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Anthony Standen: An Unheralded Hero of Creationism (review for the Institute of Creation Research)

By Karl C. Priest 11-20-2019

I had not heard of Anthony Standen until I read this article “Anthony Standen: An Unheralded Hero of Creationism.” Now, I am eager to learn more about Mr. Standen. Standen’s began exposing evolutionism before the esteemed Dr. Henry Morris published the Genesis Flood. A couple of Standen’s positions were that evolution must be “accepted by faith” and that, instead of missing links, “it would be more accurate to say that the greater part of the entire chain is missing. I laughed at his statement that evolutionary trees have “fallen to pieces, for the wood that should support them was all hypothetical.” This article clearly shows that Anthony Standen was a pioneer in pointing out the flaws in evolutionism. Mr. Standen should be a heralded hero for creationists.

Preface to “A History of the United Methodist Church’s Opposition to Creationism and Intelligent Design” by Dr. Jerry Bergman

By Karl C. Priest 11-3-19

To paraphrase President Ronald Reagan, “I did not leave the Methodist Church, the Methodist Church left me.”

I first began attending a Methodist Church while in high school because a classmate asked me to be on the church’s basketball team. After high school, I served in the U.S. Navy where I became a born again Christian. When I left the Navy, I went back to that Methodist Church where I taught an elementary age Sunday school class and did some lay preaching. I married my wife in her Methodist Church in a ceremony performed by both of our pastors. Eventually we tried other denominations for a while before returning to another Methodist Church where we stayed for several years. During that period, I failed in an attempt to pass a criticism of evolution as a West Virginia United Methodist Conference resolution.

I know about the Methodist Church.

Dr. Bergman’s book reaffirmed why the Methodist Church left me.

Chapter 3 provides all the facts needed to prove evolution is a lie. Nevertheless, Methodist leadership has declared evolution as church doctrine. Evolution is the basis of racism and abortion which the Methodist Church has to include with its embrace of evolution.

“John Wesley himself declared that Methodism might become ‘a dead sect having a form of religion without the power. If Methodism is overthrown, it will be at the hands of our scholars who neither believe her doctrines nor practice her polity’.” (Chapter 4)

Chapter 9 reveals that “The official position of the UMC is very clear, opposition to both Creationism and Intelligent Design…”

“The 2008 General Conference added the following statement to The Book of Resolutions: ‘The United Methodist Church endorses The Clergy Letter Project and its reconciliatory programs between religion and science, and urges United Methodist clergy participation.’ This statement was reaffirmed by the 2016 General Conference.” The Clergy Letter is atheist originated.

“Atheists see the UMC as ‘useful idiots’ for their support and court testimony because atheists in general are fully aware of the fact that Darwinism is a main doorway to atheism.” (Chapter 10)

To enforce the dogma of evolutionism, Methodist leadership, as documented by Dr. Bergman has to use censorship and oppression of opposition. Methodist leaders, along with atheists, actively opposed the efforts by teachers to present scientific evidence against evolution. Chapter 14 discloses how Methodist leadership actually bans persons who believe what United Methodist Church publications teach.

I am sad to see how the Methodist Church has descended (devolved) from its great beginning. Leaders lead and followers follow. Methodist leaders have let their followers from the sacred to secularism.

Methodist leaders were wrong on slavery and eugenics and are wrong on evolution.

Darwinist dogma has opened the Methodist Church to other doctrinal deceptions. Many Bible believing members have left the Methodist Church. I hope it is not too late to resuscitate (resurrect) the United Methodist Church.

Members of other denominations should take heed.

Readers of this book will learn many new things. I did not know that the late Dr. Stephen Hawking and John Scopes (of the “Scopes Trial”) were Methodists. I also did not know that Richard Dawkins dodged a debate with Dr. Bergman.

Besides lots of church and science facts, readers will be blessed by many memorable quotes such as:

“Hawking’s very revealing work will only reinforce those true believer readers who want to believe in materialistic naturalism.”

“They often attempt to melt the two worldviews together into a position called theistic evolution, which actually consists of a thin veneer of theism pasted onto a solid body of Darwinism.”

