion, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism; with particularly strong influences from East Asian religions, Gnosticism, Neopaganism, New Thought, Spiritualism, Theosophy, Universalism, and Western esotericism. Additional terms for the movement include “ All is One” and “ Mind-Body-Spirit.” (

A latter Wiki definition is:

The New Age movement is a Western spiritual movement that developed in the second half of the 20th century. Its central precepts have been described as "drawing on both Eastern and Western spiritual and metaphysical traditions and then infusing them with influences from self-help and motivational psychology, holistic health, parapsychology, consciousness research and quantum physics". It aims to create "a spirituality without borders or confining dogmas" that is inclusive and pluralistic. Another of its primary traits is holding to "a holistic worldview," thereby emphasising that the Mind, Body and Spirit are interrelated[1] and that there is a form of Monism and unity throughout the universe. It further attempts to create "a worldview that includes both science and spirituality" and thereby embraces a number of forms of science and pseudoscience.

The New Age movement includes elements of older spiritual and religious traditions ranging from atheism and monotheism through classical pantheism, naturalistic pantheism, and panentheism to polytheism combined with science and Gaia philosophy; particularly archaeoastronomy, astronomy, ecology, environmentalism, the Gaia hypothesis, psychology, and physics. New Age practices and philosophies sometimes draw inspiration from major world religions: Buddhism, Taoism, Chinese folk religion, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Sikhism; with strong influences from East Asian religions, Gnosticism, Neopaganism, New Thought, Spiritualism, Theosophy, Universalism, and Western esotericism. The term New Age refers to the coming astrological Age of Aquarius. (

The ethnic religions of the east (Hinduism, Taoism, Buddhism, Confucianism, etc.), which in large measure continue the polytheistic pantheism of the ancient pagan religions, have long espoused evolutionary views of the universe and its living things, and so merge naturally and easily into the evolutionary framework of the New Age philosophy. (

Are the Clinton’s (particularly Hillary) involved in New Ageism? One article claims that to be so. See and #52.

A book, New Age Tower of Babel by David Cloud, examines the explosive growth of New Age philosophy in education, health care, politics and government, business, and the military. It shows how the New Age has been spread through rock & roll and Hollywood. It takes a close look at popular New Age doctrines and practices such as Ayurveda, Reiki, yoga, homeopathy, reflexology, iridology, acupuncture, naturopathy, chiropractic, rolfing, applied kinesiology, channeling, positive thinking and positive confession, guided imagery, visualization, mantras, hypnotism, reincarnation, UFOs, global transformation, and community building. It reveals that the New Age has gained a stronghold in churches through such things as ecumenicalism, interfaith dialogue, the contemplative movement, Norman Vince Peale-Robert Schuller positive thinking, and the human potential market. It documents the infiltration of the New Age into evangelical Christianity.


New Age thought. It is also called Human Potential, New Spirituality, Self Spirituality, Self Empowerment, Alternative Spirituality, and Global Transformation. The New Age philosophy has permeated the self-help, personal transformation field; it has leavened education and reached deeply into business, health care, psychological counseling, drug and alcohol rehabilitation, politics, government, sports, even the military.

At its essence, the New Age is a bold rejection of the Bible’s doctrine that God is the Almighty thrice-holy Creator, that man is a sinner estranged from God, that salvation is only through the cross-work of God’s Son Jesus Christ, and that heaven or hell is man’s eternal destiny, depending upon what he does with Jesus Christ in this life.

The New Age says that sin is not real, that man is not separated from God, that, in fact, man is God, and there is therefore no need for guilt or fear. Man can tap into his Higher Self and create his own reality and enjoy life to the fullest, and death is simply a transfer to a higher realm.

At its heart is the devil’s age-old lie, “ye shall be as gods” (Gen. 3:5).

“Beware! The New Age Movement Is More Than Self-Indulgent Silliness” is an in-depth article (

A quick reference source is “The New Age Movement: What Christians Should Know” (

The New Age Movement…is fundamentally a mindset, a way of viewing reality that has implications for all of life…
(S)ynopsis of some relevant new age religious views:
1. God–an impersonal, all-pervading energy.
2. Man–inwardly good and divine.
3. Salvation–the attainment of “higher” consciousness or realization of one’s own inward divinity through the practice of New Age techniques, such as altered states of conscious­ness and meditation.


  1. The New Age Movement is a spiritual and sociological phenomenon in our country. Its beliefs and practices are establishing themselves in many areas of our culture.
  2. It can be demonstrated that there are many educators and curriculum developers who are either personally involved in the New Age perspective or have accepted the prac­tices, techniques and theories without knowledge of their source.
  3. It can be demonstrated that the adoption of New Age/occultic ideology and practices is not just sporadic and random, but that there is an underlying philosophical current in place, ready to produce a flood of these curricula into the public schools across America.
  4. It has been our experience that these beliefs tend to enter through counseling; self-esteem, stress reduction, health and gifted programs; creative writing classes; some global education courses; and some literature curricula.
  5. The usual form these programs take is in deep breathing relaxation or progressive relax­ation exercises, guided imagery, and visualization. These are sometimes associated with inappropriate and ineffective value-free, values-clarification or affective learning pro­grams.
  6. The techniques and the presuppositions on which such programs are based are intrinsic to Eastern and other mystical religious traditions and practices (such as Hinduism and meditation). Further, they are frequently synonymous with the techniques of hypnosis and trance induction. Unfortunately, often these techniques are purposely disguised to project a secular appearance.
  7. Religious practice in the schools constitutes a violation of the establishment clause of the first amendment since public schools cannot promote the practice or ideology of religion.
    Public Schools: The Sorcerer’s New Apprentice

God’s of the New Age (video)

Be sure to see the Yoga part at 48:40 in the video!  Be sure to watch all the way into Part II.  56:20, 1:16:50, and 1:21 are about getting the kids!!!  1:03:45 and 1:08 show how they use "exercise" to get their religion accepted.  1:20:50 shows how Christianity has been infected. 1:04:50 and 1:32 are about One World Government.  1:37 is about the End Times One World Religion. (

Then see my April 2008 articles “Yoga Should be left out of Schools” and “Religion Established in Public Schools”.

An excellent resource: From the New Age to Amazing Grace

Closely connected to this category is the religion of the American Indians. See #35.

Handy resources on the New Age Movement

The New Age Movement (Pantheism and Monism)

Christian Answers for the New Age


20. Stealth Tactics A good example of how PAN-EVO concepts get into the public schools is described in “Religion Rules Kanawha County Schools”. Also, a news item from December 8, 2009 provides another excellent example. As public schools continue to use “new” programs to fool the public into thinking the public school problems will be solved, a recent gimmick proposed by a principal (who may not even realize what is happening) is the use of devout Mormon “Stephen R. Covey's "Seven Habits of Highly Effective People" in the schools' curriculum”. Habit 7, the one that undergirds the first six, is “the process of learning, evolving and building on the habits that we've mastered; It's self-improvement and self growth in all areas of our lives. This habit sees us applying learning and growth over 4 main areas: physical, social/emotional, mental, and spiritual which is “value clarification and commitment, study, and meditation). Bold is mine (Karl). Also see "Readin’, ‘Ritin’ ‘Rithmetic, and Religion." (Scroll down to findon that page.)

Snips fronm an article about the religious bases of Covey’s “7 Habits”:

The 7 Habits for Highly Effective People (SH) and its various spin off books and programs, such as The 7 Habits For Highly Effective Families (SF). Covey's organization, the Franklin Covey Company, claims to have over 19,000 licensed client facilitators teaching its curriculum to over 750,000 participants annually. These include eighty - two of the Fortune 100 companies, thousands of small and midsize companies, government entities, educational institutions, communities, families, and millions of individual consumers.

His book, The Divine Center is about centering one's life in the god of Mormonism and reads like a LDS primer. In fact, it seems to be the basis for SH as many of the ideas Covey wrote in it in 1982 are included and built upon in the SH, published in 1989.

7 Habits is the author's way of conveying ideas previously presented in DC to a non-LDS audience. He advises fellow Mormons, "...we shouldn't hesitate to work within the vocabularies of others to communicate our meanings...we can teach and testify of many gospel principles if we are careful in selecting words which carry our meaning but come from their experience and frame of mind" (DC p. 240). This blurring of distinctions is a common tactic used by LDS in dialoguing with non-Mormons, particularly Christians.

In SH Covey claims these are universal principles, not "unique to any specific faith or religion, including my own. These principles are a part of most every major enduring religion as well as social philosophies and ethical systems" (p. 34). "The more closely our maps or paradigms are aligned with these principles or natural laws, the more accurate and functional they will be" (p.35).

Yet, in DC Covey reveals that the only true and correct map is found in the LDS Church and that God appeared to Joseph Smith and rejected all existing maps (p. 16).

Covey finds renewal in meditating on the Scriptures (p. 292) and in SF declares the benefit of daily reading of scriptures and other "'wisdom literature" which he states, "could be anything that connects you with timeless principles" (p. 301). Examples of "wisdom literature" are the Bible, the Koran, the Talmud, Native American Wisdom, the Bhagavad-Gita, As A Man Thinketh, Walden, The Book of Virtues or Chicken Soup for the Soul" (ibid.). Missing are references to any Mormon works. Yet, in DC he identifies the most powerful scriptures in his life as the Gospel of John, the Epistles of Paul and Peter, and two LDS standard works, the Book of Mormon and Doctrine and Covenants (p.298).

A part from its Mormon roots, Covey's products and programs are problematic for the Christian due to Covey's promotion of New Age teachers and practices. Covey is well versed in the New Age teachings and practices of its adherents because he often runs in the same circles as they, appearing on panels and at seminars. This is especially evident in his inclusion in the overtly New Age compendium, Handbook for the Soul.

Both SH and SF have a number of quotes or references to New Age proponents and books. These include Marilyn Ferguson (The Aquarian Conspiracy), M. Scott Peck (The Road Less Traveled), Marianne Williamson (A Return to Love), John Gray (Men Are From Mars Women Are From Venus), Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen (Chicken Soup for the Soul) and Oprah Winfrey. Among the New Age practices referred to are visualization and affirmation, subliminal programming, neurolinguistic programming and "new forms of relaxation and self-talk processes."

The new age practice of visualization is prominent in Covey's books and training materials. These meditation/self hypnosis techniques, according to Covey, involve getting the mind in a relaxed state through deep breathing and progressive muscle relaxation for the purpose of reprogramming or rescripting oneself (SH p. 133), are forms of programming (p. 135) and are powerful in that "if you visualize the wrong thing you will produce the wrong thing" (p. 134).

In addition, he not only quotes new age leader Marilyn Ferguson (p. 60) but also refers to her New Age primer, The Aquarian Conspiracy, as a "landmark book" (SF p. 125) and in quoting Marianne Williamson he invokes the basic tenet of the New Age that all are God and God is all, or in all. "Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure...We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It is not just in some of us it's in everyone" (SF p. 348).

Covey has also referred to the laws of nature as "what Carl Jung called the unconscious, the collective unconscious, that pervades all humanity regardless of their upbringing, their religion, their cultural heritage, their scripting, whatever it is" (Anthony Robbins' Personal Power II, Vol. 12, track 7). Based upon this, Covey puts forth the idea that a group that attains "synergy" - the proper exchange of information and ideas - and comes to proper understanding, will, individually and separately, come to a collective agreement on their mission statement or principles. New Agers refer to a similar concept in their belief in the "100th Monkey Syndrome."

Some will say this book should simply be read for the good it contains and let's not throw the baby out with the bath water. Unfortunately this approach does not respond to the problematic conflicts the author and his books have with biblical doctrine. As a faithful adherent to Mormonism the author's beliefs and teachings are diametrically opposed to those of the Christian. He is a member of an organization that not only presents itself as Christian but, intentionally blurs or covers up the distinctions between it and true, Biblical Christianity. As his programs and writings grow in popularity, they make Mormonism and New Age beliefs more acceptable and appealing. (

See WV news items for 12-8-2009, 3-22-2010, 5-12-2011, and 8-16 2013.
See “ Readin’, ‘Ritin’, ‘Rithmetic, and Religion” (scroll down on that page).

Another example of the public school stealth thread is the book Morality, Ethics, and Gifted Minds Ambrose, Don; Cross, Tracy (Eds.)2009

Chapter 22 is by Kay L. Gibson of Wichita State University and Marjorie Landwehr-Brown of the Douglass Public Schools.

Abstract snips

The heightened sensitivity of the gifted to justice, fairness, honesty, and a sense of responsibility to act on such ideals, accelerates the development of knowledge, attitudes and skills needed for global citizenship in the twenty-first century. If gifted students are provided with an appropriately challenging and respectful global curriculum, we can help them prepare to do good works with global impact. This chapter examines ways that global learning experiences in schools can encourage the gifted to adopt high ethical standards, moral behavior, and attitudes in order to lead our interconnected, interdependent, globalized world. (

Chapter 16 is co-authored by Howard Gardner (Also see "Religion Rules Kanawha County Schools"). It is heavy on his Multiple Intellignce theory and basicly states that ethics are primarily a “logical-mathematical” derivation obtained from the physical brain.

Al Gores’s campaign to proclaim global warming is praised. It also plugs the Goodwork Project ( which has a “Toolkit” being piloted in secondary schools. The Bible isn’t mentioned but The Autobiography of Malcolm X is mentioned as inspirtional.


An excellent explanation of the New Age movement that includes these paragraphs:

In 1979 the U.S. Third District Court of Appeals, affirmed an earlier decision by the district court that declared that Transcendental Meditation was religious in nature and therefore was prohibited from use in public schools. It is a violation of the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment of the Constitution (Separation of Church and State). Many forms of new age thought and practice were being used in public schools. Courses were utilizing meditation techniques,centering, progressive relaxation, guided imagery, visualization, and contacting spirit guides (often called the child's "higher self").

Proponents of these new age techniques and philosophy often attempted to sidestep the identification of being a "religion" and identify with "spirituality" to escape resistance from dogmatism or legal instructions. In the judge's opinion, he wrote of the clear need for the courts to broaden the traditional theistic definitions of religion. For example, to say that yoga is not religious is like  proponents of prayer in public schools saying that prayer should be offered in public schools because it is not a religion.

Despite the court's decision, today there are still many popular school programs using new age assumptions and techniques such as Pumsy, D.U.S.O, Quest, Growing Healthy, Tactics for Thinking, and many more. They are especially employed in guidance counseling curricula, gifted programs, physical education (to reduce stress), and creative writing, all under the banner of "self-esteem." Even the very popular drug prevention program, D.A.R.E., contains some of these faulty new age approaches. Today, yoga is the latest craze and Transcendental Meditation is attempting a comeback.


There is an online book: Public Schools: The Sorcerer's New Apprentice.

Another book on this topic is SpelllBound: The Paranormal Seduction of Today's Kids


21. The Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) A nonprofit membership organization located in Northern California that conducts and sponsors leading-edge research into the potentials and powers of consciousness—including perceptions, beliefs, attention, intention, and intuition. The Institute maintains a commitment to scientific rigor while exploring phenomena that have been largely overlooked by mainstream science.

At the Institute of Noetic Sciences, we employ the rigor of science, balanced by personal and collective wisdom, to support a shift in consciousness that transforms present global conditions into a world grounded in freedom, wisdom, and love. We serve an emerging movement of globally conscious citizens dedicated to manifesting our highest capacities.

The word "noetic" comes from the ancient Greek nous, for which there is no exact equivalent in English. It refers to "inner knowing," a kind of intuitive consciousness—direct and immediate access to knowledge beyond what is available to our normal senses and the power of reason.

Noetic sciences are explorations into the nature and potentials of consciousness using multiple ways of knowing—including intuition, feeling, reason, and the senses. Noetic sciences explore the "inner cosmos" of the mind (consciousness, soul, spirit) and how it relates to the "outer cosmos" of the physical world. (

See the next entry.


22. Dan Brown “The Lost Symbol”, the new book by “Da Vinci Code” and “Angels and Demons” author Dan Brown, takes us once again into a world of shadowy cabals, hidden messages and secret conspiracies.

They are works of fiction, but Brown tells us they are based on fact: "All organisations in this novel exist,” says a foreword to The Last Symbol, "including the Freemasons, the Invisible College, the Office of Security, the SMSC, and the Institute of Noetic Sciences”. Similarly, at the beginning of The Da Vinci Code, we learn that The Priory of Sion is a real secret society founded in 1099.

I did not find anything of interest regarding the “Invisible College”, the “SMSC” (Smithsonian Museum Support Center), or the “Office of Security” (CIA). The “Institute of Noetic Sciences” is pertinent to PAN-EVO. The “Freemasons” are a major detriment to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and may even be classified as a cult. Many aspects of Freemasonry have occult orientations.  See #38. (Karl)

See #26 and #33.


23. Gallup Polls May 10-14, 2001 poll results:

What exactly do Americans believe in when it comes to the paranormal, the occult, and "out-of-this-world" experiences? The Gallup Poll recently updated its audit of Americans' beliefs in a variety of these types of phenomena. The results suggest a significant increase in belief in a number of these experiences over the past decade, including in particular such Halloween-related issues as haunted houses, ghosts and witches. Only one of the experiences tested has seen a drop in belief since 1990: devil possession. Overall, half or more of Americans believe in two of the issues: psychic or spiritual healing, and extrasensory perception (ESP), and a third or more believe in such things as haunted houses, possession by the devil, ghosts, telepathy, extraterrestrial beings having visited earth, and clairvoyance. (

June 6-8, 2005 poll results:
About three in four Americans profess at least one paranormal belief…

The tendency to believe in some paranormal occurrences varies by ideology -- political conservatives appear significantly more skeptical than either moderates or liberals. Twenty-eight percent of conservatives believe in haunted houses versus 42% of moderates and 42% of liberals.

About a quarter of those in each country believe in astrology, or the belief that the position of the stars and planets can affect people's lives. "I'm pretty good at judging people's astrological signs," says Soren Kerk-Tabor, a professor of sociology at California State University in Los Angeles…


24. Demons An excellent article is “Demons on a Leash.” (


25. The Findhorn Foundation…a creative home to more than 400 people from all over the world…By being the change we want to see in the world, listening to the deepest part of our being and cooperating with nature and with each other, we have since 1962 been at the forefront of creating a positive and sustainable future…Through all our activities we do our best to put spiritual values into practice and to demonstrate new and sustainable ways to live…The community has no formal doctrine or creed, and practises the timeless and essential values common to all the world’s major religious paths. As our service, we aim to pioneer, inspire, demonstrate, encourage and share our experience. It is the consciousness, motivation, mindfulness, creative energy and joy that we bring to all of these activities that make visions a reality and bring lasting, positive change to the world.

Al Gore’s recent movie, An Inconvenient Truth (not to mention a host of other environmental warnings), sounds a clarion call that we are in a ‘planetary emergency’, as the former Vice-President puts it. How does one respond to this information, particularly if one is on the kind of spiritual path represented by Findhorn?...(T)he planetary emergency is an incarnational problem: we fundamentally don’t know or have lost the knowledge of how to be in this world in a holistic way with the land itself, with other life forms, and even with each other. We don’t know — or have forgotten — how to connect and engage so that our own wholeness, from the ‘God within’ to the strengths and virtues of our personalities, can be coherently present in the world…The Findhorn story has always been about recollecting and merging these fragments back into wholeness, whether through cooperation with the spiritual intelligences within nature or through community or through a personal practice of inner attunement and balance…So they (Findhorn founders) sought their own deeper wholeness and sacredness as manifested through the ‘God within’ and, through its inspiration and empowerment, connected to the spiritual intelligences within nature, the devas, and, subsequently through their friend Robert Ogilvie Crombie or ROC, with the nature spirits…There is no question in my mind that we as incarnate humans must meet and resolve this planetary emergency ourselves…[By David Spangler (who) writes and teaches to promote an incarnational spirituality.]


26. The “God Equation” (Formulated by Christopher Knight and Alan Butler) A simple physics trick that purports to give “scientific evidence that the creation of the Earth and Moon was a deliberate act.”…(the author of The Hiram Key: Pharaohs, Freemasons and the Discovery of the Secret Scrolls of Jesus —one of the books that gained best-selling popularity in the wake of The Da Vinci Code years ago. In that book, Knight condemns the traditional history of the Church and sides with occultists and radical liberal scholars such as Elaine Pagels in favor of the Gnostics. He then complete these same heist of logic that the atheists do and claim that Christianity was really nothing more than a rehash of the ancient pagan sun-worshiping mystery religions… In that freemasonic world—in which I suspect all the parties involved with this equation have a foot—“God” can mean whatever the individual wants it to mean. It could mean everything from an enlightened Buddha to an extraterrestrial… Cumming’s organizations Intelligent Earth and Safe Cities are involved in developing classic “Big Brother”-type technologies… Note also that the two groups most focused on “artificial intelligence” are atheistic philosophers (particularly the so-called neuroscientists), and these mystic types, even engaged in creating or evolving to the next level of consciousness.

More on the poor logic and math behind the God Equation is in the article from which the above snip was taken: “Atheism, Freemasonry, and the ‘God Equation’" at

I found an article by Alan butler, but cannot confirm it is the one involved with this equation. It is on a website about the Knights Templar which is a Masonic organization.  (


27. Pantheism (Ancient Greek"all" and "god"; literally "belief that God is all") is the view that everything is part of an all-encompassing immanent God and that the Universe (Nature) and God are equivalent. Pantheism promotes the idea that God is better understood as an abstract principle representing natural law, existence, and the Universe (the sum total of all that was, is and shall be), rather than as a transcendent and especially anthropomorphic entity. [1] Pantheists thus do not believe in a personal god; rather, they refer to nature or the universe as God. (

The Universal Pantheist Society states that “Pantheists are persons who derive their fundamental religious experience through their personal relationship with the Universe. They feel that Nature is the ultimate context for human existence, and seek to improve their relationship with the natural world as their fundamental religious responsibility… Despite a long religious history, dating back beyond Spinoza to the Stoics of ancient Greece and the philosophers of ancient India, there has been no modern organization to represent Pantheists until the formation of the Universal Pantheist Society in 1975.” (

Pantheism: Nature and the Universe are Divine
Paul Harrison, President of the World Pantheism Movement, clearly states the Pantheistic view that the universe and nature alone are worthy of reverence (

Pantheists believe:

The universe and nature should be regarded with the deepest reverence.
Nature is our mother, our home, our security, our peace, our past and our future.
The universe creates us, preserves us, and destroys us.

Rather than revelation from a supernatural being, Pantheists base their faith on perceived common sense, and emotions.

Scientific Pantheism "is a religion that requires no faith other than common sense, no revelation other than open eyes and a mind open to evidence" (

"When we say we revere the universe we are not talking about a supernatural being, because we do not believe in supernatural beings. We are talking about the way our senses and our emotions force us to respond to the overwhelming mystery and power that surrounds us" (

Animism encompasses the beliefs that there is no separation between the spiritual and physical (or material) worlds, and souls or spirits exist, not only in humans, but also in all other animals, plants, rocks, natural phenomena such as thunder, geographic features such as mountains or rivers, or other entities of the natural environment (


28. Meditation See #29.


29. Yoga (See my articles “Yoga Should be left out of Schools” and “Religion Established in Public Schools”

The stone seals place Yoga's existence around 3000 B.C.

Scholars, however, have a reason to believe that Yoga existed long before that and traced its beginnings in Stone Age Shamanism. Both Shamanism and Yoga have similar characteristics particularly in their efforts to improve the human condition at that time. Also, they aim to heal community members and the practitioners act as religious mediators. (

Patanjali (see below) who is considered the father of Modern Yoga compiled 195 aphorisms which are called the Yoga Sutra. In the Yoga Sutra, he described the eight aspects of a Yogic Lifestyle and called it the Eight Limbs of Yoga. The limbs are practical guides to a person's personal development to achieve the harmony of the mind, the body and the spirit which leads to Samadhi or enlightenment… This is the ultimate goal of the Eight Limbs of Yoga. It is characterized by the state of ecstasy and the feeling that you and the universe are one… The practice of Yoga does not only deal with developing the body but also covers all the aspect of a person's life as stated in the Eight Limbs of Yoga. It is concerned about the physical, mental and spiritual well-being of an individual as well as his environment and relationship with other creatures. Real practice of these eight principles leads to deeper self-knowledge, love and respect towards other people and creatures, cleaner environment, healthy diet, and union with the Divine. 

What is commonly called yoga is actually Hatha Yoga (Postures).

Yoga tries to achieve balance between body and mind, as well as attempts to free the more subtle spiritual elements of the mind through physical poses or Asanas, Breathing Techniques or Pranayama, and Meditation …Asanas are various body positions designed to improve health and remove diseases in the physical, causal, and subtle bodies. The word "asana" is Sanskrit for "seat", which refers not only to the physical position of the body but also to the position of the body in relation to divinity. They were originally meant for Meditation… Pranayama is derived from the words "prana" (life-force or energy source) and "ayama" (to control). It is the science of breath control… Hatha Yoga's Relaxation Exercises will open the energy channels, which in turn allows spiritual energy to flow freely. (

Yoga advocates also claim physical health benefits.

Those who teach yoga in schools, Y’s, community centers, and churches receive training from places like The Temple of Kriyayoga ( where they can also receive training in astrology and meditation.

Patanjali is considered to be an incarnation of Shesha… the king of all nagas (dieties), one of the primal beings of creation, and according to the Bhagavata Purana, an avatar (descent from heaven) of the Supreme God… He is sometimes referred to as "Ananta-Shesha" which means "Endless Shesha" and as "Adishesha", which means First snake…Other names for Shesha include Sheshanaga (Sesha the serpent) (

It is said that in order to teach yoga, Pantanjali fell from the heavens in the form of a little snake, and fell into his virginal mother's open palms. (

LOOK! He is referred to as a snake! Do you notice the similarity with Satan as a serpent? See “Who Was the Serpent” (

Meditation is closely associated with Yoga. (

In The Relaxation Response, which went to the top of the best-seller lists, HarvardMedicalSchool associate professor Herbert Benson praised Maharishi and TM's results. Unfortunately Benson made no mention of the frightening spiritual side effects, of the suicides and insanity, or of the fact that the mantra (a secret word to be repeated while meditating) is not the meaningless sound which Maharishi represents it to be but instead is the name of a Hindu god. Moreover, according to the authoritative texts on yoga, the repetition of this sound in meditation is a call to that entity to possess the meditator.... [pp. 30-31].

In [a later] book, Your Maximum Mind, Herbert Benson reminds us that an ongoing project for many years "at the HarvardMedicalSchool has been the exploration in the Indian Himalayas of the frontiers of the mind." Sponsored by major foundations, the research has centered on the psychic powers of Buddhist monks.

(Benson says) we don't actually need "God," "Buddha," "Jesus," or the "Star Wars Force," and whether they really exist or not is immaterial, since their only value is as placebos to trigger faith in our own innate powers.... [pp. 137-139]. (

“The Bhagavad Gita is a dialog between the God Krishna and the hero Arjuna, taking place in a timeless moment on the battlefield before the climactic struggle between good and evil. The Gita (which can be found in hotel bedstands throughout India) is a classic summary of the core beliefs of Hinduism.” (

The Self Realization Fellowship says the Bhagavad Gita is “the divine communion of truth-realization between man and his Creator… Bhagavad Gita  means ‘Song of the Spirit,’ the divine communion of truth-realization between man and his Creator… the Bhagavad Gita was very cleverly written by Sage Vyasa by interweaving historical facts with psychological and spiritual truths…The words of Lord Krishna to Arjuna in the Bhagavad Gita are at once a profound scripture on the science of yoga, union with God, and a textbook for everyday living. The student is led step by step with Arjuna from the mortal consciousness of spiritual doubt and weakheartedness to divine attunement and inner resolve…Yoga meditation is the process of cultivating and stabilizing the awareness of one's real nature, through definite spiritual and psychophysical methods and laws by which the narrow ego, the flawed hereditary human consciousness, is displaced by the consciousness of the soul…In the beginning of creation and the advent of man, the Infinite impregnated His intelligent creative Cosmic Energy (Maha-Prakriti or Holy Ghost) with not only the power of repulsion—the individualizing of Cosmic Consciousness into souls and a universe of matter…All things come from, are made of and sustained by, and ultimately resolve into this intelligent Cosmic Energy, and thence into Spirit”  

Yoga can cause serious mental and spiritual problems such as Kundalini syndrome.


The Truth About Yoga<<HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. (Includes an alternative.)

Yoga Is A Pagan Ritual. Maybe Christians Should Find A Different Workout Routine

See #2, #7, #8, #18, #29, #34, #36, and "World Peace Council" at #30. Also see the Common Thread Hub.

NOTE: See the news entry for January 10, 2013 and Yoga is Religion..


30. One World Religion Parliament of the World's Religions

The Council for a Parliament of the World's Religions was created to cultivate harmony among the world's religious and spiritual communities and foster their engagement with the world and its guiding institutions in order to achieve a just, peaceful and sustainable world. (

The “International Advisory Committee” includes: Muslim, Hindu, Buddist, Angliocan, Catholic, Zoroastrian, Jewish, Baha'I, and Taoist/ Confucianist. (

United Religions Initiative

The seed for the URI was planted in 1993 when the United Nations invited William Swing, Episcopal Bishop of California, to host an interfaith service in San Francisco. That night the Bishop found it hard to sleep … he told himself, “If the nations of the world are working together for peace through the UN, then where are the religions of the world?” From this inspiration, a vision took shape to create an organization whereby people of diverse faiths and from all sectors of society would cooperate for peace and justice for all. (

The United Religions Initiative ( numbers among its supporters Ted Turner, George Soros, George W. Bush and Sun Myung Moon. In False Dawn: The United Religions Initiative, Globalism and the Quest for a One-World Religion by Lee Penn “analyses not only the explicitly religious ideologies relating to globalization, their major patrons and spokespersons, and the organizations which exist to disseminate such ideas, but also investigates the membership and apparent agendas of highly influential secular organizations whose leaders...” ( The False Dawn website is

World Peace Summit

World Peace Summit

Early this year (2009), leaders of the World Peace Summit gathered to institutionalize peace-keeping efforts around the world. With the theme, "Toward a new paradigm of leadership and good governance", religious and political leaders called for the setting up of an inter-religious council in the United Nations and the creation of a new inter-governmental organization rooted on universal spiritual principles. ( This is a program of the following group.

World Council of Religious Leaders

The formation of the World Council of Religious Leaders was one of the stated goals of the Millennium World Peace Summit. The objective of this Council is to serve as a resource to the United Nations and its agencies around the world, nation states and other international organizations, offering the collective wisdom and resources of the faith traditions toward the resolution of critical global problems. (

World Peace Council

Fostering of the physical, mental, social and spiritual well-being of the individual and the general community by cultivating physical, mental, social and spiritual health through study, practice and teaching of the system "Yoga in Daily Life"… (

New World Order Information:

Here is a good example of the coming one world religion.

The first of their satanic beliefs:

Question: What is the Science of Mind belief about Jesus?
Answer: We accept his example and teachings. We do not deny the divinity of Jesus, but rather we affirm the divinity of all people, because God is the Creator of us all. We think of Jesus as an example, not an exception.

(The) Parliament of the World's Religions(is) an attempt to create a global dialogue of faiths. Christian writer G. K. Chesterton portrayed the Parliament as "a pantheon for pantheists".

According to the POWR website the 2015 themes are Climate Change & Care for Creation, Income Inequity & Wasteful Consumption, and War, Violence & Hate Speech. The speakers are an array of New Agers.

The Parliament of the World's Religions--Laying The Foundations For The Anti-Christ. Has detailed analysis.


31. Celebrities It is a common human frailty to worship celebrities whether they be in sports, music, movies, television or whatever. Simple logic dictates that a pretty face or special talent doesn’t make an individual wiser or more spiritual than the average person. Ophrah Winfrey (Also see #53.) is a prime example. Ms. Winfrey is lost and leading others down that wide path to destruction (Matthew 7:13-14).

During a 1998 television show featuring New Agers Betty Eadie, Sophy Burnham, and Dannion Brinkley, Oprah said, “... one of the biggest mistakes humans make is to believe that there is only one way. Actually, there are many diverse paths leading to what you call God.” When an audience member disagreed, testifying that she believed that Jesus Christ is the only way to God, Winfrey got upset and said that she didn’t think that someone would go to hell because they don’t believe in Jesus. She stated emphatically, “THERE COULDN’T POSSIBLY BE ONLY ONE WAY.” On the same program Oprah said: “I was raised a Baptist and we were too hung up on traditional ways. I was sitting in church and heard that God is a jealous God. I asked ‘Why? Come on--let’s get over it!’...I believe in the FORCE--I call it God” (“The Gospel according to Oprah,” Vantage Point, July 1998).
(Friday Church News Notes, April 30, 2010,

Ms. Winfrey is also a perfect example of the principle that abandonment of truth does not leave a vacuum. Some worldview (belief system) will prevale in each person’s life. Sadly, she seems to have embraced a very dangerous spiritual concept of channeling.

A “channeler” is a person who allows the spirit world to communicate through them. Lots of television and movie stars are into various forms of New Age religion and psychic phenomena. Although the stars may not claim to be channeling, they actually are because they have provided their endorsement to any of various religious practices. They lead many gullible fans into spiritual quicksand. One of the most prominent is Ophray Winfrey. An excellent explanation of how Ms. Winfrey is involved is “Oprah Winfrey Promotes Pantheist Eckhart Tolle-- How Biblically Illiterate America is Being Deceived” (

Oprah entices visitors to her Web site with this quote: "Are you ready to be awakened? Millions have experienced Oprah and Eckhart's A New Earth classes." (

See “Oprah’s New Age Religion”.

Most Americans are defenseless against this Eastern allure because they don't understand pantheism—and as a result they get seduced to experience what it teaches. The first part of Tolle's book is couched in self-help terms that indicate that his teachings will help solve conflicts and relationship issues. It suggests that one can reach a Stoic-like state where he or she has no reaction to whatever may happen. This means accepting everything because what happens is merely a necessary part of the spiritual evolution process whereby God's dysfunction becomes progressively cured. In Tolle's pantheism, "happenings" are dysfunction in the mind of God that must be cured by creation becoming aware that God simply became infolded into creation and is in the process of unfolding. Tolle writes, "This [consciousness becoming unconscious of itself] could be described as the descent of the divine into matter. At that stage in the evolution of the universe, the entire outgoing movement takes place in that dreamlike state" (Eckhart Tolle, A New Earth – Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose; (Plume Books: New York, 2006 : 292). So when he speaks of awakening, he means gaining consciousness of deity, consciousness that had been lost.

Since the problem of all of creation is the lack of consciousness of being God, the solution is to gain consciousness of self-deity.

“That's the peace of God. The ultimate truth of who you are is not I am this or I am that, but I Am.” (Tolle: 57)

Jesus Himself is conscripted to teach pantheistic evolution:

Like the Taoist of ancient China, Jesus likes to draw our attention to nature because he sees a power at work in it that humans have lost touch with. It is the creative power of the universe. Jesus goes on to say that if God clothes simple flowers in such beauty, how much more will God clothe you. That is to say, that while nature is a beautiful expression of the evolutionary impulse of the universe, when humans become aligned with the intelligence that underlies it, they will express the same impulse on a higher more wondrous level.” (Tolle: 268, 269)

The spiritual evolution of which Tolle speaks means that some people will be higher on the evolutionary scale and become conscious while the unenlightened ones remain unconscious. Here is how Tolle explains it:

“As the new consciousness emerges, some people will feel called to form groups that reflect the enlightened consciousness...Enlightened collectives will fulfill an important function in the arising of the new consciousness… the enlightened collective can be a vortex for consciousness that will accelerate the planetary shift.” (Tolle: 127)

“One thing we do know: Life will give you whatever experience is most helpful for the evolution of your consciousness." (Tolle: 41)

Tolle introduces the idea of Christ, and cites Jesus often as a teacher of the new consciousness. But he makes no effort to actually understand what the Bible tells us about the person and work of Christ. Christ came to die for sins, not to embody pain and possible transcendence. God's wrath is directed against sin. That wrath is satisfied for believers by the once-for-all shed blood that Christ offered. The new consciousness "Christ" that Tolle describes is not the Christ of the Bible.

A key component in mitigating the pain-body is meditation. Speaking of China, he states:

“Every day in the streets and city parks, millions practice this [t'ai chi] movement meditation that stills the mind. This makes a considerable difference to the collective energy field… Spiritual practices that involve the physical body, such as t'ai chi, qigong, and yoga, are increasingly being embraced in the Western world... They will play an important role in the global awakening.” (Tolle: 158, 159)

Amazingly, the title of Tolle's book comes from the Bible. He cites Revelation 21:1 about a new earth. Tolle cites Jesus more often than he does Buddha. The Bible and Jesus are well known in the West, where his target audience lies. But what he fails to tell his readers is that the new earth John was shown as recounted in Revelation 21:1 does not come until after the cataclysmic judgments earlier in Revelation and the final judgment which is described in Revelation 20 where all God's enemies are thrown into the lake of fire. With Tolle believing that evil is an illusion and that ultimately everything in his pantheistic scheme of things is God, a final judgment in which some people end up with God and others banished to eternal punishment is totally incompatible with Tolle's philosophy.

“The meek are egoless. They are those who have awakened to their essential true nature as consciousness and recognize that essence in ‘all others,' all life-forms. They live in the surrendered state and so feel their oneness with the whole and the Source. They embody the awakened consciousness that is changing all aspects of life on our planet, including nature...A new species is arising on the planet. It is arising now, and you are it!” (Tolle: 309)

Winfrey also promotes Rhonda Byrne author of The Secret.

People around the world have been talking about a movie so powerful that it can change the course of your life. This movie, The Secret, was created by Australian Rhonda Byrne, and she says that if you follow its philosophy, you can create the life you want—whether that means getting out of debt, finding a more fulfilling job or even falling in love…She says she traced the idea of The Secret through history—all the way from 3500 B.C. to the present day…Rhonda defines The Secret as the law of attraction, which is the principle that "like attracts like." Rhonda calls it "the most powerful law in the universe," and says it is working all the time. "What we do is we attract into our lives the things we want, and that is based on what we're thinking and feeling," Rhonda says. The principle explains that we create our own circumstances by the choices we make in life. And the choices we make are fueled by our thoughts—which means our thoughts are the most powerful things we have here on earth…To help teach the philosophy, Rhonda created the DVD The Secret, which features experts including the Rev. Dr. Michael Beckwith * James Arthur Ray**, Lisa Nichols (the author of two of the best-selling "Chicken Soup for the Soul" books) and Jack Canfield***. (

Also see

*Recently described in “What Is Enlightenment?” magazine as a "non-aligned trans-religious progressive," Dr. Beckwith shares his powerful conviction of creating the Beloved Community through his participation on international panels with other peacemakers and spiritual leaders including Dr. T. Ariyarante of Sri Lanka, and Arun Gandhi, grandson of Mohandas K. Gandhi. He is co-founder of the Association for Global Thought, an organization dedicated to planetary healing and transformation. ( The Agape International Spiritual Center is a global community dedicated to recognizing, honoring and nurturing the dignity and uniqueness of all peoples… Through devoted practice of universal spiritual principles embodied in the New Thought-Ancient Wisdom teachings, we are agents of transformation…As a transdenominational community, we serve within all levels of society to reveal the underlying perfection and harmony of the Universe…We embrace the transformational and evolutionary impulse of the planet through our spiritual practice, sacred service and unconditional love. (

Spiritual Principles and Practices of the AgapeMovement 4 - Every person is responsible for their own evolution. Every individual has been given the power of free choice and is therefore self-responsible for their evolution following a path suited to their individual state of evolving consciousness. 5 - The Universe, being infinite, is in a constant state of evolutionary expansion.We live in a non-static, ever-evolving Universe, which is the source of our individual evolutionary impulse and capacity to expand into our fullest potential. (

Michael says that spiritual growth does not mean religion but our "real identity." "The love, the peace, the joy, the wisdom, the harmony—these are all qualities of the spirit that it's seeking to express through us," Michael says. "And so as we become more awake, more aware of that, our life is filled with that kind of vibration, that kind of feeling tone. To grow spiritually is to actually become more aware of who you really are." (

**An Arizona jury deliberated for 12 hours before finding self-help guru and best-selling author James Arthur Ray guilty of three counts of negligent homicide on Wednesday. Jurors had heard four months of testimony in the trial of the 2009 deaths of three of Ray’s clients in a sweat lodge. (

***Originator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series… Jack can help you develop a clear, personal plan of action that will completely transform your life into exactly what you want it to be. (

Canfield can confuse children!

There is another prominent new age education leader whose current popularity makes it significant to note his part in the development of new age strategies in education. His name is Jack Canfield, author and editor of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series. Canfield was a leader in the California Department of Education’s Task Force on Self Esteem. Noteworthy are his comments in a 1978 issue of New Age, “In a growing number of classrooms throughout the world, education is beginning to move into a new dimension. More and more teachers are exposing children to ways of contacting their inner wisdom and their higher selves....An influx of spiritual teachings from the East, combined with a new psychological perspective in the West, has resulted in a fresh look at the learning process—the distinction between knowledge and wisdom, the student/teacher relationship, and the purpose of life. People everywhere are looking for a new vision, a new approach and a new paradigm for life.”
Public Schools: The Sorcerer’s New Apprentice

Jack Canfield, popular author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series and a major new age educator, writes, “if you’re teaching in public school, don’t call it meditation, call it ‘centering.’”

Canfield said, “We are standing at a major crossroads in human history. We are being called to evolve to a higher level of consciousness, cooperation and co-creation of a world that works for everyone and all life forms. If we fail to answer that call, we risk the total destruction of all life on the planet.” Canfield is listed as one of the “ Evolutionary Leaders: In Service to Conscious Evolution”.This group was founded in 2008 when “the Chopra Foundation, the Source of Synergy Foundation and the Association for Global New Thought invited a group of renowned Evolutionary Leaders to the Chopra Center in Carlsbad, California, to explore their extraordinary potential as a collective. Out of this gathering came A Call to Conscious Evolution: Our Moment of Choice.” (

(Glen Beck) and his psychiatrist co-author declare throughout their book that God is within everyone: "If God is everything and everywhere and inside everyone, then I figured He had to be inside me, too...." That is a foundational premise to most of what Beck presents. It is pantheism, a belief common to Hindus, Eastern mystics, and popular among New Agers.

Beck and Ablow fervently deny that mankind is evil: "People are inherently good. Our souls are magnificent and capable of extraordinary performance" (p.165). That may make some "feel good about themselves," but it's contrary to numerous Scriptures that address the nature of man.

Mormonism is rife with occult beliefs and practices, whether they be rituals taken from Masonic ceremonies to supposed communication with the deceased through baptism for the dead…. Glenn Beck seems to have added more false doctrine to an already bizarre belief system. He lauds the first-century heresy of gnosticism and gnostic books such as "The Gospel of Thomas"; he endorses communication through silent meditation ("Connect with the miracle of spirit, of God, that has lived inside you from long before you were born. You will be rewarded..." (p. 85); and he and Ablow espouse the Eastern mystical teaching of spiritual energy as an "immeasurable force that you can tap into to dramatically improve your existence....It is nothing less than your connection to God" (p. 113). (

Hanoi Jane Fonda is a christian (small c). She calls her experience a “tentative step into religion.” She said she doesn’t want to be called a fundamentalist and did not like words like “Salvation,’ ‘Lord,’ and ‘Repentance’.” She prefers the mystical Muslim poem “ Every Child Has known God.” She had a problem with saying, “died for our sins” and like all New Agers she only sees Jesus as “love”.

Her slide away from a profession of being a capital “C” Christian was aided by her embrace of not –Bible works likethe Gospel of Mary, “Elaine Pagels’s books on the Gnostics, along with various theologians’ and (liberal) religious scholars’ interpretations of the Bible”. She thinks that Jesus, Muhammed, Buddha, Allah, and others have all shown “the way”. Fonda beliees that “God lives within each of us as Spirit (or soul)” and that “Christ was the personal incarnation of the divine wisdom in everything, including every form of spiritual expression” (

Bono (of U2) is a big one. See #52.


32. Cleric Compromisers Several mega-church pastors are promoting various forms of New Age religion and psychic phenomena. Although the pastors would disavow this charge, in reality they are guilty because they have compromised important fundamental biblical doctrines. They lead many gullible church members into spiritual quicksand.

There are many individuals, but Rick Warren can serve as the best example.

Warren’s teaching has grounded its authority in the world’s wisdom as much as in the Bible. As a result, he has compromised his teaching with manmade sciences that supercede the clear dictates of inspired Scripture… Perhaps the worst of Warren’s reliance on human ingenuity comes when he directs his readers to the heart of The Purpose Driven Life teaching: “finding your SHAPE.”… In truth, the SHAPE program has little basis in Scripture, and is generally a conglomeration of business techniques, psychology, gnosticism and outright paganism… Rick Warren, whether he realizes it or not, has utilized pagan and occult-influenced psychological theory to help formulate the Personality Theory section of his SHAPE program. (

A Google search for "Rick Warren apostasy" brings up many other references. Also see #53.

For more on the evangelical church compromise with New Age mysticism see

Some excerpts:

Each year tens of thousands of people make a pilgrimage to Taizé. These include Protestants, Baptists, Catholics, Jews, Buddhists, and others.

Taizé’s non-doctrinal ecumenical Christianity is fueled by mysticism. A “shadowy medieval” atmosphere is created with the use of such things as candles, icons, and incense (Vancouver Sun, April 14, 2000). The goal is to bring the “worshipper” into a meditative state, “to a place beyond words, a place of just being.” There is a lot of repetition, with “one-line Taizé harmonies repeated up to 15 times each.”

The mantra, or repetition of a word, produces a mindless hypnotic state. The actual meaning of the word quickly becomes lost to the mind, and that is the objective. The mantra allows the practitioner to put aside thinking in order to reach an altered state of consciousness called “the silence place” in which one allegedly experiences God directly.

Practitioners of eastern religions recognize the power of the mantra in entering this state.

The result of centering prayer is supposed to be mystical knowledge obtained through communion with God in one’s being.

“For in this darkness we experience an intuitive understanding of everything material and spiritual without giving special attention to anything in particular” (The Cloud of Unknowing, chapter 68).

Christian and secular bookstores have begun carrying many books promoting “this pre-Reformation form of spirituality.” These include The Cloister Walk, Book of Hours, The Soul Aflame, Evensong, A Book of Daily Prayer, The Divine Hours, and The Prayer Book of the Medieval Era.

Contemplative practices have infiltrated the Southern Baptist Convention at every level.

The Regular Baptists (GARBC) are also strolling on the contemplative bridge.

Bill Hybels and the Willow Creek Community Church have jumped onboard the mystical bandwagon, and Willow Creek is not only one megachurch that is located west of Chicago; it is also a network of more than 12,000 churches that hold the same philosophy.

The very influential Chuck Swindoll is also centering down. In his book So, You Want to Be Like Christ? he promotes contemplative practices, favorably citing Richard Foster, Henri Nouwen, and Dallas Willard. He calls Foster’s work Celebration of Discipline “meaningful” and has an entire chapter on “Silence and Solitude.” There is no warning that Foster builds his contemplative practice upon Catholic monasticism, with its false sacramental gospel, veneration of Mary and the Host, purgatory, outrageous ascetism, extra-scriptural revelations, etc.

The June 6, 2006, entry for the Radio Bible Class’s Our Daily Bread is built around the book The Return of the Prodigal Son by the late Roman Catholic Henri Nouwen. Not only was Nouwen a Roman Catholic priest but, as we have already documented, he believed that men could be saved apart from Jesus Christ.

Beth Moore, a Southern Baptist who is influential with a broad spectrum of evangelical women, is also on the contemplative bandwagon.

Labyrinths are increasing in popularity among evangelicals today.

Lighthouse Trails is a Christian publishing company that specializes in explaining how “mantra-style meditation coupled with a mystical spirituality had been introduced to the evangelical, Christian church and was infiltrating youth groups, churches, seminaries, and Bible studies at an alarming rate (and how) contemplative spirituality (also known as the spiritual formation movement), entered the church through a number of avenues—Willow Creek, Purpose Driven, and the emerging church just to name a few of the more prominent ones (and that) the premise of this spirituality is both pantheistic (God is all things) and panentheistic (God is in all things), thus refuting the gospel message of the Cross.” (

The Shack’s Cool God (snips from a review)

“The Shack” has held first place on the New York Times bestseller list for Paperback Trade Fiction for nine months, is number seven at Amazon, and number six at Barnes & Noble. As of January 2009, it had sold five million copies. It is being translated into 30 languages, and a motion picture is in the works.

Though its author, William Paul Young, is not a member of a church and is even reticent to call himself a Christian, and though its doctrine of God is grossly heretical, the novel is being touted as a helpful Christian book.

Young depicts the triune God as a young Asian woman named “Sarayu” * (supposedly the Holy Spirit), an oriental carpenter who loves to have a good time (supposedly Jesus), and an older black woman named “Elousia” (supposedly God the Father). God the Father is also depicted as a guy with a ponytail and a goatee. (*The name “Sarayu” is from the Hindu scriptures and represents a mythical river in India on the shores of which the Hindu god Rama was born.)

Young’s god is the god of the emerging church. He is cool, loves rock & roll, is non-judgmental, does not exercise wrath toward sin, does not send unbelievers to an eternal fiery hell, does not require repentance and the new birth, puts no obligations on people, doesn’t like traditional Bible churches, does not accept the Bible as the infallible Word of God, and does not mind if the early chapters of the Bible are interpreted as “myth.”

Note the following quotes from the god of “The Shack”:

“Those who love me come from every system that exists. They were Buddhists or Mormons, Baptists or Muslims, Democrats, Republicans and many who don’t vote or are not part of any Sunday morning or religious institutions...I have no desire to make them Christian” (p. 182).

Contrast Acts 4:12; 26:28.

Not only is “The Shack’s” god suspiciously similar to the one described in the books of the more liberal branch of the emerging church (e.g., Rob Bell, Donald Miller, Brian McLaren), it also has a strong kinship to the New Age god promoted by John Lennon and Oprah Winfrey.

Another foundational problem with “The Shack” is its denial of the Bible as the absolute and sole authority. Note the following quote:

What is happening is that people who don’t like Bible Christianity, don’t want to obey the Bible, don’t want to feel guilty for their sin, and have rejected the “angry” God of Scripture, are responding enthusiastically to the man-made idol presented in “The Shack.” The following is typical of the postings at Young’s MySpace site by readers of the book:

“The Shack” is another building stone of the end-times Tower of Babel.

The Shack is infused with counterfeit Christianity, says author James De Young in his book, Burning Down 'The Shack': How the 'Christian' Bestseller is Deceiving Millions. De Young wrote to "expose the greatest deception to blindside the church in the last 200 years!" "When I carefully read The Shack in January 2008, I was dismayed to find universalism still embedded, deeply and subtly, in it," De Young recalls. In Burning Down 'The Shack', De Young delivers a chapter-by-chapter evaluation of more than 15 heresies within The Shack. (

Also see “Troubling Trends in the Church” (

New Ager Ken Wilber, who believes that man is divinity, is intimately associated with the contemplative movement. (See #13)

In his book Velvet Elvis, Rob Bell (founding pastor of Mars Hill Bible Church) recommends that his readers sit at Wilber’s feet for three months!

In Up from Eden: A Transpersonal View of Human Evolution (1981, 2004), Ken Wilber calls the Garden of Eden a "fable” and the biblical view of history “amusing” (pp. xix, 3). He describes his “perennial philosophy” as follows:

“... it is true that there is some sort of Infinite, some type of Absolute Godhead, but it cannot properly be conceived as a colossal Being, a great Daddy, or a big Creator set apart from its creations, from things and events and human beings themselves. Rather, it is best conceived (metaphorically) as the ground or suchness or condition of all things and events. It is not a Big Thing set apart from finite things, but rather the reality or suchness or ground of all things...the perennial philosophy declares that the absolute is One, Whole, and Undivided” (p. 6).

Wilber says that this perennial philosophy “forms the esoteric core of Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, Sufism, AND CHRISTIAN MYSTICISM” (p. 5).

Much more is at

A book, The Fleecing of Christianity, “is however, a very well documented primer on how the New Age movement has used TBN to infiltrate the Church. ” (

Over the last two decades, "the Church Growth Movement" has had an enormous influence in leading the evangelical church into apostasy. For centuries, "evangelical" described the conservative part of Christianity that believed the Bible to be inerrant and the sole authority in matters of faith and practice. "Evangelical" Christians regarded the Bible as sufficient in all things that pertain to life and godliness. Though many evangelicals still claim to hold to those beliefs, their numbers are decreasing drastically due to recent trends in Christendom.

Central to this approach has been the development of "seeker-friendly," "seeker-sensitive," or "purpose-driven" churches.

The CGM has infected thousands of churches around the world and has contributed greatly to the fulfillment of 2 Timothy 4:3-5. The result is an "evangelical" church that has been weaned away from the Word of God. Such a spiritually anemic condition has created hundreds of thousands of weak and biblically shallow Christians who, like dumb sheep, have been relegated to being spoon-fed by marketing-oriented shepherds. Not only will they not "endure sound doctrine," but they will no longer be capable of discerning biblical truth from error.

The drifting away process itself is Satan's primary strategy of turning humanity away from the Word of God, which he effectively accomplished right from the beginning in his seduction of Eve in the Garden of Eden: "Yea, hath God said...?" Planting seeds of doubt and using deceit are obviously his means, but what is his goal and where is all of this heading?

According to the Scriptures, the world is moving toward a one-world religion headed by Satan's man of lawlessness, the Antichrist (2 Thessalonians 2:3-4). His religion will be an apostate Christianity that will be a great distortion of what the Bible teaches yet will maintain a "positive" Christian veneer.

What, then, of the liberal and left-leaning "social gospel"-oriented Christians who show little interest in biblical truth but are a very large and vocal part of Christendom? Amazingly, they too fit comfortably into this unbiblical "fix the earth" religious unity. A recent book that demonstrates this clear connection is titled The Hole in Our Gospel, authored by Richard Stearns…This book, even more than Warren's immensely popular Purpose Driven Life (which was a platform for solving the world's problems through his Global P.E.A.C.E Plan), will rally professing Christians and the followers of the world's religions, as well as atheists bent on demonstrating their morality sans God--by doing good works. Works-salvation is the faith system for all beliefs but biblical Christianity. Furthermore, the various programs promoting such a faith and practice are gaining the respect and financial support of the world--as long as it accommodates the social welfare of the masses without proselytizing.

According to the Scriptures, there is something terribly wrong when the world is championing the church and its programs. We have seen examples of this throughout the centuries regarding ministries that had wonderful beginnings but now have drifted away from the faith. When was the last time you were exposed to anything remotely Christian at the Y.M.C.A. (Young Men's Christian Association)? When did you last receive a gospel tract from that Salvation Army "bell-ringer" at the shopping mall? Moreover, try to find the gospel or an exhortation to directly share the gospel in World Vision U.S.'s mission statement. It's simply not there--by design.

These delusions are manifested when the ways of man are implemented in order to satisfy physical needs at the expense of what God desires for us for eternity. Nothing is to take precedence over the proclamation of the biblical gospel, for it is not just mankind's only hope but his eternal hope. Any approach to presenting the gospel that does not clearly and directly reflect the Bible's true content will be a perversion of it, no matter how right or practical it may seem. Any person who participates in programs, practices, or beliefs that dismiss prophetic warnings of the Word of God regarding Last Days events may well become an unwitting contributor to the apostate religion of the Antichrist.


It is now apparent that the need for peace among the world’s religions is as great as the need for peace among the world’s nations, and that the latter cannot be achieved without the former. Yet the prospect for bringing peace between warring religious factions seems dim at best. (Indeed, it will happen—but in a way that may surprise everyone.)

Though Constantine considered the question of Christ’s deity meaningless, he realized that continued disagreement on that issue would have disastrous political consequences for the Empire.

If division were permitted on this question, chaos of belief might destroy the unity and authority of the Church, and therefore its value as an aide to the state.

Ecumenism denies the essential uniqueness of Jesus Christ. The Apostle Paul didn’t try to die to self through mystical techniques, which are popular today among Catholics/Buddhists/Hindus/New Agers and increasingly even among professing evangelical Christians. His death to self came about by faith in Christ’s death for his sins—a faith that is not only absent from but specifically rejected and opposed by the basic tenets of Hinduism, Buddhism, and other religions.

At the start of his first U.S. tour, the “God-king-in-exile” (Dalai Lama) was feted in 1979 at New York’s St. Patrick’s Cathedral at what Time magazine called “an extraordinary interreligious festival” hosted by Cardinal Cooke. Declaring that “all the world’s major religions are basically the same,” the Dalai Lama was given a standing ovation by the overflow crowd.

(T)he Louvain Declaration stated:

Buddhists, Christians, Confucianists, Hindus, Jains, Jews, Muslims, Shintoists, Sikhs, Zoroastrians and still others, we have sought here to listen to the spirit within our varied and venerable religious traditions...we have grappled with the towering issues that our societies must resolve in order to bring about peace, justice, and ennobling quality of life for every person and every people…We rejoice that...the long era of prideful, and even prejudiced isolation of the religions of humanity is, we hope, now gone forever. We appeal to the religious communities of the world to inculcate the attitude of planetary citizenship...

Walls have indeed come down. Calling him “the most brilliant anticommunist and the number one enemy of the state,” Moscow News added happily that it was “time to reconcile” after Gorbachev had “personally hosted Moon in the bowels of the Kremlin.” Moon responded that the Soviet Union, which he formerly equated with Satan, was going to “play a major role in the plan of God to construct a world of peace.” How swiftly the pieces begin to fit into place! Another facet of the ecumenical movement involves “Interfaith Councils,” which are springing up around the world.

Using his immense prestige and the emotional appeal of global peace, the Pope was able in 1986 to gather the leading figures of 12 world religions together in Assisi, Italy, to pray to whatever “God” each believed in, beseeching these deities to bring peace to the world. To justify honoring the prayers of even witch doctors and fire worshipers, John Paul II told participants that “the challenge of peace...transcends religious differences.”

(T)he Global Forum of Spiritual and Parliamentary Leaders on Human Survival, began almost unnoticed in October 1985, when “spiritual leaders” from the world’s five major religions and elected officials from five continents met to explore ideas for ecological salvation and world peace. Out of this meeting grew a working partnership between the world’s religious and political leaders—an alliance that had been unthinkable since the days of ancient Rome:

We are entering an era of global citizenship. This new consciousness transcends all barriers of race and religion, ideology and nationality...We hold up the vision of a new community, where the long and tragic history of human violence gives way to an age of mutually assured welfare and peace.

“Christian psychology” has [also] played a vital and unrecognized role in setting the stage for such unity. It represents the ultimate ecumenism in which Christians join not merely with other religions but with atheists and humanists as well. Christ becomes the partner of Freud, Jung, Rogers, Maslow, and a host of other anti-Christians whose theories supply that part of “God’s truth” which was apparently left out of the Bible through Holy Spirit oversight. Psychology provides the common language for a “spiritual dialogue” between Christians and humanists that leads to a new ecumenical mutual “understanding.” Psychology’s false idea that we must always be “positive” and never criticize anyone subtly encourages the delusion that all religions are equally valid. Such false “Christianity” no longer holds truth to be important and thus can be embraced by the followers of all religions without changing their own beliefs. It lays the perfect foundation for the rise of Antichrist.

A well-known organization, which promotes that same gospel, must be mentioned because of its importance. Freemasonry secretly fosters ecumenism and quietly prepares its members to accept and be part of the coming new world order. What makes Masonry so influential is the fact that so many of its millions of members occupy leadership positions around the world. In our own country, there is nearly always a significant percentage of Masons on the White House staff and in the Cabinet, Senate, Congress, Supreme Court, and Pentagon, as well as in top business management.

Clearly Masonry has prepared many of those who are presently world leaders to play a key role in these events because they have already been practicing in secret what the world one day must embrace openly. In spite of the fact that it is an undeniably anti-Christian religious cult, Masonry has among its members many who call themselves Christians. Their influence as church leaders contributes to the fact that in mainstream denominations the uniqueness of Christ is increasingly being denied. (See #38.)

There is now no stopping the exploding ecumenical movement with its embrace of all religions. America’s most highly respected Christian psychologist [Dr. James Dobson] refers enthusiastically to the “great camaraderie among the top leaders of virtually all religious groups in the United States.” A group of Christian theologians has called for “a move away from the insistence on the superiority or finality of Christ and Christianity toward a recognition of the independent validity of other ways.” They justify such heresy by saying that “economic, political, and especially nuclear liberation is too big a job for any one nation, or culture, or religion.”

The unprecedented solidarity of the members of the United Nations (including many Arab states) standing together against [Saddam] Hussein’s aggression has given rise to the optimistic hope that at last the U.N. is fulfilling its purpose. Keeping the peace worldwide suddenly seems to be a viable possibility, causing political leaders to join the religious world’s call for a “new world order.” After being discussed privately between President George H.W. Bush and his aides, the theme of a “new world order” began to come out openly for the first time.

Secretary of State James Baker declared on the nationally televised program Face The Nation on September 10, 1990, “We’re on the verge of forming a new world order.” In the past, such talk would have been dismissed as Utopian nonsense, but now the media was taking it seriously. Time magazine reported that “the Bush administration would like to make the U.N. a cornerstone of its plan to construct a new world order.”

Addressing the United Nations on September 25, 1990, Soviet Foreign Minister Eduard Shevardnadze denounced Saddam Hussein’s actions as a “threat to a new world order.” Interestingly, Mikhail Gorbachev was the first world leader to come come out publicly with talk of a “new world order,” and he did so nearly two years before George Bush caught the vision. In his historic address to the United Nations on December 7, 1988, the Soviet President made this dogmatic and even prophetic statement:

Further global progress is now possible only through a quest for universal consensus in the movement towards a new world order.

The credibility of this idea no longer seems in question. That new world order, however, will be ruled by the Antichrist. The religious preparation for his rise to power is as essential as the political. Both are well underway. (

Tony Campolo belives that Christ lives in all human beings, that evolution is true, the Bible is not inerrant, and has other heretical beliefs. (
Also see

A great resource is “Apostasy & Troubling Trends in the Church” (

More Cleric Compromiser resources:

There is a plethora of pathetic pantywaist pastors, positioned behind pretty pulpits, placating parishioners proudly positioned on padded pews. See   I pity America without pastors with the power of those who have preceded them. See some of them at

See #44.


33. Popular Culture Books such as Harry Potter (; toys such as “princess of Power” (; television such as “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” (, and movies such as “Avatar” (snips from a review at

The moral of the story seems to be that if the citizens of modern hi-tech cultures were to repent from our wicked ways, we might not only be able to avoid further destroying our own natural world, we would also enjoy spiritual wholeness, including a oneness with nature… The film’s implication is that the Na’vi (the undisputed ‘good guys’ throughout) understand the truth about life, namely that everything has a spirit, and all living things are interconnected into one big whole, which is essentially their ‘mother earth goddess’, Eywa. (Grace has even discovered that each tree of Pandora’s forest has electro-chemical connections to many other trees, which together form a massive network, like the synapses of a huge brain… This blatant push for a return to neo-pagan animism/pantheism in Avatar is a common component of the ‘new religion’ of our evolutionized times. Most people today unfortunately believe that we are an offspring of nature, an effervescence of the universe, not the creation of a miracle-working, prayer-answering, truth-revealing personal God. The logical conclusion to draw from this, if it were true, is to be an outright atheist/materialist like Richard Dawkins … This has triggered a major return to Eastern monistic thinking in the West—mostly in the form of New Age beliefs, even if only at the ‘Oprah’ level of sophistication. Such beliefs marry naturally with today’s hyper-environmentalism, and Avatar successfully blends them into a very alluring package. Like other sci-fi ET flicks, it will also, unfortunately, tend to reinforce the belief that ‘aliens’ could have evolved on other worlds, and thus the New Age deception that they are visiting us with messages of peace and salvation. (See #36.)

