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PTLs and Complications

By Karl C. Priest June 26, 2020

I was on my way to get a kidney x-ray. On I-64 I heard a loud noise and thought it was the engine of a truck that was passing. After the truck passed the noise remained and my truck began to wobble. PTL (Praise the Lord) that I was right at the east bound Institute exit. There was no safe place to pull over so I went all the way off the exit to get off the road. When I got out I saw

PTL that I was still eligible for FORD roadside assistance (FRA).

The out-of-state lady I spoke to was nice and spoke native English, but she could not locate Institute, WV on whatever GPS program she was using. When I first contacted FRA I had to go through some steps (before being connected via phone) and a map image of exactly where I was sitting popped up, but she could not see that.

Finally, I suggested she try searching for West Virginia State University which was about a half mile from where I was sitting. I thought that she could then locate the exit where I was. When I got the text telling me that the tow company had been notified, the map image showed me near the WVSU football field. I called the local dispatcher and told him that was wrong and clearly told him where I was sitting. He even told me the route number I was on. After about 90 minutes, the tow truck driver called from near the WVSU football field!

As I set there waiting, I decided to thank God for keeping me safe and I wondered why He allowed this to happen. I know, God does not-although He can- control all things such as vehicle mechanics. A friend later told me, “God is in complete control of everything that happens to us. He very purposefully allows ‘bad’ things to happen with the intent of turning all of these events of this fallen world into his good purpose. We praise Him for using us in the midst of these troubling events.”

I wondered if the many people that rushed by were able to read my web link. The link is a hook to get the Gospel to people.

That was doubtful due to them coming out of a curve and merging left into traffic.

I think God sent me there to meet the tow truck driver. Anthony is a young man of African descent. He grew up in another Charleston housing project (Washington Manor) and he knew of the project (Orchard Manor ) where I was raised. He did a great job and I told him I would compliment his good job to his boss (which I did later). That seemed to surprise and please him. I gave him a card

and told him he helped the man who wrote that article.

I think (and may never know the details) that Anthony was meant to meet me today. PTL!

Please pray for Anthony. He has several children.

As I pulled away, after Anthony was finished, I turned on FBN Radio and the preacher said, “Sometimes God allows complications to come into your life.” He went on to point out how God can use those complications.


And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose. (Romans 8:28)


I sent this report to several Christian friends.

Perhaps the first two responses are part of God's plan for me getting that flat tire.

Comment #1 is from a brother who works with a Cold War Vet who wanted to know where I was stationed. Remember, the link has a hook. Right before the article starts the reader will see: “The best military, of any period--including the future, cannot ultimately save you.”

1. He has been my assistant at work for three years. He professes to be agnostic. I've witnessed to him a few times and am trying to get all the shots in I can before he retires next month.

Comment #2 is from a sister who is having a very trying time with her elderly father.

2. Boy, did I need to read this tonight, Karl. Thank you. I really mean that.

Comment # 3 was added to the article resulting from this post.

3. Regarding your statement: I know, God does not... control all things such as vehicle mechanics. I would state this a little differently. God is in complete control of everything that happens to us. He very purposefully allows “bad” things to happen with the intent of turning all of these events of this fallen world into his good purpose. We both praise him for using us in the midst of these troubling events.

Some of the remaining comments (in the order received) had to get Holy Spirit permission for me to share. I am not seeking praise. Hopefully, you will be led to PTL for your own "complications" and share your experiences with others.

4. This is the kind of testimony that matters - the real-world situations God reveals Himself through. People think they need some mighty story of redemption of healing to have a testimony and its great when they have - but it’s the real-time everyday attention to detail that God seems to delight in.

5. Love it!! Glad you are safe, and I will pray for Anthony.

6. Good news and good testimony

7. Wow!

8. Well, praise the Lord Jesus Christ for His watch care and your safety; especially thankful for your opportunity to witness to Anthony (Rom. 8:28)

9. Praying for Anthony

10. Wonderful story, not that your car blew a tire, but that you did exactly what Jesus needs us to do. Namely, be on the look out for every opportunity to extend God's love and grace and salvation. Well done, good and faithful servant.

11. Yup, PTL, something like that could have gone a LOT worse.

12. Good testimony. Glad that you were safe.

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