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Karl Censures the Censors (Giving it to the Gazette)

By Karl C. Priest February 15, 2021 (Presidents’ Day) (updated 2-25-21)
Note: Much of this article was compiled on Groundhog Day 2-2-2021. How appropriate! Also note: References to TDS are for Trump Derangement Syndrome.

On January 17, 2021 I sent the following letter-to-the-editor:

Editor Charleston Gazette-Mail:

A letter appeared in the Midland Daily News (MI) on January 13 congratulating Joe Biden. It contained 12 questions for “my Democratic liberal friends.” Those question expose the hypocrisy of liberalism.

Someone sent me a similar composition with 5 additional questions, so I add three of my own here.

1. Will a conservative comedian be allowed to pose holding a bloodied severed Biden head? How about if he/she/it apologizes?

2. Will a conservative singer be allowed to say he/she/it has “thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House” since Biden’s election? How about if NewsMax (like CNN did) excuses the statement by declaring that he/she/it “was just trying to express (him/her/itself”?

3. Since killing, er, I mean aborting, babies is acceptable (even to be praised) can we now start aborting stray cats and dogs? (I use the #2 Mirriam-Webster definition of “abort”: to terminate prematurely.

I encourage my liberal friends to face the reality of liberal lunacy and convert to commonsense conservatism.

Karl C. Priest

Poca, WV

On January 27, 2021 I sent the following to the Gazette-Mail opinion editor at (Cc:

Dear Mr. Fields:

Did I miss seeing my letter? (The 1-17 letter was included below my name.)

On the 26th there were two letters from sufferers of TDS. The first writer called people like me "delusional" and "dangerous" in its headline. The second writer declared January 6, 2021 as a "day of infamy that far surpasses the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1942"!

The former is insulting to millions of people like me and the latter is ridiculous (at the very least).

Please tell me the date my letter was or will be published?

Thank you.


Mr. Fields did not reply.


On February 4, 2021 I sent the following:

Dear Mr. Fields:

If you do not want to read my entire email proving the hypocrisy of liberals, please skip to the last paragraph.

I will not bother you again regarding the censorship of my January 17 letter.

Among recent liberal columns by others, on January 13 you (as Opinion Editor of the Gazette) published a Trump hate opinion piece where you insinuated that Trump supporters were racists and you said that Trump must face “consequences for his appalling action.”

I support your right to be wrong. I condemn your censorship of viewpoints opposed to yours.

In December of 2020 the Gazette censored my response to TDS sufferer Dr. Wyatt.

Your January 28 article ridiculously connected the January 6 U.S. Capitol riot to the Holocaust. You wrote that the incident was “based on the lies of Donald Trump.”

In that article you said, “Americans must always be on guard against causes that take them away from the path of truth and justice.” I say that liberals (and the Gazette) are not interested in “truth and justice” and support my statement with the following.

In addition to the January 26 liberal letters I previously cited (in my email to you on January 27) the Gazette published another letter (January 29) from another hate-filled liberal with the headline: “Trump, Republicans are demolishing democracy.” On February 2 you published a letter headed “Trump’s Grotesque White Supremacists Must be Subdued in American Democracy.” In the body of the letter President Trump supporters are called “goons.” Are you aware, Mr. Fields, that the first definition of “subdue” is: “to conquer and bring into subjection: VANQUISH. ( Does the Gazette now claim 70 plus million pro-Trump Americans are white supremacists? Is the Gazette using radicals to call for vanquishing millions of Americans?

Why wasn’t my letter published? How many other conservative letters have been censored? Liberals are afraid of the truth. They are hypocrites.

I have seen the hypocrisy of liberals from the 1974 Textbook Protest. Liberals took a few (less than a dozen) bad guys and smeared the THOUSANDS of good citizens who were the true protesters. Those facts are documented in my book, Protester Voices—The 1974 Textbook Tea Party. Also, I have facts that proof the 1974 Book Protesters were NOT  NARROW-MINDEDNOT  IGNORANTNOT RELIGIOUS FANATICSNOT CENSORSNOT VIOLENT, and NOT RACIST. I challenge any liberal to debunk those claims.

My book was censored by the Gazette. A Charleston Gazette editor told me she would mention it to her staff to see if anyone was interested in writing an article about Protester Voices. She did not respond when I asked her if that was standard procedure. A liberal preacher and vehement protester critic’s book was featured in a July 7, 1979 Gazette article “Haunting Memories Prod Lewis to Write."

Note: On June 9, 2010 a Gazette reporter told me, in person, that he would do an article when he finished reading Protester Voices. On July 10 he wrote a review about a book on the 2008 financial collapse and on July 24 he wrote a review of a book about Lyndon Johnson. He did not respond to my emails.

On July 23, 2011 the Gazette featured the following piece of propaganda: “Novel tells real-life tale of Kanawha Valley.” The editor who wrote that review gloated over how the child of a Christian family turned his back on his preacher dad and God and blamed the Textbook Protest.

I recorded another example of the Gazette hypocrisy at Scroll down to: “REMEMBER THE ALAMO.”

Local liberals tried to get me fired when I asked for Kanawha County school teachers to be allowed to teach the truth about evolution. Liberals censor any scientific facts that dispute their religious dogma.

By liberal “logic” I can identify as a service animal and fly for free. Liberals are fanatical about their Mother Earth cult called “Global Warming.” Liberals ignore the science behind the development of a baby from conception and liberals twist the facts about the xx and xy female and male chromosomes. Liberals are willing to destroy America by opening our borders. Liberals ignore the destruction, by liberals, across America in 2021 and focus on a few Trump supporting fools probably led by liberal agitators on January 6.

The Gazette has become part of the major corporations, Big Tech, political elite censorship ruling class liberals. It is obvious that the Charleston Gazette is a dupe of the Washington Post. Although President Trump was not perfect, liberal’s hatred and rage caused liberals to spent four years attacking President Trump with many lies and no regard for the welfare of America.

Mr. Fields, I sincerely hope that you have not drifted so far into liberalism that you cannot see the light of conservatism. Please see Traveling to Truth Transformation.

Much more importantly, I urge you seek the Light of the World: “Then spake Jesus again unto them, saying, I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life.” (John 8:12)




On 2-5-21 the Gazette published two letters. Both were written by people obviously infected with TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome). One letter was headed “Regarding Trump and his terrorists: Are you with us or against us?” The other letter accused Trump of being a liar. In the same edition a column was featured written by serious TDS sufferer Dr. Joseph Wyatt .

Mr. Fields did not reply.

The Gazette-Mail continued to spew hateful material about President Trump and conservatives.



Censorship by Any Name is Still Censorship!

Sneaky Censorship


Censorship is the suppression of speech, public communication, or other information, on the basis that such material is considered objectionable, harmful, sensitive, or "inconvenient." Censorship can be conducted by governments, private institutions, and other controlling bodies.

On January 18, 2020 I sent the below “Response to James Haught”(renowned Humanist) to Mr. Fields. On January 26, I sent Mr. Fields this email:


Do you plan to print my response to James Haught?

Thank you.


Mr. Fields did not answer.


By Karl C. Priest January 18, 2020

In response to James Haught’s article, “Two baby dinosuars on Noah’s Ark,”* I respond: BWAHAHAHA!

The bulk of his diatribe was about creation science, but he mixed in praise for the public school system, so I will mention that first. Mr. Haught is fine with his religion (humanism) being the state enforced religion in public schools.

Charles Potter, founder of the First Humanist Society of New York, said "Education is thus a most powerful ally of humanism, and every American school is a school of humanism. What can a theistic Sunday school's meeting for an hour once a week and teaching only a fraction of the children do to stem the tide of the five-day program of humanistic teaching?" (Humanism: A New Religion. New York: Simon and Schuster, 1930, p. 128) and "Humanism is not the abolition of religion, but the beginning of real religion.” (

The hypocrisy of the Left is shameful. I urge readers to see how a book was censored from being read aloud at a Board of Education meeting (

Mr. Haught uses the far-left, God-hating Huffington Post to attack Christian schools. I use the Nation’s Report Card ( and WV School News headlines ( to document that West Virginia public schools are dumbed down and dangerous.

The bulk of Mr. Haught’s rant was due to his devotion to St. Darwin. I remind Mr. Haught of the time he sat at a restaurant table and heard the National Center for Science Education WV rep debate Dr. Joseph Mastropaolo. Dr. Mastropaolo overwhelmed those at the table with the fact that, "Of the simplest machines, a toothpick has no moving parts. Of the most complex of machines, a protein has the highest of manufacturing requirements. Given every tree on the planet and infinite time, evolution could never make a toothpick. Even incompetent engineers know that. Without totalitarian censorship and persecution, evolution would not last a month." Yet, it is evolution that is crammed into the minds of public school students.

The local Darwin disciples blocked Kanawha County teachers from being able to “teach any and all subjects and theories in their respective subject areas, including, but not limited to, theories for and against the theory of evolution”

( The same religious fanatics blocked Kanawha County teachers from using a book supported by the science supervisor and the board of education member who was a chemist that was critical of evolution (

If I had the space, I would talk about how great homeschooling is and describe the math lesson I taught that assigns evolutionism to the realm of being “more impossible than the Tooth Fairy, Santa Claus, and the Headless Horseman.” (Dr. Joseph Mastropaolo)

The article was censored.


Here are some snips from the January 16, 2020 article “Baby dinosaurs on Noah’s Ark” by James A. Haught.

In violation of the separation of church and state, American tax dollars are funneled to fundamentalist private schools teaching peculiar things — such as a claim that Noah probably took two baby dinosaurs onto his ark.

Is it a form of child abuse to teach such stuff to youngsters?

The (Orlando) Sentinel said some evangelical schools “hire teachers without degrees and with criminal records, and forge fire and health inspection forms, and ... hold classes in aging strip malls” where some face eviction for nonpayment of rent.

The Huffington Post likewise studied fundamentalist private schools and concluded that they “teach lies. These schools teach creationism, racism and sexism. They’re also taking your tax dollars.” It says one teacher called environmentalists “hippie witches.”

Intelligent, educated Americans should feel concern for children who suffer this sort of education. When the youths enter adult life, they may be ill-equipped for modern scientific society.


NOTE: Previously, trying to be nice, I have omitted names of Gazette censors. Now, still being nice, I include the names for historical purposes. Some of the documentation will not have the editors’ names.


By Karl C. Priest July 5, 2010

(Published at on July 5, 2010 and a version in the Charleston, WV Gazette on July 12, 2010.)

In 1836 an event occurred in Texas that has impacted America to this day.

The Texas public school curriculum victory by conservatives has some parallels to that famous Battle of the Alamo.

The Texas Revolution was motivated largely due to a centralized Mexican government which was imposed upon the Mexican state of Texas. Texians, who valued freedom, rebelled.

Texian troops successfully pushed back the enemy and gained control of San Antonio where they set up a garrison in the Alamo Mission. It was fiesta time!

However, the enemy was regrouping and returning. Everyone knows what happened at the Battle of the Alamo. The Mexican Army, led by Santa Ana, began to retake lost territory. Finally the Texians obtained a final victory by deciding on a unified plan of attack which caught Santa Ana by surprise.

The modern Textbook Revolution began with a rebellion in 1974 (Kanawha County, West Virginia, Textbook War) and skirmishes of various degrees of intensity have continued throughout the nation with the recent victory over the Texas social studies curriculum. Textbook rebels occupy what may be the Alamo of the Textbook Rebellion.

Santa Ana’s army, now represented by liberals, will regroup and attack. Texians, now represented as conservatives, cannot afford to sit in the Alamo (social studies textbooks) and prepare to defend against the inevitable onslaught of liberalism. Not only will they lose valuable troops (now represented as children), but they might not get the breaks that the Texians received that resulted in a final victory. A defeat in the Textbook Rebellion will (as the actual Mexican army was known to do literally) result in a widespread figurative slaughter of American children.

Texian leaders surely studied American history as they fought for freedom. Modern conservative leaders would do well to study the history of the Textbook War by reading Protester Voices: The 1974 Textbook Tea Party.

As the Kanawha County textbook rebels proved, Christian and conservative children need to be removed from Santa Ana’s schools and provided with what they need to engage in the future furious fight over who controls the citizenry. If liberals win, America loses in a more profound way than the citizens of Texas would have lost in 1836.


On July 18, 2010 the Gazette allowed a local “artist” to respond ( to my “Remember the Alamo” article*. I wholeheartedly support debate and differences of opinion, but the critic's response contained personal attacks. I asked the Gazette for an opportunity to respond. The exchange (over several days) follows.


Since Mr. Cook attacked me personally at least as much as my opinion, may I respond to him? Maybe the liberal pot will boil over and sell some papers. ; )


We are not inclined to use (For the truth, replace the beginning of this sentence with "We are censoring"--Karl.) this letter because it is incorrect. Dan Cook refuted your analysis of the event and clearly laid out facts to that end. I am on guard against people who write mere personal attacks, and reject those submissions.


I beg to differ.

Mr. Cook made two personal slurs. Do I need to point them out?

Also, I challenge you to refute anything I said that was HISTORICALLY wrong.


Did not reply.


I still retain hope that you will move toward common sense (i.e. conservatism) so I will explain why you should publish my response.

He used the liberal tactic of setting up an irrelevant (and personal in this case) issue to slur me.

In another of his frequent diatribes (July 12) against the institutions by which he was employed for decades and that now shower him with taxpayer-generous retirement pensions…

The op-ed that “rebutted” mine was a typical liberal view of history. In this case he wanted to tie in the current problem of illegal immigration:

A law was passed prohibiting further immigration from the United States, but "illegal immigrants" continued to pour in.

Then he called me a liar.

He feebly distorts history…The biggest lie is that "Mexico invaded Texas."

Did I say that "Mexico invaded Texas?"

He concludes by attacking my intelligence and/or professional ability. Don’t ask me what 2 + 27 means.

I hope that, when he was teaching math in the classroom, Mr. Priest did not cram his 2 + 27 sorts of fact-mangling and illogical similes into the heads of his students. If he did, the education authorities might have one of the "Why?" answers they seek.

So, is it Gazette policy to allow a man to call me a liar and incompetent?


Did not reply.

Here is the censored response:


By Karl C. Priest July 26, 2010

I love for liberals to try to lay it on me. The Gazette allowed a liberal to attempt a rebuttal of my July 12 Op-Ed. As expected the man’s article was made up of a personal attack upon me and lame material that did not counter my claims. In fact, he proved my point!

Liberals don’t want both sides of an issue (whether it be history, evolutionism, abortion, or sodomy) reported or discussed. I prove that in my recently released book Protester Voices—The 1974 Textbook Tea Party. In the case of the Texas social studies curriculum, liberals are having a hissy fit since they no longer have a stranglehold on what students read about history. I stand 100% behind the brief statements that I made using the Texas Revolution as an analogy.

Other than the personal slurs, the rebuttal to my July 12 Op-Ed was a liberal’s typical view of America as always evil. Of course, America has some history of which we should be ashamed. The Carter, Clinton, and current administrations are prime examples that American politicians can be pathetic. Also, Republicans have had their share of ridiculous leaders.

My critic may have been sarcastic when he said “Ivory tower denizens in departments of education blow millions on studies seeking why so many children can’t read, do math, and are abysmally ignorant of history.” If he was serious, then he and I agree. Also, I agree that “Karl Priest could save them all that money.” Even Bill Gates and Bob Wise know public schooling is a mess. At least Gates is using his own money and Wise is using private foundation money (not that of tax-payers) to pour down the proverbial rat-hole. Public schools cannot be salvaged!

There is always hope my critic will leave the looniness of liberalism just as did David Horowitz. If he does not, the next step down is described in a word I coined in Chapter 2 of Protester Voices. I wish my critic well. Regarding my critic’s slur about my math teaching ability: We conservatives teach students that 2 + 2 = 4. Liberals want to use “fuzzy math” and hope the students will feel good even if they do not know the answer. Liberals would give the student credit for writing 2 + 2 in the correct order (wink) even if the answer was wrong.


On February 18, Mr. Fields went about as low as a liberal can go with his hateful column about the death of Rush Limbaugh: “Ben Fields: Honoring Limbaugh the way he'd want”. SNIPS: “He (Rush) was the exalted emperor over a wave of right-wing media titans who jabbed for hours every day on the airwaves, shaming the pinkos and ‘feminazis.’...He paved the way for a president who would insult war heroes, in life and death, and pick fights with Gold Star families…Limbaugh made every shade of gray so black and white (again, sometimes literally, given his blatant bigotry), even when he contradicted himself…In fact, looking at people with different viewpoints as enemies is part of the problem…Rush Limbaugh made a fortune on anger, misery and playing the victim while accusing others of perpetual victimhood. He was effective. He was an icon. And we’re all worse off for it.” (Charleston Gazette-Mail 2-18-21 4A)

For Mr. Fields TDS is no longer Trump Derangement Syndrome. The D is now "Depravity" or even "Demonic".


“Censorship is absolutely rampant today. Web sites and alternative news platforms are being closed. YouTube and most all social sites with few exceptions are censoring everything possible, search engines are making almost any legitimate research impossible by hiding truthful or critical content, alternative journalism is being attacked and taken down, and many have been demonetized. The CIA controlled mainstream media are playing quarterback for the state, the global ‘elites’… This is unbelievably dangerous, because when the people allow speech to be manipulated or restricted in any way, truth is effectively erased, and all that is left is state propaganda. With speech censored and effectively disappeared, only the state narrative will be reported. In this environment, the masses will normally accept the lies as truth and the truth as lies. This can only lead to a slave society. A country deprived of information and speech will cease to be free. A country without knowledge of its history will cease to be a country."


“People often claim to hunger for truth, but seldom like the taste when it's served up.”

“When you tear out a man’s tongue, you are not proving him a liar, you’re only telling the world that you fear what he might say.”

George R.R. Martin, A Clash of Kings


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