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Compiled from various sources by Karl C. Priest
(A slightly abbreviated version was handed out as a leaflet at various Christian events such as this concert. The format was ½ sheet of printer paper, vertical, front and back.)

A report issued by the National Commission on Excellence in Education said, "If a foreign power were responsible for the state of education in America we would have considered it an act of war."  Since then public (government) schools have become much worse.

A large amount of high school graduates are functionally illiterate and children in America have the lowest academic achievement of nearly all industrialized nations. 

Government schools have trained generations of children to believe in situational ethics, socialism, and evolution.  Children are indoctrinated into acceptance of sexual promiscuity and even homosexuality as a normal lifestyle.  Alarmingly, studies prove that many students are sexually abused by school employees.

Schools can decide if students receive birth control. Abortion information is part of the curriculum. Drug use is common, sexually transmitted diseases are rampant, and there is widespread violence among America’s youth. Young people believe there is no absolute truth and almost 90% of children who attend government schools stop going to church.

Some parents think that the school their child attends is a good school.  The fact is all government schools are devastating our children morally, intellectually, and spiritually. 

Government schools perpetuate a secular worldview from pre-school through grade 12 in every academic subject.  Secular education produces adults, with an anti-Christian worldview, who work in the courts, the government, the news media, the entertainment industry, and our churches. 

Society has become increasingly dysfunctional because we've been treating symptoms rather than the cause of the problems. Christians continue to waste time, energy and money in the hopeless task of working to improve government schools.

We're only given one chance to raise our children.

Sadly, many parents focus on other issues than how best to educate their children.  Does it make sense to expend so much of our resources on lesser things and ignore the most important issue--our children's souls?  

Children are our most precious possession.   Christian parents should provide a Christian education for their children either by homeschooling or enrolling them in a truly Christian school.  

In Deuteronomy 6:4-9 God COMMANDS parents to raise children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.  Three hours in church plus family devotions cannot overcome 30 hours of humanist schooling each week. We deliberately disobey God's will when we send our children to schools that are not Christ centered.   

"If you have placed your children, God's gift to you, under the authority of pagans and the godless during their most vulnerable and impressionable years--do you truly expect to be told at the end of your race, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant?’" (Dr. Bruce Shortt)

There is no excuse for continuing to sacrifice our children. Lack of money or being a single parent should not prevent Christians from giving children a good and Godly education

The church has a responsibility to help parents provide their children with a Christian education and that includes financially assisting needy families. What better mission project could there be? Any church that has unused space can establish a One Room Christian School.  Also, churches can open for use by homeschooled children.

What we must do is obvious. We must rescue our children--who are really God’s children. In the future we will stand before our Creator and be held accountable for our decision. Martin Luther said, “If we are correct and right in our Christian life at every point, but refuse to stand for the truth at a particular point where the battle rages—then we are traitors to Christ.”

As individuals, and as a nation, we will be accountable to God for the decisions we make in educating our children.

Let us not offend* any of our little ones .

*Offend means to harm, damage, cause hardship, impair, or cause to sin.

Matthew 18:6: But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and  that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.