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Evolution of a Hinge

By Karl Priest May 6, 2016 (revised 2-25-17)

Hinge Ascent

Using the artifacts (nuts, bolts, washers, nails, etc.) discovered in my workshop I have developed a Phylogenetic Tree showing the progress of nothing through the intermediate steps resulting in a hardware hinge at the pinnacle of hardware evolution.  If it can be done for living things, why not non-living?  Anyway, who is to say hardware is not living? Like trees dreamed (hallucinated) up by True Believer in Evolutionism (TBEs), there is a missing link in my “tree”. It is a chain link. I did not have one when I assembled my screwy concoction.

TBEs describe their trees thusly: “All life on Earth is united by evolutionary history; we are all evolutionary cousins — twigs on the tree of life. Phylogenetic systematics is the formal name for the field within biology that reconstructs evolutionary history and studies the patterns of relationships among organisms. Unfortunately, history is not something we can see. It has only happened once and only leaves behind clues as to what happened. Systematists use these clues to try to reconstruct evolutionary history.”

Here is a TBE tree:


In April 2016 TBEs announced a new tree of Life that resembled a peacock tail.


Every cell of every creature is complicated beyond comprehension. The tales (lies) told by TBEs to make innocent children think their trees are truth are truly nut-ty! TBEs have a screw lose by believing in their imagined Tree of Life

It reminds me of the time I exposed the absurdity of the Lie of Evolution.


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