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The following articles are selected from a regular column published in the monthly newsletter for the Kanawha Creation Science Group. Many of the articles were under the headline “The Bugman is Bugged”.

(August 2001)

I know some disapprove of poking fun at evolutionists. Keep in mind, we are referring to hard core believers in evolutionism. I was aboard ship about 30 years ago and a Polish shipmate kept me in stitches with what he called “Pollock” jokes. Since then I’ve met others of Polish heritage who always had a good one. Now, its probably politically incorrect and has evolved into blond jokes. I have a brilliant 7 th grade female student who likes to tell “man” jokes. Hey, being a man, I have to admit my gender does some things that are great fodder for jokes. Reasonable people can draw the line short of being offensive.

Still, I think believe in evolution must become equated with belief in nonsense. If the public gets this mind set we won’t have to fight the public school curriculum. There is an abundance of real science available—which is neglected due to lack of time—that teachers can use to fill any void left by decreasing evolution teaching time. Instead of fighting to overcome a student mind set of cynicism, teachers can give a limited lesson on evolution and refer students to philosophy classes for a more detailed study.

I don’t expect every creationist to embrace this strategy. We need people like creation scientists who do legitimate scientific research. We need peace keepers and articulate lay people to do their very valuable functions in the creation ministry. There are may people who have had a vital impact for the Truth of creation and all of these are likely to have more success in destroying the lie of evolutionism than people like me. However, there is a niche for those who approach things in an “in your face” way. There is a large percentage of the population who communicate that way. It’s not hateful—and it’s hard to make that clear in an article like this.

Along this line, I’ve been thinking about the current strategy of “teaching evolution, warts and all”. To me, a wart is a blemish on the human body. To refer to evolution in the aforementioned way is to place it on the level of the wonderfully designed human body and say it has a few blemishes. And, wore, let’s leave them there. I think we need to push the analogy of evolution being a WART on the body of science. A wart is ugly and infectious and should be appropriately treated. One method is to apply heat. The heat of humor may be just what is needed.

See See “If it wasn’t so Funny I’d Cry.”

(October 2001)

I have been watching an email debate between Rich (an evolutionist college professor) and David (a creationist with a B. S. in English) which is enlightening and enjoyable. It’s like watching Zorro (David) fence with a movie desperado (Rich) as Zorro deftly ships at the outlaw’s outfit until the bad guy ultimately stands in his drawers without a sword. Gish, Hovind, Thompson, MacKay, and other creationists have done this on video.

But, like in the movies, the criminal doesn’t usually see the error of his ways. He has to be dispatched in shackles or with a coup de grace. The audience, for the most part, is unable to even fake fencing knowledge, but they learn that good guys don’t have to finish last.

Rich is unlikely to repent. Look at the foes who have taken on Gish—many several times. I’d like to see a list of those debate foes who now are creationists, or even objective and polite when discussing creationism.

People who have reached the level Rich has are usually those described in Romans 21-24. I know that only God knows for sure, but that doesn’t mean I can’t call it a duck when it fits all the attributes of a duck. Of course, I hope I’m wrong, but placing these people in this category is pertinent to the point I am leading to. I’ll just call them Saganites.

They are the loud and powerful minority. The majority are sheep who need to be guided, often by barking dogs, toward the safety of the Fold and the Shepherd. We need big dogs like the ever eloquent David* and the super intelligent Dr. Herrmann* and the sweet Penny* who can engage the Big Bad Saganite Wolves and keep these ferocious (an apt adjective) creatures at bay while the lesser sheep dogs yap at the sheep. Hopefully we can steer them safely past the pack of wolves that run with the head of the pack.

This bugs me. The analogy above is an attempt to illustrate my soap box. And, since I worry some who are of a more gentle nature, let me try to continue with the analogy. The masses need to be told point-blank that evolutionism is silly. They need to hear that their children are being brainwashed and the term “brainwashed” must be used. They need to hear it until it sinks in. The word “evolution” must become a cue that makes the average person think “silly concept”. This is the way to reach the common man. The wedge strategy should become the Pincer strategy. Intelligent Design would be one of the pincers. Common sense would be the other. Creationism would be the main troops charging down the middle.