Some of the best science fiction is written by true believers in evolutionism. Star Trek is an excellent example. In a recent interview with CNN, science fiction legend Ray Bradbury described his views on God and religion. Bradbury, author of Fahrenheit 451 and the Martian Chronicles, grew up in a Baptist home, but he describes himself as “delicatessen religionist.” He is particularly enamored with Buddhism and Eastern religion, even calling himself a “Zen Buddhist.” He is a pantheist and an evolutionist. He considers Jesus a wise prophet, like Buddha and Confucius, a man who became Christ through self effort. “Jesus is a remarkable person. He was on his way to becoming Christ, and he made it” (“Sci-fi Legend Ray Bradbury on God,” CNN, August 2, 1010). He claims that when it comes to God, “none of us know anything.” He says that man must leave earth for salvation. “We must move into the universe. Mankind must save itself. We must escape the danger of war and politics. We must become astronauts and go out into the universe and discover the God in ourselves.” Sci-fi arose in the late 19th and early 20th century as a product of an evolutionary worldview that denies the Almighty Creator. Science fiction takes the reader into a strange world without God. Oh, there might be “a god,” a “force,” but it is definitely not the God of the Bible, and the prominent names in this field are atheists. (Friday Church News Notes, August 6, 2010,, For more on this subject see “Beware of Science Fiction” at the Way of Life web site.)

Scientists who believe in evolutionism make great science fiction writers. Some famous ones are Carl Sagan’s Contact and Isaac Asimov’s many works.

Also see Dan Brown (#22) above.

An example of the extreism of the New Age movement is the book/movie Eat, Pray, Love. Even a secular review is revealing.

During (the author’s) second appearance on Oprah - seated in front of hundreds of devotees - she listened to testimonials such as these:

"I was a self-proclaimed atheist. But I have since found religion, and I made my bathroom my ashram."

"Several women said to me, 'This is the bible. You must read it.' " (

"Eat, Pray, Love (But Don't Think): An Evaluation of THE spirituality in Eat, Pray, Love--a book by Elizabeth Gilbert"


A note of interest: Christian columnist and author Anne Lamott endorsed this book, which thrilled Gilbert, and she appeared with Gilbert for an event on the UCLA campus ( Lamott's words appear on the book's cover: "A wonderful book, brilliant and personal, rich in spiritual insight." Lamott is a Universalist, so maybe it should not be surprising that she has no problem cheering on New Age teachings. Incidentally, this was not the first New Age author Lamott has endorsed; she also endorsed a book by Marianne Williamson.

Gilbert writes that she is seeking God, but makes it clear it is not the Christian God. The god she claims is the one within and the one who accepts her as a divine being: "The Supreme Self is our true identity, universal and divine" (122). In fact, she writes that she has "always responded with breathless excitement to anyone who has ever said that God does not live in a dogmatic scripture or in a distant throne in the sky" (14), thus revealing her rejection of the Bible (the word "dogma" is increasingly used these days as a code word for the Bible or for orthodox Christianity). She openly states that she does not accept Jesus as the only way to God, and so "Strictly speaking, then, I cannot call myself a Christian" (14). I have to give her points for honesty. Gilbert is a classic New Ager, even if she may reject that label (I do not know how she feels about such a label). But having followed New Age and Eastern beliefs for many years, I have no hesitation in saying this. I once had her god as my god as well.

Although Gilbert rejects the Christian Jesus, she has no problem accepting the teachings of Hinduism, and those of her medicine man teacher, Katuk, while in Bali. She readily and without question accepts the Balinese teaching, one that is quite alien to her, that everyone is born with four spirit brothers who "collect your soul and bring you to heaven" when you die (251). She eagerly learns how to do the meditation with these "four brothers.".

Gilbert had been taking yoga classes in New York before her journey and already had a guru, so she began the sojourn with an Eastern worldview firmly in place, making this not as much of a voyage of discovery as some might think. At least she acknowledges that the Hatha yoga positions, so trendy now in the U.S., were not developed "for personal fitness" but "to loosen muscles and minds in order to prepare them for meditation" (121). This is fairly accurate: Hatha Yoga is a preparation for deeper and more rigorous forms of yogic meditative states. She also is clear that yoga is to find union "between the individual and God" (121). Gilbert discusses the use of mantras (words or phrases repeated during meditation as an aid to keep thoughts away) and how the "monkey mind" (Hindu and Buddhist phrase) needs to be subdued and tamed.

Gilbert discusses the Guru's role, that one hopes that "the merits of your master will reveal to you your own hidden greatness" (124). Later while meditating in India, she has a vision of her Guru's dead Guru, whom she calls by the title "Swamiji," rather than reveal his name. This powerful encounter drives her into spiritual breakthroughs, including the realization of his teaching that "To know God, you need only to renounce one thing ? your division from God" (192). Gilbert has a compelling experience before leaving India, in which she feels she was briefly united with God and understood the "workings of the universe completely" (199). The bottom line of these teachings is that no repentance is needed, only realization. And yoga and the meditation and chanting are all designed to bring this realization about.

Gilbert easily accepts the doctrines (teachings) of her Guru, the Balinese medicine man, and others, including written Hindu scripture like the Upanishads. The only doctrine Gilbert has any problems with is that which denies that there are many ways to God or teaches that there is only one way to God. This is what she is talking about.

Let us consider where you end up if you think doctrine doesn't matter. It can take you to a place where there are no distinctions between anything because there are no authoritative boundaries between what is good or evil, or what is true or false. Everything is determined subjectively. This is exemplified in the medicine man in Bali, Ketut, who thinks all religions are "same-same" (241), and heaven and hell are ultimately the same, as well (262). In fact, he says that hell is love (263). This is even startling for Gilbert, although she believes everyone is divine. So if that is true, and if there is a hell, then it would be full of divine beings as well. No distinction between good and evil means that good and evil don't ultimately matter.

Gilbert also seems to think the Dalai Lama is tolerant of other views because of his famous statements that those in other religions do not need to become Tibetan Buddhists to be his students (208). But apparently Gilbert has not investigated why he believes this. The reason the Dalai Lama can say this is because he believes everyone will eventually become Buddhist, and Tibetan Buddhism is the only way to liberation in his view. He believes in spreading Buddhist teachings because one day, all sentient beings (this includes animals as well as gods, demi-gods, humans, and ghosts) will be reborn either in a Buddhist country where they will become Buddhists, or they will eventually encounter Buddhist teachings. This is why the Dalai Lama talks constantly of having "compassion for all sentient beings." By compassion, he means spreading Buddhist teachings so that sentient beings will eventually become Buddhists, even if it is many lives away (see The Essential Dalai Lama, a compendium of speeches by the Dalai Lama in written form, and other sources of his teachings). So, of course he is okay with other religions, because eventually (he believes), everyone will be Buddhist. (


Some snips from reviews of a Disney movie display provide another example.

The magic in “The Princess and the Frog” is rather dark and demonic. Within the story, there's a lengthy tarot-card reading, Dr. Facilier stating he has 'friends on the other side,' and evil spirits who hunt Prince Naveen down and drag him away. Mama Odie, another voodoo magician, is shown positively. There’s also a voodoo doll made for one of the characters…

Throughout the movie, different characters are shown to be praying to the North Star, begging it to fulfill their dreams and wishes. After a character dies, it is implied that it reincarnated to a star which now brightly shines beside the North Star.

This movie displays that voodoo magicians hold all the power of both good and evil.

In a production number that evokes gospel music but with Jesus neatly stripped away, Mama Odie offers up a defiantly American church of the self. Just "dig a little deeper" inside yourself and you'll find what you need to achieve all of your dreams. Sure, there's magic, but it only shows up once you've done everything in your power to get what you desire. Her message is the epitome of works-righteousness, where the only counter to the forces of evil is the good inside the human heart. (

Children have become the prime target of deception and demonism in preparation for the New Age religion and the one world rule of Lucifer. Anyone who doubts that there is a conspiracy to brainwash the next generation and prepare them to receive the coming delusion are either deceived themselves, blind to spiritual realities or a part of the deception. Almost every toy, television series, comic books or items targeted for lhe young generation is steeped In occultic practices and psychic phenomenon.

This new "Disney" phenomenon is another slick production of "raw idolatry" dressed up in the garb of entertainment for children. Apparently, they (Disney) believe it's okay to producc cntertainment for children that glorifies a baboon shaman and his witchdoctor methods and to promote thc worship of a sungod. A true picture of Christianity would surely be out of their interest. All of the idolatry of this production is so neatly concealed in dramatic imagery that it blinds all but the most careful observer. To show Christianity in a favorable light would be giving preferential treatment to the churches of Jesus Christ, but to show idolatry favorably is considered acceptable.

The theme of the occultist is always connected closely to the earth and the animal kingdom. Wild eyed ecologists love any idea that glorifies the earth, offers complete protection for every creature from the bug to the whale. They have a strange affinity with the creeping creatures and beasts of the earth. This story is a clever glorification of this idea. Here is a conversation the king has with his young prince. The prince asks the following question and the king answers.

"'Do you thing I'll be a good king, Dad?' Simba asked. "Mufasa grew serious and looked into his son's eyes. 'YoU will be a good king if you remember this: Everything you see exists together in a delicate balance. As king you need to understand and preserve that balance. You must respect all creatures-from the crawling ant to the leaping antelope.' "'But we eat the antelope!' said Simba. "'Yes, we do,' said Mufasa. 'Let me explain. When we die, our bodies become the grass. Then the antelope eats the grass. And so we are all connected in the grcal Circle of Life.'"

In this same conversation about the earth and other animals or creatures the idea of Reincarnation is suggested. The circle of life" is a clever reincarnation term and is the name of one of the songs sung in "The Lion King" movie. As you read the verses, note the phrases "on the endless round" and "'til we find our place on the path unwinding in the circle of life.

One of the important lessons the imaginary king teaches the young prince is to trust in the stars. As they return from the rescue of Simba, the young cub, the father promises the son that he and the past kings will always be available by communication with the stars.

After the king was killed and the prince had grown up, the baboon witchdoctor received a revelation that the time had come. He is then enabled by psychic powers to find the young prince where he has fled and teaches him more of the astrology lies. An incredible lesson of psychic powers are then displayed as the witchdoctor causes the dead king to appear.

ANN RICE, the “literary queen of darkness” made headlines in 1998 when she quit claiming atheism and returned to the Catholic Church (se#50). Then, some years later she said, "For those who care, and I understand if you don't: Today I quit being a Christian. I'm out. I remain committed to Christ as always but not to being 'Christian' or to being part of Christianity. It's simply impossible for me to 'belong' to this quarrelsome, hostile, disputatious, and deservedly infamous group. For ten years, I've tried. I've failed. I'm an outsider. My conscience will allow nothing else." (

Some argue that she just quit the institution. I do not know her heart, but I have not found where she proclaims Jesus as the only way of salvation. It appears that the "christ" she is committed to is not the Christ of the Bible. That Christ condemns sodomy. Rice is likely a a cultural Christian like the guy who slaughtered the kids and others in Norway in July 2011. Bible believers saw problems with Rice from the start. Her “Christian” book Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt contained serious errors of fact and doctrine. Anne Rice's Christ the Lord is likely to speed today's social and spiritual transformation…The church is now speeding the race toward a global society with tolerance for everything except God's "divisive" and "offensive" old Gospel. It's message of hope is being silenced by the seductive illusion of humanist love, communitarian service, and global solidarity. (

See #32.


34. American Indian Spirituality The religious beliefs, practices, and rituals associated Native Americans. Early Native American beliefs, though diverse, often shared common religious ideas. Many believed in a “Great Spirit,” that nature in all of its forms possesses spirits (animism or spiritism), and that all life is interconnected. Seasons and moons often were viewed as marking times of evocation for spirits and prosperity. Some New Age believers promote revival of Native American spirituality, seeing obvious parallels with their own views. (

Dreamcatchers, sweat lodges, ancestral spirits, alcoholism, and abuse: author Nanci Des Gerlaise grew up with them all. Her new book, "Muddy Waters: An Insider's View of North American Native Spirituality,"

In recent years, Des Gerlaise has noticed the trend of Native Spirituality slowly seeping into the public school systems under the guise of multiculturalism. She finds Christian's acceptance of Native Spirituality even more disturbing. (

Native Spirituality is just one part of a vast movement that is creating a paradigm shift in our present-day culture away from biblical Christianity and replacing it with an all-inclusive interspiritual global religion that relies heavily upon mystical practices. The results will create a “Christianity” that has no resemblance to biblical Christianity whatsoever…They fail to realize that they are actually participating in a mass deception spreading throughout the world in the days prior to Christ’s return…a massive worldwide deception authored by Satan is incorporating Native Spirituality into its plan and is surging forward, ultimately forsaking the purity of the Gospel message…Native Spirituality is being incorporated into contemporary culture in popular forms of interspirituality such as goddess worship in public part of multiculturalism; throughout the environmental movement; and in the work of prominent politicians such as former Vice President Al Gore. Even the movies  Pocahontas  and  Dances With Wolves  have given mainstream culture a “crash course in Native spirituality.”… You can find examples all over the Internet of mainstream Christian groups and denominations that are integrating Native Spirituality. Medicine wheels, circles, dream catchers, sweat lodges, and shamanism—it’s all there. (

35. Shamanism is the religion of nature and spirits and is the most widespread of all the religions in the world. It's found among every indigenous people group throughout the earth, and its beliefs and techniques are the same wherever it is found.

According to noted authority Michael Harner, an anthropologist and shaman, "a shaman enters an altered state of consciousness at will to acquire knowledge, power, and to help other persons. The shaman has at least one, and usually more, 'spirits' in his personal service. To perform his work, the shaman depends on special, personal power, which is usually supplied by his guardian and helping spirits."

Avatar is a spectacular platform for preaching shamanism. (


36. Channelers and Channeling Central to a lot of New Age beliefs is the practice of "channeling". This is not a new practice, however, but rather, spiritualism with a modern title. In this practice the person involved in the channelling allows themselves to be taken over by entities which claim to be spirits of the dead, angels, deceased gurus or wise men, or even an alien beings… It is interesting to observe the consistent pattern that emerges in channeling from spirits, the deceased, and alien entities. Most messages speak of the following themes: reincarnation, and the teaching that humans are god's… It is striking to observe the parallels between New Age channeling and the demon possession cases in the New Testament. For example, New Age believer and promoter, Shirley Maclaine, recalls the first time that she met her spirit guide, "Ramtha" who is channeled through J.Z. Knight:… (

“A Brief History of Channeling” is at

See #31.


37. Positive Thinking (The Power of) “A Christian Critique of the Power Of Positive Thinking and the "Supreme Secret" of Napolean Hill, Norman Vincent Peale, Earl Nightingale, and others: Although Hill is credited with discovering the "Laws of the Universe" concerning PMA (positive mental attitude), it is extremely enlightening to discover how Hill claims to have come upon this "knowledge." In his book Grow Rich With Peace of Mind, Hill wrote: Now and again I have had evidence that unseen friends hover about me, unknowable to the ordinary senses. In my studies I discovered there is a group of strange beings who maintain a school of wisdom.... It all starts sounding alike after awhile. Whether it's ancient sorcery, occultism, the human potential movement, or PMA (Positive Mental Attitude), they all bear the footprints of the Serpent ("you shall be as Gods" cf. Genesis 3:5). In truth, there is a real battle going on, albeit of a spiritual nature (Ephesians 6:10-18). (

See a summary of Peale’s beliefs at The term “positive thinking” were taken from the founder of the   New Age  Unity School of Christianity, Charles Fillmore. Peale’s lack of respect for the authority of the Bible led him to teach in his later years that there were many ways to get to heaven… (


38. Masonry Freemasonry is probably the most devious of all of the One World movements because it uses men who are motivated to do good deeds and it uses a lot of biblical references in its dogma. By its own admission Masonry is not a Christian organization. (Karl)

The true Mason is not creed-bound. He realizes with the divine illumination of his lodge that as a Mason his religion must be universal: Christ, Buddha or Mohammed, the name means little, for he recognizes only the light and not the bearer. He worships at every shrine, bows before every altar, whether in temple, mosque or cathedral, realizing with his truer understanding the oneness of all spiritual truth. “ Manly P. Hall, 33rd degree, The Lost Keys of Freemasonry, Macoy Publishing and Masonic Supply Company, Inc., p. 65.

“It is the universal, eternal, immutable religion, such as God planted it in the heart of universal humanity...Masonry is a worship; but one in which all civilized men can unite…” Albert Pike, Morals and Dogma of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, 1871 L. H. Jenkins Inc., p. 219, 526, 213.

“Mystic Masonry is not only the key to the religion taught to all men in all ages from the very beginning of conscious life up to the present, but it holds the keys to these religious and is, in fact, the very repository of religion itself.....It has for its object the uniting of mankind into a Universal Brotherhood.”  Dr. R. Swinburne Clymer, Ancient Mystic Oriental Masonry, Its teachings, Rules, Laws and Present Usages which govern the Order at this present day, "True Masonry and the Universal Brotherhood of Man are One.", p. 24.

In addition to anti-Masonic material I have read much of the actual Masonic literature. It leaves no doubt in my mind that no Christian should be a Mason. Some of the anti-Masonic material correlates masonry with the Illuminati. I do not discount theories of Illuminati conspiracy, but have chosen not to pursue connections to the coming One World government/religion. One website says, “ These people (Masons) are called the torchbearers or lightbearers of the New World Order. A spiritual plan that has been traced to the time of Nimrod and the Tower of Babel, up through to the Illuminati and onwards. (

Masons have a deity that would work well with the coming One World Religion.

The Great Architect of the Universe (also Grand Architect of the Universe or Supreme Architect of the Universe) is a conception of God discussed by many Christian theologians and apologists. As a designation it is used within Freemasonry to neutrally represent whatever Supreme Being to which each member individually holds in adherence. It is also a Rosicrucian conception of God …  (

Rosicrucianism is a philosophical secret society (that) holds a doctrine or theology "built on esoteric truths of the ancient past", which, "concealed from the average man, provide insight into nature, the physical universe and the spiritual realm." Rosicrucianism is symbolized by the Rosy Cross. (

The Rosicrucian conception of God and the scheme of evolution

In God there are contained hosts of glorious Hierarchies and lesser beings of every grade of intelligence and stage of consciousness, from omniscience to an unconsciousness deeper than that of the deepest trance condition. During the current period of manifestation these various grades of beings are working to acquire more experience than they possessed at the beginning of this period of existence. Those who, in previous manifestations, have attained the highest degree of development work on those who have not yet evolved any consciousness.

The period of time devoted to the attainment of self-consciousness and to the building of the vehicles through which the spirit in man manifests, is called " Involution ". The succeeding period of existence, during which the individual human being develops self-consciousness into divine omniscience, is called " Evolution ". Every evolving being has within him a "force" which makes evolution not to be a mere enfoldment of latent germinal possibilities but a process where each individual differ from that of every other. This force, called " Epigenesis", provides the element of originality and gives scope to the creative ability which the evolving being is to cultivate that he may become a God.

The evolutionary scheme is carried through five of these Worlds in seven great Periods of manifestation, during which the evolving virgin spirit becomes first human and then a God.

Hermeticism: The Great Architect may also be a metaphor alluding to the godhead potentiality of every individual. "(God)... That invisible power which all know does exist, but understood by many different names, such as God, Spirit, Supreme Being, Intelligence, Mind, Energy, Nature and so forth." In the Hermetic Tradition, each and every person has the potential to become God…  (

The belief that there is a secret, ancient body of wisdom, surviving in written texts of the 2nd–3rd centuries AD, which accurately describes the workings of the natural and supernatural worlds, and that mastery of these texts would provide an enhanced understanding and control of nature. (

In Hermetic religion the supreme Deity, or Principle, is referred to variously as 'God', 'The All', or 'The One'.

Hermeticism encompasses both panentheism and Henotheism within its belief system, which teaches that there is The All, or one "Cause", of which we, and the entire universe, are all a part. Also it subscribes to the notion that other beings such as gods and angels, ascended masters and elementals exist in the Universe as parts of the All.

Rosicrucianism is a Hermetic/Christian movement dating back to the 15th century. It consists of a secretive inner body, and a more public outer body under the direction of the inner body.

This movement is symbolized by the rose (the soul) and the cross (the body of 4 elements). In other words, the human soul crucified on the cross of the material plane.

The Rosicrucian Order consists of a graded system (similar to The Order of Freemasons) in which members move up in rank and gain access to more knowledge.  (

Rose Cross

The symbol of a Rose Cross is interwoven in Masonry and Hermetics.


The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn (or, more commonly, the Golden Dawn) was a magical order active in Great Britain during the late 19th and early 20th centuries, which practiced theurgy [the practice of rituals, sometimes seen as magical in nature, performed with the intention of invoking the action or evoking the presence of one or more gods, especially with the goal of uniting with the divine, achieving henosis (union with what is fundamental in reality: the One), and perfecting oneself] and spiritual development. It has been one of the largest single influences on 20th-century Western occultism (the study of occult or hidden wisdom (forbidden knowledge).

Concepts of magic and ritual at the center of contemporary traditions, such as Wicca [Neopagan (i.e. pagan) religion and a form of modern witchcraft] and Thelema [developed by… ceremonial magician Aleister Crowley (who) believed himself to be the prophet of a new age], were inspired by the Golden Dawn.  (Also see the Common Thread Hub.)

The three founders, William Robert Woodman, William Wynn Westcott, and Samuel Liddell MacGregor Mathers were Freemasons and members of Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia (Rosicrucian Society of England). (

The 18th Degree of Masonry is the KNIGHT OF THE ROSE CROIX. From Masonic documents: “If anywhere brethren of a particular religious belief have been excluded from this degree, it merely shows how gravely the plans and purposes of Masonry may be misunderstood; for whenever the door of any one degree is closed against him who believes in one God and the soul's immortality, on account of the other tenets of his faith, that degree is no longer Masonry, which is universal, but some other thing, that is exclusive, and accordingly Intolerant, Each degree erects a platform on which the Israelite, the Mahommedan, and the Christian may stand side by side and hand in hand, as brethren." Whatever your religion, your birth- place, or your language, you are among brethren. One language is spoken in common, the language of the Scottish Rite of Masonry, which speaks directly to the heart.” (

See the Common Thread Hub.

Some scholars state that the " Rosicrucians and Freemasons were identical until 1633” or “the Freemasons were an offspring (mother-daughter relationship) of the more arcane Rosicrucians” or “that the relationship was of ‘a spiritual affinity’." (

For a good article on Masonry and the One World Religion see

Some anti-Masonic material claims that Masons worship Lucifer (the devil). See and

See #32 and #57.


39. Brennan Manning (Ragamuffin Gospel) teaches contemplative prayer as a way to God. When we understand the premise of contemplative, we realize that it is impossible to promote both grace and contemplative at the same time. Grace and contemplative are on opposite sides of the pole. They completely contradict each other. John Caddock, in his excellent article, “ What is Contemplative Spirituality and Why is it So Dangerous?” discusses this ragamuffin view of grace:

Manning makes statements which imply universalism. In The Signature of Jesus, for example, he says that contemplative spirituality (which he calls paschal spirituality) “looks upon human nature as fallen but redeemed, flawed but in essence good” (p. 125). For Manning the life, death, and resurrection of Christ mean that all are redeemed. There is nothing to be done to gain the life of God. Everyone already has it.

Manning says that God loves “all.” He is not speaking here merely of the compassion God has for the world which moved Him to send His Son to die for us (John 3:16). He is saying that God has already restored all people to a right relationship with Him. So while on the surface, Manning appears to be teaching God’s grace, it is a “grace” that has been distorted and twisted. And woven dangerously throughout Manning’s writings is a spirituality (contemplative) that will lead his followers more into the arms of mysticism and altered states of consciousness than into the arms of Jesus Christ.

Manning, is a special type of prayer which he calls “contemplative prayer” or “centering prayer.” For the uninitiated, this may not seem ominous. It may sound like what God calls us to do in His Word. It is not. It is ominous. It is a practice derived from Eastern mysticism. He says, “What masters of the interior life recommend is the discipline of ‘centering down’ throughout the day” (p. 94)…. He instructs the reader in the practice of centering prayer:

“[T]he first step in faith is to stop thinking about God at the time of prayer”(p. 212)! …

The second step, according to Manning, is to “without moving your lips, repeat the sacred word [or phrase] inwardly, slowly, and often” (p. 218)….

The third step concerns what to do when inevitable distractions come. The answer is to “simply return to listening to your sacred word. Gently return your mind to your sacred word.”

(Manning admires) numerous mystics (such as) Basil Pennington, Sue Monk Kidd, Anthony de Mello, Henri Nouwen, Francis de Sales, Gerald May as well as MarcusBorg, and Alan Jones. Every one of these names is connected with New Age mysticism and a unbiblical view of the gospel.

Unfortunately, the type of grace that Manning and these other authors promote is so intermingled with New Age thought that it is not the grace that Hebrews 4 speaks of but is rather a belief system that leads followers down a pantheistic, mystical path and further and further away from the Cross.

(Snips, slightly editied, from:


40. Islam How will Islam be incorporated into the One World Religion? That remains to be seen, but there is a hint provided by (what once would have been inconceivable) a movement to combine Christianity and Islam. Liberal mainline denominations are so far gone that it will be easy for them to fall into this absurdity. In 2010 some churches (such as Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church in Houston) had a sermon series on an ecumenical reconciliation between Christianity and Islam which included Korans in the pew racks and Sunday school literature on Mohammad’s “inspired” teachings.

A jazzed-up compromised group known as “the emerging church," is actually observing a Muslim holy month (Ramadan). Brian McLaren, Tony Campolo, Rick Warren and Robert Schuller are prominent spokesmen for that movement. I wonder if any of them are praying and fasting about opportunities to witness to Muslims about their need of salvation.

Going even further, an Episcopal priestess actually claimed to have become a “Christian-Muslim” and there is a growing group that is known as "Chrislam."
( and
chrislam- spreads-throughout-america/)  More about Chrislam can be found at

In 2011 Interfaith Alliance and Human Rights First via “ Faith Shared ” asked “houses of worship across the country to organize events involving clergy reading from each other’s sacred texts. An example would be a Christian Minister, Jewish Rabbi and Muslim Imam participating in a worship service or other event. (

The Yale Center for Faith and Culture declares that “the future of the world depends on peace between Muslims and Christians.” (

“Rome has been tilling this "common ground" with Islam for decades, as evidenced by the 1994 Vatican publication, Recognize the Spiritual Bonds Which Unite Us: 16 Years of Christian-Muslim Dialogue... Most people are aware of the veneration and even worship of Mary found among Roman Catholics, but not many know that much the same deference exists among Muslims. A chapter in the Qur'an is named after Mary ("Surah Maryam").”(

More about Chrislam is at and


41. Antichrist The identity of the coming anti-Christ is unknown. It would likely be someone like George Soros. A report states how Soros effects politics, media, and currencies worldwide. Soros “wants the world to be one global society without borders or individual governments.” “The main obstacle of a stable and just world order is the United States” according to Soros. (

If George Soros isn’t the world’s preeminent “malignant messianic narcissist,” he’ll do until the real thing comes along. (


42. Leftists/Left Wingers See:

Liberalism is Evil
Liberals Don't have a Leg to Stand On
Liberals Lambasted


43. Communism/Socialism The New World Order will be SOCIALISM. Read the United Nations declarations and treaties for proof of this fact… Socialism (communism) is always implemented through deception. History portrays a repetitive phenomenon...enslavement-revolt-freedom-apathy-enslavement… Today environment is being used to make people feel guilty, enticing them to accept socialism as necessary… The more one is dependent upon the State the more one is bound to State rules. I am not against helping those who need support, I am trying to explain the principle involved. The welfare system is a plank towards socialism. (

The Marxist conception of socialism is that of a specific historical phase that will displace capitalism and precede communism… Socialism from above refers to the viewpoint that reforms or revolutions for socialism will come from, or be led by, higher status members of society who desire a more rational, efficient economic system. Claude Henri de Saint-Simon, and later evolutionary economist Thorstein Veblen, believed that socialism would be the result of innovative engineers, scientists and technicians who want to organise society and the economy in a rational fashion, instead of the working-class. Social democracy is often advocated by intellectuals and the middle-class, as well as the working class segments of the population… The Financial crisis of 2007–2010 led to mainstream discussions as to whether "Marx was right." (

In his last term, President Clinton issued an Executive Order calling for all American schools to adopt "international education". International education is defined in detail in the U.N. World Declaration On Education For All 1990. It is School-To-Work for the world. The March-April 2000 issue of Foreign Affairs, written by officials in the Clinton administration, states that the new Federal system of education is based on standards developed by "international agreements". The U.N. World Conference On Education For All, states that the ultimate goal of education is "to work for international peace and solidarity in an interdependent world." That folks, is the beginning of the New One World Order.

The official title of the Nazi party was "The National Socialist Workers Party Of Germany". The Nazi's called themselves "The Children of the New Age of World Order". Those who challenged the Nazi's power were branded "conservative reactionaries" or worse yet, Christians were condemned as "right wing fanatics."

During Clinton's reign, New World Order Socialists publicly came out of the closet in the U.S. House of Representatives. The powerful and popular lobby called the Progressive Caucus now began openly espousing the principles of socialism and publicly signed onto the agenda of the Democratic Socialists of America. (There is a whole lot about the coming New World Order on this page.) (

A Marxist atheist trained in materialism, Harry Hay tried to find spirituality in his own confused sexual identity, eventually developing the idea that he was a “Radical Faerie” who had male and female traits. A communist, he was also a supporter of NAMBLA (North American Man-Boy Love Association).

 Education Department official Kevin Jennings says that Hay inspired him, and the Jennings-founded group, GLSEN, has promoted favorable material about Hay, the acknowledged founder of the modern “gay rights” movement, without offering any criticism or even acknowledgement of his defense of adult-child sex.

Hay in 1979 issued a call for a “Spiritual Conference for Radical Faeries” that included a poem from the notorious occultist Aleister Crowley. Stuart Timmons, author of The Trouble With Harry Hay, documents Hay’s involvement with Crowley, noting that Hay played the organ for the Los Angeles lodge of Crowley’s Order of the Eastern Temple, a “notorious anti-Christian spiritual group” where “homosexual sex-magic rituals” took place.

Hay referred to the “Faeries” as “sissy men” and they gathered in the woods to pay homage to the earth.

 Demonstrating that he was familiar with the career of Harry Hay, Obama Education Department official Kevin Jennings noted in his 1997 remarks that, “In 1948, he [Hay] tried to get people to join the Mattachine Society.” What Jennings did not say, perhaps deliberately so, was that the Mattachine Society was a communist front organization. (

Marxism is a subset of humanism (801) (T)he humanist and the Marxist belive fervently that the most humane, noble thing they can do is to usher in the proper society. (815) Both the humanist and the Marxist base their attitudes toward history and the future on the belief that evolution is a fact. Accordingly, all of life is on a grand march forward, progressing toward perfection. (837) Noebel, David A. Understanding the Times. Eugene, OR: Harvest House, 1991

Communism has been openly promoted as the platform of the New World Order to come…Imagine — Communism enthusiastically accepted, here in the United States of America. But there are a lot of labels and titles being thrown around… not just “Communism,” but also “Socialism,” “ Democratic Socialism ” (to take the “ edge off a bit) and “ Marxism. ” For those who still haven ’ t heard, the Black Lives Matter leaders have proudly admitted that they are trained Marxists…The Leftists “sell” all this to us using words like “income equality,” a “universal basic income,” and of course, they dangle lots of “free stuff” in front of our noses as an enticement… In multiple countries around the world — including Canada — it’s been OPENLY STATED in parliament that this is GOING to happen whether people want it or not: the elimination of all private property, a “universal basic income,” and re-education camps for those who don’t comply.

“No borders! No nations! Abolish deportation” w as chanted by rioters in January 2021 ( The chant is part of a large movement. Someone wrote, “That’s globalization in a nutshell. It’s no coincidence that from the beginning Marxism has always set its sights on worldwide domination.”


