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By Karl C. Priest Decemeber 27,2020

My conservative platform.

>America is the greatest nation ever.

>God gave us Donald Trump. Like David and Moses, he is not perfect.

>COVID-19 is real, but is politicized to keep America weak.

>ALL (including the aborted blacks, black on black murders, conservative blacks, and Nigerian Christian) black lives matter.

>I love LEGAL immigrants.

>I support the police and dealing with the rare rogues.

>America’s youth have been indoctrinated into leftism-socialism-communism from pre-K through college.

>Antifa is anti-America.

>Riots and property destruction are not protected protests.

>The real fascists are the ones accusing conservatives of being fascists.

>The Civil War is not a simple part of history.

>Removal of monuments should be done through official channels and peacefully.

>The Constitution is a great document.

>Neither political party is above the Constitution.

>I support a constitutionalist Supreme Court.

>Neither political party is more important than America.

>I am pro-science especially on human life, “race”, genders, evolution, and climate change.

>Much of media are an arm of the Democratic Party.

>My values are common sense conservative.

>The Bible and the Ten Commandments are the solution to the world’s problems.