“Besides his god, Darwin, Dawkins has now become the global face of atheism.”

A History of the United Methodist Church’s Opposition to Creationism and Intelligent Design is an excellent resource for both laymen, clergy and scholars.

“Fossil Forensics-Separating Fact from Fantasy in Paleontology” by Dr. Jerry Bergman

Reviewed by Karl C. Priest 10-30-2019

Dr. Bergman was an evolutionist in college, “However, science requires validation, not mere assertion, so I continued to read the literature, and soon realized that taking their word for the evidence shows naïve, to say the least.” (pg.2)

Dr. Bergman’s book documents “the fossils tell a very clear account of the history of life quite in contradiction to the story of Darwinism.” (pg. 3)

There is much interpretation in making fossils fit into the evolution “just so” story. Darwinists have to be willingly blind when they view the multitude of exquisitely detailed fossils. Some fossils, Darwinists claim to be the oldest, are quite complex.

Darwin believed the gaps in the fossil record would be filled in eventually. As Dr. Bergman documents, the Darwinists are still wishing and hoping to get those gaps filled. They have fantastic faith that they will find those fossils.

Each chapter is like a book and can be read in any order. There are three chapter groups: I “General Fossil Considerations,” II “The Invertebrates,” and III “The Vertebrates. Having a high degree of interest in insects (See, I went right to the third part (Chapter 7) of “The Invertebrates”—“Insects—Ancient and Modern.”

Insects “should be a major evidence for evolution. This is because fully 80 percent of all confirmed animal species—now estimated by many entomologists as close to 1.8 million—are insects…” But, “Insect evolution is rarely is discussed by Darwinists as evidence of macroevolution…” (pg. 135)

Darwinists simply do not know how insects came to be. “At least five major theories of the ancestry of insects exist…” (pg. 141)

Within those theories are individual mysteries such as insect flight. The most “ancient” fossil insects have fully developed wings.” (pg. 141)

Insect wings are well-designed and complex. Their origin is “one of the most controversial topics in paleoentomology” and “has resulted in enormous speculation about their origin.” (pg. 149)

“(E)volution does not rely on foresight…How could all the machinery of flight-wings, wing articulations, neural circuitry, powerful flight muscles—evolve incrementally?” (pg. 151) I think it was the late Dr. Duane Gish who asked, “What good is half a wing?” “Another problem is that insect wings do not function independently, but must articulate appropriately with the body, and also must function as a unit, which requires coordination by a nervous system of great complexity. The energy required for flight is enormous…” (pg. 156)

Insect wing folding is “the most morphologically complex joint in the animal kingdom” and “a variety of folding systems exists, including longitudinal and transverse, all requiring unique muscle and nerve designs.” (pg. 156)

“Another major mystery that must be explained is the evolution of the insect eye.” (Pg. 157) Insect compound eyes have individual lenses often numbering into the thousands! Again, Darwinists are forced to see fossils of so-called “early” insects had eyes as complex as living insects.

Insect metamorphosis is many times more compelling evidence against evolution. Butterflies, alone, are enough to say “bye-bye” to evolution.

Even a fossil that can be remotely imagined as a transition is speculative and has to be written in scientific literature that is similar to Kipling’s “Just So Stories.” An example is a children’s book (The Evolution Book, Sara Stein, 1986) that states insects (originally probably resembling “the marine worms of today”) gradually "developed joints in their legs and rigged them into every sort of appendage a mad inventor could dream up.” (pg. 159) “That’s an example of how ingenious evolution is.” (pg. 160)

Insects certainly bug evolutionism, but the reader will find many more examples of why evolution is not supported by the fossil record in Fossil Forensics-Separating Fact from Fantasy in Paleontology.

“Poor Design-An Invalid Argument Against Intelligent Design” byDr. Jerry Bergman

Reviewed by Karl C. Priest 10-28-2019

BWAHAHA! People who do not understand Intelligent Design claim that the multiple designs in creatures are poorly designed! Of course, they are saying that evolution did the design, but the “logic” behind their criticism is laughable.