I have observed battles in several states and have fought one in my state. There is a Rich in every battle. The stuff Rich says was pretty much mouthed by someone like him in every battle that has been fought. They are reinforced by the same groups: Scott and the ACLU. They are intellectual cutthroats. They will not repent.

To my knowledge the Common Sense Crusade has never been tried. Remember, it is a part, not a replacement, of our forces. It should lead to multitudes of kids (POLITELY and FIRMLY) speaking out in class and refusing to be brainwashed. It should lead to parents asserting the right to protect their children from being brainwashed. It should cause evolutionist extremist educators to have a knot in their stomachs when they begin to indoctrinate.

It should cause creationist educators to feel a stiffening of their backbones and allow them to key off students who speak out against evolution. It would cause the educators who haven’t taken sides to finally decide where they stand.

The rally cry is from Dr. Mastropaolo: “Expunge Evolutionism Worldwide”. Let’s all get bugged! Let’s pound them so hard that Eugenie Scott never gets to stay home. Let’s pour it on them so much that the ACLU gets dizzy trying to stop the attacks on evolutionism.

*These were members of the Creation Research Society


(October 2002) (This is a condensed version of an article I wrote lamenting the moving of one of the key members of the Kanawha Creation Science Group.)

This was the summer of the very popular vacation Bible school theme as used called “The Bug Safari”. This subject was a natural for me to be a part of and I was kept “hopping” all summer. I went from downtown Charleston, to the suburbs and on to the hills and hollows of the area.

At each site I met preachers who were blessings to me, but the biggest blessing I received was from the men and women who had volunteered their time to work in their local VBS.

Usually I was scheduled to be the presenter at the closing session. It doesn’t bug me that I heard a lot of different groups of kids sing the same VBS theme songs. I actually enjoyed it.

By the last session the fatigue of the VBS workers was readily apparent. Most of them worked at their livlihoods and/or had children of their own to care for during the day. Then they had to arrive at church early and stay late to make sure the kids received the best VBS program possible.

The only thing they got in return, usually, was a verbal “thank you”. I think each would have done the tremendous amount of work, that is needed to run a VBS program, without any recognition. Want to know why? Because each wanted to share the love of the Lord Jesus Christ with the children in their neighborhoods.

Let me but a little “buzz” in your ear: There are plenty of things you can do to help spread the Gospel. It doesn’t have to be serving on a foreign mission field. You could simply sweep up the cookie crumbs after a VBS session. Pick something to do and DO IT! When you finish that job, I guarantee you there will be another one that you can do.

There are too many pew sitting Christians who are missing the joy that comes from doing something for the Lord. And that’s what “bugs” me.

(February 2003)

During my stint in the Creation Corps I have met several men who have some degree of national renown. Two in particular come to mind and both of their sir names start with the letter “H”. Both men are gentlemen of high intellect and a passion to defend what they believe. Each of them has asked the age old question which, though it has slight variations, goes like this: “Why would a loving all-powerful God allow so much terrible suffering of innocent people?” It bugs me that both did not answer the question alike.

The first Mr. H, an editor of a prominent newspaper and nationally published author, told me that evolutionism is “silly”, but he could not accept a God who would allow cancer. That Mr. H, to this day, continues to rail against creationism and shake his fist at a god he doesn’t believe in.

The other Mr. H watched a preacher brother die, in his early forties, of a dehumanizing brain disease. Because the second Mr. H bases his thinking on the Bible he was able to find answers and comfort during his time of grief.

Both men, like all of us, have a simple choice. During times of pain or sadness, which come to all, we can choose the peace that passes understanding or we can wallow in self-pity and anger. Either way, our choice starts in Genesis.

(April 2003)

Each year the KCSG celebrates National Atheist Day (April 1) by poking fun at evolutionism. We realize most evolutionists believe in evolutionism because they have never been exposed to anything else. We sympathize with them and certainly do not want to offend them. However, this issue is so important, and evolutionism is so silly, that we have to use occasional shock therapy.

