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Life’s Extraordinary Design Defies Science

Karl C. Priest December 26, 1996

A new year's beginning is a good time to give some thought to "In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth". Every Sunday readers of the Gazette-Mail are presented with a page filled with so-called scientific statements that proclaim the opposite of those first words of Genesis. Throughout the week public schools, public television, commercial television, all types of news media, and various advertising pounds us with statements that life is only the result of time and chance.

The articles usually are honest enough to include such qualifiers such as "may have" and "appears to", but the general thought conveyed is that evolution is an indisputable fact. If the ultimate result of evolutionary theory was not so devastating evolutionists could be dismissed with a chuckle and a compliment to their ability to use huge leaps of logic to produce some truly hilarious fiction. Since evolution is a belief system that is dedicated to stifling the only alternative system (creation) people need to take time to consider the truly amazing facts of life.

Consider just a few: the giraffe needs immense pressure to pump blood to its head and the circulatory system is designed to do that and to control the pressure when the head is lowered to drink; sea turtles are designed for precision navigation over hundreds of miles; wood peckers, by intelligent design, are able to bash their heads against wood 15-16 times per second at a speed faster than a bullet; snakes are designed with amazing sensors; crickets have the sophisticated ability to distinguish high and low pitches that are crucial to their survival; poisonous milkweed is the food the monarch butterfly was designed to desire; high performance aircraft are not able to produce the same lift as what the dragonfly was created to do; the Bucket Orchid has an intricate mechanism to attract, trap, and release bees; and many plant seeds are designed to travel long distances.

Volumes have been written revealing the extraordinary design of life and our solar system. The earth has been placed in such a delicate balance that a slight variation of its size, distance from the sun, and rotation would make life impossible. Evolutionist, Dr. Lewis Thomas, stated "The cell's significance lies in its role as part of a larger, far more wondrous organism--the living body. And the genius of the living body--of human life--is borne of the greater genius of life itself." Getting to the basics, the genetic code that regulates all of life is so astoundingly complex that it takes a willingly ignorant mind to credit it to blind chance.

Creationists need not be intimidated and discouraged by the inundation of a belief system that seeks to destroy their belief system. They do not need to adapt the Bible to fit evolution. The Bible and true science are harmonious. Even though they are flooded with evolutionary dogma they are much more surrounded with the wonderful, indisputable, facts of God's creation. Every living thing has been perfectly designed to live in its environment and intelligent design, logically, points to a Designer who created everything in the beginning.

Published January 12, 1997 on page 12A of the Charleston Gazette under “Essays on Faith”.