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Disclosure: I have worked closely with the author in developing the Life Science Prize (www dot lifescienceprize dot org).

The Trumpet Vine

By Joseph Mastropaolo

Reviewed by Karl Priest March 2009

Mastropaolo, Joseph. The Trumpet Vine. Huntington Beach, CA: Trisphere Publishers, 2009

For several years Dr. Mastropaolo has proclaimed (trumpeted if you will) a new strategy for exposing and expunging evolutionism’s stranglehold upon true science and the public school system. The “dry” description of this effort is elaborated upon at his website (

The Trumpet Vine is a novel that brings Dr. Mastropaolo’s strategy to a wide audience of mature high school students and above. By reading The Trumpet Vine one will enjoy a tale of romance and rough and tumble action while gaining a solid understanding of why evolution is anti-science.

After a couple of chapters introducing the hero (Milo) the story shifts to the interactions of a group of bright graduate students in the science department of a typical American university. These kids smell something that stinks in the establishment, but instead of tearing up the college they set out to tear down the edifice of evolutionism. Their endeavors are both enterprising and entertaining.

Milo, while pursuing love and fleeing from lust, leads the way as a modern knight. The reader will want to boo, applaud, and sob as the story unfolds. The ending, while acknowledging the reality of the censorship and persecution used by evolutionists, nevertheless ends with a toast to pure love and the possibility of the real life triumph of the truth of the trumpet vine.