Radical evolutionists have an agenda of forcing their religion upon innocent school children. Those ardent evolutionists are hardhearted mockers who trample upon Christians who attempt to be polite and tactful. It is those die-hard Darwinists that we poke a little fun.

The Insectman likes to bug evolutionism all year and, as a group, the KCSG joins me each April.

David and Sandra Hall* said, “Comedians can probably do more to finish off evolution theory than any other single group. The material is ready made and available by the carload at libraries all over the country—or the world—for that matter. People have almost forgotten how to laugh because of the humorless and clammy indoctrination of evolutionists. They are waiting stolidly serious in their own cocoons, ready to be turned into butterflies by the comedian’s deft play upon evolutional absurdities. The potential for a great cathartic universal joke is immense, for never, NEVER, has there been a intellectual flim flam so complete in its success, so deadly to the human spirit, and yet so imminently illogical and downright laughable as the Theory of Evolution.”

“We call upon comedians to roll up their sleeves, spit on their hands, and go to work on this dour, unsmiling world of human animals that evolutionists have bequeathed us. Heresy and blasphemy, humorously delivered against the evolutionist religion which no one likes but most accept, would be knee-slappingly funny to millions.”

“Pretentious sounding theoretical concepts cold be blown up to their greatest possible inflation, and then punctured with sharp verbal pins that would make all mankind laugh. Evolutionary religion is so droll, so vapid, so joy limiting. The notion that humans, like other placental mammals, ‘all started as small shrew like creatures and have adaptively radiated into such diverse types like bats, armadillos, rats, whales, cats, cows, men, and a thousand others’ has got to do something sick to your view of life. Unless, that is, comedians present the evolutionary ‘facts’! Then all of us can have some fun out of the stuffy intellectual Mongoloid after all”.

“Material for comedians is abundant…there is a rich vein of humor to be mined, and there is a public ‘out there’ in grave need of this natural resource”

Let’s laugh at the lunacy of ‘lution!

*Hall, Marshall and Sandra. The Truth: God of Evolution. Florida: The Craig Press, 1974. p. 179-180.

(June 2003)

(This article represents the typical attitude of and interaction with university science departments. West Virginia University, or any institution, could easily fit into the box that Marshal University placed itself.)

Marshall University may be the “Thundering Herd” in the realm of athletics, but its College of Science should be called the “Blundering Herd”. Using the Freedom of Information Act, I obtained a copy of a letter written by a Marshall Science professor who wanted to plunder the minds of West Virginia public school students. His letter urged the West Virginia State Board of Education to censor criticism of evolutionism from the state Science Standards.

In his letter the professor stated that he has taught science classes as a university professor for 23 years and currently teaches a course in which students are asked to study and argue for and against “creationism and evolution”.

The letter claimed “creationism” and “intelligent design” are “perfect examples of pseudo-science.” He insinuated those who do not believe in evolutionism are devious and stated they are attempting to spread “their propaganda in public schools.” Continuing his slurs he called anti-evolutionists “religious extremists”. Finally, he claimed that most students see the light after they take his course and no longer feel evolution conflicts with their religion.

Since this Marshall academic was obviously a passionate, knowledgeable, and confident evolutionist and since he claimed that he had spoken to most of the faculty at Marshall University and they all agree with him. On behalf of Dr. Joseph Mastropaolo, I challenged him with the Life Science Prize ($10,000 Challenge).

Following is the dialogue that resulted.

MU Prof: “Science does not proceed by staged ‘debates’. That alone shows your interest is not in science. I am not ‘passionate’ about evolution. It’s just a theory. There’s nothing to be passionate about. I am passionate about exposing people with big egos masquerading as Christians.”

Karl: “That is your excuse for dodging a challenge to your non-science nonsense. You know your belief in evolutionism would lose if you tried to defend it outside of the safe haven of your classroom.”

“You are just blowing smoke. Evolution doesn’t even qualify as a theory in scientific terms.”

“Why are you so passionate about exposing false Christians? Are you on some kind of religious crusade? Your letter to the WVDE makes it clear that you must intertwine your religion and your science.”

