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Conservative in Name Only (CINO) Survey

By Karl C. Priest April 19, 2016

Are you a true conservative or a Conservative in Name Only (CINO)? Take the survey to find out.

Answer YES or NO even if you think there is “wiggle room” for a question.

Do you belief

1. the Ten Commandments should be banned from public property?
2. government can solve all social problems?
3. men who identify as transsexuals should be allowed to use female restrooms?
4. government should fund pre-K through 12 education?
5. women should be able to choose to abort their pre-born children?
6. government should control health care?
7. women should be allowed to serve in combat units?
8. climate change is mostly manmade and can be fixed by government mandates?
9. evolution from microbes to man is a scientific fact?
10. America’s borders should be open as they currently are?
11. same sex marriage should be allowed?
12. black people need affirmative action benefits?
13. Islam is a religion of peace?
14. America’s military power should not exceed that of the strongest nation (whichever country that may be)?
15. Christian owned businesses should be forced to accommodate homosexual events?
16. the police often deal with blacks unfairly?
17. the Bible is not the most amazing book ever written?
18. marijuana should be legalized?
19. pornography should not be restricted?
20. the Supreme Court should have the final say on legal matters.

Deduct, from 100, 5 points for each YES answer.

The first ten can stand alone with 10 points per item.

Odd numbers are a sub-score to rank the level of Christian values. Deduct 20 for each YES in a ten item survey and 10 per YES in a 20 question survey.

The grade scale is:

A 92-100
B 83-91
C 74-82
D 65-73
E/F 0-64

Source of grade scale: