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A Speech Not Given

By Karl C. Priest October 26, 2017 (posted 1-10-17)

On October 26, 2017 I was blessed to be given the "Dr. Robert Dreyfus Courageous Christian Leadership Award" from Frontline Ministries/Exodus Mandate.* The keynote speaker at the banquet was Cal Thomas. I had a maximum of two minutes to speak.

Following is a speech I would like to have given at the ceremony had I been allowed more time.

Thank you. I am honored and humbled. I accept this award on behalf of all Christians who are faithful on the frontline. Please allow me to thank them.

Thank you, my precious wife Melody. On October 14th we celebrated our 45th anniversary. She has been faithful on the frontline.

Thank you, Col. Ray Moore. God had to have inspired the name Frontline Ministries. God could not have chosen a better leader. Ray has been faithful on the frontline.

Thank you, to Ray’s wife, Gail; office manager, Lawrie; the Frontline Ministries Board; Exodus Mandate state coordinators; and others who worked on this program and help Frontline Ministries throughout the year. All of them have been faithful on the frontline.

Thank you Dr. Robert Dreyfus. He is the embodiment of the award that bears his name. I stand in his shadow. Dr. Dreyfus has been faithful on the frontline.

Thank you folks who are here tonight. By being here you have been faithful on the frontline.

Thank you to the people who first sounded the alarm, in 1974, “They are coming after our children!” The first shot in the Culture War was fired in Kanawha County, WV when those people were faithful on the frontline. I call them the Courageous Corps of 74. With few exceptions they were not well spoken or financially well off. They were the first victims of Fake News. The leaders were a preacher’s wife and five preachers. The people, and especially the leaders, endured the vile attacks by liberal media and compromised clergy.

Please get a copy of my book. 100% of the proceeds go to Frontline Ministries. You can read the words and see photos of the Courageous Corps of 74. Please go to YouTube and search “Textbook War-Karl Priest.” You will find several videos where you can see and hear the Courageous Corps of 74. In one of the videos you will see Pastor Graley when he was released from jail. I guarantee that it will bless you. Instead of starting with Roman numeral one, I suggest you start with Roman numeral ten. Perhaps some of the lyrics from that song will stay in your mind and you will be inspired to be faithful on the frontline.

The frontline is the battle for the hearts and minds of children. I have a page on my website with over 30 quotes from God-haters that clearly state the goal is to control the children. We need more folks who love God to comprehend where the frontline is located and to faithfully take a stand.

Please tell God you want to be faithful on the frontline. God has a place for you no matter what your talent is.

I served on one of two command ships that were on the frontline during the Cold War. The crew had some men who were elite—the Captain, the communications helo pilot, the two officers who held the combinations to the locks for the top secret launch codes for nuclear missiles, medical staff, a contingent of Marines, and others in that category. But there were many more in the background who were mechanics, cooks, clerks, and even the deck swabbers. It took all of them to keep the ship on the frontline.

There is a place for each of you on this spiritual frontline—the battle for the hearts and minds of our children. May you hear Jesus say to you when the battle is over (I paraphrase Matthew 25:21), “Well done. You have been faithful on the frontline.

Now folks, I look forward to serving with you on the frontline. Let’s roll!


*I took me almost three months before I could watch the video of the award.  I just do not feel comfortable in the spotlight.  I know I am in the spotlight for other reasons a lot, but that spotlight is more like one that is shined by the Gestapo trying to target people to shoot. Anyway, to recognize the excellent ministry of Exodus Mandate/Frontline Ministries and the thousands of real Courageous Christians that are the basis of the award, here it is: See Video of the actual speech.