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BOOK REVIEW: Evolution’s Blunders, Frauds and Forgeries by Dr. Jerry Bergman

By Karl C. Priest January 1, 2018

Dr. Jerry Bergman continues to produce scholarly book after scholarly book that provide plenty of facts that devastate Darwinism. If I had the unwavering faith of a True Believer in Evolutionism (TBE) I would equate Dr. Bergman to a perpetual motion machine. Believing in a perpetual motion machine is easier that believing in bang-to-biped evolution.

I am sure it was not challenging for Dr. Bergman to find examples of errors in evolutionism. As Dr. Bergman said in the Introduction, Selecting cases to review was very difficult because there are so many.” (9) The Darwinian deceits chosen readily represent the blunders, frauds, and forgeries perpetuated by preachers of the religion of evolutionism. Dr. Bergman’s excellent choices provide plenty for seekers of science facts to debunk Darwinism and expose evolutionists for the non-science nonsense they call “evolution.”

The book has detailed and documented information on some commonly known embarrassments of evolutions along with some lessor known lessons. The reader will learn much about the former and the latter. For me, the Piltdown man hoax was something I thought I was well versed about. Dr. Bergman’s chapter on that particular fraud provided me with many new facts including this great quip: Tests “indicated that Piltdown had made a monkey out of almost everyone.” (174) Nevertheless, the Piltdown fraud led lots of folks down the foolish path of fraud. “Whole chapters were devoted to the find (Piltdown) in major anthropology books of the day.” (185)

Every item in Dr. Bergman’s book provided me with additional details on familiar subjects to me along with excellent enlightenment on subjects that I had not heard about.

I was also familiar with the Lucy and Java Man embarrassments to TBEs. To me Ernst Haeckel was just guilty of artistic and imaginative drawings purporting to illustrate the evolutionary stages of embryos. In this book I learned of Haeckel’s hassles with microbes and a “missing link.” I was astounded at the experiments on ape-human hybrids which were aided by atheists. I also learned an awful lot about atavisms. I will not mention all the surprises, but do not want to neglect mentioning that TBEs tried to use fingerprints as a device to demonstrate Darwinism.

“The scientific establishment typically paints an image of themselves as logical, level-headed, objective people searching for the truth.” (10) Bergman’s book makes it clear that embracing evolutionism must be done by being devious or dumb. Doubters of Darwinism are denied by atrocious attacks on individuals or groups that try to tell the truth. It is interesting that the New York Times was doing fake news as early as 1912 when it proclaimed the Piltdown phenomenon as solid science.

I take exception to a statement made by Dr. Bergman. He said, “It should not surprise anyone that fraud is common in attempts to prove Darwinism because major problems have always existed, and still exist, in this worldview.” (15) Actually, most people are surprised at how discreditable Darwinism really is. As a former public school teacher, I have proven that knowledge about those “major problems” is systematically censored in public schools. See my battles to teach the truth. It is much worse on the college level and the left-leaning media makes sure the public only is posted on propaganda propagating evolutionism.

I am familiar with Dr. Joseph Mastropaolo’s concise commentary on devolution, but it never dawned upon me that “Darwin was correct when he titled his 1871 book The Descent of Man and not The Ascent of Man.” (24) “Darwin’s theory, as this book documents, has caused much harm…Over 5,000 genetic diseases are now known and the number is growing.” (32) That fits the biblical description of the Fall of Man.

Sadly, blunders, frauds, and forgeries are far too prevalent in areas of science (particularly medicine) besides those realms that focus on evolution. Dr. Bergman discusses those issues in Chapter 18. The problem has occurred in “Cornell, Harvard, Sloan-Kettering, Yale and so on” and “ranges from fudging data to plagiarizing.” (294) The reasons (besides honest errors, laziness, and carelessness) support the biblical view of the Sin Nature which afflicts all of mankind: “The idea of being ‘first’, the need to obtain research grants, trips to exotic places for conferences, and the lure of money and prestige” (309) all motivate scientists who are far from being saints.

The chapters are not sequential so you can read them in any order preferred. The citations are easily referenced since they appear on the page where they are cited. Chapter 11 has 165 citations!

Darwinists demonize anyone who denies their dogma. Besides filling seekers of science facts with enlightenment, classy comedy writers will find content to counter the nonscience nonsense of evolutionism in Evolution’s Blunders, Frauds and Forgeries.