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Samples of Common Sense Clarification of Report Distortions

Following are examples of how to view evolutionist news propaganda.  There are many more on subjects at Creation-Evolution Headlines

Walking Sticks Fly Again January 15, 2003

Evolutionary theory suggests that when a complex feature like a wing falls out of use, the genes that code for its parts will accumulate so many mutations that they would never work again. That means that once the ancestral walking sticks gave up their wings, their descendants would never be able to fly... Whiting says the insects could probably get wings back because the genetic pathways that make stick insects' wings and legs are closely related... Maybe it's not as hard to turn complex structures back on as some scientists thought...(

Evolution: Have Wings Come, Gone and Come Again? May 27, 2003

The evolution of wings is widely regarded as a major contributing factor in the evolutionary success of the insects, providing abundant new possibilities for dispersal, prey capture and predator avoidance. Insect wings (like eyes) are an example of the complex structures whose evolution so troubled Darwin, and which remain important foci for work on the evolution of development.  The prevailing view is that such re-evolution is unlikely because, after their loss, the genes required for their development should be free to accumulate mutations and so become non-functional... Wings arose early in the diversification of insects... Secondary loss of wings has occurred in many lineages and a few orders... Detailed phylogenetic study of the stick insects has now indicated the converse: that wings may have been regained by some members of an ancestrally wingless group... it seems likely that the insect wing evolved from a dorsal branch of the ancestral arthropod leg. (Current Biology, Volume 13, Issue 11, R436-R438, 27 May 2003)

I cannot say it better than: 

"Ladies and gentlemen, behold the phenomenon of credulity among intelligent people. If you thought that only simpletons were credulous, you have just witnessed PhDs in biology believing in miracles despite their abhorrence of the miraculous. You have just seen them trap themselves between a rock and a hard place of their own making, steadfastly refusing to consider the only alternative that makes sense in light of the evidence, that wings were designed, and that wing loss is evidence of the general trend toward decay and loss, not a trend toward increasing complexity... Remember, even if you get the miracle of a fully-formed wing to re-evolve, it is useless unless accompanied by muscles, brain software and the supporting systems to operate it (digestive tract, respiratory system, etc.).

If you like to laugh, be sure to read BWAH HAH HAH HAAAA!