“You bragged on behalf of Marshall University. Now you and your colleagues have been challenged on your bragging. Are you going to renege on the contest your bragging instigated? When you call for a contest, then decline to compete, you have lost by default. Even six-year-olds know that”

“Debate or default.”

(He did not respond.)

Since the MU professor claimed he spoke to “most of the faculty at Marshall University” and they all agree with what he said, I issued the debate challenge to about 60 faculty members of the Marshall University College of Science.

One of the professors responded and said he has doubts about evolutionism due to reading some of the Phillip Johnson material. However, a different evolutionist professor responded. I will call him the MU Evolutionist Team Captain (MUETC). My correspondence with him now follows.

MUETC: “No reputable scientist would participate in your silly suggestion and they certainly would not let a “judge” decide who is right or wrong. A judge trained in the law could not possibly decide on a scientific issue. That is why trials involve “experts” in their fields. I certainly hope that we preset-day humans are not the final best creation of God. Evolution has got to lead to a better ‘made in god’s image’ than us.”

Karl: “Are you speaking as a scientist or a preacher? It is difficult to tell.”

“It is evolution that is ‘silly’. Is that why you are dodging the debate? If you have any science to back your belief in evolutionism—debate and win an easy ten grand. Otherwise MU will default.

MUETC: MU will not participate in your silly debate.”


“Do I take this to mean that you are speaking on behalf of all evolutionism enthusiasts at MU? If so, you must be advised that your only option is to debate or default.”

“If you need time to raise the $10,000 and/or work up your courage, Dr. Mastropaolo and I will cooperate as long as you confirm your acceptance of the debate challenge.”

“Your colleague bragged on behalf of MU, MU evolutionists were challenged on its bragging, and now you are reneging on the contest your bragging instigated. When you call for a contest, then decline to compete, you have lost by default. Even six-year-olds know that.”

MUETC: “I didn’t call for a contest. You did. I never heard nor have I talked to anyone about anything including a contest.”

Karl: “Here is the very clear situation: Your colleague bragged on behalf of MU, MU evolutionists ere challenged as a result of the bragging, and now MU evolutionists are reneging on the contest the bragging instigated. When a contest is called for, and the instigators decline to compete, the instigators lose by default. Even six-year-olds know that.”

“You responded to my blanket challenge to the COS and by doing so you indicated you are one of your colleague’s unnamed allies. When you made a statement about what MU would not do, that means you and your colleague are spokesmen for MU and therefore you are responsible for defending, on behalf of MU and their silent pardners, their claims regarding evolutionism.”

“Aside from your mocking and religious comments you did not raise a valid issue concerning determining the winner when you said, ‘A judge trained in the law could not possibly decide on a scientific issue. That is why trials involve ‘experts’ in their fields’. For this single issue the response of Dr. Mastropaolo and I is as follows.”

“Judges are not experts in all the fields upon which they judge, and jurors are not experts in the field either, or they’d certainly be dismissed by one of the lawyers. Experts give the TESTIMONY. The judge and the jury are to be neutral. Experts would have a built-in bias to judge for their own side. Remember, judges, not computer experts, tried the Microsoft case.”

“Evolutionists claim evolution is supported by overwhelming evidence. Doesn’t a debate involve two experts? Isn’t a judge trained to weigh evidence? If the evidence for evolution is so overwhelming, isn’t it easy for a child to see, let alone a judge? Or are MU evolutionists afraid a judge would see what it is presented to school children as evidence doesn’t meet the qualifications?”

“There will be no more discussion or negotiations until MU evolutionist professors indicate their acceptance of the challenge. Again, Dr. Mastropaolo and I want to assure MU evolutionists that, if they need time to raise the $10,000 and/or work up their courage, Dr. Mastropaolo and I will cooperate as long as we receive confirmation of MU evolutionists’ acceptance of the debate challenge.”

The two evolutionists and their like-minded colleagues were given until Wednesday, April 30 to decide to debate or default.

MUETC: “Good. Leave us evolutionists alone.”