44. Emergent Church To illustrate how New Age and Emergent thinking and beliefs closely align I want to quote from an extensive interview given by Rev. Duke Tufty to the Kansas City Star June 13, 1998. Tufty is the leader of a recognized New Age cult (The Unity School of Christianity-see #69)… On the identity of God Tufty stated "You are an expression of God Spirit...of the oneness that exists with you and God...(life is) an experience of the oneness that exists with you and God" … Unity's leader commented on the reality of sin. "Contrary to some religious beliefs, you were not born a sinner, and there is no need for you to be reconciled with God for you are not separate from or in disfavor with God" … "There are many holy books like the Bhagavad Gita, Tao, Koran, Torah and Dhammapada that provide similar direction and inspiration for life. Each holy book provides a uniquely different spiritual path, but all paths move in the same direction and have an identical destination." (Please note that there couldn't be a more pointed endorsement of classic universalism than that.) … On the Unity website ( we read "Sin is our separation from God, the Good, in consciousness. Salvation is now--not something that occurs after death... Heaven and hell are states of consciousness, not geographical locations. We make our own heaven or hell here and now by our thoughts, words, and deeds."

Author, speaker and Emergent "Christian Futurist" Leonard Sweet writes about Contemplative Spirituality and the need for Christians to find the "Christ Consciousness"…Sweet says, "New Light embodiment means to be 'in connection' and 'in formation' with other Christians...The church is fundamentally one being, one person, a communion whose cells are connected to one another within the information network called the Christ consciousness." (Quantum Spirituality, p.122) He continues, "(There) are the traceable connections that exist between ourselves and others or objects, and the underlying holism of the universe. Transcendent state of consciousness" (p.234) TRANSLATION: We are all "one" with the Universe! (Note that Sweet was the featured speaker at Rick Warren's Saddleback Church "WIRED" Small Groups Conferences in February and May, 2008, held at Saddleback in California and in Atlanta, GA.)

Popular Emergent leader Rob Bell told a crowd in Grand Prairie, Texas that "repentance is not turning from sin. It is a 'celebration' of life in Christ." He further stated that anyone who tells you that you need to repent is not talking about Christianity. (The god's Aren't Angry Tour, Nov. 16, 2007)…Bell says " (This is) part of the problem with continually insisting that one of the absolutes of the Christian faith must be a belief that 'Scripture alone' is our guide. It sounds nice, but it is not true...When people say that all we need is the Bible, it is simply not true." (Velvet Elvis, p.68)

Emergent Brian McLaren wrote about the need to make converts in his book A Generous Orthodoxy. He said, "I don't believe making disciples must equal making adherents to the Christian religion. It may be advisable in many (if not all?) circumstances to help people become followers of Jesus and remain within their Buddhist, Hindu, or Jewish contexts. This will be hard, you say, and I agree. But frankly, it's not at all easy to be a follower of Jesus in many 'Christian' religious contexts, either." (p. 293)

Getting further away from Christianity every day, Emergent guru, Brian McLaren, has joined the throng of apostates, earth worshippers, environmental nut cases, New Age leaders, and outright occultists in something called "The Vision Project." (

An event closely tied to the Emergent Church is the goofy Wild Goose Festival. It is entangled with yoga, sodomy support and Gnosticism.

[Supposedly reaching out] to the new postmodern generation in a more relevant way than traditional Christianity...the emerging a full-scale ecumenical effort to unite all religions against biblical Christianity [through] mystical practices… The plan of the emerging church is to see the earth “healed” by bringing in a global, all-inclusive kingdom of God....The problem with an all-inclusive “kingdom” is that there is no room for a Savior who proclaims there is only one way to Heaven. (

Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.  Matthew 7:15

Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world. 1 John 4:1

But there were false prophets also among the people, even as there shall be false teachers among you, who privily shall bring in damnable heresies, even denying the Lord that bought them, and bring upon themselves swift destruction. 2 Peter 2:1

Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away. 2 Timothy 3:5

For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears; And they shall turn away [their] ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables. 2 Timothy 4:3-4

For there are certain men crept in unawares, who were before of old ordained to this condemnation, ungodly men, turning the grace of our God into lasciviousness, and denying the only Lord God, and our Lord Jesus Christ. Jude 1:4

New Age Mysticism and the Emergent Church

Emergent churches have rejected scripture and openly accept New Age ideas. For all you need to know about this heresy see:


See #32.


45. The Love Gospel Many people are angry with God for allowing evil and suffering to exist in this world, and yet they are also angry with the idea of God as judge. You can't have it both ways.

If you expect God to do something about the evil in this world, then you want God to judge.

The God who is truly scary is not the wrathful God of the Bible, but the god of the "judgmentless gospel," who closes his eyes to the evil of this world, shrugs his shoulders, and ignores it in the name of love.


The Love Gospel’s major emphasis is on love, brotherhood, and unity. It is the foundation of Ecumenism and the trend toward a one world religion that will reign as we approach the end of the age and the return of the Lord Jesus Christ.

To accomplish this unity, the Bible must be compromised or set aside. As doctrines of demons come into the Church the followers of the Love Gospel cry the loudest: "don't judge" or "you're causing division" and other such hollow arguments.

Mark 9: 38-41 is used to support the error. Jesus says that “He that is not against us is on our part.”

Are Christians creating division by standing for the truth that Jesus Christ is the ONLY way to God? (See John 14:6 Acts 4:12) Matthew 7:13 tells us that the way that leads to life is narrow and warns of false prophets.

This is the cry of the Love Gospel. Judge nothing (except) those who are eager to defend the truth of God's Word.

2 Peter 2:1 tells of false prophets and false teachers.

1 Timothy 4:1 warns that in the last days some will give heed to “doctrines of devils.” Interestingly, verse 3 reveals two key practices that will prevail with these deceivers is the destruction of marriage and abstaining from eating meat (which I think includes the current confusion over the value of animal life).

2 Timothy 4:3-4 states that the time will come when people will turn from the truth.

2 Corinthians 11:13-15 tells of “deceitful workers” and that “Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light” his ministers will appear to be righteous.  (

The false-love gospel only speaks about "believe" and "love." No talk about God's Law, sin, guilt before God, or repentance.

A false gospel results in false converts who then create false churches.

A man needs to see that he is a sinner before he will see his need for the Savior.

Now - you don't even have to preach at all! You just do random acts of kindness (and hope people get it).

The false-love gospel people have actually joined with the world in declaring God's means of saving man - the gospel preached - to be foolishness. I Corinthians 1:18 says "For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing."  (

Galatians 3:1: O foolish Galatians, who hath bewitched you…? All the witch doctors are not in India or Africa. Some of them are Doctors of Divinity standing in the pulpits, and they are bewitching people just as much as the Scripture said. They are bewitching them to a place where they will not believe the Gospel, and all the time the people are made to believe that they are hearing Gospel truth and that they can stake their eternal soul's welfare on it.

The Gospel will not pat you on the back when you are wrong. The Gospel will not make a way for you when you are not right.

God is love. That is His very nature, but this perverting of the Gospel by men who know nothing of the love of God endeavors to drag Him down to a human level.

God's love today according to religious derelicts is a growing toleration. (T)he love of God will have less toleration the farther you go with God and the straighter and more narrow your life will get. Furthermore, you will love it that way. I Corinthians 13:6

In Matthew 7:1 is the famous “judge not” verse. When read it context it is obvious that God does not want hypocrites judging. God was speaking to a people who were hypocrites.

"Another gospel" does not exclude any religious person from doing his thing as long as he allows us to do our thing. This is the love that lets you go ahead and believe like you want as long as you let us believe like we want.

The devil himself believes and trembles. (James 2:19) Therefore, there is only one hope of defeating this precious cause of the Church of God. What is the hope? Get them to pervert that Gospel. Get them to thinking in terms of men.

Most all of these religions have escape hatches and false clauses in them that will make room for your sins. They let you live right on in the life of sin, claim a great experience, and cause you to believe that somewhere out in the future you are going to make it all right.

Somebody said, "(God) is going to take us all to glory and we will all get out of this world." (I)f you live in sin and have never found the real deliverance of salvation before physical death comes on you, you will wake up in hell. (

(A) collection of liberals, apostates, Emergents, and other neo-evangelicals (signed) the now infamous document, "Loving God and Neighbor Together: A Christian Response to a Common Word Between Us and You."

Alongside extreme liberals the NAE President signed “Circle of Protection.” The "Circle of Protection" is straight out of the occult. (It)is utilized throughout the practices of magick, witchcraft, and satanism, and is a staple used in modern occult games. During this writing, a Google search revealed over 180,000 pages on the Internet that include the phrase "Circle of Protection" - including the NAE (National Association of "Evangelicals") website…

 As painful as it is to see the poor around us, Jesus assured us that they would alwaysbe with us. And for every time I hear a liberal or "red letter" Christian quote Matthew 25 on feeding the hungry and clothing the naked, I remember the balance Paul introduced when he told the Thessalonians, "...this we commanded you, that if any would not work, neither should he eat" (II Thess 3:10).

Indeed, we are to do whatever we can to help those in real need. Simultaneously though, it is our Christian responsibility to present to them the only lasting hope that any of us will ever have - the Gospel of Jesus Christ. (

See “Telling the Truth”.


46. Brenda Peterson The author of I Want to Be Left Behind… is disappointed that Christians seem to believe that animals will not be included in the Rapture because she loves animals of all kinds and has a particular fascination for snakes. She mentions that one of her favorite books is The Gnostic Gospels by Elaine Pagels, which seeks to show how Christianity might have developed if Gnostic texts had been accepted as part of the Christian Canon. Peters describes her fascination with the Gnostic serpent coiled around the earth and the "symbolic twining of the serpent with Christ the Messiah" (p. 175).

Drawing from Hinduism, Taoism, Hopi Indian shamanism, Buddhism, along with Christianity and environmentalism, her philosophy jumps from one idea to another. The difficulty in reading this book is to see her come close to the truth and then back away into another blend of all that she has taken in. None of her philosophies satisfies her by itself.

When the author was addressed directly by a family member as to exactly what belief she adhered, her reply was, "I do believe in a divine presence in this and all worlds. And I believe that every faith is sacred." (


47. Gaia philosophy (named after Gaia, Greek goddess of the Earth) is a broadly inclusive term for related concepts that living organisms on a planet will affect the nature of their environment in order to make the environment more suitable for life. This set of theories holds that all organisms on an extraterrestrial life-giving planet regulate the biosphere to the benefit of the whole. Gaia concept draws a connection between the survivability of a species (hence its evolutionary course) and its usefulness to the survival of other species.

While there were a number of precursors to Gaia theory, the first scientific form of this idea was proposed as the Gaia hypothesis by James Lovelock, a UK chemist, in 1970. The Gaia hypothesis deals with the concept of homeostasis, and claims the resident life forms of a host planet coupled with their environment have acted and act as a single, self-regulating system. This system includes the near-surface rocks, the soil, and the atmosphere. While controversial at first, various forms of this idea have become accepted to some degree by many within the scientific community (See Amsterdam declaration on Global Change). These theories are also significant in green politics.

There are some mystical, scientific and religious predecessors to the Gaia philosophy, which had a Gaia-like conceptual basis. Many religious mythologies had a view of Earth as being a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts (e.g. some Native American religions and various forms of shamanism. (

Many Neopagans (See “The Hub of the Thread”.) actively worship Gaia. Beliefs regarding Gaia vary, ranging from the common Wiccan (See “The Hub of the Thread”.) belief that Gaia is the Earth (or in some cases the spiritual embodiment of the earth, or the Goddess of the Earth), to the broader Neopagan belief that Gaia is the goddess of all creation, a Mother Goddess from which all other gods spring. Gaia is sometimes thought to embody the planets and the Earth, and sometimes thought to embody the entire universe. Worship of Gaia is varied, ranging from prostration to druidic ritual.

The mythological name was revived in 1979 by James Lovelock, in Gaia: A New Look at Life on Earth; his Gaia hypothesis was supported by Lynn Margulis (Carl Sagan’s wwidow—KCP). The hypothesis proposes that living organisms and inorganic material are part of a dynamic system that shapes the Earth's biosphere, and maintains the Earth as a fit environment for life. In some Gaia theory approaches the Earth itself is viewed as an organism with self-regulatory functions. Further books by Lovelock and others popularized the Gaia Hypothesis, which was widely embraced and passed into common usage as part of the heightened awareness of environmental concerns of the 1990s. (

"Gaia," the religion of the Earth Mother--Mother Nature--is essentially ancient pantheism. It is now returning, even in "Christian lands," in all its demonic power. When combined with the pervasive controls made possible by modern computerized systems technology, the global goals of evolutionary humanism seem very imminent indeed. (

See “Our Father in Heaven OR Our Mother the Earth?”. (

Gaia Education programmes EMPOWER change makers with inner and outer skills to redesign the human presence in the world. (emphasis in original) (

Gaia Education programmes  aim to equip students of all ages with the practical skills and analytical depth to design a society which uses energy and materials with greater efficiency, distributes wealth fairly and strives to eliminate the concept of waste. Students learn how to become sustainability designers and change agents taking active roles in transitioning their existing communities, institutions and neighbourhoods, to more sustainable patterns of production and consumption, as well as leading more joyful, meaningful and healthier lives. (

Gaia Education’s flagship curriculum, the EDE (Ecovillage Design Education), integrates the social, worldview, ecological and economic dimensions of sustainability. (

Gaia Trust is a Danish-based charitable association founded in 1987 on the initiative of Ross and Hildur Jackson, with the intention of supporting the transition to a sustainable and more spiritual future society through grants and proactive initiatives. (

We are one undivided whole on Earth and the healing of Mother Earth is a joint responsibility of all Humankind…. It is a place where God feels at home and where you would like to return in you next life. It is a place where we live according to the values of the major world religions of love, peace and solidarity with all. Where we celebrate and respect 4 billion years of evolution on the planet… It is thus a feminine utopia and a community utopia…The movement is one large Earth restoration project expressing the principles of Agenda 21, Earth Charter and living up to the goals of the ecological foot-print… Spirituality will be a major goal. How to open our hearts, to reach new levels of consciousness and understand the deeper levels of nature will be more interesting than technological fixes… Acceptance, tolerance, solidarity and love will be the fundamental values. Meditation and silent prayer will be seen as part of personal hygiene… agents of change… (

The first webinar in a series focuses on the most important issue of our times; climate change due to carbon emissions, caused by human activity. This topic is contained in the Ecological Dimension of the EDE Curriculum, One of their webinar presenters, Ross Jackson, author of the book “Occupy World Street”, puts forward an alternative international political/economic model to deal with the dilemma facing the world community and a concrete strategy to implement it. This webinar givea information presented in the Gaia Education EDE curriculum, including: > An understanding of how the global economy currently works and the urgency we face to create change. > Ways in which the global economy can be turned towards sustainability, and some of the solutions being proposed by our invited special presenter. Another presenter, Hildur Jackson, co-edited Gaia Education's Worldview key 4Keys: The Song of the Earth  ( which has a Social Key: Beyond You and Me… the first volume of Gaia Education’s Four Keys to Sustainable Communities series is a core text for their Ecovillage Design Education and is an official contribution to the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development; Economic Key: Gaian Economics … an overview of cutting edge thinking and practice in the evolution of an economy that serves the needs of people and planet; Designing Ecological Habitats - Creating a Sense of Place… Humanity's greatest challenge is to ensure that planet Earth can support human life far into future centuries by not only adapting to climate change but also by mitigating it”; Worldview Key: The Song of the Earth… brings together the voices of leading visionaries in science, spirituality, indigenous wisdom, innovative community, and social activism to paint a powerful portrait of new possibilities for the human family. People across the globe yearn for a new civilization of harmony and vibrant cooperation among all peoples – living in balance with the Earth. This vision is not a dreamy fantasy; it is the birthright of humanity. (

Gaia is a revival of Paganism that rejects Christianity, considers Christianity its biggest enemy, and views the Christian faith as its only obstacle to a global religion centered on Gaia worship and the uniting of all life forms around the goddess of "Mother Earth"…Gaia worship is at the very heart of today's environmental policy…More appealing to the New Agers and the interfaith movement is the mystical side of Gaia. They can easily relate to the belief that humans can have mystical experiences or a spiritual relationship with Gaia. A connectedness to nature and the belief that humans are a part of this collective consciousness called Gaia appeals to them…A document mandated by the U.N.-sponsored Convention on Biological Diversity, the Global Biodiversity Assessment, explicitly refers to Christianity as a faith that has set humans apart from nature and stripped nature of its sacred qualities…Members of this "Green Religion" will all agree that the Earth is in a crisis state and this ecological emergency is the result of Christian traditions.

The Gaia Theory posits that the organic and inorganic components of Planet Earth have evolved together as a single living, self-regulating system.

Also, see the Common Thread and search this page for “Gaia”.
Also see “Mother Earth” at 4, 8, and 33.


48. Druidry is a term used to describe the religious practices of two main groups of people, one historical and one modern.

The original Druids were the priestly and intellectual caste of the pre-Christian tribes of Britain, Ireland and Gaul (modern France) ~ the Druids may also have been part of tribes from a wider area of what are now loosely described as culturally Celtic peoples, but the evidence is currently too ambiguous to say for certain.

Modern Druid groups around the world are a very varied bunch. Some strive to maintain a strong continuity of belief and practice with the original Druids, whilst others engage in practices that are as much inspired by concepts from Hinduism, Wicca, Buddhism, Christianity etc as they are by any Insular Celtic ideas. For some people the term Druid is used more to convey a suggestion of "nature priest(ess)" than it is to imply a specific link to ancient practice.

Druids work to build harmonious relationships with deities, ancestors, spirits of the land, animals, trees, rocks, rivers and humanity, both through ritual activity and through their everyday actions. Some modern Druids perceive these spirit beings as real, whilst others regard them as more metaphorical or archetypal. (


49. Devil Worship/Satanism and Aleister Crowley, Timothy Leary See "The Hub of the Thread".


50. Catholicism One of the greatest dangers to Christianity today is the deliberate suppression of biblical truth for the sake of unity. The danger intensifies as we see many highly visible and influential Christians are jumping on the Vatican’s ecumenical bandwagon…The Vatican has made a concerted effort since 1965 to bring their "separated brothers’ back home to "holy mother the church."… The Vatican’s ecumenical movement goes beyond the unity of all professing Christians. Their strategy is to bring all religions under the power and influence of the papacy. (

The move toward the global church is called the "ecumenical movement." Spearheaded by the Roman Catholic Church, it is designed to bring all churches under the influence of the pope. Since the idea of love and unity is very appealing, many Christians have welcomed the idea, without thinking it through. (

In the present economic crisis, world leaders are increasing the call for a world government. Pope Benedict XVI issued a new “encyclical,” or official letter to the world, calling for “reform of the United Nations” so that it would have “real teeth.”…It would be charged with disarmament, food security, protection of the environment, and regulation of migration. “For all this, there is urgent need for a true world political authority,” the pope states…Another of the pope’s ideas is beginning to get some traction: that Jerusalem must be “internationalized.” (


51. The Alpha Course, though teaching some truth, also lays truth alongside error. The wooing of people using the gospel message, only to later enslave them in ritualism, works salvation, and occult manifestations is one of the great deceptions of our time. One of the cleverest ploys of the enemy in our day is to allow "unprincipled" men to use the salvation message as an enticement to unsuspecting and untrained people, while they secretly introduce false doctrine, thereby giving "the devil a foothold" for fleshly manifestations and temptations in their lives…The Bible says of this process: (2 Pet. 2:1 KJB). (

See #32 and #44.


52. The Vision Project" website ( is a compilation of essays fit for, well, the Antichrist.

Here are a few of (those involved) in The Vision Project:

Maurice Albertson, Founder, Village Earth, USA (Globalist)
Bono, Lead singer, U2, activist for the poor, Ireland (Globalist)
Andrew Cohen, Spiritual teacher, editor of What Is Enlightenment? magazine, USA (New Age Leader)
Michael Dowd, Evolutionary Christianity, USA*
The Earth Charter Initiative (A key Globalist/New World Order group)
Joseph Goldstein, Insight Meditation Society, USA (New Age Leader and Buddhist)
Barbara Marx Hubbard, Founder, The Foundation for Conscious Evolution, USA (Perhaps the most influential New Age author alive today!)
Joseph Jaworski, Global Leadership Initiative, USA (Globalist)
Michael Lerner, Tikkun, USA (New Ager and former guru to Hillary Clinton)
Sara McKechnie, President, Lucis Trust, USA (Originally named "The Lucifer Publishing Company," Lucis trust was founded to be a publishing arm for the works of Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, the infamous Russian telepathic spiritualist and medium, known as the god-mother of the modern occultic New Age Movement.)
Robert Muller, UN University for Peace, Costa Rica (One of the 20th century's most important Globalists.)

* Dowd is perhaps the foremost leader endorsing evolution to Christians…and along with his wife, Connie Barlow, teaches "Evolutionary Christianity" to diverse groups, including those identified as Christian, Unitarian Universalist, Unity Church, Free Thinkers, Religious Science, secular humanists, and Religious Naturalists. He readily associates with Buddhist teaching. (

Dr. Jean Houston, scholar, philosopher and researcher in Human Capacities, is one of the foremost visionary thinkers and doers of our time. She is long regarded as one of the principal founders of the Human Potential Movement.

Thirty-six years ago, along with her husband Dr. Robert Masters, Dr. Houston founded The Foundation for Mind Research. She is also the founder and principal teacher of the Mystery School, a program of cross-cultural, mythic and spiritual studies, dedicated to teaching history, philosophy, the New Physics, psychology, anthropology, myth and the many dimensions of human potential.

Grounded and responsive to each individual, this movement involves every area of the Earth in a conscious, self-organizing, life-serving planetary process. The Earth Herself is becoming a vast teaching-learning community, a new order of democratic biology, as individuals and groups learn as they participate and create together a new arena for social evolution….We have come to that stage where the real work of humanity begins. This is the time and place where we partner Creation in the recreation of ourselves, in the restoration of the biosphere, and in the assuming of a new kind of culture—what we might term a culture of kindness, in which we live daily life reconnected and recharged by the Source so as to become liberated in our inventiveness and engaged in the world and our tasks. (


53.  Transcendental Meditation One of Oprah's Allstars) is Mehmet Oz who is highly qualified for the job. He is a Sufi Muslim, given more to the metaphysical and experiential than to the legalism of Sharia law, which is practiced by most Muslims. His medical expertise lends credibility to his religious offerings, which reflect the Indian guru Mahesh more than Mohammed.

Oz is a national spokesperson for Transcendental Meditation, or TM, which was introduced to the U.S. in the late '60s by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (guru to the Beatles) as The Spiritual Regeneration Movement. It was pure Hinduism packaged for the West. However, legal issues related to the introduction of religion into the schools prevented its spread until the name was changed to TM, and it was subsequently repackaged and promoted as a scientific stress reducer that employed the use of meditation.

TM is currently back in the limelight not only for millions on daytime TV but also for evangelicals. Oz and two other medical doctors have been drafted by Rick Warren to "shape up" himself and his SaddlebackCommunityChurch, as well as all the thousands of evangelical churches that partner with Saddleback. Warren's "Daniel Plan" is an attempt to give biblical support for improving the physical welfare of overweight and out-of-shape believers. The "Daniel" reference is to the young man described in chapter one of the book of the Old Testament that bears his name. This is one more example of the biblical illiteracy that has infected the church through marketing, seeker-friendly, and purpose-driven programs that have weaned Christians off the Word of God and have all but completely eliminated their ability to discern what's biblical and what's not. Daniel was hardly an overweight teenager in need of an exercise, nutritional, and meditation program but rather a godly youth whose fear was that he would defile himself before his holy God.

But that doesn't sell today. All three doctors to whom the shepherd of Saddleback has turned his sheep over for their physical well-being feature occult meditation (See TBCNewswatch 2/11 ; Q&A, 3/11) in their programs under the pseudo-scientific labels of TM and the Relaxation Response (See America, the Sorcerer's New Apprentice). (


54. Any names in the list at the top that connect to this number are located in the Common Thread Hub. They may also appear on this page. Use the SEARCH (CTROL F) feature


55. NEA From the beginning, they were determined to destroy the old education system in order to build the collective world of their dreams. Reporting to the annual NEA meeting in 1935, Willard Givens (soon-to-be executive secretary) wrote: "...many drastic changes must be made....A dying 'laissez-faire' must be completely destroyed and all of us, including the 'owners', must be subjected to a large degree of social control.... The major function of the school is the social orientation of the individual. It must seek to give him understanding of the transition to a new social order. NEA: Trojan Horse in American Education (Samuel L. Blumenfeld, Phoenix, AZ: The Paradigm Company, 1985. pg.78)…

Their goals and tactics haven't changed. Take religion. Back in 1933, John Dewey co-authored the first Humanist Manifesto which called for a new world religion: "...a synthesizing and dynamic force for today must be shaped for the needs of this age. To establish such a religion is a major necessity of the presen.”

They have come a long way. Today, Christianity is banned from our government schools. Instead, students are immersed in the new global spirituality -- a contemporary, idealistic blend of all religions -- through classroom myths, rituals, symbols and multicultural experiences. This new spiritual synthesis has been adapted to fit the amoral, religious standards outlined by UNESCO's Declaration on the role of religion in a culture of peace and Declaration of Principles on Tolerance…

(T)he NEA shares the UN goals on every point. Small wonder, since its leaders helped establish the United Nations in the first place. Back in 1946, it celebrated the formation of UNESCO as "the culmination of a movement for the creation of an international agency of education." What the NEA had begun in secret would now be officially established by this new global management system. The NEA Journal announced the victory: "each member nation... has a duty to see to it that nothing in its curriculum... is contrary to UNESCO's aims."

The same year, a NEA-sponsored world conference drafted a Constitution for a World Organization of the Teaching Profession. It would be "a mighty force in aiding UNESCO," said William Carr, associate secretary of NEA's Education Policies Commission.

Indeed, it would. Like the UN, the NEA promotes abortion, disarmament, world government and everything outlined in Local Agenda 21, the radical framework for a totalitarian globalism under the banner of "Saving the Earth."

In other words, the NEA-UN blueprint for "lifelong learning" calls for a world-wide system of global standards and manipulative programs that would conform human resources of every age to its totalitarian aims. Our children would be trained, not just to conform to this system, but to be activists willing to serve, promote, spy and fight for a world government with zero tolerance for Biblical values or for the God we love. And every person would be monitored and assessed for their compliance with the ideals of our global managers.

The NEA let its philosophy leak out in 1974. “…it becomes clear that universe is trying to make humanity successful despite itself. Integration of all humanity’s vital interests around planet Earth involves doing away with all of the 150 sovereign states, wherefore world revolution is at hand. If it is bloody, all lose. If it is mind-conducted as a design science revolution, all humanity will win.” Fuller, R. Buckminster. “Remapping Our World.” Today’s Education Nov.-Dec. 1974: 110. The article was five full pages and three pages of full length single columns. On page 107 the author refers to the potential for humanity to “cross a cosmic threshold to a new era.” He suggests the cuase for human advancement is “purposeful overall evolution.” (pg. 109) Buckminster was a Unitarian and “ In 1927 Fuller resolved to think independently which included a commitment to ‘the search for the principles governing the universe and help advance the evolution of humanity in accordance with them... finding ways of doing more with less to the end that all people everywhere can have more and more.’" In his 1970 book I Seem To Be a Verb, he wrote: ‘I live on Earth at present, and I don't know what I am. I know that I am not a category. I am not a thing—a noun. I seem to be a verb, an evolutionary process—an integral function of the universe.’" ( The Institute that bears his name wants to design “ an abundant and restorative world economy that benefits all humanity.” ( Mr. Fuller is mentioned in the “Common Thread” article.

Harvard Professor Chris Dede, a global leader in the development of education technology programs, writes, "Sensory immersion helps learners grasp [a new] reality through illusion." (Chris Dede, "The Transformation of Distance Education to Distributed Learning) While this and other papers by Professor Dede focus on education technology, this paper emphasizes the value of sensory immersion into synthetic environments as a tool to mold minds by instilling a programmed perception of "reality."

This involuntary and unconscious process is part of a century-old plan for change. Professor Raymond Houghton described the vision in his 1970 book titled, To Nurture Humaneness, published by the curriculum arm of the National Education Association. He wrote, "...absolute behavior control is imminent....Man will...never self-consciously know that it has happened." Raymond Houghton, To Nurture Humaneness, ASCD (The Curriculum arm of the NEA), 1970. (

Reporting to the annual NEA meeting in 1935, Willard Givens (soon-to-be executive secretary) wrote: "The major function of the school is the social orientation of the individual. It must seek to give him understanding of the transition to a new social order." Samuel L. Blumenfeld, NEA: Trojan Horse in American Education (Phoenix, AZ: The Paradigm Company, 1985: 78).

"(P)rogressive" educators and utopian globalists...knew well that their biggest obstacle would be Christianity. Therefore their main assault would be directed at the uncompromising truths of the Bible. Trust and loyalty to God must be replaced by loyalty and submission to the greater whole -- the collective global village -- represented by a Marxist-oriented world government...(Now) students are immersed in the new global spirituality -- a contemporary, idealistic blend of all religions -- through classroom myths, rituals, symbols and multicultural experiences. This new spiritual synthesis has been adapted to fit the amoral, religious standards outlined by UNESCO's Declaration on the role of religion in a culture of peace and Declaration of Principles on Tolerance.

The NEA Journal announced..."each member nation... has a duty to see to it that nothing in its curriculum... is contrary to UNESCO's aims." The same year, a NEA-sponsored world conference drafted a Constitution for a World Organization of the Teaching Profession. [ Dennis Laurence Cuddy, Ph.D., Chronology of Education With Quotable Quotes (Highland City, FL: Pro Family Forum, Inc., 1993).

(T)he NEA-UN blueprint for "lifelong learning" calls for a world-wide system of global standards. (

1970. An editorial in NEA's Today's Education stated, "The change-agent teacher... is part of an association of colleagues in his local schools system, in his state and across the country that makes up an interlocking system of change-agent organizations. This kind of system is necessary because changing our society through the evolutionary educational process requires simultaneous action on three power levels." Dennis Laurence Cuddy, Ph.D., Chronology of Education With Quotable Quotes (Highland City, FL: Pro Family Forum, Inc., 1993). ( The Kanawha County Textbook Protesters saw this coming and sounded the alarm.

The NEA has always been a strong supporter of the United Nations and world government. It was instrumental in creating UNESCO as a future “World Board of Education.” In 1946, Joy Elmer Morgan, editor of the NEA Journal, wrote:

“In the struggle to establish an adequate world government, the teacher has many parts to play. He must begin with his own attitude and knowledge and purpose. He can do much to prepare the hearts and minds of children for global understanding and cooperation … At the very top of all the agencies which will assure the coming of world government must stand the school, the teacher and the organized profession.”

Much more is at


56. Deepak Chopra is an Indian medical doctor who learned advanced Transcendental Meditation technique. (htt p:// Now, according to new age promoter Ophra Winfrey, he is the “w orld-renowned expert on mind-body healing, the co-founder of the Chopra Center for Wellbeing in Carlsbad, California (which) focuses on topics like success, love, sexuality, relationships, well-being and spirituality.” ( He answers spiritual questions on Ophra’s site (

Although he dared to diss Darwin he is a true believer in evolutionism. In trying to make peace between science and religion (his way of perceiving the conflict) he lists six premises thereof which are:

>Consciousness preceded the brain. It created life and went on to create the brain itself.
>Consciousness is primary in the world; matter is secondary.
>Evolution is conscious and therefore creative. It isn't random.

He favorably cites Bruce Lipton (author of The Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness) as being “at the forefront of a growing movement. Some cutting-edge scientists belong to the movement, although it has roots in the new spirituality as well.

