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Sneaky Censorship

By Karl Priest May 12, 2015 (revised 2-15-21)

On April 11, 2015 the Charleston Gazette ran an article headlined “Amended Science Standards Called ‘Progress’” ( The opening featured a fanatical friend of evolutionism from an extreme left-wing group. Quote: “It still represents progress, as far as we’re concerned,” said Glenn Branch, deputy director of the National Center for Science Education, a nonprofit that defends the teaching of evolution and climate change in public schools… “Hopefully, they’re now out of the hands of politicians who want to meddle with them,” Branch said.

On April 12 I emailed the letter below with the note, “If you prefer, I can make this into a guest column.” The Gazette Editorial Page Editor responded April 12, “ We have your letter. Thanks.” On April 16 I inquired, “Is my letter in queue?” The editor answered on April 17, “Yes, it is waiting its turn. We have quite a few letters, but it is in line.” Finally, on April 28 I asked, “I am out of town, but checking via the Internet. Have I missed my letter?” Promptly, on April 28, I was informed, “No, you have not missed it.”

On May 5 I wrote, “Perhaps I missed seeing a response to the comments of Mr. Branch and other left-wing global warming advocates. If so, please send a link. If not, the Gazette has effectively censored an alternative viewpoint. Thank you.” After not receiving a reply I gave up.

Along with Mr. Branch’s comments, the article featured the president of the West Virginia Science Teachers Association who “said members of her organization’s board are disappointed in the new changes. She said she worries they’ll further a negative perception of West Virginia.” She is hardly a representative for fair and accurate science as proven by the position of science teacher organizations during the battles to allow science against evolution to be taught in public schools. Also, “Climate Parents,” a national left-wing group, fought against the modifications.

The article provided various grade level examples of the original version, the version that most reasonable people supported that was proposed in January, and the final version (Thursday of that week) after Mr. Branch started to cry (“intense backlash”). Here are the sixth grade examples:

Original sixth-grade standard: “Ask questions to clarify evidence of the factors that have caused the rise in global temperatures over the past century.”

Version retracted in January: “Ask questions to clarify evidence of the factors that have caused the rise and fall in global temperatures over the past century.”

Version adopted Thursday: “Ask questions to clarify evidence of the factors that have caused the change in global temperatures over the past century.”

For all intends and purposes the Gazette has censored at worse, or nullified at least, my letter. First of all, only an article would have had a chance to expose and rebut Mr. Branch’s comments. Secondly, if the letter is published, few (if any) will remember what column I am addressing.

Why would the liberal Gazette fear printing my letter?

Here is the letter:

Glenn Branch, (of the wrongly named “National Center for Science Education”) has given his blessing to the new state science standards. I guarantee that had the standards not met Branch’s approval he would have been howling.

What folks do not know is that the NCSE is an atheist led enforcer of evolutionism propaganda. The recent Gazette article said the NCSE “defends the teaching of evolution.” Actually the NCSE censors any criticism of evolution. They cry “creationism”, but as the history of the Kanawha County Schools evolution battles and previous WV State Science Standards battle proves, the NCSE will not even allow scientific criticism of evolution. My website ( has the documentation including FOIA facts of how deceitful evolutionists are. Without censorship evolution would not last a week.

There will be responses to this letter calling me names and citing supposed “facts” of evolution like “bacterial resistance.” That and any other argument to support evolution are easily refuted with science. Simply contact me via my website.

As for “Climate Change”, Branch said, “They’re now out of the hands of politicians who want to meddle with them.” The NCSE never hesitates to bring in politicians to support its dogma. Global temperatures have fluctuated for thousands of years. The fear of “Climate Change” fanatics is for students to study data that disputes the slant of the NCSE. Actually it is a tenant of their Mother Erath religion and they will use their version of the data to bring about more of their liberal nonsense that is destroying society.

The letter was censored because the Gazette, infected with liberalism, does not like the truth.



I guess the Gazette published my April 11 letter on May 20 (I missed it) because someone showed me the letter below on June 1.  I wouldn't give a nickel for the opinion of Mr. Nichols.  You can decide for yourself. 

Letter: Attack on science center insulting to those who value education


The May 20 letter by Karl Priest attacks the highly respected National Center for Science Education. It was thoroughly insulting to me and anyone who treasures the benefits of a quality education.

Despite Mr Priest’s uninformed invective, evolution is a fact. Darwin did not ‘invent’ it. He, and others of his time, only recognized it. The only debates over evolution concern the mechanisms by which it operates. Absolutely no credible biological scientist denies evolution’s existence.

Mr Priest seems unable to understand that churches are for teaching religion, public schools for teaching most else. Learning actual science is vitally important for advancement as children enter a grown up world of competition. Even colleges may pass up on applicants who lack a proper science education in favor of ones with a better chance at succeeding.

Faith has a place. Religion asks “Why?” Science asks, and answers “How?”

Mr Priest’s insistance on insults reveals his absence of credibility. Don’t make West Virginia, my ancestral home, a laughing stock. I’m proud to be a West Virginia hillbilly and want its people to be respected, not jeered as willfully ignorant “hillbilly hicks.”

Support quality science education for your children’s sake.

P. A. Nichols
Upper St. Clair, Pa.


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