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Creek Rocks

By Karl C. Priest April 23, 2010

A heavy rainstorm (“gully washer” as we call it hereabouts) created havoc with two small creeks that meet at a corner of my yard. Not only was it a mini-reminder of Noah’s flood, but the results also provided some parallels to evil.

The downpour provided an example of the awesome force of water which made a usually dry gulley, that could be stepped over, to a deep cut that needs a foot bridge. Evil is that way. In a brief period evil can wipe disfigure a seemingly insignificant incident in one’s life.

As I set about to repair some of the damage to the creek banks I was impressed with more associations between the creek and evil.

First of all, the creek water is always seeking the path of least resistance and the lowest level. That is just like what choosing to not live for Christ is like and the results of the choice. We seek the easy way through life and eventually find ourselves at the lowest level possible.

The creek water is like evil. It may appear to be clear and clean, but it doesn’t take much to darken it with the dirt that is just below the surface. Also, there are unseen bacteria (a dead animal could be decomposing upstream) and other pollutants (nearby abandoned mines and gas wells) in the seemingly pure water.

As I picked up rocks to fortify the banks I noticed that some of the ones that appeared small were much larger because they were firmly planted into the creek bed. That was a good lesson about having ourselves embedded in the Word of God. Those same rocks resisted the force of the rushing water (evil) better than larger rocks which were rolled along by the water.

Last, as I tossed some of the bigger rocks onto the bank, some of them (the sandstones) broke. Likewise, we Christians can stand to be slammed down hard if we are made up of godly material.