The basic premises that are able to cross the line between science and spirituality are these:

>We live in a conscious universe.
>Such a universe is constantly evolving.
>Humans are woven into the currents of cosmic evolution.
>The future of our own evolution will be based on conscious choice

There's no final reason why millions of people cannot wake up and decide that the good life is really about a choice to evolve. With that one insight planetary healing can begin.” (

To clarify his position, Chopra said, “Consciousness, creativity, orderliness, wholeness and evolution are inherent in the cosmos and within us.” (

Chopra includes Jesus in his New Age beliefs with his book The Third Jesus. The book “is about the consciousness of Jesus which was in touch with the source of all creation. If you can aspire to be at one with that consciousness, then you too can be in touch with the source of all creation. The Third Jesus takes you on a journey of inner transformation, so you truly understand the meanings of the phrases like ‘the kingdom of heaven is within you’…Each of these phrases that are drawn from the sayings of Jesus actually can be a trigger for your own inner transformation, so you move from ordinary states of consciousness to what is called "god consciousness" and "cosmic consciousness." (

His approach to medicine is based on Ayurveda which he dessssssribes as “ the science of life and it has a very basic, simple kind of approach, which is that we are part of the universe and the universe is intelligent and the human body is part of the cosmic body, and the human mind is part of the cosmic mind, and the atom and the universe are exactly the same thing, but with different form, and the more we are in touch with this deeper reality, from where everything comes, the more we will be able to heal ourselves and at the same time heal our planet.” (

Yoga is at the core of Copra’s religion as proven by a program he calls “Summoning the Sacred” described as “ our most intimate workshop with Deepak Chopra… Each day you’ll also go deeper into the timeless spiritual philosophy of Vedanta (a group of philosophical traditions concerned with the self-realisation (sic) by which one understands the ultimate nature of reality (which is) Brahman—the one supreme, universal Spirit that is the origin and support of the phenomenal universe), which is the foundation of many of the Chopra Center’s teachings. The teachings will be made personal through the lecture sessions as well as a combination of experiential activities that include advanced yogic practices and a unique experience of pranayama ("extension of the prana or breath" or more accurately, "extension of the life force" techniques (and other yoga techniques) to expand consciousness and the body's vital energy. Awaken the divine within you through a daily practice of Primordial Sound Meditation, Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga, and sacred silence.” (

He is co-author of Ask the Kabala with Mike "Zappy" Zapolin. See “Kabala” and “Zapolin”.

57. Kabala (Kabbalah) is a way of life. Now you, too, can be a part of this lifestyle and obtain essential guidance along the way. By exploring the mystical archetypes of the Old Testament, you'll come to learn how the Kabala can help you deepen your life and improve your patterns of behavior. (

The word "kabala" stems from the Hebrew root word "kabel," which means "to receive." To function on a mystical, kabalistic level, you have to be willing to let things in and to accept forces beyond and above your control.


58. Zapolin, Mike "Zappy" was a featured speaker at Harvard Business School's "Leadership, Values, and Spirituality" conference and claims to be a “leader in bringing lucid explanations of the Kabala, "the why of life", to people across the globe.” (

We cannot possibly deal with the whole of the numerology of the Craft on this occasion, but I can recommend the application of Kabbalistic principles to Freemasonry as a most fascinating study… (

59. Sociology August Comte’s goal for sociology was total unity and control of all humankind. United humanity, called the "Great Being" was his replacement for God. In the fourth volume of Positive Polity he claimed the whole earth for his Great Being: "The Great Being in its full prime, will take possession of its domain, the Earth, marking its proprietorship by effecting all the improvements compatible with the order of the whole, in accordance with the principle that particular action must in all cases be subordinate to the general unity." P. 54 (ttp://

As for the forms of government society should have, Comte favoured rule by the knowledgeable experts (positivist scientists and philosophers) whose decisions, exercised through government, would have to be obeyed by the people because the rulers know best. (

60. Humanism is an approach in study, philosophy, world view or practice that focuses on human values and concerns.

In 1929, Charles Francis Potter founded the First Humanist Society of New …Potter was a minister from the Unitarian tradition and in 1930 he and his wife, Clara Cook Potter, published Humanism: A New Religion.

(P)rominent Humanists include Julian Huxley of UNESCO (and), Brock Chisholm of the World Health Organization.

The original signers of the first Humanist Manifesto of 1933, declared themselves to be religious humanists …However, this "religion" did not profess a belief in any god. Since then two additional Manifestos were written to replace the first.

Manifesto II recognizes the following groups to be part of their naturalistic philosophy: “scientific,” “ethical,” “democratic,” “religious,” and “Marxist” humanism.

(Humanists) themselves in one of three ways. Religious Humanism…Secular Humanism… In order to sidestep disagreements between these two factions, recent Humanist proclamations define Humanism as a life stance; proponents of this view making up the third faction…all three groups rejects deference to supernatural beliefs and addresses ethics without reference to them, attesting that ethics is a human enterprise.

Humanism increasingly designates an inclusive sensibility for our species, planet and presumes an advocacy role for Humanists towards species governance, and this proactive stance is charged with a commensurate responsibility surpassing that of individual Humanism. It identifies pollution, militarism, nationalism, sexism, poverty and corruption as being persistent and addressable human character issues incompatible with the interests of our species. (

The opening paragraph of Humanist Manifesto II: “…Using technology wisely, we can control our environment, conquer poverty, markedly reduce disease, extend our life-span, significantly modify our behavior, alter the course of human evolution and cultural development, unlock vast new powers, and provide humankind with unparalleled opportunity for achieving an abundant and meaningful life.”

Also see “posthumanism” and “transhumanism” in the “Common Thread Hub”.


62. The Conscious Media Network ( had a video about "A New Global Economic Restructuring "that provides insight into how religious people will readily embrace the One World Government.. There is mention of spirituality at 7:45 and the closing of the video discloses this is part of the end times New Age One World Religion paradigm shift. ( When I checked the website (late 2011) it featured this quote of the month: “The evolution from human to divine consciousness involves healing duality and its legacy of karma and disease at the cellular and atomic levels.” – Sol Luckman.

Luckman's Phoenix Center for Regenetics offers "leading-edge services and materials for transforming the body, mind, and spirit. Paradigm-altering genetic research reveals that your DNA can be activated—noninvasively and even remotely—to actualize your full potential in all areas of your life: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual." (

The so-called scientific community will accept this religion.


63. Supra-humansHumans must at last attain the understanding and capability that will enable them to create a higher social order. The only viable way for this to occur is for an advanced group to constitute itself as a "saving remnant" that will leaven the larger culture with its higher knowledge and power… These supra-humans have undergone a spiritual transformation through initiation into a Higher Consciousness and are harbingers of the evolutionary Supra-Human. (


64. Sustainable Development is a division of the UN. All definitions of sustainable development require that we see the world as a system—a system that connects space; and a system that connects time. ( Based on the gaia hypothesis, originally proposed by James Lovelock, this new age religious movement (environmental agenda), cosmology, is woven throughout all of the major initiatives, forums, and organizations of the sustainable development agenda. ( Education has been advanced as significant in bringing about changes in attitudes, behaviour, beliefs and values...In order to redirect behaviour and values towards institutional change for sustainable development there is a need to investigate strategic options in relation to educational philosophies, scope for propagation and adoption, and groups most likely to be susceptible to change. Naresh Singh, "Empowerment for Sustainable Development: An Overview," Empowerment For Sustainable Development (Halifax, NS: Fernwood Publishing/Winnipeg, MB: International Institute for Sustainable Development, 1995), p.27. (

The 1988 Global Forum of Spiritual and Parliamentary Leaders for Human Survival began the marriage between religion and environmental objectives on a worldwide scale. From this conference, many additional forums around the world were organized to bring together world leaders in government, environment, religion, and science for the purpose of collaborating around the goals of sustainable development. The National Religious Partnership for the Environment (NRPE), created in 1993, came out of these global meetings. The NRPE developed a plan for "integrating issues of social justice and the environment" which included education and action kits to religious congregations around the world, training programs for religious students and leaders, and a variety of other worldwide actions specifically targeted to ensure that religious groups adopted the goals of this globalist environmental agenda. Worldwide religion, the objectives of sustainable development, and the Gaia movement all became wedded together into a tapestry which could only be woven effectively through broad-scale, worldwide control. (


65. “The idea of a world commonweal (the common welfare; the public good) has to be established as the criterion of political institutions, and also as the criterion of general conduct in hundreds of millions of brains. It has to dominate education everywhere in the world. When that end is achieved, then the world state will be achieved…” – H.G. Wells, The Salvaging of Civilization: The Probable Future of Mankind (New York: The Macmillan Company, 1921), p.21.


66. Dominionism has grown within evangelicalism. It is the belief that we (mankind) have a mandate to build the “kingdom of God” on earth, restoring paradise, by progressively and supernaturally transforming ourselves and all societal institutions, through subduing and ruling the earth by whatever means possible, including using technology, science and psycho-social engineering; and then and only then will a “Christ” manifest his presence on earth. Some Dominioist beliefs which are New Agey are:
>Jesus is seen as corrupted. He becomes a nebulous touchy-feely fellow, the object of our “passion,” a “god within,” a “force,” a “story,” a “king,” a “liberator from oppression,” one of many “christs.”
> The Church takes on the role of Jesus – it must redeem the earth, “advance” or build the kingdom of God spiritually and/or physically, take over governments so that it can rule and reign on earth, and restore everything to its “proper” order.
>Evangelization—believing that entire nations or “people groups” can be collectively saved, including by manipulative methods such as psycho-social group consensus.
>Substituted for the true Gospel is a man-centered Social Gospel of community transformation.
>Speaking of the Holy Spirit as a force, an emanation, something that can be manipulated or invoked, imparted by human activities, etc., especially through manifestations of “signs and wonders.”
>The teaching that the Church is evolving into little gods, a “new breed,” or an “elect seed” for a transformed endtime “
>The belief that this generation has a unique DNA or extraordinary special gifting from God. Or, worse, the idea that man can create a “new man” either mystically and/or through a better DNA. The idea that man can be perfected to pre-Fall conditions.
>Looking for “elect Seeds” to raise up the kingdom government.
>The idea that we are evolving into higher-order Christians with special higher powers.
>The idea that we are coming to newer and better understandings of God’s Word and are progressively growing more spiritual as a result.
>Teaching that Christians can attain a higher consciousness, develop higher powers, achieve immortalization, and even conquer death.
>The belief in secret knowledge (GNOSIS), that God is giving new instructions to the church today, new “Rhema” words, even new Scripture.
>The use of decrees, impartations, invocations and paranormal phenomena for kingdom pursuits.
>Techno-man – reinventing, healing or perfecting human beings, and creating a “new man” by psychic or scientific methods. Perfecting the race.
>The use of altered states of consciousness to reach higher spiritual levels for the purpose of achieving human deification or perfection.
>The use of contemplation and meditation. hypnotic music, drumming, dance, pagan rituals and rites.
>Guided imagery, visualization, active imagination, and other occult practices that connect with or invoke the divine.
>The idea that there are sacred places on earth, holier than other spots, that can be accessed and manipulated for spiritual purposes.
>Prayer walks, labyrinths, and other meditative techniques that are located in sacred spaces.
>“Collective Consciousness” – the idea that there is a “fusion” when enough diverse spiritual energy collects together.
>A form of “harmonic convergence” – the idea that by combining spiritual forces, God will be more likely to listen to prayer, or that only by praying en masse will He agree to shift things on earth.
>Co-evolution, co-creation – the collaboration by humanity in the ongoing process of the evolution of creation, readying the planet for a coming “Christ.”

Dominionism is always an aberration of true Christian theology.


67. Anthony "Tony" Robbins conducts a four day seminar called “Unleash the Power Within”. P romoted at the seminars is “Mastery University” which has featured guest lecturer Deepak Chopra (see #56). One of his books is Awaken the Giant Within. In 1994, President BillClinton invited Robbins, Marianne Williamson (see #68) and Steven R. Covey (see #20) to a meeting at Camp David. (


68. Marianne Williamson is a spiritual activist, founder of The Peace Alliance, and teacher in the Unity Church (see #69). Her philosophy adopts a New Thought (see #70) approach to spirituality. She tries to incorporate ideals originally established in Christianity and Judaism ] with a new-age light, using statements such as "You've committed no sins, just mistakes." She also promotes tenets of Zen Buddhism... (

The left-wing Mother Jones magazine says Williamson doesn't like questions about her power as a priestess of the New Age, doesn't much like being questioned about her path to enlightenment...(Who is) an unembarrassed political liberal... Williamson's first book was the 1992 A Return to Love, which sold 750,000 copies in hardback, an equal number in paperback, and spent 39 weeks on the New York Times best-seller list. The book even won her a coveted on-air chat with Oprah Winfrey. A Return to Love was Williamson's interpretation of the much deeper, more demanding A Course in Miracles, which Williamson describes as a "self-study program of spiritual psychotherapy." Written by psychologist Helen Schucman between 1965 and 1972, the three-volume Course bills itself as a correction to Christianity -- beginning from a premise of original innocence rather than one of original sin, for example, and focusing on the metaphysics of identity and ego formation. Schucman, who died in 1981, said that Jesus had dictated the books to her. At first, Williamson was turned off by Course's heavy emphasis on Christianity. But she ultimately reconciled it with her Jewish upbringing,.. Offering religion without rules, salvation without sacrifice, the former cabaret singer has remade herself into the perfect priestess for a culture steeped in pop... Sure, Jesus was the son of God, she says, but then so are you and you and you. All of us have messianic potential... She was invited to the White House to share her thoughts with Hillary Clinton. ( Also see #74.


69. Unity Church is a spiritual philosophical movement within the wider New Thought (see #7) movement. It claims to be Christian but maintains that there is good in every approach to God and in every religion that is filling someone's needs. Its position holds that one should not focus on past sins but on the potential good in all. ( Unity Church teaches that Atonement is the reconciliation of our minds with the Divine Mind. It says that the Holy Spirit is a latent power within every one of us. "Problems" disappear when you think correctly; that is, when you think according to the principles of divine mind as revealed in Unity. God is within us all as well as creation. God slumbers in the rocks. God stirs in the flowers. God awakens in Man. (


70. New Thought teaches that "God" or "Infinite Intelligence" is "supreme, universal, and everlasting", that divinity dwells within each person”. (


71, Silva Mind Control bases its methodology on the split-brain work of Roger Sperry and others. José Silva expanded upon the highly controversial right brain/left brain premise…Silva Mind Control or the Silva Method espouses beliefs and teachings that point its subjects towards the goal of bettering humanity. Its methodology includes positive thinking, visualization, meditation, and self-hypnosis. José Silva taught that through right brain thinking individuals could connect with a “higher intelligence” or what he termed “Christ consciousness”…Despite his use of the name “Christ” here, Silva’s teachings emphasize powers within the self.

The banner headline on the Silva website is: “Enriching the Planet by Empowering the Individual - A Better You, A Better World”.


72. Spirit Science

From the FAQ page:

(Q) I’ve read across several scriptures such as the Bible and Quran that Homosexuality is a Sin, and that “God” punished those who practiced it. On the other side of the coin, it is perfectly normal to find in Nature ~ And Nature IS God, so what gives?

(A) It is important to remember that regardless of what any doctrine or religion has written ~ Those words are written by Men. You answered your own question, it is in nature, there is no separation, we are all one. Each of us have the free will to explore whatever we desire ~ The only judgements that should be considered are your own to yourself. Worry not of the words of others, go with what feels right, and if something such as homosexuality feels “wrong” to you, ask yourself: Why do you feel that way?

To be a Whole Person is to be both Male and Female inside, regardless of the physical gender of your 3 dimensional body. You can quite literally be anything or be with anyone, you need only allow yourself the freedom to say Yes to the All.

Also see “‘The Riddle’: The United Nations and Homosexuality” at

Excerpts from other answers:...what will happen in 2012? I feel that the human race will split into 3 different sections. There will be the Ascension group. Many of the pure indigo children, individuals who have remained less distorted (there’s not many people like that..) The people who do their DNA reactivations and allow these higher energies into their body and anchor them there. After 2012, most, if not all of these people will be able to ascend into these higher levels. According to the guardian alliance, these ascension stargates will be open for 200 earth years, and then they will close. They are the ‘emergency backup stargates’, because all of the regular stargates have been taken control by the Galactic Federation and other races... A 2 year old and a 60 year old are both infinity old, but they have been on this plane for the respected amount of time that each of them has been. Further, as they continue their lives, their understanding grows and develops, and they become more in the know and they “evolve in consciousness”... We can look at human history and see different cycles of our evolution. We can always say “Okay, what was this species before that? and before that? and before that?” and it works the same way in the future too, what will it be next? and next?... Christ consciousness will awaken within all of those who are on a path of love... To communicate with your guides, simply be present with them. Go into a meditation, and allow yourself to become clear within yourself. Focus on your heart, and if there is anything that continually pops into your mind, just flow with it. Allow the thought to exist, be with it, and when the time is right, when it feels right ~ Think of your guide. Ask them for assistance.

As to where he (whoever he is) gets his information: If you do some research on Chakras or Channeling you can find out tons of information about them, the trick is just compiling it into a solid video so that anyone can understand it. However, when it comes to the more intricate info, such as the Flower of Life and and the Human History story, a lot of the info comes from a book called The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life by Drunvalo Melchizidek. The book is intensely fascinating, Drunvalo tells his own story about how he was a physicist that felt he wasn’t getting the answers he sought, so he moved to nature and was visited by 2 angels and a being named Thoth, who began teaching and working with him for a span of 25 years or so. Over that portion of his life, he learned about the geometries of the universe and Thoth gave him his version of history and what happened.

At one of their gatherings called “A healing weekend filled with Synergy, Serenity & Synchronicity” they had “Collective Guided Meditation,” “Multiple Yoga Choices,” and “Inspired Kirtan Experiences” (chanting hymns or mantras to the accompaniment of instruments…It is a major practice in Vaisnava (branch of Hinduism) devotionalism, Sikhism (a religion founded in India in the 15 th Century), the Sant traditions (an Indian term that can mean “people who have attained and realised God”), and some forms of Buddhism, as well as other religious groups (


73. The LCWR (Leadership Conference of Women Religious) had New Age leader Barbara Marx Hubbard as their 2012 Convention speaker telling all that "God is not 3 Guys in the Sky." The theme of that convention was "MYSTERY UNFOLDING: LEADING IN THE EVOLUTIONARY NOW." Hubbard told them, "You are the best seed bed for evolving the 'Church' and the world in the 21st Century." (


74. The Peace Alliance--was founded by New Age leaders Marianne Williamson and Neale Donald Walsch. ( (In 2005, The Global Renaissance Alliance transitioned into The Peace Alliance.)  (Marianne) Williamson and Conversations with God author Neale Donald Walsch co-founded the American Renaissance Alliance in 1997, that later became the Global Renaissance Alliance of New Age leaders, that changed its name again in 2005 to the Peace Alliance. This Peace Alliance seeks to usher in an era of global peace founded on the principles of a New Age/New Spirituality that they are now referring to as a "civil rights movement for the soul." They all agree that the principles of this New Age/New Spirituality are clearly articulated in A Course in Miracles--which is fast becoming the New Age Bible.


75. World Future Society Barbara Marx Hubbard’s was a co-founding board member. Brian McLarenspoke at the 2008 annual conference. The brochure said his session would “explore the weak signals of change that are sounding across the religious landscape and how younger evangelicals are increasingly rejecting doomsday theology, preemptive war doctrine, the prosperity gospel, or a singular emphasis on individual salvation to focus on global climate change, genocide in Darfur, extinction of species, fair trade and ethical buying, exploitive employment practices, and community foresight.” (


76. Neale Donald Walsch heard a voice behind him: “Neale, do you really want answers to all these questions, or are you just venting?” He identifies the voice as God’s. Out of this alleged encounter, came Walsch’s book, Conversations with God... Walsch’s “theology” certainly is not from the real God. It is as wild as anything imaginable. It is blasphemous, contradictory, and downright absurd. Consider the following. (He claims) that this “God” told him to “forgive his own sins.” (and that) “good and evil are mere illusions.” (

In (his) book (The New Revelations: A Conversation with God) Walsch announced that "God" was now offering humanity an opportunity to avert self- destruction, and achieve world peace, by accepting the principles of his New Spirituality. Walsch explained that "God" was proposing a post-September 11th "PEACE Plan" that would help to bring the world's widely varying religions and belief systems closer together… Walsch's New Age "God" warned that the New Spirituality will necessitate a willingness to compromise… Walsch's "God" explained that in the near future established religions may still retain the general nature of their individual identities. But he severely warned that a "self-centered" and "exclusivistic" belief in a personal Savior would not be conducive to a world seeking peace and harmony… "God" then described his solution for how humanity can learn to live together through "combined effort" and "collective co-creation." By cleverly removing the word "age" from "New Age Spirituality," Walsch's "God" called his repackaged New Age solution, the "New Spirituality." (

Also see #74.


77. Transhumaism Current humanity need not be the endpoint of evolution. Transhumanists hope that by responsible use of science, technology, and other rational means we shall eventually manage to become posthuman, beings with vastly greater capacities than present human beings have. ( Transhumanism stresses the evolutionary perspective, including sometimes the creation of a highly intelligent animal species by way of cognitive enhancement (i.e. biological uplift), but clings to a "posthuman future" as the final goal of participant evolution. Participant evolution is a process of deliberately redesigning the human body and brain using technological means, rather than through the natural processes of mutation and natural selection.

Transhumanist philosophers argue that there not only exists a perfectionist ethical imperative for humans to strive for progress and improvement of the human condition but that it is possible and desirable for humanity to enter a transhuman phase of existence, in which humans are in control of their own evolution. In such a phase, natural evolution would be replaced with deliberate change.

Many transhumanists believe in the compatibility of human minds with computer hardware, with the theoretical implication that human consciousness may someday be transferred to alternative media, a speculative technique commonly known as " mind uploading ". One extreme formulation of this idea, which some transhumanists are interested in, is the proposal of the " Omega Point " by Christian cosmologist Frank Tipler. Drawing upon ideas in digitalism, Tipler has advanced the notion that the collapse of the Universe billions of years hence could create the conditions for the perpetuation of humanity in a simulated reality within a megacomputer, and thus achieve a form of " posthuman godhood ". Tipler's thought was inspired by the writings of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, a paleontologist and Jesuit theologian who saw an evolutionary telos in the development of an encompassing noosphere, a global consciousness. (

Transhumanism's Utopian Fantasyland: (Transhumanism is a) movement is driven by a neurotic fear of suffering--terror of death--and a loathing of the normal vicissitudes of human living… We become the next step in evolution--and that will mean humanity, as we know it, will come to an end… Realize that part of this supposed Nirvana includes genetic manipulation of progeny, remaking them in the parents' image. In other words, they would not be free, but pre-programmed to serve the desires of their manufacturers. Even more disturbing is the transhumanist belief that "science" can end human death, as well as bring about an end to "suffering"… Utopians believe that ends justify means. For example, up-and-comer transhumanist Zoltan Istvan has said that impeding transhumanism would be a just cause for war. And what could be a more Utopian end than  no more suffering? Very dangerous stuff. Fantasies. But if enough people get aboard the transhumanist Fantasyland ride, people could get hurt. (

Give Me That New Time Transhumanism!: Why consider ourselves made in the likeness and image of God, when we can recreate ourselves in our own, individually designed, “post human” image?  Why worry about heaven, hell, or the karmic conditions in which we will be reincarnated when we can instead enjoy radical life extension, perhaps even attain immortality by uploading our minds into computers?  

(T)ranshumanists seek to “seize control of human evolution” by harnessing the naked power of biotech, cyber tech, and computer tech, to engineer into themselves the powers of movie super-heroes and, eventually, achieve life without end…(T)ranshumanism’s primary purpose is to substitute religious belief with a nonjudgmental and ironic technological echo of Christian eschatology. Consider:

>Christ’s second coming and the Singularity are both expected to occur at a specific moment in time.
>Both lead to death’s final defeat: for Christians, in the “New Jerusalem,” and for transhumanists, in their embrace of a corporeal post-humanity.
>For Christian believers, life in the hereafter will mean an end to all suffering. Likewise the Singularity, for transhumanists. Indeed, eliminating suffering in fleshly living is one of transhumanism’s major aims.
>Christians expect to live in glorified bodies that are both real and immortal. Kurzweil’s promise of what he calls “non-biological bodies” appears to be a similar concept.
>Transhumanism even predicts that the already dead will be raised, an offshoot of a core principle of Christian faith.

Transhumanism, an attack on the order of creation itself. Transhumanism is the movement to create a new, “higher” form of humans better than “homo-sapiens” through genetic modifications (including the blending of human and animal DNA), computer-based artificial intelligence, and physical augmentation of human bodies with robotic components. Once exclusively the realm of science fiction, it is the emerging next wave of human “evolution” that “transgenderism” is preparing the younger generations to accept as normalcy. Self-proclaimed “transspecies” individuals are already being celebrated. And World Economic Forum boss Klaus Schwab, an advocate for bringing in a “Great Reset” via education, is leading the charge for merging man and machine, even publicly advocating for microchips to be fused to people’s brains.

See #118.


78. World Peace Prayer Society MISSION STATEMENT: The Power of Thought
Thought forms create an energetic field strong enough to empower the course of planetary destiny. On the main page: The Universal Message and Prayer, May Peace Prevail On Earth, was conceived in a moment of great inspiration by Masahisa Goi
… ( When we speak the words, May Peace Prevail on Earth imagine that the frequency and energy field of Love, Peace and Harmony reaches the kingdom of plants animals and all of Creation including our solar system, the cosmos and the Universe at large. Besides yoga, Goi studied “various esoteric (designed for or understood by the specially initiated alone—Merriam-Webster) he “ received a series of rigorous spiritual training through the guidance of his Guardian Deities.” ( Guardian Dieties are beings of “great power” that rule over mystical realms. ( These are likely the same entities of the Buddist Zodiac. ( Also, see Goi said, “ "heaven" refers to the realm that is the interior part of a human being, and that the "divine self" is none other than the selfless light existing in our innermost depths.” ( His book, God and Man, “provides a clear picture of the spiritual dimensions of the Universe and how we may transcend past-life cycles of karma to attain our natural state of Infinite Love, Wisdom, and Joy.”


79. One World Education works with students and teachers in schools and communities through its two signature programs: Culture & Global Issues Reflection Program and The One World Curriculum…Culture & Global Issues Reflection Program: Middle and high school students submit writing about experiences with culture, local and global issues. (

One World Education provides middle and high school Common Core literacy programs and publishes student essays about cultural and global issues...The One World Curriculum is a free, CCSS (Common Core State Standards)-aligned, teacher-created database offering hundreds of project-based lessons and comprehension assessments built around student writing, which cultivates classroom engagement and critical thinking. (

Most units include project-based Learning Activities - lesson plans built around One World Reflection topics.  “Reflection prompts” express the insights, perspectives, and observations made by the young person who wrote the Reflection. Learning Activities allow for deeper exploration of the topics touched on in the Reflection. Activities are engaging and interdisciplinary. (

One World Youth Project connects educational institutions globally to prepare students for the 21st century. The "One World Hub" program engages university students in service-learning by empowering them as facilitators of a global education curriculum in local middle/high school classrooms.

As they move into the second semester with OWYP (One World Youth Project), students will continue to learn about ways to communicate with people in other cultures by analyzing different forms and systems of communication. They will then be prepared to participate in collaborative dialogues to create change by identifying key community players and exploring ways to engage them in conversations around community issues.  (emphasis in the original) (

One World Youth Project links schools around the world to build generations of discerning, empathetic and empowered global citizens…University students become leaders to local 10-14 year olds...

Duston Heuston of Utah’s World Institute for computer assisted teaching said, “We’ve been absolutely staggered by realizing that the computer has the capability to act as if it were ten of the top   psychologists working with one student.”

“Common Core (CC) is being used as a very effective DIVERSION from the serious problem of tax-supported school choice which will lock up ALL children worldwide in the computerized Communist /OBE (Outcome Based Ed) workforce training system necessary for a planned global economy.” (Charlotte Iserbyt who served as the Senior Policy Advisor in the Office of Educational Research and Improvement (OERI), U.S. Department of Education    and authored The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America.)

Be sure to see #6 and #81.


80. World Core Curriculum for Global Education Robert Muller (see #4) is known as “The Father of Global Education.” There are 29 Robert Muller schools around the world with more being established each year. The "World Core Curriculum" earned him the UNESCO Peace Education Prize in 1989. He has recently drawn up a "Framework for World Media Coverage" as public service, as well as a "Frame work for planetary and Cosmic Consciousness" and a "Framework for the Arts and Culture."

World Core Curriculum goal is to "steer our children towards global citizenship, earth-centered beliefs, socialist values and collective mindset which is becoming a requirement for the 21st century workforce." New Man Magazine, July-August 1995, p. 85-86.

In “A Letter to All Educators in the World” Muller wrote: Former UN Secretary-General U Thant (his religion was Theravada Buddhism) who was a teacher and master to me, often had this comment: "Robert, the world will not change and find peace, if there is not a new education." He was entirely right. And today I would add: the world will not change and will not find peace if there is not a new media. History will prove that Gloria Crook *, U Thant and the United Nations were right. The quicker all educators and media will listen to them, the quicker we will get out of the present confusion and find a new, promising way of our progress and evolution. Please, all teachers of the world, listen to them. ( (emphasis added)

There are lots of revealing quotes from Muller, but this one is powerful. "I am more and more drawn to some of the very simple but extremely important teachings of the Christ and of all the great prophets and visionaries. I am increasingly convinced that what they forsaw is beggening to become a reality on this planet and that humanity is transcending or metamorphosing itself into what those great dreamers, visionaries and prophets envisioned." Muller, R. World Happiness and Cooperation, p. 117-118

Muller wanted “all schools of this Earth will teach about the United Nations, which is the young people's greatest hope and will be their instrument of global action when they are grown up… that the media who have a major role as educators will inform, teach, illustrate and make audiences participate in the building of a better world…. I hope that all social and political sciences will follow the example of the exact sciences and become global. We need most urgently a global anthropology, a global sociology, a global psychology and a global political and administrative science (planetics and gaiamanagement).” ( (emphasis added)

The World Core Curriculum features a “New Genesis.” Here is part of it: And God saw that humans were loving the entire creation, the stars and the sun, the day and the night, the air and the oceans, the earth and the waters, the fishes and the fowl, the flowers and herbs, and all their human brethren and sisters. And God said: That is good. And it was the third day of the Planet of Happiness. ( (emphasis added)

Not surprisingly there is Education for the New Age by Alice Bailey (see #) and Djwhal Khul which plugs the Ansi Yoga series of publications and lists works they coauthored such as “Letters on Occult Meditation” and “The Reappearance of the Christ.”