Dr. Bergman’s book rebuts claims made by evolutionists that “our bodies are full of hack solutions” and “would not win many awards for good design.” Evolutionists claim that our bodies have resulted from “constant remodeling” of our “body plan.” Instead of giving God credit for the wonders of our bodies, evolutionists personify evolution and say that “Evolution works with duct tape and paper clips.” (pg. 2)

Each chapter (with sections) stands alone, so go right to the ones that interest you the most first: I Design of the Musculoskeletal System, II Design of the Reproductive System, III Design of the Nervous System, or IV Design of the Upper Respiratory System. See how evolutionists have criticized the Creator’s designs and read how Dr. Bergman debunks their delusions.

I will cite some True Believer in Evolutionism BWAHAHA’s from each section.

I. “(T)here has been no time for natural selection to work out all of the kinks inherent in such a radical reorientation of the spine…evolution balanced the benefits of unencumbered forelimbs against the sporadic incapacity produced by failing spines…Given another hundred million years, nature might yet work out the kinks in our spines, but, until then, we’re stuck with jerry-rigged technology…” (pg. 9)

II. The “pelvis in the human female is an example of perfectly decent mammalian design rendered problematic by evolution…” (pg. 63)

III. “Dawkins concludes, for the reason that as the mammal ancestors ‘evolved further and further away from their fish ancestors, nerves and blood vessels found themselves pulled and stretched in puzzling directions…The vertebrate chest and neck became a mess…’.” (pg. 122)

IV. Referring to food and respiratory passageways: “(T)he relationship turns out to be a masterpiece of evolutionary achievement.”(pg. 202)

Dr. Bergman points out the lack of logic used when calling a part of our anatomy design as “‘the height of stupidity, when discussing creation,” but referring to the same feature “as a masterpiece of biological engineering when the attribute its design to evolution.” (pg. 209) He explains, in an easily understood way, why we can claim that all of our arts are ingeniously designed. He provides abundant answers to those who (as he cites) mock creationists and the Creator.

Poor Design-An Invalid Argument Against Intelligent Design is a great source for those who read and, especially, respond to the misinformation and vitriol found in schools and on the Internet.

“Useless Organs-The Rise and Fall of a Central Claim of Evolution” by Dr. Jerry Bergman

Reviewed by Karl C. Priest 10-26, 2019

Useless organs (vestigial organs) is a common argument that, if animals were designed, their design was not done very well.

Medical research has now found uses for all of the organs used to support evolutionism by claiming the organs are useless. Tonsils (Chapter 3) is a glaring example.

After a thorough explanation of what vestigial organs are, Dr. Bergman discussed 24 individual examples.

Dr. Bergman cites many embarrassing quotes from evolutionists who have tried to make vestigial organs one of the legs of the evolution stool. He shows how the “vestigial organ” claim should be vestigial (useless) in science. This includes an adapted definition of the term to claim that vestigial organs as “any organ that during the course of evolution has become reduced in function and usually in size.” (pg. 3)

Darwin’s devotion to, vestigial structures (he called them “rudimentary organs”) was dubious. Dr. Bergman delves into that on pages 10-13.

Rabid True Believer in Evolutionism, Dr. Jerry Coyne, is quoted as saying that vestigial organs show that the Designer (God) “doesn’t seem all that intelligent.” (13) Dr. Bergman debunks him by pointing out that “There is nothing in the design model, however, that conflicts with the existence of vestigial organs. Functional structures undergoing changes causing it to become less functional (or even useless) are only evidence that degenerative changes have occurred since creation…” (pg. 15)

Sadly, the vestigial organ belief “stifles research.” “This negative mindset becomes a stumbling block in the pathway of discovering a structure’s or an organ’s actual function.” (pgs. 20-21)

Belief in vestigial organs is anti-science because, “Science can only deal with what can be observed and cannot prove that a structure has no function whatsoever.” (pg. 21)

Regarding Dr. Bergman’s 24 examples of why vestigial organs are not vestigial, I particularly point out that:

