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By Karl C. Priest April 12, 2018 (revised 4-25-18)

The following letter was sent to the Charleston (WV) Gazette on April 7, 2018. It was not published until April 25. The speaker spoke on April 10. The editor changed “is hosting” to “hosted” in the first paragraph.


It is amusing that the University of Charleston is hosting a speaker who is a columnist for the far left New York Times whose topic is “What is the Path Back to Civility in American Politics?”  The speaker, David Brooks, calls himself a moderate (  A moderate, is nothing other than someone who cannot figure out (or refuses to say) what is right.  He has been called a conservative, but he (according to Wikipedia) admires Obama and hates Trump.  Mr. Brooks also is fine with killing babies for the first five months they are in the womb (  If he were not moderate, he would see no problem with killing babies from conception to reception--the liberal position. 

If Mr. Brooks sincerely seeks to stimulate a solution to American political uncivility, he will encourage liberals to quit screaming and start listening.

Classical liberals are great for America, but are almost non-existent.  Today, liberalism is controlled by radical left-wingers who put down opposing views, shut down conservative speakers, and tear down cities.  Liberals are vicious, violent, hateful, hypocrites.  They are consummate censors. 

There is no hope for America if liberals conquer our country.

Karl C. Priest

The following was in my first draft, but I deleted to save space and out of concern that it was off subject. However, it is a pertinent point.

Interestingly, the 1974 Textbook Protesters have been propagandized by fake news focused on the miniscule amount of those among them who were extremists. It is flipped today. Liberalism only has a minuscule amount of people among the left who are not extremists.

The University of Charleston’s speaker series is a case of liberals preaching to the liberal choir. Once, UC invited the Kanawha Creation Science Group to speak. More than likely the UC powerbrokers thought they were going to embarrass the crazy creationists. It turned out that UC intelligentsia got pecked on like bug infested trees. See “Into the Intelligentsia Dens” by scrolling down at the link.

To liberals, “political civility” is when they rant and conservatives recant. Liberals censor opposing viewpoints and my censored letter is a perfect example of how liberals are the greatest censors (commies are close) to ever exist.

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