Chapter I The Objectives of the New Education
Spiritually. By this I mean that the apparent age of the soul under consideration will be studied, and the place on the ladder of evolution will be approximately noted; mystical and introspective tendencies will be considered and their apparent lack noted. (6) (emphasis added)

Chapter III The Next Step in the Mental Development of Humanity
What will be the next evolutionary development in the educational world?... We need also to realize that we must do two things: We must place the emphasis educationally upon those who are under sixteen years of age (and the younger the better) and, secondly, that we must begin with what we have, even whilst recognizing the limitations of the present systems. (6) (emphasis added)

An international system of education, developed in joint conference by broadminded teachers and educational authorities in every country, is today a crying need and would provide a major asset in preserving world peace… He will learn that the religious differences are largely the result of man made quarrels over human interpretations of truth… Much greater care will have to be given in picking and training the teachers of the future. Their mental attainments and their knowledge of their particular subject will be of importance, but more important still will be the need for them to be free from prejudice and to see all men as members of a great family. (10) (emphasis added)

Three major sciences will eventually dominate the field of education in the new age…The Science of the Antahkarana…The Science of Meditation… The Science of Service grows normally and naturally out of the successful application of the other two sciences. As the linking up of soul and personality proceeds, and as the knowledge of the plan and the light of the soul pour into the brain consciousness, the normal result is the subordination of the lower to the higher. Identification with group purposes and plans is the natural attribute of the soul. (14) (emphasis added)

We have now laid the ground for a consideration of the three sciences which will dominate the thought of educators in the coming age. The building and the development of the antahkarana, the development of the power to control life and to work white magic through the science of meditation… These will also cause a radical change in the attitude of parents towards their children and in the methods which they employ to train and teach them when they are very young and in the formative years of their consciousness. It should here be remembered that these parents themselves will have been brought up under this new and different regime and will themselves have been developed [98] under this changed mode of approaching the educational process. What may therefore seem to you mystical and vague (because of its newness, or its idealism and its emphasis upon a seeming abstract group consciousness), will seem to them normal and natural. (15) ( (emphasis added)

One aspect of the World Core from the UN website: Spiritual exercises of interiority, meditation prayer, communication with the universe, eternity and God. And, along with The Dalai Lama, there is this quote: "I dream that all children of the world will be linked together in a common understanding of Mother Earth and all gifts of life." -- Jake Swamp, Chief Mohawk Nation
( (emphasis added)

World Core Curriculum is part of UNESCO. (

“To achieve world government, it is necessary to remove from the minds of men their individualism, loyalty to family traditions, national patriotism and religious dogmas..." [The former director of the World Health Organization, Dr. Brook Chisolm The Christian World Report (March 1991, Vol. 3, No. 3). p.8; Christian World Report (July 1989. Vol 1. No. 5). p.1] (

There is a connection between World Core and Common Core. The Common Core architect, David Coleman, can be connected the Chicago school system and to Barack Obama and Bill Ayers. ( Coleman “has never been a classroom teacher and wants to replace traditional subjects with broad learning. He believes there is "a massive social injustice in this country" and that education is "the engine of social justice." Coleman's leadership is questionable as he uses profanity ("s--t, f--k, bulls-t, a--) in speeches regarding Common Core… Nationalizing education via Common Core is about promoting an agenda of Anti-capitalism, sustainability, white guilt, global citizenship, self-esteem, affective math, and culture sensitive spelling and language. This is done in the name of consciousness raising, moral relativity, fairness, diversity, and multiculturalism.” His Marxist mother is not much different than him. “Common Core is not actually about standards, it's about gaining control over the education system in a futile attempt to create a Progressive utopia…” The leftist teacher unions are also closely connected. “Connect the dots and you can see Common Core is nationalized state-run education via an unprecedented partnership between public, private, union, and academic circles.” (

“(T)he nationalization of American schools is actually just one component of a much broader global agenda being pushed by the Obama administration, the United Nations, Bill Gates, and others: the globalization of education… For decades now, the globalists at UNESCO and other UN outfits have been openly plotting to impose what they sometimes refer to as the “ World Core Curriculum ” on all of humanity. According to the agency, it is all linked to UN Agenda 21. In addition to gathering up unprecedented amounts of data on everyone, the global “education reform” movement is essentially seeking to instill radical new values in children — turning them into “global citizens” with views inherently at odds with Biblical Christianity — to facilitate the total regimentation of human society.” In a UNESCO speech Obama’s Education Secretary Arne Duncan said, “Today, education is a global public good unconstrained by national boundaries....” The “education” agenda, of course, has less to do with actually educating children and more to do with promoting globalist political goals and values through indoctrination at school. “Education is still the key to eliminating gender inequities, to reducing poverty, to creating a sustainable planet, and to fostering peace,” Duncan continued, with “sustainability” being UN-speak for central planning and global government. UN devotee and population-control zealot Bill Gates (with his own children in a private school)…with UNESCO… is determined to impose the globalist vision of education on children worldwide… UNESCO’s International Institute for Educational Planning, the would-be global Department of Education, even uses the term “Common Core.”

Obama’s Education Secretary Arne Duncan said, “As Nelson Mandela says, ‘Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.’” Duncan also plugged the Global Education First initiative. ( Mandela was a Communist. (

(T) he globalist philosophy calls for the establishment of a global culture based on a commitment to sustainable processes and humanistic ethics to ensure world peace and “fair” distribution of natural resources.  The U.N. serves as the hub for this globalist hope.  Adherents believe that some form of world congress and world citizenship is the end point of political evolution, and, therefore it is inevitable…The quickest effective approach is to invest in education to ensure that the coming generation will embrace the principles of globalism as a “ natural consequence of their formation”… How do you enter the “minds of men” for this reconstruction?  The quickest route to a transformed society is through education…U.S. Secretary of Education (Arne) Duncan addressed UNESCO in 2010 on “transformational education”: “And transformational reform especially takes time in the United States…. That goal can only be achieved by creating a strong cradle-to-career continuum that starts with early childhood learning and extends all the way to college and careers.”… Existing national models must be deconstructed for this global transformation to occur. (

*Gloria Crook (H)er discovery of reincarnation transformed her understanding of life; her career as an engineer in the 1940s; what led Gloria her to found the School of Ageless Wisdom in 1977; how it is a non-profit organization that operates both as a school and a church; how the school accepts the Buddha and the Christ as “two great Spiritual Brothers who have had an effect on all of humanity”; yoga; meditation; a life of service; the Age of Aquarius – what it means, and its significance; the eye-opening World Core Curriculum, developed by Robert Muller, a Former Assistant Secretary General of the United Nations; how the school successfully implemented the World Core Curriculum; their ongoing Model United Nations for Elementary and Middle School students; advice to young people today, from her legacy of experience; and more. ( (emphasis added)

See "Education for Sustainable Tyranny--The United Nations Plan for Our Children".

See “The Common Con and Rotten (Common) Core and Partnership Poppycock”.


81. M. Scott Peck wrote, "Earth in the Balance  is a brilliantly written, prophetic, even   holy book, clearly pointing the way we need to change to assure the survival of our grandchildren. I pray it will have the dramatic impact it deserves -- and must have for our collective salvation.” ( See #8


82. Mindfulness/MeMoves/MindUp is such a devious deception that it warrants an entire article.


83. GATE   –   The  Global Alliance for Transformational Entertainment Their   “Our Story”  page notes: “ The seeds of GATE  were humbly sown when a small committed group of actors, musicians, writers, business professionals and others joined together to  teach meditation to members of the entertainment and media communities… ” (

At the Hollywood opener in 2009, Gate founder John Raatz boasted: “So, tonight is a beginning – GATE going public… Now, it’s time to share [NOTE] our  internal achievements, magnetize a resonant tribe and take   action in the world   to realize our vision and mission…Tonight is about US – people who chant the mantra, ‘Transform the world by transforming entertainment and media’…The transformation has already started and   the audience is ready !”   Known members include: Katy Perry, Jim Carey, Oprah Winfrey, Jeff Goldblum, Meg Ryan, Ben Stiller, Melissa Ethridge, Carlos Santana, Donavan & Yoko Ono.

GATE   –   The   Global Alliance for Transformational Education From: Chronology of Education--With Quotable Quotes by Dennis Laurence Cuddy, Ph.D. file: ///C:/Users/Porter/Downloads/Chronology_Of_Education-Dennis_Laurence_Cuddy_
PhD-1994-143pgs-EDU.sml.pdf [If this doesn't work, go to  and enter Cuddy in the search box.]

(1990) June: A cross-section of the educational community from 7 countries is invited to Chicago to "explore the common vision for holistic education," which results in the formation of GATE (Global Alliance for Transforming Education) late this year, with Dr. Phil Gang as Executive Director and Dorothy Maver on the Steering Committee. In August of next year, GATE will print Education 2000: A Holistic Perspective, which will emphasize multiple intelligences and experiential learning, while calling for standardized tests to be replaced by personalized assessments, saying "We call for a thorough rethinking of grading, assessment, and standardized examinations…We suggest that `objective' scores do not truly serve the learning or optimal development of students ." The document will further call for "Educating for Participatory Democracy . . . for Global Citizenship . . . for Earth Literacy . . . and Spirituality and Education." GATE networks with "progressive educators, United Nations organizations, teacher educators and academics, government leaders, citizen groups for social change, the media and others.” At the same address as GATE is The Institute for Educational Studies (TIES) with Dr. Phil Gang (whose book Our Planet, Our Home has been hailed by Robert Muller) as Founding Director and creator of "Teaching, Learning and Communicating in a Global Society: A Leadership Training for Transforming Education," presented by TIES . Through this program, TIES seeks to "empower teachers…as change agents in a global society…What is needed is a shift in consciousness commensurate with the shift to a global society…emphasize global interdependence…Explore a major shift in belief systems with regard to our children and our future." (Page 87)

(1993) July 11-15: The Goddard Institute on Teaching and Learning, in collaboration with The Global Alliance for Transforming Education (GATE), presents "Transforming Education: A Holistic Perspective." The Institute (at Goddard College, founded in 1938 on the "progressive philosophy" of John Dewey) seeks to integrate education for personal development and education for multicultural understanding, peace, social and environmental reconstruction. One course offered July 11-15 is "Designing an Integrated Holistic Curriculum," led by Ed Clark (a founding member of GATE) and based upon the guidelines of the document Education 2000: A Holistic Perspective. The other course is "The Mysteries : a Holistic Development Curriculum for Adolescents," which introduces participants to the Mysteries Program, a human development curriculum acknowledging "spiritual development," focusing on visualization, self-esteem and other methods, which can be integrated into any K-12 classroom. (Page 107)


84. Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) is pushed by groups like the NoVo Foundation which "is dedicated to catalyzing a transformation in global society, moving from a culture of domination to one of equality and partnership. We support the development of capacities in people—individually and collectively—to help create a caring and balanced world...we believe we can be most impactful by being aware of the interconnectedness of all things." (  NoVo believes that Social and Emotional Learning (SEL), brought to scale, can and will play a significant role in shifting our culture of systemic inequality and violence toward a new ethos that values and prioritizes collaboration and partnership.

A non-profit based upon a movie "Project Happiness – The Documentary" states:

Happiness is a universal quest. But what does it really mean? In this award-winning documentary, youth from three continents interview George Lucas, Richard Gere and neuroscientist Richard Davidson on the nature of lasting happiness. Then, they travel to India for an unforgettable private audience with the XIV Dalai Lama. Through their eyes, gain a new perspective on how to expand happiness and live a meaningful life. Authentic happiness is not only possible – it’s closer than you think.

“The reality is, we can change. We can change ourselves. We can change our minds. We can change our hearts… and therefore the Universe changes.” — Richard Gere

They developed "a 195 page student handbook with over 70 exercises for youth by youth. It’s been fascinating to find that adults genuinely enjoy and benefit from the book as much as young people. The curriculum is being used in public, private and charter schools, grades K-12. The Project Happiness online course was piloted as part of the Science of Happiness class at the University of Southern California and is now used at several colleges and universities throughout the world. To date, Project Happiness programs are used by schools and non-governmental organizations throughout all 50 states, more than 75 countries and growing."

The hook is:

Recent research clearly shows that students who receive SEL programming academically outperform their peers, compared to those who do not receive SEL. This includes greater motivation to learn and commitment to school, increased time devoted to schoolwork and mastery of subject matter, improved attendance and graduation rates, and improved grades and test scores. One major multi-year study found that by the time students who received SEL in grades K-8 were adults, they had an 11 percent higher grade-point average, significantly greater levels of school commitment, and a higher attachment to school at age 18.

Effective SEL programming drives not only academic learning, but also important social outcomes such as positive peer relationships, caring and empathy, social engagement, and health-related behaviors. (

Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL) is probably the hub.  “Most important, and a primary focus of CASEL's work, is SEL in schools, ranging from prekindergarten to 12th grade.” ( “Our mission is to help make evidence-based social and emotional learning an integral part of education from preschool through high school.” (


85. Simultaneous Policy (Simpol) seeks to use our votes in a powerful new way to solve global problems like global warming, financial market regulation, environmental destruction, war, and social injustice.


86. The Zeitgeist Movement was established in 2008 by Peter Joseph and advocates a transformation of society and its economic system to a non monetary system based on resource allocation and environmentalism.
( The founder (Peter Joseph) said The real revolution is the revolution of consciousness and each one of us first needs to eliminate the divisionary, materialistic noise we have been conditioned to think is true; while discovering, amplifying, and aligning with the signal coming from our true empirical oneness. It is up to you. (

…social stratification, which is inherent to the capitalist/market model, to actually be a form of indirect violence against the vast majority as a result of the evolutionary psychology we humans naturally posses…A critical conclusion present in the logic that defines TZM's intention is that human society needs to unify its economic operations and work to align with the natural dynamics of the physical world as a single species sharing one habitat if we intend to resolve existing problems, increase safety, increase efficiency and further prosperity. (italics in original)…The “natural laws” of our world exist whether we choose to recognize them or not. These inherent rules of our universe were around long before human beings evolved a comprehension to recognize them and while we can debate as to exactly how accurate our interpretation of these laws really is at this stage of our intellectual evolution, there is enough reinforcing evidence to show that we are, indeed, bound by static forces that have an inherent, measurable, determining logic…In the end, only an Earth-humankind conscious view can assure a person's true self-interest and hence, in many ways, also assure our society's “evolutionary fitness”. The very idea of wishing to support “your country” and ignoring or even enjoying the failure of others, is a destabilizing value system…it has become clear, at a minimum, that our biology, our psychology and our sociological condition are inexorably linked to the environment we inhabit, both from the standpoint of generational evolutionary adaptation (biological evolution), to short-term biases and values we absorb from our environment (cultural evolution)… So, taking an evolutionary view, capitalism has been a practice and value orientation that did help progress in certain ways, but all trend evidence now shows that the inherent immaturity of the system will lead to ever increasing problems if it persists… Maintaining environmental sustainability is of obvious importance given the human species has no independence from its habitat and is strictly supported by it. In fact, evolution itself reveals that we are actually generated from the habitat, further expressing the deeply symbiotic/synergistic connection.


87. Angel Therapy  (A New Age doctrine that fools many--mainly women.) "Angels love everyone unconditionally. They look past the surface and see the godliness within us all. They focus only on our Divinity and potential, and not on our “faults.” So angels aren’t judgmental, and they only bring love into our lives. You’re safe with the angels, and you can totally trust them. "It doesn’t matter whether you’re a believer or a skeptic, because the angels believe in you. They see your inner light, they know your true talents, and they understand that you have an important life mission. They want to help you with everything…"...Those who regularly contact their angels report great improvements in their lives."


88. The House of One is where the world's first-ever church, mosque, and synagogue will share a single roof at the location of the city’s first church in Berlin, Germany. Along with Rabbi Tovia Ben-Chorin and Imam Kadir Sanci, Protestant Pastor Gregor Hohberg initiated the unusual project. Architect Wilfried Kuehn designed each of its three areas—of equal size although different in shape. While Jews will congregate on Saturdays, Christians will pray on Sundays; and Muslims will attend mosque on Fridays. A fourth room with a 32 meter-high, domed roof will provide central space for inter- (and/or non-) faith-driven dialogue.


89. Mother Teresa was a world-renowned humanitarian, the late Mother Teresa embodied Universalism. Acknowledging different ways of following God, she helped a Hindu to become a better Hindu, a Muslim to become a better Muslim, a Catholic become a better Catholic. According to her theological grid, the god in one’s mind is the god one must accept; and Jesus inhabits us all.   If you follow Buddhist practices, you ostensibly get to Buddhist heaven. In like fashion, if you follow Muslim practices, you’re guaranteed Muslim paradise,  especially if you strap on a bomb for detonation in some public forum.


90. Canon Andrew White. No one has done more for the promise of peace in the Middle East…While peace in the Middle East sounds like a worthy cause, the truth is, there can be no peace until Jesus returns and sets up his Kingdom.


91. Manly P.Hall was a 33 degree Mason, who wrote The Secret Teachings of All Ages and founded the Philosophical Research Society believed that: “Man has no free will at the present time, but merely the power of choice over a certain area of incidents brought, by his ever growing consciousness, within the scope of his comprehension. These incidents have been differentiated by his evolving organism from the dark primum hyle, or the true blackness. The greater his growth, the larger the area of his choices and the greater his independence.” “It is only after the unhappy experience of worldliness that man desires to return again to his father's house to begin the long and difficult evolutionary process which leads him back to God…” “By Father is to be understood the source of ourselves, not a person but a principle, the divine life from which we have been individualized by the processes of evolution.” “It requires billions of years for the cosmic plant to grow up, but by the evolutionary process all things are ultimately released from form and are restored to their divine state.”

He wrote that “World problems will not be solved except by creating a solution up through and out through the people themselves; and so, no postwar program can be successful unless at least three and probably five generations of social conditioning goes with it. The way of that conditioning would be the one used in Central Europe to condition Nazi Minds. There the circulation of an ideology began in the public schools, began with the small child; which is where we will have to begin, and educate not only our own people but the peoples of the world. And we will have to have five generations of the consciousness concept of democratic cooperation before we can create a world capable of mental and emotional tolerance. It has to be done. It could start with a postwar international planning commission devising a world concept of education, a world concept of internal relationships. Teaching it would have to start in the first grade of the public schools. There is no use trying to impose it from the top...

“Psychology should no longer be regarded as a supplementary branch of higher education; it should be an absolute requisite of education from the grammar school up. It should be the beginning of our entire theory of schooling, because today the most important form of knowledge is to find out how other people think. It is important to know that two and two make four; but it is more important to be able to bridge the interval between yourself and someone else. Cooperation, world coordination, setting up the great family of nations - this is a dream that depends for its fulfillment on the ability of the average man to bridge the interval between himself and someone else, and no longer to think about people but with people! It is difficult for us to get a start on this. We have been brought up in an isolationist mental policy which we have held to for five centuries. We have to get away from this individualized isolation before we can get away from international isolation...And then out of it all must come one thing we need more than anything else, and that is a universal tolerance which will enable all peoples of all races and nations to think in terms of world planning.

“To achieve this we must begin in the home with small children being taught inter-hemispherical thinking; with the school teaching viewpoints other than our own, emphasizing the great universal democracy of human purpose, with the churches teaching the integrity of the religions of other peoples...We have to be conditioned all the way through our struggle for a world viewpoint. And education, religion, the sciences and arts and the professions must lead the way, because they represent the intellectual over-strata from which the thinking of the average people must be derived. Leadership must become international, inter-racial, and inter-religious...”

 “Asia in the Balance of the Scales” by Manly Palmer Hall, in Horizon: The Magazine of Useful and Intelligent Living, Spring, Volume 4, No. 1, April 1944. (Need to click "Click here to read Manly Palmer Hall's 1944 article.")

Manly PalmerHall was a prolific American author and mystic. He is perhaps most famous for his work The Secret Teaching of All Ages: An Encyclopedic Outline of Masonic, Hermetic, Qabbalistic and Rosicrucian Symbolical Philosophy, which he published at the age of twenty five; the first line of which is, "Philosophy is the science of estimating values." He has been widely recognized as a leading scholar in the fields of religion, mythology, mysticism , and the occult.


92. Carl Jung "’The collective unconscious is common to all: it is the foundation of what the ancients called the sympathy of all things.’ It is through the medium of the collective unconscious that information about a particular time and place can be transferred to another individual mind...It was in the area of the collective unconscious that Jung believed he met and talked with the ‘intelligent entities’ Philemon, Elijah and Salome during his periods of ACTIVE IMAGINATION." (Page 63)


93. MatthewFox has been renewing the ancient mystical tradition of Creation Spirituality. Seeking to establish a new pedagogy for learning spirituality that was grounded in an effort to reawaken the West to its own mystical tradition, as well as interacting with contemporary scientists who are also mystics, Fox founded the Institute in Culture and Creation Spirituality ( The (r)evolutionary Creation Spirituality movement – based in ancient Judeo-Christian tradition, supported by leading-edge science, bearing witness for social, environmental, and gender justice, and voiced most powerfully for this generation by spiritual theologian Matthew Fox. ( He wrote The Coming of the Cosmic Christ. A reviewer wrote, “ If a new birth of Spirit that sees the shamanic traditions of the globe as equals with Christ and if such teaching of equality is really to come to age for a one-world human species, the world will need to let go of the fundamentalism and literalism that is threatening the global village and creating what Fox’s opening dream in Cosmic Christ calls ‘matricide.’…New images of God that are emergent during this tragic moment of matricide of the earth Mother are presented throughout the book, along with a truly amazing amount of mystical literature from Judaism and its major prophets, Christ’s teachings and the Christian mystics, Kabir and Sufi teachers, feminist writers on the religion of the Great Goddess, and much, much more; really a tremendous effort is exerted in this book to give us information we need to enlighten us about the Cosmic Christ tradition…Fox is also bent on integrating today’s cosmology from science in a manner that psyche and cosmos are one again…He embraces the crucified ones of the earth not only to unite the Christian Churches by teaching the true universality of the Spirit of Christ; but he goes further to unite the Mosques, Temples, and Ashrams of the world as well, in a global healing of the human heart…From the book’s beginning, Fox’s teaching is feminist, as his lament is for Mother Earth, God’s Shekinah, and Mother Church…In “The Cosmic Christ and a Renaissance of Sexual Mysticism” Fox writes of “male liberation” and here he is obviously speaking about gay liberation too…Paradoxically the priest’s prescriptions of a return to shamanism for a rebirth or renaissance of Spirit to reform Christianity are made visible by way of his meditations on the cosmic meaning of Phallos via Shivaism, a religion, Monick tells us that is perhaps 10,000 years old and which Fox also celebrates.
( Fox writes that, “ we are all bearers of ecstasies and therefore carriers of a New God-image in the Age of Aquarius...”


94. Panpsychism is a scientific version of pantheism.


95. Cultural Marxism Both communism and the New Left are alive and thriving here in America.  They favor code words: tolerance, social justice, economic justice, peace, reproductive rights, sex education and safe sex, safe schools, inclusion, diversity, and sensitivity.  All together, this is Cultural Marxism disguised as multiculturalism…(Marxist theorists) concluded that the Christianized West was the obstacle standing in the way of a communist new world order.  The West would have to be conquered first… The linchpin of Cultural Marxism is cultural determinism (which) was birthed by the Darwinian idea that man is but a soulless animal and therefore his identity is determined by for example, his skin color or his sexual and/or erotic preferences.  This proposition rejects the concepts of the human spirit, individuality, free will, and morally informed conscience (paired with personal accountability and responsibility) because it emphatically denies the existence of the God of the Bible.  Consequently, and by extension, it also rejects the first principles of our liberty enumerated in the Declaration of Independence.  These are our " unalienable rights, among which are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness."     Cultural Marxism must reject these because these principles of liberty " are endowed by our Creator," who made man in His image.

The linchpin of Cultural Marxism is cultural determinism (which) was birthed by the Darwinian idea that man is but a soulless animal and therefore his identity is determined by for example, his skin color or his sexual and/or erotic preferences.  This proposition rejects the concepts of the human spirit, individuality, free will, and morally informed conscience (paired with personal accountability and responsibility) because it emphatically denies the existence of the God of the Bible.  Consequently, and by extension, it also rejects the first principles of our liberty enumerated in the Declaration of Independence.  These are our " unalienable rights, among which are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness."  Cultural Marxism must reject these because these principles of liberty " are endowed by our Creator," who made man in His image.

In classic Marxist theory, communism is the final stage of the evolution of human socioeconomic relations. The socialist state is thus the pre-condition for communism, and its function is to alter the state of human material conditions in such a way that communism can function. The socialist state then "withers away," leading to the end of political power in any centralized form – including nation states, as communism is to be an international system.


96. Alien Abductions, Extraterrestrials, & UFOs People reporting alien abductions also report indulging in the occult and new age practices in much higher proportion than the general population.

(B)elief in natural extraterrestrial life and evolution are equally dependent upon each other, and also partners and key players in the deceptive end-time influence foretold by the Bible.

(T)he aliens could also claim to have the knowledge and genetic technology to enable those on earth traverse their next evolutionary step…The aliens would also claim that this next evolutionary step would enable each human to reach the state in their evolution where they would have unimaginable abilities and powers.

So-called advanced "extraterrestrials" are in reality a false persona being used by Satan and his demonic angels. (2 Corinthians 11:14–15) Any open arrival by such will only be used to prepare the world for Satan’s predicted personal coming to Earth. (Revelation 12:9–13)


97. Social Darwinism If you embrace Social Darwinism, where might makes right and there is no such thing as absolute right or wrong, than you have to take it to its next logical conclusion. Those who have the “might” and the power have the evolutionary right to rule, control, and dominate by brute force. This is what the elite believe, and since there is no such thing as right or wrong, it is inevitable that because you have the power, you can do whatever you choose to do. What most people do not understand is that there exists an elite who are in the process of firmly establishing themselves as the absolute rulers of planet Earth.


98. DavidSpangler (See The Common Thread) is a self-described "practical mystic." He helped transform the Findhorn Foundation in northern Scotland into a center of residential spiritual education and is a friend of William Irwin Thompson. Spangler is considered one of the founding figures of the modern New Age movement… From his earliest years, Spangler has argued he was clairvoyantly aware of non-physical entities. ( In his own words: Most of my work is done through the Lorian Association…Since 1965, I have worked clairvoyantly with a group of non-physical beings from the inner worlds of spirit. They identified themselves as being part of an inner school whose purpose was to explore and develop a spiritual teaching around the process of incarnation. This teaching is intended to empower incarnate persons living in the physical world—individuals such as you and me—to lead lives of greater blessing and capacity and to be sources of blessing and service for the world as a whole. I now call this work "Incarnational Spirituality… (

In his book, Revelation, “The Birth Of A New Age” he presents this new deity and describes his action in the evolutionary process. “The Christ is eternally the agent of rebirth throughout creation. He is the universal power and life that prevents stagnation, that invokes and nourishes growth and continuous unfoldment. He unites with the consciousness of what is and what has been and through that union gives birth to the consciousness of what can be and shall be. The life of the new is the life of the old that has been transformed, through some degree of union with the Christ, into a greater fulfillment and expansion In the presence of Christ, the past and the future become fused lovingly, creatively into the reality of manifestation in the living Now. Thus, the Cosmic Christ united with the consciousness of the Earth Logos in which were sunk the foundations of Earth and its past development and future potentials.” (Revelation, The Birth Of A New Age, David Spangler, p. 130.)


99. Incarnational Spirituality (Lorian Association) is the study and practice of the art of creating wholeness. It is based in the worldview of a Living Universe, an interconnected and interdependent life in which a conscious spark of sacredness is found in every level of existence, from the most material to the widest transpersonal aspects of the world. Incarnational Spirituality explores the skillful means for mindfully embodying the loving and holopoietic functions of this sacred spark in ourselves and for enhancing these functions in the world around us. It offers both a new vision of the individual as an agent of wholeness in the world… ( Why would anyone use the uniquely Christian term “incarnation” to describe a new kind of spirituality? Is it merely a new manmade fad and marketing tool or code to intentionally engage global cultures and to “incarnate” it with some kind of Christian veneer?... We shall see, as we go along, that although the protagonists of incarnational spirituality use the right Biblical and Christian terminology, they – some of them intentionally and others inadvertently – are assisting the spirit of Antichrist to usher in the devil’s kingdom of a false love, hope, compassion, peace, prosperity, unity, brotherhood and tolerance.


100. Spiritual evolution …theories of spiritual evolution are very diverse… An early example of the doctrine of spiritual evolution is found in Samkhya, one of the six systems of Hindu philosophy…The concept of spiritual evolution has been taught in Buddhism…Theories of spiritual evolution are important in many Occult and Esoteric teachings…Spiritualism taught that after death, spirits progressed to new spheres of existence. According to this idea, evolution occurred in the spirit world “at a rate more rapid and under conditions more favorable to growth” than encountered on earth…Robert Broom in his book The Coming of Man: Was it Accident or Design? (1933) claimed that "spiritual agencies" had guided evolution as animals and plants were too complex to of arisen by chance. According to Broom there were at least two different kinds of spiritual forces, and psychics are capable of seeing them…Arthur M. Young and Edward Haskell have each independently incorporated the findings of science into a larger theory of spiritual evolution…

Evolutionary spirituality claims to bring spirituality into social action—infusing a deep, evolutionary spiritual vision into radical social, economic, and ecological transformation to help meet today’s global crises and create a new way of life on Earth. Combining the depth of non-dual spirituality and its perennial wisdom with the breadth of an evolutionary perspective and its transformative scope, evolutionary spirituality aligns us with both the eternal and evolving faces of the Divine and gives us access to the power of both…Spirituality must be applied directly to revolutionize our life systems—infusing its power and wisdom, as only the deepest connection with the Source of Creation can—into a living Universe, a living Earth, living economics, living science and technology, and living forms of governance…As the Oneness of spirit and matter, known both to ancients and postmodern science, is being reclaimed, spirituality is being put to the service of action…Balance and unity at each level is seen as fundamental to alignment with the unified Source of Creation itself, facilitating the emergence of an ever-growing, dynamic, co-creative synergy within and between all levels, from the innermost spiritual realization of all-encompassing unity to its outermost expression in coherent, complex, co-creative social systems…It is this vision of conscious co-creation with each other and with the Earth and the Kosmos Itself that is now becoming possible and emerging in the collective consciousness. This co-creation asks us to bring together a deep non-dual, universal, spiritual worldview and action for evolutionary global transformation…The Eternal as Source remains the same, but we don’t just wait to get to heaven to join it or dissolve back into its emptiness, we joyously co-create with it now in its evolving expressions. We are no longer passive victims of God’s wrath or evolution by chance but active participants in the unfolding of the vast genius at the Source of Creation…but active participants in the unfolding of the vast genius at the Source of Creation.


