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Big Bang Letter

By Karl Priest July 21, 1998

Dear Editor:

The July 20 Daily Mail has an article about a speech given by Dr. Paul Francke about the Big Bang and the evolution of earth. The reporter mentioned recent news magazine articles about science "finding" God. Dr. Francke and secular science are only acknowledging the obvious: the fantastic orderly design of the universe and life. Unfortunately, the dogma of evolution is so entrenched that brilliant men, like Dr. Francke, still cannot get it right.

Dr. Francke's thesis is nothing but giving God the credit for atheistic evolution. Remove Dr. Franke's occasional reference to God as the originator and his whole presentation is that of an atheist teaching the lie of evolution. The first part of Stephen Hawking's quote was omitted in the article. Hawking said, "An explosion happened, an accidental event." That is what the Big Bang is based upon.

Criticism of the Big Bang is dismissed as coming from "fundamentalist believers who interpret the Bible literally". Perhaps Dr. Francke has not read the June issue of Nature and the July 17 issue of Science Week. Those publications make it clear the Big Bang model is not the final answer. It is even alluded that the Big Bang does not even qualify as a legitimate theory. New data pouring in, as one professor says, may cause cosmologists "to move to strange theories, perhaps not even based on General Relativity."

Those who base their beliefs about God on today's science are destined to have to

change them in the near future. According to the Nature article, Dr. Peter Coles ( University of London) makes it clear that recent improvements in astronomical instrumentation have put theoretical models of the universe under intense pressure. On the other hand, the testimonies of thousands who have lived since the time of Christ make it clear that a Biblical world view makes a distinct difference in a person's appreciation of life. One does not need to interpret the Bible literally to get it right. Just read it plainly.

The earth is not millions of years old and thousands of scientists believe that based upon scientific evidence. For a detailed presentation of this evidence you are invited to the next meeting of the Kanawha Creation Science Group on Saturday August 8 at 10:00 a. m. at the South Charleston Public Library.

(Unknown if published.)