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The Coming Crisis Upon the Cs

By Karl C. Priest 2-2-2016 (revised 2-2-16)


As a courtesy, I shall confidentially and candidly, but circumspectly, communicate and confide concisely the central correlation. I can convey and coordinate a conclusive condemnation and continuing confirmation concerning the condition of our cherished Constitution.

Condemning Common Core, that chafes and claws crummy schools, I cordially claim a connection. Synching with cohorts, con men cackle on the corrupt campuses (from kindergarten to college); shooting stupidity cannons at the canons. It is chilling that chaining compliant children, from the cradle, convinces them the conservative code is not correct. The supposed scholarly centers, actually socialist camps, should be closed.

It’s not a casual caper by a cynical comedian or a clown. It is a complicated clever composition, composing and cooking a complex concoction, while clamping a cover for a catastrophic crash that cannot be cured or chemically corked. They create a crisis to cut and and configure the contours and curves. It’s a sinful crackling coup, not completely done covertly or concealed. From the stinking cavity, Satan has craftily chomped and chewed at civilization for centuries from the curse, through the cross, without ceasing. From crevices and cracks his cutthroats conspire. Under a cloak of credibility they constantly claw (like slick cats climbing into a chicken coup), seeking a chink to chip before clinching the coordinated crippling and conquest of commendable character. Lacking class, the caliber of their community code is not a cipher more than a copper cent.

Lacking consciences, the Snake’s confidants, clerks, and corresponding clients--never contrite liberals--clang, clank, clink and cry, as they crawl into the crowd, to cramp the circle with clutter. Circumstantially out of context, clutching at straws, they concoct, compute, and calculate how to censor classical science. Contrary to seen creatures (a case is cicadas), they cling to craziness and comb for clues to support their choice of “science so called.” Without a conventional capital contender they use a crooked crane to clot or cancel court coherence. The chimp cousins run a cheap comedy circus of conceited, cock-eyed, conjecture containing contradictions that contrast and clash with truth. Their coroner collects spiritual corpses to stuff caskets to place in cemetery crypts without ceremony.

Christians cannot conceive or contemplate that low conception conduct concedes the census to crime. At the center is a collision of standpoints—of Christ (Creator of the cosmos); versus chasing the smoke to corruption. Cutting to the chase, I declare this chronical a clarion call of comments that clarify, caution, and chide the crowd to come to their senses.


The culture is cunningly coerced and cultivated to be compatible with the crude contemptable chorus of combustible crud.

A contingent of courageous citizens, that caused the culture war in which our country is close to capitulating, continue being criticized by a cluster of cads. They receive the cold shoulder from comfortable, cushion sitting, cream-cake, confessing Christian church commanders and chieftains in cadence with criminal competitors.

Contrary to becoming Christ-like, God’s children are often carnal, cowardly, or considerably cautious; lacking cohesion; comparable to kids cowering at crooked critics without complaint. It is difficult to comprehend or compliment their complement of counterfeit curates. Cleaving to convenience, they are a cluster club that collaborates to color a clear concept of both clouds and catacombs.

Complacent citizens,clamp like cement to confused clergy that cower before Congress that is converging to cheat and coerce us into conscription to conform to creepy customs, crazy creeds, and crummy covenants. With consternation, I question the cadre’s competence and cannot commend them. Anyone with a semblance of cerebrum should see that the caustic charade is a canard.

It is confounding and curious why they give credence to, and cling to, calamitous comportment. It is no consolation that they consist of a company of crafty canker sores that conjure and continually consume consciousness. Though constituting a category of commotion, they think they are cute charmers cruising in cocky convertibles. Their claims contribute nothing cogent as we cogitate our capital condition and countdown toward the cliff. Someday it will be too late to carry congratulations to and to catch condolences from the The Courageous Corps of 74.

As the clock counts we must confer and comprehend that we are soon coming to a certain crash into the chasm.


Some cringe at constructive criticism. I have tried to be calm, courteous, compassionate, and congenial while keeping a pleasant countenance and providing counsel countless times as Istruggle to get citizens to consider and comprehend the consequences. I cannot allow constraint, because compromise in this combat leads to confusion which will cause the country to crumble and collapse.

We must not coast or stay in a cage. We must count the cost of the current contrivance that’s corroding and crumbling civility. We must cite the sources, Commandments, and criteria to command censure of their censorship! Let’s converse and channel our capacities and be careful contestants in a contest of corporal, concrete certainty and clench corporate conquest. Let’s confine, checkmate, capture, and clasp control to corral the comical cretins! Let’s combine and contract to commit, as chums and commandos, and choose to construct and crank up a convention, or a commission, or even a committee with clout, to confront, charge, conquer, and crush the cannibalistic Communist confluence keeping company with clods and causing collateral causalities.

The Coming King will keep us in the clift of the rock. The culmination of the crusade will be a crown as we celebrate, with the cheering and clapping condensed choir on that cool court, before our coach and counselor—Christ, the Captain of our Souls.

The contrived caption for this chronicle could simply be “The Closing Crisis under the Zs”.


1. Please contact me if you come across a repeated C word.

2. If you coin a sentence that fits, please share it and I will insert it with credit [no cash ;)].