101. Evolutionary Worldview It is not mysticism but hard science that now tells us we are made of stardust and light, waves and coalescences of stardust and light reconfiguring into cars and trees, oceans and civilizations. We are cosmic evolution, happening right here and now. We are the living face of evolution, the eyes and hands and minds of the universe weaving itself into its next manifestations, day after day after day. We are the universe becoming conscious, watching itself through microscopes and telescopes, mountaintops and meditations, awed, nudging its pieces into greater awareness and love…New initiatives will soon make it possible for anyone of any tradition to participate in a global collaborative effort to weave the evolutionary perspective meaningfully into every religious tradition on earth, as well as into the worldviews of non-religious people and agnostics. (


102. Interspirit Alliancepropose to unfold and nurture a new spiritual alignment, based on universal elements shared by all the religious, spiritual, wisdom and philosophical traditions in the world. (  These discoveries are rapidly shifting our understanding of reality.  Science is uncovering profound new levels of interconnection between matter and consciousness…
(  The universal human purpose--all human purposes are "sub-purposes" of this universal purpose.  Globalization drives universalization through cross-correlation, and universalization drives convergence towards the center. Axis Mundi may be the universal form of teleology or the universal form of evolutionary (and personal) intention. All life tends to converge towards enlightened universal Oneness; all aligned human purpose and action supports this central core objective. (


103. Arcane school Training for new age discipleship is provided by the Arcane School. The principles
of the Ageless Wisdom are presented through esoteric meditation, study and service as a way of life.
The Arcane School trains people in meditation and service to develop their spiritual potential. The purpose of such training is to help students understand and accept discipleship responsibility and to recognise the part that they can play in the evolution of consciousness by serving humanity… Discipleship is a word in constant use among spiritual aspirants of the world, both of the East and the West.  It is the stage of evolution in which men and women knowingly pledge themselves to consciously and joyfully fulfil the requirements of the soul which operates under the Law of Love and knows no separation.   To achieve this they choose to submit themselves to a sequential course of meditation and study which produces a rapid unfoldment of the power and the life of the soul… The School was established in 1923 by Alice Bailey to help meet an obvious and growing demand for training in the science of the soul. Since then tens of thousands of students have taken advantage of this training. Students are spread throughout the world with the headquarters in New York… The work is financed through the Lucis Trust…


104.Bertrand Russell was an atheist ( who said, “I think the subject which will be of most importance politically is mass psychology....Various results will soon be arrived at:  that the influence of home is obstructive....although this science will be diligently studied, it will be rigidly confined to the governing class.  The populace will not be allowed to know how its convictions were generated.  When the technique has been perfected, every government that has been in charge of education for a generation will be able to control its subjects securely without the need of armies or policemen....Educational propaganda, with government help, could achieve this result in a generation.  There are, however, two powerful forces opposed to such a policy: one is religion; the other is nationalism....A scientific world society cannot be stable unless there is a world government.”
( He also said, “ Man has been on this planet for one million years, and in that time has come a long way. He could achieve great things in the next million. ( He suggested the establishment of a "single supreme world government" able to enforce peace, claiming that "the only thing that will redeem mankind is co-operation". (


105. Integral Theoryis Ken Wilber's attempt to place a wide diversity of theories and thinkers into one single framework. It is portrayed as a "theory of everything" ("the living Totality of matter, body, mind, soul, and spirit"), ] trying "to draw together an already existing number of separate paradigms into an interrelated network of approaches that are mutually enriching…(It is) widely ignored in academia…

The concept is also referred to as integral approach, integral consciousness, integral culture, integral paradigm, integral philosophy, integral society, integral spirituality, and integral worldview. Ken Wilber's ‘Integral Theory’ started as early as the 1970s, with the publication of the Spectrum of Consciousness. that attempted to synthesize eastern religious traditions with western structural stage theory, models of psychology development that describe human development as following a set course of stages of development…

The adjective integral was first used in a spiritual context by Sri Aurobindo (1872–1950) from 1914 onward to describe his own spiritual teachings, which he referred to as Purna (Skt: "Full") Yoga…

The word integral was independently suggested by Jean Gebser (1905–1973), a Swiss phenomenologist and interdisciplinary scholar, in 1939 to describe his own intuition regarding the next state of human consciousness. Gebser was the author of The Ever-Present Origin, which describes human history as a series of mutations in consciousness. He only afterwards discovered the similarity between his own ideas and those of Sri Aurobindo and Teilhard de Chardin…

The German indologist Georg Feuerstein first wrote about Integralism in "Wholeness or Transcendence? Ancient Lessons for the Emerging Global Civilization" (1992). Feuerstein used this term to refer to a particular outlook on spirituality which he saw present in the Indian tantric traditions…

Holons are the individual building blocks of Wilber's model. Wilber borrowed the concept of holons from Arthur Koestler's description of the great chain of being, a mediaeval description of levels of being. "Holon" means that every entity and concept is both an entity on its own, and a hierarchical part of a larger whole…

(Wilbur relied a lot on Sigmund Freud, B. F. Skinner, and Karl Marx.--Karl)


106. Manifesto on Planetary Consciousness Under the auspices of the Club of Rome (, for the Club of Budapest, the Manifesto on Planetary Consciousness was d rafted by Ervin Laszlo in collaboration with the Dalai Lama: “…We are on the threshold of a new stage of social, spiritual and cultural evolution… The path of this evolution is not smooth: it is filled with shocks and surprises… The challenge we now face is the challenge of choosing our destiny. Our generation, of all the thousands of generations before us, is called upon to decide the fate of life on this planet… Beyond the powers of the rational mind, the remarkable faculties of the human spirit embrace the power of love, of compassion, and of solidarity. We must not fail to call upon their remarkable powers when confronting the task of initiating the embracing, multi-faceted approaches that alone could enable us to reach the next stage in the evolution of our sophisticated but unstable and vulnerable socio-technological communities… There is now both a moral and a practical obligation for each of us to look beyond the surface of events, beyond the plots and polemics of practical policies, the sensationalistic headlines of the mass media, and the fads and fashions of changing lifestyles and styles of work — an obligation to feel the ground swell underneath the events and perceive the direction they are taking: to evolve the spirit and the consciousness that could enable us to perceive the problems and the opportunities — and to act on them… A new way of thinking has become the necessary condition for responsible living and acting. Evolving it means fostering creativity in all people, in all parts of the world…Unless people’s spirit and consciousness evolves to the planetary dimension, the processes that stress the globalized society/nature system will intensify and create a shock wave that could jeopardize the entire transition toward a peaceful and cooperative global society. This would be a setback for humanity and a danger for everyone. Evolving human spirit and consciousness is the first vital cause shared by the whole of the human family… An individual endowed with planetary consciousness recognizes his or her role in the evolutionary process and acts responsibly in light of this perception. Each of us must start with himself or herself to evolve his or her consciousness to this planetary dimension; only then can we become responsible and effective agents of our society’s change and transformation. Planetary consciousness is the knowing as well as the feeling of the vital interdependence and essential oneness of humankind, and the conscious adoption of the ethics and the ethos that this entails. Its evolution is the basic imperative of human survival on this planet.


107. Sustainable Environment Some people even like to view the Earth, or Gaia after the Greek Earth goddess, almost as a living thing itself. Life on Earth has passed through many stages of dynamic evolution (sic). Human beings represent just the latest snapshot in evolutionary time. Humans, however, through pollution and over consumption, may now be beginning to threaten the sustainability of Earth's life support systems. How we chose to respond will depend on how we view our relationship with the environment.


108. One Earth Choir is a vision of ours towards a sustainable development, as it promotes integration, offers creative and cultural contents, opens towards a new listening and towards rediscovering the meaning of civilization and human quality as creative connection and sharing. The concept of globality can be acquired and accepted, but the human quality is innate, is essential, and a ‘human’ answer in itself is expansion and peace. ( It is connected to the Club of Budapest.


109. Agenda 21 was established at the 1992 United Nations Conference on Environment and Development, or "Earth Summit", in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, is the blueprint for sustainability in the 21 st century. Agenda 21 is a commitment to sustainable development, which was agreed by many of the world's governments. Nations that have pledged to take part in Agenda 21 are monitored by the International Commission on Sustainable Development, and are encouraged to promote Agenda 21 at the local and regional levels within their own countries. Agenda 21 addresses the development of societies and economies by focusing on the conservation and preservation of our environments and natural resources… Agenda 21 asks governments to integrate sustainable development into their national strategies and highlights the importance of involving non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and the public in the process. For sustainable development to work, issues must be tackled on a local, national and international level and nations must work towards international agreements which respect the interests of all and protect the integrity of the global environmental and developmental system.

The official opening ceremony was conducted by the Dalai Lama and centered around a Viking long-ship that was constructed to celebrate the summit and sailed to Rio from Norway. The ship was appropriately named Gaia… Maurice Strong, Club of Rome member, devout Bahai, founder and first Secretary General of UNEP, has been the driving force behind the birth and imposition of Agenda 21. While he chaired the Earth Summit, outside his wife Hanne and 300 followers called the Wisdom-Keepers, continuously beat drums, chanted prayers to Gaia, and trended scared flames in order to “establish and hold the energy field” for the duration of the summit. ( The March 2012 conference was “Revolution-Evolution-Change”. (

In a nutshell, the plan calls for governments to take control of all land use and not leave any of the decision making in the hands of private property owners.  It is assumed that people are not good stewards of their land and the government will do a better job if they are in control.  ( Agenda 21 is a destructive plan designed to destroy civilization as we know it. While focusing on the phony science of man made climate control, the UN Agenda 21 hides the true purpose of its Agenda: population control. (


110. KOSMOS The mission is to inform, inspire and engage individual and collective participation for global transformation in harmony with all Life… KOSMOS is an ancient Greek term meaning the harmony and beauty of the universe wherein all parts have their place within the Whole. ( (Global Spirituality and Global Consciousness) Religions are now challenged to release this new spiritual force, which experiences the oneness of the human community and puts spirituality to use in solving our planetary problems. This shift in consciousness may be the most important event of the times in shaping our global future, says Ashok Gangadeen, Founder of the World commission on Global Consciousness and Spirituality… But how do we master our baser instincts and develop our more refined potentialities? The practices that originally developed in ashrams and monasteries for this purpose are now available to the secular world.
Consider the problems today’s young people will have to face: global warming and other changes in climate, disastrous ups and downs in our interlinked financial markets, worldwide unemployment, more than a billion people living in deprivation, disappearing soils and forests, oppressive governments and corporations, a stratified economic system that rewards the most greedy among us. As we confront these challenges, we must ask ourselves: What kind of education do we need to develop the skills to cope with a world in which so much can go wrong?... All children need windows of opportunity that will open them to a world that they will partner in new creation. Never has the time been so ripe for change, and never before has education been more available to new strategies… This challenge takes schools into areas of human potential that assume as a given the education of the whole mind and body. It also spurs them to embrace capacities and sensibilities that traditionally belonged to mystics and mages, high creative folk, and world servers… Perhaps this full expression of human potential has been coded in us since time out of mind, but only now have so many been called to its realization. What skills this possible human can evince, what use of the tremendous palette of our given but forgotten nature it implies, may be key to our stewardship of the Earth and to our continuity as a species, as well as to our future as star-goers, explorers, and creators in a universe both real and visionary.


111. Alice Bailey was a writer of more than twenty-four books on theosophical subjects, and was one of the first writers to use the term New Age…Bailey's works, written between 1919 and 1949, describe a wide-ranging system of esoteric thought covering such topics as how spirituality relates to the solar system, meditation, healing, spiritual psychology, the destiny of nations, and prescriptions for society in general. She described the majority of her work as having been telepathically dictated to her by a Master of Wisdom, initially referred to only as "the Tibetan" or by the initials "D.K.", later identified as Djwal Khul (is believed by some Theosophists and others to be a Tibetan disciple in the tradition of ancient esoteric spirituality known as The Ageless Wisdom tradition. Her writings were somewhat similar to those of Madame Blavatsky and are among the teachings often referred to as the "Ageless Wisdom"…Bailey was born to a wealthy aristocratic British family and, as a member of the Anglican Church, received a thorough Christian education. Her autobiography states that at age 15, on June 30, 1895, Bailey was visited by a stranger, "... a tall man, dressed in European clothes and wearing a turban" who told her she needed to develop self-control to prepare for certain work he planned for her to do.

Bailey supported the United Nations which, in turn, greatly advance her worldview. She understood the opportunity offered by the UN: "The new world religion must be based upon those truths which have stood the test of the ages…they are steadily taking shape in human thinking, and for them the United Nations fights."… "The spiritual Hierarchy [demons] of the planet, the ability of mankind to contact its Members and to work in cooperation with Them, and the existence of the greater Hierarchy of spiritual energies of which our tiny planetary sphere is a part—these are the three truths upon which the coming world religion may be based.

(For more on Alice Bailey see #4 “The Common Thread”.)


112. The Venus Projectis an organization that proposes a feasible plan of action for social change, one that works towards a peaceful and sustainable global civilization...The Venus Project is a veritable blueprint for the genesis of a new world civilization, one that is based on human concern and environmental reclamation. One fundamental premise is that we work towards having all of the Earth’s resources as the common heritage of all the world’s people…The Venus Project presents a bold, new direction for humanity that entails nothing less than the total redesign of our culture.
The plans of The Venus Project offer society a broader spectrum of choices based on the scientific possibilities directed toward a new era of peace and sustainability for all. Through the implementation of a global Resourced Based Economy, and a multitude of innovative and environmentally friendly technologies directly applied to the social system…One of the cornerstones of the organization’s findings is the fact that many of the dysfunctional behaviors of today’s society stem directly from the dehumanizing environment of a monetary system…This is also in perfect accord with the spiritual aspects and ideals found in most religions throughout the world.



113. Agenda 2030 is aimed at “transforming” the world. The program is a follow-up to the last 15-year UN plan, the defunct “Millennium Development Goals,” or MDGs. It also dovetails nicely with the deeply controversial UN Agenda 21, even including much of the same rhetoric and agenda. But the combined Agenda 2030 goals for achieving what is euphemistically called “sustainable development” represent previous UN plans on steroids — deeper, more radical, more draconian, and more expensive…(T)he preamble even claims the UN goals will “free the human race from the tyranny of poverty” and “heal” the planet — or, as the planet is also referred to in the document, “Mother Earth.” Not-so-subtly purporting to usurp the role of God, the UN even claimed that the “future of humanity and of our planet lies in our hands.”… Perhaps the single most striking feature of Agenda 2030 is the practically undisguised roadmap to global socialism… The sort of activists that the UN hopes to make your children into is also explicitly defined in the agreement. “By 2030, ensure that all learners acquire the knowledge and skills needed to promote sustainable development, including, among others, through education for sustainable development and sustainable lifestyles, human rights, gender equality, promotion of a culture of peace and non-violence, global citizenship and appreciation of cultural diversity and of culture’s contribution to sustainable development,” the global plan for 2030 states. Considering what the UN means by “sustainable development” — population control, central planning, global governance, and more — the agenda for your children takes on an even more sinister tone.

“Sustainable” children for global citizenship in the new order will be accomplished via what the UN misleadingly refers to as “education.” In the UN document the word “education” alone is mentioned more than 20 times. And throughout the agreement, the UN openly advocates the use of schools to indoctrinate all of humanity into a new set of values, attitudes, and beliefs in preparation for the new “green” and “sustainable” world order.

Agenda 2030 Translator:

Agenda 21 failed in its announced goal to eradicate poverty and save the Earth, but it did serve as a justification for world governments to enhance their power at the expense of the freedom of their people. Its successor, Agenda 2030, is no less ambitious in its goal for global government control…It is a blueprint for world government of the U.N., by the U.N. and for the U.N. Its goals and targets leave no aspect of human life and activities immune from power grabs by government. he Green New Deal will make it happen here.

(P)art of the plan for Agenda 2030 was “Zero Economic Growth.” The Green New Deal calls for a massive welfare plan where no one earns more than anyone else. Incentive to get ahead is dead. New inventions would disrupt their plan for a well-organized, controlled society. So, where will jobs come from after we have banned most manufacturing, shut down most stores, stopped single-family home construction, closed the airline industry, and severely regulated farms and the entire food industry? This is their answer to the hated free markets and individual choice.The Green New Deal will destroy the very concept of our Constitutional Republic, eliminating private property, locally elected representative government, free markets and individual freedom. All decisions in our lives will be made for us by the government – just to protect the environment of course.


114. Edgar Cayce was an American Christian mystic who answered questions on subjects as varied as healing, reincarnation, wars, Atlantis, and future events while in a trance…Some consider him the true founder and a principal source of the most characteristic beliefs of the New Age movement. (

Cayce said that the Christ spirit (which joined Jesus) is the "Universal Consciousness of love" and that Jesus came so that we could know we are one with the Father as the Christ knew he was (keep in mind Jesus and the Christ are distinct for Cayce):
"Christ [the spirit] is the Universal Consciousness of love that we see manifested in those who have forgotten self, as Jesus [the man], give themselves that others may know the truth. He [Jesus] came into the Earth that we, as soul-entities, might know ourselves to be ourselves, and yet one with him; as he, the Master, the Christ, knew himself and yet one with the Father." (Readings 1376-1 and 3003-1).

Cayce equated Christ with "the universal consciousness of love." This consciousness may be achieved by anyone of any religion or even no religion.

He founded the Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.).


115. Global Education Monitoring Report The goal of the “Global Education Monitoring Report” by the UN Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) is fairly transparent: accelerate the indoctrination of impressionable children worldwide with textbook propaganda promoting “global citizenship,” the discredited man-made global-warming theory, homosexuality, transgenderism, and outright totalitarianism…The UN report focuses on whether the UN's agenda for global totalitarian rule is being promoted vigorously enough in school books. The report seeks “to measure the extent to which global citizenship education and education for sustainable development…are mainstreamed in national education policies, curricula, teacher education and student assessments,” reads the first page of the revealing document …. However, the report, also dubbed “Policy Paper 28,” laments that students in some countries are still not receiving a satisfactory dose of UN-backed indoctrination. Education authorities in numerous countries, including the United States, came under fire in the UNESCO document for failing to promptly incorporate the UN's latest demands, as outlined in the Agenda 2030 “Sustainable Development Goals.”…The relevant UN Agenda 2030 goal touted by UNESCO, which this magazine has cited on numerous occasions, focuses on “education” in particular. It calls on the UN and governments to “ensure that all learners acquire the knowledge and skills needed to promote sustainable development, including, among others, through education for sustainable development and sustainable citizenship and appreciation of cultural diversity …The Agenda 2030 also says children “will find in the new Goals a platform to channel their infinite capacities for activism into the creation of a better world.” And throughout the new UNESCO report, the goal of exploiting and indoctrinating children to demand global tyranny is crystal clear…

116. Unniversalism and other dvious deceptions such as The Shack are some of Satan's slickest straegies. (Also see 32.)


117. Global Citizen uses all of the key phrases (gender equality, climate change, sustainable development) mixed with slick pleas for seemingly innocent goals like ending poverty.  In 2017 they revealed that the focus will be children: "In response to actions of Global Citizens, President of Argentina Mauricio Macri — the host of next year’s G20 — reaffirmed that education will be a signature of his G20 and pledged to work with Global Citizen to rally support for education initiatives."
( ) Watch this rock star call for global education: "The United Nations recognizes Quality Education ( Sustainable Development Goal 4) as one of the most vital building blocks for sustainable development."

For an explanation of Global Citizen plans see the Common Core Diva's article at

World Citizenship: the individual and international governance
Cornell Institute for Public Affairs, Cornell University

Opening: In a speech to students at a university, the rapper Chuck D of the group Public Enemy said: “the best American citizen is the citizen of the world.” (Esquivel, 2006, p. B3). He touched on a theme that is becoming more common as globalization and interdependence affect individual lives everywhere.


United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

For further information: citizenship

UNESCO has promoted global citizenship education since the launch of the UN Secretary-General’s Global Education First Initiative (GEFI) in 2012, which made fostering global citizenship one of its three education priorities.

Global citizenship education aims to be transformative, building the knowledge, skills, values and attitudes to enable learners to contribute to a more inclusive, just and peaceful world. This publication, titled Global Citizenship Education: Topics and learning objectives, is the first pedagogical guidance from UNESCO on Global Citizenship Education. It presents suggestions for translating Global Citizenship Education concepts into practical and age-specific topics and learning objectives in a way that allows for adaptation to local contexts. It is intended as a resource for educators, curriculum developers, trainers as well as policy-makers, but it will also be useful for other education stakeholders working in non-formal and informal settings.

School-wide: Global citizenship education themes and issues are explicitly expressed in school-wide priorities and the school ethos. With this approach, global citizenship education provides an opportunity to transform curriculum content, the learning environment, and teaching and assessment practices. Examples of school-wide or ‘whole school’ approaches include the integration of global citizenship education learning outcomes into existing subjects at all levels, use of participatory learning methods across subjects, activities to mark international days, awareness raising, activist-oriented clubs, community engagement and linking of schools in different places.

Global Citizenship Guides

These guides are the foundations of great global citizenship. They outline the key principles of taking a global approach to teaching and learning, as well as practical guidance for embedding it into your lessons. Each guide has been created with teachers in mind and includes testimonies, teaching ideas and participatory activities to help you on your way. Whether you want to explore the world in the classroom or embed global citizenship across your whole school, we have a guide for you.

Writing for the Wall Street Journal, Henry Kissinger warns that “The Coronavirus Pandemic Will Forever Alter the World Order.” He writes that anti-viral efforts “must not crowd out the urgent task of launching a parallel enterprise for the transition to the post-coronavirus order.” In addition to shoring up the economy, Kissinger argues that the U.S. must “safeguard the principles of the liberal world order,” including “Enlightenment values.”

The phrases “world order” and “balance of power” recur repeatedly throughout his analyses, including in books such as On China (2011) and, well, World Order (2015). He freely concedes that there has never been any such thing as a truly global order, but he believes the U.S. and China can construct one.

The term "new world order" has been used to refer to any new period of history evidencing a dramatic change in world political thought and the balance of power. Despite various interpretations of this term, it is primarily associated with the ideological notion of governance of the world only in the sense of new collective efforts to identify, understand, or address worldwide problems that go beyond the capacity of individual nation-states to solve.

Henry Kissinger stated in 1994: "The New World Order cannot happen without U.S. participation, as we are the most significant single component. Yes, there will be a New World Order, and it will force the United States to change its perceptions"
World Affairs Council Press Conference, Regent Beverly Wilshire Hotel, April 19, 1994 (Wikipedia-New World Order)

World government, global government or cosmocracy is the concept of a common political authority for all of humanity, giving way to a global government and a single state or polity with jurisdiction over the entire world. Such a government could come into existence either through violent and compulsory world domination or through peaceful and voluntary supranational union.

There has never been an executive, legislature, judiciary, military, or constitution with global jurisdiction. The United Nations, beyond the United Nations Security Council (which has the ability to issue mandatory resolutions), is limited to a mostly advisory role, and its stated purpose is to foster cooperation between existing national governments rather than exert authority over them.

In The Classroom With Children Under Thirteen Years of Age

Towards World Understanding – V

UNESCO Publication 356 Georges Lang, Paris D.L 3 Trim. 1949 B2388

The kindergarten or infant school has a significant part to play in the child's education. Not only can it correct many of the errors of home training, but it can also prepare the child for membership…in the world society.

No matter how carefully we plan the curriculum nor how much we provide opportunities for our pupils to cultivate the group sense, we come back in the end to the incontrovertible fact that it is the teacher's attitude towards the world society which has the strongest influence on the pupil's mind.

Toward Education for World-Mindedness

(A)ll the subjects, as such, can play their part in developing a world outlook, but it would be idle to suppose that any selection of subjects can of itself produce this attitude. What is required is not only the right subjects, but also the proper spirit in the school, the appropriate personality in the teachers, and the consciousness among pupils of a group relationship. Only a combined operation of this kind can achieve our end.

On it he could see his own country in its proper perspective; and he would get into the habit of regarding the earth as his habitat, and his country as part of it, instead of considering the rest of the world as an annex to his own country.

The study of history may also usefully contribute to the development of world-mindedness, but precautions must be observed, especially in modern history.

There is need above all for universal history. Just as the child should grow used to considering the earth as his habitat, so he must learn to consider the whole of humanity as the fatherland in whose service the particular fatherlands, his own and all others, are enrolled.

The stage of civilization which the world has reached makes it imperative that from now on all children be taught some measure of international, or universal, history, and that they should study the history of their own country only in relation to its part in the development of the whole of humanity.

1. How can skill in critical thinking and the feeling of belonging to a world community be developed in children?
2. What existing common elements of an international culture constitute the basis of world-mindedness, and how can these be made vital in the education of children?
3. What are the obstacles and forces outside the school which mitigate against the world-mindedness of children? How can these be neutralized and modified?

Just as every nation has its national anthem whereby the feeling of belonging to the national community is asserted, would it not be desirable for all the children of the world -- and, tomorrow, all the inhabitants of the world -- to have an anthem expressive of their feeling of belonging to the human community?

How can parents be persuaded to adopt an attitude so different from that of the great majority of adults? It has been said that it is the children who educate the parents. Let the school then make use of this leverage.

As long as the child breathes the poisoned air of nationalism, education in world-mindedness can produce only rather precarious results. As we have pointed out, it is frequently the family that infects the child with extreme nationalism.

Finally, we expressed the wish that UNESCO would persuade not only governments, but also public opinion, that the most urgent problem in the political field is the educational one, and, more particularly, that an intellectual and moral attitude favorable to international understanding and co-operation (which is civilization's only hope) can be promoted only by a school reorganized to this end and equipped with everything that is indispensable to its effort; that, consequently, the cost of such an enlightened education is a wise investment of the national income; and that the activity of the school cannot bring about the desired result unless, repudiating every form of nationalism, the policy of the nation itself is one of international understanding and co-operation.

Resetting education: lessons from Sesame Street on helping a generation at risk (

There, by clicking on the "Education and Skills " tab there are several links of interest to what the Globalists plan for us.

It is like rat poison. Most of the ingredients are harmless, perhaps even beneficial. But, the tiny percent of poison is deadly (

For example, "What you need to know about education, skills and life-long learning" ( led me to "Schools of the Future: Defining New Models of Education for the Fourth Industrial Revolution" ( where is found these snips:

(4) Eight critical characteristics in learning content and experiences have been identified to define high-quality learning in the Fourth Industrial Revolution—“Education 4.0”: 1. Global citizenship skills: Include content that focuses on building awareness about the wider world, sustainability and playing an active role in the global community.

(7) Children must be prepared to become both productive contributors of future economies, and responsible and active citizens in future societies. Realizing this vision requires children to be equipped with four key skill sets: 1) Global citizenship; 2) Innovation and creativity; 3) Technology; and 4) Interpersonal skills.

(8) Governments can promote global citizenship learning by setting clear national standards. In Italy, for example, the Minister of Education recently announced that public schools will require all students in every grade to study climate change and sustainability as part of the national curriculum.

(11) Other education technology companies help customize experiences by supporting learning outside the classroom. China’s 17Zuoye, for example, offers a platform that provides learning content aligned with the national curriculum, provides individualized homework support, and suggests personalized study plans for students based on their level of skills mastery.

(12) Governments and non-profits can work together to shape more inclusive education systems. In Sweden, for example, a local organization distributed author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s We Should All Be Feminists to every 16-year-old student in the country in 2015 to spark dialogue about feminism.

(13) While assessment is important for ensuring quality and accountability toward outcomes, more progressive forms that incorporate student choice could be an effective way of taking the focus away from test scores. For example, a school might give students the option of showcasing what they have learned about gender equality by giving a speech, creating a work of art, creating a film or writing an essay.

(15) The Green School, opened in Bali in 2008, is committed to education that promotes sustainability and shapes future green leaders. It currently serves more than 800 students aged 3–18, with plans to expand to New Zealand, South Africa and Mexico by 2021...Students at the Green School apply learning to the real world through a global citizenship and sustainability lens...

(26) The Education 4.0 initiative will contribute to the Platform for Shaping the Future of the New Economy and Society’s vision to impact 1 billion people with improved educational and job opportunities by 2030.

Comment (10-18-20) from someone knowledgeable on the subject: “The World Economic Forum has repackaged Agenda 21 into 2030 Agenda, and now after Covid the Great Reset (See #118.). You'll notice all of those global citizen, sustainability goals have that same 2030 marker. What I hate about it, is that they set these so far in advance, and they meet the goals years in advance.”


118. The World Economic Forum seized upon the 2020 pandemic to coin a new name for the New World Order: “The Great Reset”. The usual key words are bolded below.

“There is an urgent need for global stakeholders to cooperate in simultaneously managing the direct consequences of the COVID-19 crisis. To improve the state of the world, the World Economic Forum is starting The Great Reset initiative.

“The Covid-19 crisis, and the political, economic and social disruptions it has caused, is fundamentally changing the traditional context for decision-making. The inconsistencies, inadequacies and contradictions of multiple systems –from health and financial to energy and education – are more exposed than ever amidst a global context of concern for lives, livelihoods and the planet. Leaders find themselves at a historic crossroads, managing short-term pressures against medium- and long-term uncertainties.

“As we enter a unique window of opportunity to shape the recovery, this initiative will offer insights to help inform all those determining the future state of global relations, the direction of national economies, the priorities of societies, the nature of business models and the management of a global commons*. Drawing from the vision and vast expertise of the leaders engaged across the Forum’s communities, the Great Reset initiative has a set of dimensions to build a new social contract that honours the dignity of every human being.
(Bold font added to display the key words.)

Transhumanism is a class of philosophies of life that seek the continuation and acceleration of the evolution of intelligent life beyond its currently human form and human limitations by means of science and technology, guided by life-promoting principles and values…Transhumanism can be viewed as an extension of humanism, from which it is partially derived… Just as we use rational means to improve the human condition and the external world, we can also use such means to improve ourselves, the human organism. In doing so, we are not limited to traditional humanistic methods, such as education and cultural development. We can also use technological means that will eventually enable us to move beyond what some would think of as “human”.

Globalist Klaus Schwab made it clear that transhumanism is an integral part of “ The Great Reset”… The agenda is primarily based around dismantling the current capitalist system in favor of greater centralized technocrat rule which will lead to lower living standards, less fuel consumption, fewer civil liberties and the accelerated automation of jobs. (and) merging man with machine…which will ultimately lead to the creation of human cyborgs…(He endorses) active implantable microchips that break the skin barrier of our bodies.

*The governance of the global commons represents a specific aspect of global environmental governance. Stewardship of the global commons cannot be carried out without global governance… International law identifies four global commons, namely the High Seas, the Atmosphere, the Antarctica and the Outer Space… Resources of interest or value to the welfare of the community of nations – such as tropical rain forests and biodiversity - have lately been included among the traditional set of global commons as well, while some define the global commons even more broadly, including science, education, information and peace… A global governance regime, under the auspices of the UN, will have to ensure that the global commons will be preserved for future generations… To achieve coherence in global governance, all three dimensions of sustainable development – sustainable economic growth, social inclusion and protection of the environment and the global commons – need to be integrated at the global level.

NESARA stands for “National Economic Security and Reformation Act.”… As a spiritually-directed financial program, it traces back to the work of St.Germaine and three other ascended masters. That work began in the Fifteenth Century and was designed to provide a new economic system for the world during the present time of transition…“NESARA is legislation of the United States government that was designed by high light beings in conjunction with spiritual beings on the planet as the LEGAL means to usher in the era of peace, love and harmony on Earth.”… NESARA is designed to erase poverty and all its attendant ills from Earth during a transitional period preceding Ascension so that the planet’s sovereign citizens can focus their attention on planetary transformation…After, Ascension, this planet is destined to be weaned from the use of money…

NESARA/GESARA…(is) the International Monetary Fund’s “Great Reset.” Just picture a One World Government in complete control of every aspect of your life, including your money, which will be cryptocurrency that the government will monitor and allow you to access depending on your Social Credit Score—or conveniently cutting off your access altogether should you be tagged as an enemy of the state (patriot, Christian, Libertarian, anti-vaxxer, pesky independent thinker, etc.).

Special Drawing Rights are basically the proto-global currency issued by the IMF that globalists are working to replace the U.S. dollar with as the global reserve asset held by governments and central banks. It is based on a basket of currencies including the U.S. dollar, the euro, the Japanese yen, the British pound, and most recently, even the Communist Chinese yuan. When the IMF prints SDRs and hands them out to governments, those instruments can then be redeemed for U.S. dollars…

(T)he Deep State intends to eventually sideline the United States and its rapidly depreciating dollar in favor of new global institutions such as the IMF (International Monetary Fund) and the SDR. The goal is to literally turn the SDR into a global currency, and the IMF into a Federal Reserve-style central bank with the power to feed the budding global government with endless “quantitative easing.”…

At the World Economic Forum — the leading front institution for the looming “Great Reset” — Columbia University Professor José Antonio Ocampo called for turning the SDR into “a true global currency” not long before the pandemic began.

The COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated that no institution or individual alone can address the economic, environmental, social and technological challenges of our complex, interdependent world. The pandemic itself will not transform the world, but it has accelerated systemic changes that were apparent before its inception. The fault lines that emerged in 2020 now appear as critical crossroads in 2021. The time to rebuild trust and to make crucial choices is fast approaching as the need to reset priorities and the urgency to reform systems grow stronger around the world.

The Davos Agenda is a pioneering mobilization of global leaders to shape the principles, policies and partnerships needed in this challenging new context. It is essential for leaders from all walks of life to work together virtually for a more inclusive, cohesive and sustainable future as soon as possible in 2021. To this end, the World Economic Forum has served for more than 50 years as a trusted platform where leaders from business, government, international organizations, civil society and academia convene to address critical issues at the start of each year… The Davos Agenda will also mark the launch of the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset Initiative…

(T)he World Economic Forum (WEF), has stated is the goal of The Fourth Industrial Revolution. WEF has been at the center of global affairs for more than 40 years, and if you take the time to dive into WEF’s Fourth Industrial Revolution material, you realize that it’s all about transhumanism. It’s about the merger of man and machine. This is a dystopian future WEF and its global allies are actively trying to implement… in which humans are connected to the cloud, able to access the internet through their own brains. This, of course, also means that your brain would be accessible to people who might like to tinker with your thoughts, emotions, beliefs and behavior, be they the technocratic elite themselves or random hackers…

On page 12 of the report, the concept of the human body as a platform is described, and how various parts of the human platform can be augmented. For example:

Physical performance such as strength, dexterity, speed and endurance can be enhanced, as well as physical senses. One example given is gene editing for enhanced sight
Psychological performance such as cognition, emotion and motivation can be influenced to activate and direct desired behavior. Examples of cognitive augmentation include improving memory, attention, alertness, creativity, understanding, decision-making, intelligence and vigilance
Social performance — “the ability to perceive oneself as part of a group and the readiness to act as part of the team” — can be influenced. Communication skills, collaboration and trust are also included here.


119. The 2045 Initiative is going on worldwide and perfectly fits what happened in the Garden. “And the serpent said unto the woman, Ye shall not surely die: For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil.” Genesis 3:4-5 bold font added.
See The “2045 Initiative” and Genesis 3:4-5.

