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Battering Bullies

By Karl Priest April 8, 2009

There are God-haters that like to push around anyone who dares to question their Darwinian dogma. The Life Science Prize has created panic among these extremist evolutionist bluffing bullies.

At least three major atheist/evolutionist websites have attempted to rebut the Life Science Prize challenge.

Evolutionists, like the world renowned aggressive, anti-Christian, atheist Dr. Richard Dawkins, are stymied by the Life Science Prize. When Dr. Dawkins was challenged he exchanged some arrogant emails with Dr. Mastropaolo and me. Then he published a piece* about the Life Science Prize in an atheist magazine to alibi why he dodged the challenge and was placed on the Debate Dodger list. The supposedly open-minded publication refused to publish our response.

A Fellow (life) of the Royal Society of Chemistry threatened to file a lawsuit against Dr. Mastropaolo. Dr. Mastropaolo advised this “brass and bluff” evolutionists to save his legal fees and use them to accept the Life Science Prize challenge. We heard nothing more from this true believer and he remains on the Debate Dodger list.

Another prominent evolutionist, a full-time scientific researcher at the University of Kentucky, was so upset at being exposed that he filed a complaint with the State Attorney General which wasted the time of a State Trooper coming to my house. That evolutionist is still on the Debate Dodger list.

Dr. Mastropaolo and I only challenge those we feel are Propaganda Essayists. We expose, via on the Debate Dodger list, those who feel comfortable proclaiming the validly of evolutionism when they can hide behind a newspaper, magazine, or journal article.

The Life Science Prize challenge has proven that evolutionists are conning the public when they say their beliefs are scientific.  Be sure to look at the amazing list of individual evolutionists and evolutionist organizations that refuse the Life Science Prize challenge. The list is located at

*Free Inquiry ("Why I Won't Debate Creationists", vol. 23, no.1 Winter 2002/2003: p. 12-14)