Karl: “The statement above is confirmation that MU evolutionists are in default. MU evolutionists have no scientific evidence. None. And that is the reason you do not want to debate. Without evidence, you can’t win unless you fix the jury. MU evolutionists would make of themselves a laughingstock. You have everything to lose because you could not score a single point. Your only rational choice is default. Marshall University evolutionists have been plundered by Creationist Crusaders.”

(The above is slightly edited from the original for clarity.)

(August 2003)

In the November 2002 New York Times there is an article about a comic book produced by a college biology professor “as a way of combating the creeping influence of creationism”.

The professor is a typical ELF (Evolutionist Lying Fanatic) as clearly shown by his proclamation that “Intelligent Design” is creationism.. They (Those who are not Darwinian dingbats,) have taken a dirty word (creation) and made it sound scientific.” In his comic book series Darwin is a super hero.

If that surprises you hold on to your seat because(according to the January American Family Association Journal) mainline comic book publishers (such as Marvel) now have profanity, nudity, sadomasochism, and homosexual heroes!

That bugs me, especially when I consider the words of Daniel Webster:

“If the truth be not diffused, error will be; if God and His Word are not known and received, the devil and his works will gain the ascendancy; if the evangelical volume does not reach every hamlet, the pages of a corrupt and licentious literature will; if the power of the Gospel is not felt throughout the length and breath of the land, anarchy and misrule, degradation and misery, corruption and darkness, will reign without mitigation or end.”

Wake up church! Get some backbone! Our society, with a focus on our kids, is being brainwashed right before our eyes. That is not funny and we are fools for letting it happen. That REALLY bugs me.

(September 2003)

I am so bugged that I must make a public confession. My thinking has evolved.

When I entered this fray several years ago I was just coming out of a period of being “spewed from the Lord’s mouth” (i.e. being lukewarm). I sincerely sought (and honestly proclaimed), in the Resolution, Grievance, and Pandas battles, seeking to open evolution to scientific criticism in the public schools.

Now, as a “grizzled” veteran of many scuffles with hardened evolutionists far and wide, I have come to the conclusion that the effort to continue that strategy is a waste of my time. My current position is aligned with Dr. Joseph Mastropaolo: Evolution is a pagan religion that must be EXPUNGED from the public schools!

I had agreed with this POV for some time, but held to the hope that it could happen with the ID strategy of “teach more evolution, but teach it warts and all”. Those who hold to that hope may succeed, but as for me the battle cry is EXPUNGE EVOLUTIONISM!!!

You can say that evolution REALLY bugs me!

(October 2003)

Patrick Henry, in 1775, made his famous “Give Me Liberty, or Give Me Death” speech. One paragraph, with slight alteration, fits the situation we face infighting to expose evolutionary domination.

With thanks to brother Henry, I challenge you who sit idle to enlist in the Creationist Army.

We are told that we creationists are weak, unable to cope with so formidable an adversary as the evolutionary kingdom. But, when shall we be stronger? Will it be when we are totally brainwashed and an evolutionist guard stands at every source of truth? Shall we gather strength by irresolution and inaction? Shall we acquire the means of victory by lying supinely on our backs and hugging the delusive phantom of hope, until evolutionists shall have us completely intellectually and spiritually bound? We are not weak if we make a proper use of those means which the God of nature hath placed under our power. The millions of people, armed in the holy cause of intellectual liberty are invincible by any force which evolutionists can send against us. Besides, we shall not fight our battles alone. There is a just God who presides over us, and will raise up friends to fight with us. The battle is not to the strong alone; it is to the vigilant, the active, the brave. Besides we have no choice, if we’re cowardly enough to desire it, it is now too late to retire from the contest. There is no retreat but in submission and intellectual slavery! Our chains are forged! Their clanking may be heard in every public school. War is inevitable—and let it come. I repeat, let it come.

It is vain to extenuate the matter. Some may cry,"Ccompromise, compromise!"—but there is no compromise. The war has actually begun. Our brethren are already in the field. Why are some of you standing idle? What do you want? Is compromise so dear as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take, but for me give spiritual freedom or give me death.