The 2045 Initiative is a nonprofit organization that develops a network and community of researchers in the field of life extension, focusing on combining brain emulation and robotics to create forms of cyborgs. (1) … The main goal of the 2045 Initiative, as stated on its website, is "to create technologies enabling the transfer of an individual’s personality to a more advanced non-biological carrier, and extending life, including to the point of immortality. We devote particular attention to enabling the fullest possible dialogue between the world’s major spiritual traditions, science and society".

(1) cyborg: A portmanteau (2) of cybernetic (3) and organism—is a being with both organic and biomechatronic (4) body parts.
(2) portmanteau: A blend of words in which parts of multiple words are combined into a new word.
(3) cybernetic: concerned with control and communication in the animal and the machine.
(4) biomechatronic: An applied interdisciplinary science that aims to integrate biology and mechatronics (electrical, electronics, and mechanical engineering). It also encompasses the fields of robotics and neuroscience.

The path to neo-humanity as the foundation of the ideology of the “Evolution 2045” party… Another way for civilization to move to the next level of development is for humanity to develop and pass a new evolutionary strategy as soon as possible. The foundation of this strategy is constant and intensive development, reaching a higher level for controlling reality, towards new ideas, meanings and values, and the creation of a fundamentally new model for the existence of society: spiritual, humanistic, ethical and high-tech. SPIRITUAL AND BODILY EVOLUTION AS A NEW DEVELOPMENT STRATEGY The successful realization of the new development strategy requires large-scale transformations from humanity, comparable with not one, but two revolutions of the past: spiritual and scientific and technical…

This is the path of replacing biological evolution with cybernetic evolution. In these transformations lies the essence of a new strategy of development of society – the strategy of spiritual and bodily evolution, or evolutionary trans-humanism. Modern science already knows a great deal about the evolution of the cybernetic body. Cybernetic bodies will develop from robotic bodies to bodies made of a cluster of nano-robots, and then to hologram bodies. These transformations will completely change the accustomed infrastructure of human civilization…

Evolutionary trans-humanism will make it possible to move to a new form of social organization, to a completely new era – neo-humanism, where the great goal will be evolution, the self-improvement of every human and all humanity. All goals and tasks of future society will be set taking into account the evolution of the new cybernetic body of the human, and revealing the potential of the human consciousness…

The realization of the new evolutionary strategy will to a significant degree increase the self-organization of society, and the process will begin of the integration of humanity into a common collective super-mind, a super-being, capable of solving many problems that seem impossible to solve today within a short period. Neo-humanity will change the bodily nature of the human being, and make them immortal, free, playful, independent of limitations of space and time…

The main features of neo-humanity:…the ability to unite in a collective gigantic mind, the noosphere, a complex self-organizing free society of progress, evolution and synergism. Values, ideology, the mentality and economy are focused on moving forward, on the growth of the global nature of goals and tasks; – synergy of technological and spiritual development, super-mind, immortality, multi-corporeality, cosmic creativity…

The goals and tasks of the transitional period – the 21st persuade the international community of the importance of ideas of evolutionary trans-humanism… The goals and tasks of neo-humanity for the 22nd-23rd centuries: – to conquer aging and dying universally, for every human being and all of humanity…

120. Not only did the Department of Education’s 10 Regional Laboratories orchestrate Project BEST cooperation across the 50 states, but the Regional Labs also facilitated international coordination with UNESCO and its member countries. These inter-regional networks laid the technological building blocks for globalist virtual charter schools, such as K12 Inc. and Bridge International Academies…Roughly forty years later, the globalist virtual charter school industry resulting from BEST sub-projects, such as the internet e-learning pilots of NWREL’s RICE-SPIN network and Spady’s High Success Schools, has provided the online-learning infrastructure to “Reset” and “Reimagine” education for the Fourth Industrial Revolution…(T)he globalist academic establishment was promoting school integration of courseware from these very same Big Tech corporations by advertising their “computer-assisted learning” products in the pages of scholarly journals alongside ads for other ed-tech developers contracting with Project BEST, such as Scott, Foresman and Company and the Association for Educational Communications and Technology (AECT). Simultaneously, these same academic journals printed articles publicizing the ed-tech research of the OECD and UNESCO Study 11…

In brief, these journals document how Project BEST was part of an orchestrated effort between academia, national governments, multinational corporations, and the world governance bodies of UNESCO and the OECD acting in concert to advance global progress toward the technocratic Fourth Industrial Revolution… UNESCO’s Futures of Education greenlights a global continuation down the dystopic path toward a Social Credit system of automated ed-tech surveillance so long as the AI algorithms are “equitably” meted out by the new brand of communitarian “stakeholder capitalism” that is being hyped by the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset for the Fourth Industrial Revolution… Of course, this transhumanist agenda can be traced all the way back to the eugenic roots of UNESCO’s first Director General, Julian Huxley, who was the President of the British Eugenics Society before calling for a global eugenics program in his 1946 UNESCO: Its Purpose and Its Philosophy. Later, in a 1957 book titled New Bottles for New Wine, Huxley coined the term “transhumanism” as the next phase in eugenic evolution. According to Huxley, the eugenic goals of biologically engineering human evolution should be refined through transhumanist technologies, which combine the eugenic methods of genetic engineering with neurotech that merges humans and machines into a new organism.


121. Reimagine Education is a global conference and competition, open to educational innovators from all around the world. The conference brings together edtech startups, academic faculty from top institutions, Chief Innovation Officers, university leadership, teachers, and other stakeholders in the future of higher education teaching and learning.

122. World Business Council for Sustainable Development(WBCSD) By 2025, WBCSD’s success will be defined by the commitment of 250 diverse and influential companies taking actions that enable 9+ billion people to live well within the boundaries of the planet…These, in turn, allow members to accelerate the transformation of major economic systems, in line with Sustainable Development Goals, the Paris Climate Agreement and Vision 2050.

T)he Davos agenda looked at a number of significant themes:

Stakeholder capitalism (including the launch of Klaus Schwab’s similarly titled book): making the case for a global economy that works for progress, people and planet;

Enhancing global stewardship: focusing on the climate crisis and achieving a net-zero world; …

These developments clearly illustrate that the integration of sustainability in the economic agenda globally has finally made it to Davos. As such, it is great news that much of the scope of work at WBCSD is now reflected in the Davos agenda…

Together with our member companies, we believe that 9+ billion people can live well, within planetary boundaries, by 2050. Using the latest scientific and development thinking, we have a clear understanding of what that means. “Living well” means that everyone’s dignity and rights are respected, basic needs are met, and equal opportunities are available for all. Living “within planetary boundaries” means that nature is protected, restored and used sustainably, and societies have developed sufficient adaptive capacity to build and maintain resilience in a healthy and regenerative Earth system…

Vision 2050 contains unprecedented guidance for the required actions, pathways and mindset shifts that will make up the system transformations to realize the shared vision of a world in which 9+ billion people live well, within planetary boundaries.


123. Vision 2050 – an ambitious, leading-edge study mapping out the transformative changes that would be necessary to allow over 9 billion people to be living well, within the boundaries of the planet. Created with 29 WBCSD members from 14 industries, and including insights from more than 200 companies and external stakeholders in some 20 countries, it declared that business as usual was not sustainable. Vision 2050 explored what a sustainable world would look like in mid-century, how such a world could be realized, and the role that business has to play in making that vision a reality…The resulting conclusion was the need for a fundamental transformation of the way the world produces and consumes everything from energy to agricultural products.

124. 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development adopted by all United Nations Member States in 2015, provides a shared blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and the planet, now and into the future. At its heart are the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SGDs), which are an urgent call for action by all countries - developed and developing - in a global partnership.

See these from above link

  •  Agenda 21, a comprehensive plan of action to build a global partnership for sustainable development to improve human lives and protect the environment.

  • Member States unanimously adopted the Millennium Declaration at the Millennium Summit

(1) No Poverty, (2) Zero Hunger, (3) Good Health and Well-being, (4) Quality Education, (5) Gender Equality, (6) Clean Water and Sanitation, (7) Affordable and Clean Energy, (8) Decent Work and Economic Growth, (9) Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure, (10) Reducing Inequality, (11) Sustainable Cities and Communities, (12) Responsible Consumption and Production, (13) Climate Action, (14) Life Below Water, (15) Life On Land, (16) Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions, (17) Partnerships for the Goals.


125. The Millennium Summit declared that the central challenge of today is to ensure that globalization becomes a positive force for all… the Millennium Declaration stated that no efforts must be spared to counter the threat of the planet being irredeemably spoiled by human activities.

126. Global Alliance for the Rights of Nature has stated:

(1) Mother Earth is a living being.
(2) Mother Earth is a unique, indivisible, self-regulating community of interrelated beings that sustains, contains and reproduces all beings.
(3) Each being is defined by its relationships as an integral part of Mother Earth.
(4) The inherent rights of Mother Earth are inalienable in that they arise from the same source as existence.


 127. Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund (CELDF) has led the drive to grant rights to nature.

128. Paul Watson, the founder of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society wrote:

“We are the ruthlessly territorial primates whose numbers have soared far beyond the level of global carrying capacity for the deadly behavioural characteristics that we display. This did not happen yesterday because we suddenly became aware of the dangers of global warming. It began 50,000 years ago when a relatively hairless primate stumbled out of equatorial Africa and began wiping out the megafauna of the time. Wherever this creature (our ancestor) went, their arrival was followed by large die-outs of megafauna… he planet’s ecosystem is a collective living organism and operates very much like the human body…Humans are presently acting upon this body in the same manner as an invasive virus with the result that we are eroding the ecological immune system. A virus kills its host and that is exactly what we are doing with our planet’s life support system. We are killing our host the planet Earth.”


129. Soros, George

“The main obstacle to a stable and just world order is the United States.” George Soros, hedge-fund billionaire.

“His belief appears to be that we should have a globalist government that dictates to the people and that nations are a sort of an impediment, because when you have national governments – they express the will of the people. ”

130. "COVID-19 is now the gateway to the left’s utopian agenda of multitrillion-dollar climate policies, hyperregulation of the economy, the rebirth of the welfare state and a radical redistribution of income."

The mad global dash to inject synthetic mRNA and synthetic DNA into the arms of every human on earth should make a little more sense to the reader. This is their shared vision to bridge the gap between humanity and nature to be “living in harmony” with it, to balance the scales of resources vs. consumption, to create new markets for new products, to bring to life the transhuman dream of modifying DNA to achieve life extension and ultimately, immortality.


131. "The four steps of the Cloward-Piven Strategy:
1. Overload and Break the Welfare System
2. Have Chaos Ensue
3. Take Control in the Chaos
4. Implement Socialism and Communism through Government Force"


132. Biodiversity

The post-2020 global biodiversity framework builds on the Strategic Plan for Biodiversity 2011-2020 and sets out an ambitious plan to implement broad-based action to bring about a transformation in society’s relationship with biodiversity and to ensure that, by 2050, the shared vision of living in harmony with nature is fulfilled… Hiding behind benevolent concepts such as eliminating poverty and providing education for all, is a cadre of genetic engineers intent on making life “sustainable” on planet earth by simply changing the structure and nature of life that consumes resources, including humanity itself.

133. The One Planet (read "One World Government") website makes it clear that  their goal is 2030 (

134. Metaverse Broadly speaking, the technologies that make up the metaverse can include virtual reality—characterized by persistent virtual worlds that continue to exist even when you're not playing—as well as augmented reality that combines aspects of the digital and physical worlds. However, it doesn't require that those spaces be exclusively accessed via VR or AR. A virtual world, like aspects of Fortnite that can be accessed through PCs, game consoles, and even phones, could be metaversal. It also translates to a digital economy, where users can create, buy, and sell goods.

135. World Council of Churches Berit Kjos, in an article entitled, Conforming the Church to the New World Order writes:

In 1942, six years before the World Council of Churches was formally launched, its organizers within the Federal Council of Churches held a National Study conference at Wesleyan University in Ohio. Among the 30 delegates were 15 bishops, seven seminary presidents, and eight college and university presidents.

John Foster Dulles, who later became Secretary of State in the Eisenhower administration, chaired the conference. As head of the Federal Council’s inter–Church “Commission to Study the Bases of a Just and Durable Peace,” Dulles submitted the conference report. It recommended:

>a world government of delegated powers
>immediate limitations on national sovereignty
>international control of all armies and navies
>a universal system of money
>worldwide freedom of immigration
>a democratically controlled international bank [the Federal Reserve]
>even distribution of the world’s natural wealth.


136. Fourth Industrial Revolution (4-IR) technologies subject human beings to a kind of technological management that makes surveillance by the NSA look like child’s play…The 4-IR seeks to accelerate the merging of humans and machines, resulting in a world in which all information, including genetic information, is shared, and every action, thought, and motivation is known, predicted, and possibly precluded.

137. The CE5 (Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind) Initiative is a global grass roots effort that is successfully making documented contact with ET civilizations, for the purpose of establishing peace on earth and beyond.

Steven M. Greer, MD is Founder of The Disclosure Project, The Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence (CSETI), The Orion Project and Sirius Technology Advanced Research, LLC…We are interested in the development of a peaceful relationship with Extraterrestrial Intelligence (ETI) which has been visiting planet Earth for decades if not centuries. Part of the reason the ETI presence has been kept secret is that one of the first questions would be, “How are they getting here?” They are not using fossil fuels. It is through zero point or quantum vacuum energy generation systems. And it is those energy systems we want to develop and bring out to the general public so that we may have a world of pollution free, sustainable abundance…Help us place this matter in front of the public, the media, and our elected representatives so that the full truth may be disclosed, so that those Earth-saving technologies now classified may be released, and so humanity may enter a new chapter in its evolution as one of many people in the cosmos.

From the CE5 ( network are multiple far-out (pun intended) resources such as: Gaia – The Netflix of Consciousness and Spirituality ( “Gaia offers the largest online resource of consciousness-expanding videos—over 8,000 informative and enlightening films, original shows, yoga and meditation classes…”


138. The Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence (CSETI) STATEMENT OF PURPOSE 1. To reawaken an awareness of spiritual values in daily life. 2. To promote planetary awareness, which leads to planetary citizenship. This includes an awareness of the underlying energy structure of our society, the kingdoms of nature, the planet and the solar system. 3. To analyze and help solve world problems on the basis of spiritual values and planetary awareness, thus meeting true present needs.
By searching <evolution>, these came up:
> We promote the evolution of human consciousness and the development of other states of awareness through personal experience using an audio technology called Hemi-Sync. (
> AMANDA RA Center of Research & Applications: New tools are developed for healing and educating, on synthetic and spiritual bases, within the new world society. Healing service through radiopsychology; ontotherapy; Yoga of Synthesis; AstroSynthesis (point of evolution and service potentials); classical homeopathy through Hahnemann, Kent, Hering and Master EK; ayurveda; aromatherapy. (
>(W)e propose to initiate a new University in which the Science of the Human Being will be one of the essential courses of study and practice. This science should include the knowledge of the basic tendencies of humanity, a proper understanding of human evolution through the various kingdoms of nature, races, nations and nationalities, the study of humanity in the light of the existing scriptures (which provide the basis for the science of human values), and a science of psychology rebuilt to include the yogic and spiritual sciences. (
> The new world order will be founded on the recognition that all men are equal in origin and goal but that all are at differing stages of evolutionary development; that personal integrity, intelligence, vision and experience, plus a marked goodwill, should indicate leadership. […] The control of labor by capital or the control of capital by labor must also go. (


139. Mind Control The agenda of the ruling elite is to establish a single world government. That’s no surprise. They want a single set of world laws, a single world court, a single world currency and economy, a single world education system, and a single world religion. They really plan to reduce the world population from 7 billion people to a mere 500 million. In their new world order, all decisions will be made for us. They will be the ruling elite. The slave class zombies serve their plans. To pull this off, they have to impose a new world view. This requires us to change how we think, and to believe a large number of lies about every aspect of life… Edward Bernays, the early 20th Century developer of Mass Mind Control techniques and public manipulation of thought through marketing strategies, said: “If we understand the mechanism and motives of the group mind, it is now possible to control and regiment the masses according to our will without them knowing it… Mainstream media only presents the approved version of any news story. They promote fear and anxiety. They nearly always modify or leave out important facts. That serves the mind control agenda… The strongest form of mind control is found in entertainment… What about pop music? You can just imagine how it can be used in modern mind control. Beyond the lyrics and rhythms, certain musical note sequences, and chords have predetermined effects on brain function. Music is used to activate and deactivate various regions of the brain. Recording artists who align with Satan-worship are masters at using music to make people think that good is evil and evil is good.

140. Deep State This new world order—a global world order—made up of international government agencies and corporations owes its existence in large part to the U.S. government’s deep-seated and, in many cases, top-secret alliances with foreign nations and global corporations. This powerful international cabal, let’s call it the Global Deep State, is just as real as the corporatized, militarized, industrialized American Deep State, and it poses just as great a threat to our rights as individuals under the U.S. Constitution, if not greater… Indeed, to anyone who’s been paying attention to the goings-on in the world, it is increasingly obvious that we’re already under a new world order, and it is being brought to you by the Global-Industrial Deep State… When the government and its Global-Industrial Deep State partners in the New World Order crack down, we’ll all suffer.


141. World Government Summit Our Vision: To Become the Global Platform for Shaping Future Governments.

At the 2022 session the leader said, “(T)here were three main areas to focus on for future changes — global inflation, Metaverse, cryptocurrency and the private sector.”

142. United Religions California Episcopal Bishop William Swing, who is hosting the United Religions summit (in 1996), said the initiative aims to establish a permanent deliberative body of religious leaders modeled after the United Nations…“We are on the threshold of a new global civilization, “Swing said.


143. Internet of Bodies (IoB) “(E)verything will be connected to a single implantable device that will hold your digital identity, health data and programmable CBDCs. Your digital identity, in turn, will include everything that can be known about you through surveillance via implanted biosensors, your computer, smartphone, GPS, social media, online searches, purchases and spending habits. Algorithms will then decide what you can and cannot do based on who you are…The goal is to create what’s known as the Internet of Bodies (IoB), described by the World Economic Forum (WEF)… In a November 2019 interview with CNN,8 history professor and adviser to WEF founder Klaus Schwab, Yuval Noah Harari, warned that “humans are now hackable animals”… In another interview, Harari discussed what Schwab refers to as The Fourth Industrial Revolution (read: transhumanism), noting that we’re now learning to “produce bodies and minds” (meaning augmented bodies, and cloud and artificial intelligence-connected minds) and that one of the greatest challenges we face will be what to do with all the people that have become obsolete in the process.”


144. World Goodwill

To bring in the new day and the human well-being which is our spiritual birth-right, we need a deeper sense of reality based on spiritual values, and a new perception of humanity as a unit of divine life within an ordered and purposive universe. The following six recognitions can provide a basis for this deeper understanding:

1 Humanity is not following a haphazard or uncharted course – there is a Plan. This Plan has always existed and is part of the greater design of the Cosmos. The Plan has worked out through the evolutionary developments of the past, and because of the special impetus given it from time to time by the great leaders, teachers and intuitives of the human race. This leads to the second key recognition.

2 There exists an inner spiritual governance of the world led by enlightened beings whose ideas inspire all forward-thinking evolutionary progress in human consciousness. They are known under such different names as the spiritual Hierarchy, the society of Illumined Minds, or Christ and His Church, according to various spiritual traditions. Humanity is never left without spiritual guidance or direction under the Plan.

3 There is a widespread expectation that we approach the “Age of Maitreya”, as it is known in the East, when the World Teacher and present head of the spiritual Hierarchy, the Christ, will reappear among humanity to sound the keynote of a new age.

These recognitions give a new perspective on spiritual reality and place our present crises in a wider context. They provide opportunity for co-operation with the spiritual evolution of humanity and increase our capacity for freedom…

In promoting recognition of the power of goodwill in our time, World Goodwill has three primary objectives:…To foster a universal spiritual perspective on the future, centered on the idea that all faiths throughout history have anticipated an age of peace and justice, ushered in by a World Teacher Who embodies divine principles. The rising tide of goodwill in the world today is a sign that the appearance of such a teacher, expected by different traditions under such names as the Christ, the Kalki Avatar, the Bodhisattva, Lord Maitreya, the Imam Mahdi, and the Messiah, is now imminent…

World Goodwill provides a series of study papers on the major problems of human progress. Emphasis is placed upon underlying causes and emerging trends rather than on a factual survey of events. The use of the trained mind in reflective thought and meditation is encouraged. The problems dealt with include:…Children, Youth and Education…

Practical Aims…To support the work of the United Nations and its Specialised Agencies as the best hope for a united and peaceful world.

World Goodwill is an activity of the LUCIS TRUST


145. Luciferianism is a belief system that venerates the essential characteristics that are affixed to Lucifer. The tradition, influenced by Gnosticism,[citation needed] usually reveres Lucifer not as the devil, but as a destroyer, a guardian, liberator,[1] light bringer or guiding spirit to darkness, or even the true god as opposed to Jehovah…

Luciferians generally support the protection of the natural world. Both the arts and sciences are crucial to human development and thus both are cherished. Luciferians think that humans should be focused on this life and how to make the most of it every single day. The ability to recognize both good and evil, to accept that all actions have both positive and negative consequences, and to actively influence one's environment is a key factor…

For Luciferians, enlightenment is the ultimate goal. The basic Luciferian principles highlight truth and freedom of will, worshipping the inner self and one's ultimate potential, and to encourage and celebrate the same within all. Traditional dogma is shunned as a basis for morality on the grounds that humans should not need deities or fear of eternal punishment to distinguish right from wrong and to do good. All ideas should be tested before being accepted, and even then one should remain skeptical because knowledge and understanding are fluid. Regardless of whether Lucifer is conceived of as a deity or as a mere archetype, he is a representation of ultimate knowledge and exploration as well as humanity's savior and a champion for continuing personal growth. Theistic Luciferians believe in Lucifer as an actual deity.


146. Ascended Master Teachings of a number of movements in the theosophical tradition are believed to be spiritually enlightened beings who in past incarnations were ordinary humans, but who have undergone a series of spiritual transformations originally called initiations …

I n (Charles) Leadbeater's book, The Masters and the Path (1925), the Masters are presented as human beings full of wisdom and compassion, albeit still limited by human bodies, which they choose to retain in order to keep in touch with humanit y and help in its evolution…

It is further claimed by various groups and teachers that the Ascended Masters serve as the teachers of mankind from the realms of spirit, and that all people will eventually attain their Ascension and move forward in spiritual evolution beyond this planet. According to these teachings, they remain attentive to the spiritual needs of humanity and act to inspire and motivate its spiritual growth. In many traditions and organizations, they are considered part of the Spiritual Hierarchy of Earth…

According to Theosophical doctrine, one of the Hierarchy's functions is to oversee the evolution of Humankind; in accord with this function Maitreya is said to hold the so-called Office of the World Teacher. Theosophical texts posit that the purpose of this Office is to facilitate the transfer of knowledge about the true constitution and workings of Existence, thereby helping humanity in progression on a cyclical, but ever progressive, evolutionary path. This knowledge transfer is sometimes said to occur through Maitreya occasionally manifesting or incarnating in the physical realm, then assuming the role of World Teacher of Humankind …

Initiation is the "process of undergoing an expansion [toward higher levels] of consciousness" It is believed by Theosophists that all souls that have reached the fourth level of initiation and evolved beyond the necessity to reincarnate…

"Within the Life of every human being is the Power by which he can express all that the Ascended Masters express every moment — if he but chooses to do so. All Life contains Will but only Self-Conscious Life is free to determine upon its own course of expression. Hence, the individual has free choice to express either in the human, limited body or the Super-Human, Divine Body. He is the chooser of his own field of expression. He is the Self-determining Creator. He has willed and chosen to live as Self-Conscious Life. . . . When one individualizes within the Absolute, All-Pervading Life he chooses of his own free will to become an intensified individual focus of Self-Conscious Intelligence. He is the conscious director of his future activities. Thus, having once made his choice, he is the only one who can fulfill that Destiny - which is not inflexible circumstance but a definitely designed Plan of Perfection …


147. Singularity Theoretical condition that could arrive in the near future when a synthesis of several powerful new technologies will radically change the realities in which we find ourselves in an unpredictable manner. Most notably, the singularity would involve computer programs becoming so advanced that artificial intelligence transcends human intelligence, potentially erasing the boundary between humanity and computers.

Taking a wider look of what is going on with us and our planet we could say that there are various “singularities” that are lining up and coming our way. This is not good news and, besides the intrinsic risk represented by accelerating trends, the significance of what is about to happen is very profound…Beside the classical Technological Singularity triggered by self-improving AI, there is another singularity where humans are at the center stage. Evolution of intelligent life led to technology and technology is leading to the ability to intervene in the evolutionary process modifying our own characteristics by design. The old lengthy natural process of waiting for random changes to be tested by natural selection in order to become permanent features of living beings will be shortly replaced in human beings by technology through genetic modifications and technological augmentations of our bodies and minds. Changes will no longer be random, they will be planned to serve a purpose and the process will become proactive and not reactive, making it billion of times more efficient and faster. As technology accelerates dragging everything with it, we will have to also change in order to keep up…We are on the verge of an epochal transition; we are passing from an era driven by Natural Evolution to an era driven by Artificial Evolution and, at the transition point, we will encounter a Singularity…

These trends are the vital signs of the natural world and, once shown next to each other, it is like looking at monitors recording the conditions of a terminal patient with no hope of recovery. We are approaching a collapse point of the ecosystem beyond which we cannot predict what will happen. Many negative feedbacks will trigger self-feeding loops impossible to control. At that point we will hit the Ecological Singularity…

Oil was created 180 million years ago by mass extinction caused by global warming. Organic matter accumulated on the oceans floor and in millions or years turned into oil and, with it, the excessive carbon has been confined underground. We discovered oil 180 million years later, extracted and burned it, releasing back the old CO2 into the atmosphere resuming global warming which is causing mass extinctions once again.

We have been inebriated by few decades of opulence made possible by oil after thousands of years of sufferance and misery. We are confused by the unbelievable acceleration and power of our technologies and their impact on our future and our planet. We have not evolved mechanisms, either biologically or culturally to manage global risks. Our instinct of conservation has been shaped by our long experience with local risks such as dangerous animals, hostile people, storms, draughts, famines, diseases. These types of problems have occurred many times and we have evolved instincts to alert us of such risks while we are insensitive to global treats…

We are clearly not on top of this dynamic, we are in the passenger seat and we are not even fastening our seat belt and bracing for impact. But who is driving this car? Evolution is the driver, it drives everything. We are approaching a fundamental step in the evolution of a civilization, an evolutionary jump that probably only few civilizations in the universe managed to overcome. Evolution itself is reaching a singularity point and it is going exponential. The evolutionary path of a civilization can be represented by a curve with a very slow rate of increase for hundred thousand years until it manages to develop science and technology. At that point the trend suddenly change course with a tremendous spike upwards.

As humanity stands on the brink of a technology triggered information revolution, the scale, scope and complexity of the impact of intelligence evolution in machines is unlike anything humankind has experienced before. As a result, the speed at which the ideas, innovations and inventions are emerging on the back of artificial intelligence has no historical precedent and is fundamentally disrupting everything in the human ecosystem. In addition, the breadth, depth and impact of this intelligence evolution on furthering of ideas and innovations across cyberspace, geospace and space (CGS) herald the fundamental transformation of entire interconnected and interdependent systems of basic and applied science: research and development, concept to commercialization, politics to governance, socialization to capitalism, education to training, production to markets, survival to security and more. The technology triggered intelligence evolution in machines and the linkages between ideas, innovations and trends have in fact brought us on the doorsteps of singularity. Irrespective of whether we believe that the singularity will happen or not, the very thought raises many concerns and critical security risk uncertainties for the future of humanity. This forces us to begin a conversation with ourselves and with others (individually and collectively) about what we want as a species. While there is no way to calculate just how and when this intelligence evolution will unfold in machines, one thing is clear: it changes the very fundamentals of security, and the response to it must be integrated and comprehensive…

As a result, as the computing power of the rapidly evolving computers will exceed that of even the most intelligent and evolved human brain, the exponential growth in machine intelligence will continue towards singularity. Then artificial super intelligence will be just around the corner…There is no doubt that when a super intelligence emerges through artificial intelligence, it will bring to bear greater problem-solving and inventive skills than current humans are capable of. But would that not also mean creating another species with intelligence that may or may not have human interest at heart? What happens to human intelligence and the human race at that point of singularity?...

Since there is no direct evolutionary motivation for an AI to be friendly to humans, the challenge is in evaluating whether the artificial intelligence driven singularity will -- under evolutionary pressure -- promote their own survival over ours. The reality remains that artificial intelligence evolution will have no inherent tendency to produce or create outcomes valued by humans-- and there is little reason to expect an outcome desired by mankind from any super intelligent machine.

The diversity and complexity of life on Earth is astonishing: 8 million or more living species—from algae to elephants—all evolved from a simple, single-celled common ancestor around 3.5 billion years ago. But does that mean that evolution always and inevitably generates greater diversity and complexity, having a predictable direction?...Ecology and evolution are two sides of the same coin. The environment is not just the physical surroundings of an organism, but also the other biological species with which it interacts. We can see this environmental interaction deep in the history of life. For billions of years, organisms were “stuck” as single cells…

So can we expect more diversity and complexity going forward? We are now at the beginning of a sixth mass extinction, caused by humans and showing no signs of stopping—wiping out the results of millions of years of evolution. Despite this, humans themselves are too numerous, widespread, and adaptable to be at serious risk of extinction any time soon. It is far more likely that we will extend our distribution yet further by engineering habitable biospheres on other planets…

The astronomer Frank Drake proposed an equation to estimate how many intelligent civilizations we might expect in our galaxy. This contained a term for how long such civilizations might exist before destroying themselves. Drake was pessimistic about this: let’s hope he was wrong.

The technological singularity—also, simply, the singularity—is a hypothetical point in time at which technological growth becomes uncontrollable and irreversible, resulting in unforeseeable changes to human civilization. According to the most popular version of the singularity hypothesis, called intelligence explosion, an upgradable intelligent agent will eventually enter a "runaway reaction" of self-improvement cycles, each new and more intelligent generation appearing more and more rapidly, causing an "explosion" in intelligence and resulting in a powerful superintelligence that qualitatively far surpasses all human intelligence …

Next step of sociobiological evolution…some argue that we are already in the midst of a major evolutionary transition that merges technology, biology, and society. Digital technology has infiltrated the fabric of human society to a degree of indisputable and often life-sustaining dependence…from the perspective of the evolution, several previous Major Transitions in Evolution have transformed life through innovations in information storage and replication (RNA, DNA, multicellularity, and culture and language). In the current stage of life's evolution, the carbon-based biosphere has generated a cognitive system (humans) capable of creating technology that will result in a comparable evolutionary transition.

Beyond merely extending the operational life of the physical body, Jaron Lanier argues for a form of immortality called "Digital Ascension" that involves "people dying in the flesh and being uploaded into a computer and remaining conscious."


148. The Lucis Trust was established by Alice and Foster Bailey as a vehicle to foster recognition of the universal spiritual principles at the heart of all work to build right relations. The Trust was incorporated in the State of New Jersey, USA, on April 5, 1922. A separate limited company, Lucis Trust Ltd. was established as an educational charity and incorporated in the United Kingdom in 1935. And in 1951 Lucis Trust was established as a legal entity in Switzerland, with an office in Geneva.

A publishing company, initially named Lucifer Publishing Company, was established by Alice and Foster Bailey in the State of New Jersey, USA, in May 1922 to publish the book, Initiation Human and Solar. The ancient myth of Lucifer refers to the angel who brought light to the world, and it is assumed that the name was applied to the publishing company in honour of a journal, which had been edited for a number of years by theosophical founder, HP Blavatsky. It soon became clear to the Bailey’s that some Christian groups have traditionally mistakenly identified Lucifer with Satan, and for this reason the company’s name was changed in 1924 to Lucis Publishing Company.



NOTE: All definitions in parenthesis, unless otherwise indicated, are from Wikipedia.)

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