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Bible Bugs

What role do insects have in the Bible, especially for the Gospel? The answer is amazing!

Cicada Choir

Every 17 years the periodical cicadas sound a song of “praise” to the creator.

Ready to Prey

The amazing Praying Mantis has an impressive design.

Consider the Ant

God knew what He was talking about when He told us to think about ants.

God’s Flying Flowers

Moths and butterflies are beautiful beyond belief!

BugBots (Robot Roaches, Battlefield Beetles, and Spy Flies)

Mechanical and aerospace engineers attempt to reverse engineer the intricate design of insects.

Grassroots Report

This is the history of the attempts to persuade Kanawha County (WV) public schools to teach the truth about evolution.

Evolution is Silly

A fun time demonstrating how true the title actually is.

Unbeatable Beetles

God’s engineering and artistic genius is displayed with beetles.

Beautiful Babies

(Not yet completed) Eggs and larvae are cute, comical, and cool.

Divine Dragonflies

(Not yet completed) Dragonflies are devoted to God.

Debate Dodgers (Bugging the Bluffers)

(Not yet completed) Displays the tactics Darwinists use to avoid public scrutiny of their dogma.

The Insectman also does typical classroom activities involving language arts and simple math all about insects.