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Leaf Insects

By Anonymous

Insects belonging to the Phasmid order, (also known as leaf insects) have an amazing camouflage which enables them to virtually “disappear” by blending into their background. Some of them mimic leaves so well that they not only match the colours, but also have the leaf vein markings reproduced on their bodies. Some even mimic dead leaves.

Why do they have this camouflage and how did they get it? Could this mimicry have evolved gradually? It is usually claimed that these insects evolved their camoflague to enable them to escape predators such as birds and win the survival battle, while those without it get eaten. Even if this were true, how could an insect (or any other creature) change its appearance simply because it needed to? If it needed to look like a leaf to escape predators, how did it survive before its disguise was complete? And if these insects need their disguise in order to survive, how have millions of other insects managed to survive without it.

Such questions are not easy for evolutionists to answer. These insect mimics appear to be specially designed (for whatever reason) to perfectly match their surroundings, so why not give credit to their Creator?

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