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New Insect Flight Theory

by Anonymous

Evolutionists puzzling over how insects developed wings have a new idea for excluding the role of intelligent creation. In the past, it has been suggested that wings made their first appearance as:

  • Sexual displays.
  • Solar panels to warm them up.
  • Gills for swimming or gas exchange.

But insects need more than wings to fly — they also need complex muscles, patterns of movement and articulations.

Now a Penn State biologist has used the stoneflies, which skim across water using their wings ('waterproofed' by tiny hairs) for propulsion, to propose that wings arose for skimming, not flying.

His experiments showed, not surprisingly, that bigger-muscled stoneflies skimmed fastest and, under certain conditions, could become airborne. However, he also notes that stoneflies have not only the wings, but also all the things mentioned above needed for flight.

Science News , Vol.146 No.18, October 29, 1994 (p. 276).

The big problem for evolutionists is that fossil insects (including those beautifully preserved in amber) either have 'fully developed wings’ or 'no sign of wings at all’. This shows there is no evidence for any theory of wing evolution. Flying insects were designed to fly (and stoneflies to skim) from the start.

Used by permission of Creation Ministries International: