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The Lie: Evolution


Dialogue with a Darwinist 2

By Karl Priest September 2020

I made a comment on Eric Hovind’s YouTube video “If Atheism is true, then Atheists DON'T exist!” Dec 31, 2019. (Click on “view 21 replies”. The amount may change.)

I said: Great video that will enlighten those who are not willingly blind. NEMO fishZ quickly attacked.

A dialogue developed shared here for your deliberation. I have not corrected typos from either party.

NEMO fishZ

You know other then all the lies, strawmen an pure stupidity lol

Karl Priest

You must be talking about evolutionism.

NEMO fishZ

what exactly is evolutionism? It's seems to be something that only creationists know about

And when ever they tell me what they think it means it's always something that doesn't exist

Like the belief that there was nothing an then an explosion happened and then there was everything

NEMO fishZ

or maybe "the belief that life came from non life therefore no god"

Forgetting the fact that life from non life isn't evolution and the vast majority of evolutionary biologists and people who accept evolution actually believe in God and many are themselves Christians

NEMO fishZ

see now I don't care if someone believes in God or not

I don't care what religion someone is a part of

What I don't like is when people lie about other people's beliefs and just making shit up about them

If a young earth creationist wants to lie and say an atheist believes everything came from nothing

That's basically the same as an atheist who says a young earth creationist believes that God sucked Satan's dick and Satan's cum became the universe

Both are lies

Karl Priest

"Of the simplest machines, a toothpick has no moving parts. The only way to make it is by machines and engineering. Given every tree on the planet and infinite time, evolution could never make a toothpick. The only thing "evolution" can do is rot the wood." Dr.Joseph Mastropaolo

NEMO fishZ

really a compleatly irrelevant quote by a dishonest man who doesn't even know what evolution is

And that's the only reply you have lol

Karl Priest

all you got insults?


My quote descriped evolution perfectly.

Please post your VERY BEST proof of evolution.

NEMO fishZ

no the quote has literally nothing to do with evolution

And before I can even give evidence for evolution we need to both understand what evolution is

And you have dodged quote a few questions already

So im going to ask

What do you think evolution is?

Karl Priest

Here is mine (now give me yours with your VERY BEST proof):

Evolution is hallucinations out of touch with reality

NEMO fishZ

so you can't even tell me what the theory of evolution is

You couldn't even Google it

Congratulations you think it's not real and you think you can prove it

By not knowing what it is and chatting irrelevant shit

That's like me saying God is not real because batman loves Robin

I'm not going to waste anymore time with you

Karl Priest

Bwahahha. You could easily have told me what it is. So, face this fact: "Evolution is more impossible than the Blue Fairy, the Witch of the North, Aladdin's genies, the Tooth Fairy, Santa Claus, the Headless Horseman, and the mathematical definition of impossible all put together." Dr. Joseph Mastropaolo

NEMO fishZ

evolution is the change in the characteristics of a species over several generations and relies on the process of natural selection

Your ignorance isn't evidence against this

Karl Priest

Thank you for educating me.

"Change in characteristics" (Natural Selection) is a design feature.

What is your VERY BEST proof of evolution?

NEMO fishZ

wait nothing you just said makes any sense and you keep asking for evidence when you have yet to show any understanding

But OK whatever

Here is evolution in action

Karl Priest

Those wonderfully designed creatures were, are, and always will be elephants. The ability to adjust to environmental changes is limited and is simply a design feature.

NEMO fishZ

see what I mean you don't even know what evolution is so even when you see it you don't know

Karl Priest

You call it “evolution”. I call it a design feature. That was your VERY BEST proof of evolution.

Kipling's Just So stories are as logical as your "evolution". From where did the elephant come?

NEMO fishZ

I have to ask again what do you think evolution is?

It's not pokimon

It's not one animal Shap shifting into another or one animal giving birth to another

NEMO fishZ

Highlighted reply

NEMO fishZ

You say "you call it evolution" yes I do because that's what evolution is

Karl Priest

According to YOUR very best proof of evolution, evolution is elephants losing their tusks. That sound like devolution.

One more time: From where did the elephant come?