Darwin’s (ear) Point is pointless (Chapter 8)

Believing that Wisdom Teeth are useless is not wise. (Chapter 12)

The Fifth Toe, as vestigial) can be booted (Chapter 15)

Vestigial hair is a hairy issue if used to support evolution (Chapters 20-22)

We should get goose bumps thinking about the design of Goosebumps (Chapter 23) and

Male Nipples, as support for evolution, can be nipped in the bud (Chapter 24)

Useless Organs-The Rise and Fall of a Central Claim of Evolution provides lots of information and should read by and/or made a part of the collection of anyone interested in scientific facts that debunk evolutionism.

“7 Persuasive Keys to Biblical Confidence in Genesis How to Help Others Understand the Truth of Biblical Creation” by Dennis Petersen

Reviewed by Karl C. Priest 11-23-2018

If you want a handy handbook for conveying Christ and clarifying Creation, this is the tool. Dennis Petersen lays out a logical series of clear and concise discussion topics for carrying on a conversation with open-minded non-Christians and evolution accepters. Throughout the book you will find quote keepers and humorous tidbits that will bring a smile to your lips and heart.

Mr. Petersen adheres to the excellent method of witnessing (telling others about the Gospel) that is based upon asking questions. He does the same when confronting anyone who is confused about Creation. It would be a good idea for the reader to write down the questions and practice asking them. However, heed the advice of Mr. Petersen and do not waste time trying to convince someone who is headstrong or hard-hearted.

The introduction provides an amazing fact about the Bible. In “Why You Should Read This Book, Do You Really Want to Know?”, Mr. Petersen points out that God wants us to challenge His Word by asking questions.

Each chapter begins with a question that leads to a clear conclusion. For the chapters, I will point out things that came to my mind or struck me as interesting points. I am leaving out a lot!

Evolution is called a “foolish deception”.

Miracles are believed by both creationists and evolutionists.

Fireflies and bombardier beetles bug evolutionism.

Has a great example of writing on, tearing up, and dropping a piece of paper that destroys the possibility of evolution.

Even middle school students understand the mathematical impossibility of evolution.

Obvious observations are all that is needed for an open-minded person to reject evolution.

Fruit flies and peppered moths bug evolutionism.

This chapter has a wealth of witnessing advice.

There are three appendixes that are full of fine facts. “20 Secrets Most College Professors Don’t Know About When It All Began” is alone worth buying the book.

Two quotes from the book that are profound follow.

“Empty (vain) imaginations equals ridiculous ‘theories’ that are obvious to anyone who hasn’t been ‘conditioned’ or ‘programmed’ by years of secular education in atheistic naturalism.”

Referring to people that are in “bondage to sin and destructive lifestyles”: “Why do they lack knowledge?...What should we expect when we allow our children to be taught about the wonders of God’s creation (biology, geology, astronomy, etc) by those who scorn the Bible and blaspheme God.”

Those points must be acted upon by pastors and parishioners. Mr. Petersen’s book provides the power to proceed.

"The Lynching of a Darwin Skeptic: A Case of Political Correctness Run Amok" by Kevin H Wirth

This monograph details the firing of award-winning Professor Jerry Bergman from his position as a fully tenured professor from a college in Ohio. His dismissal appears to have been conducted without observing the clear process for firing defined not only by the college he was employed by but also in the Ohio statutes


By Karl Priest October 18, 2017

A lynching? How about a decapitation, or a shooting, or a crucifixion?

Hyperbole, for sure. A description of disgusting behavior, for sure.

Based upon trivial charges, Dr. Jerry Bergman was academically assassinated.

Even if the verbiage is toned down, censorship by any other name still stinks. “Academic freedom” is a hollow phrase when claimed by Bergman’s critics. If the results were not so tragic to Dr. Bergman and so disastrous to science and higher learning, the petty procedures used by the powerful administrators of Northwest State University would be laughable.

Read this monograph with intellectual honesty and realize that what has happened to Dr. Bergman is a real shame and a blemish upon all academia.