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Trying to Get a TBE to See

By Karl C. Priest February 11, 2017

A TBE is a True Believer in Evolutionism. The particular one who is the subject of this essay is intelligent, educated, and sincere. As I once heard someone say, “George Washington’s blood-letting doctors were intelligent, educated, sincere and WRONG.”

After learning of some scientific research into the amazing visual abilities of a praying mantis I decided to contact the main research scientist. Here is my email:

4 February 2017

Dear Dr. Read:

I am fascinated by insects and the praying mantis is my favorite.

I came across your interesting research Man, mantis & machine: the computation of 3D vision where I read that your "exciting new research programme...will shed new light on the constraints governing 3D vision, how 3D vision evolved, and how we can engineer efficient 3D vision ourselves."

Please answer some questions.

1. Is “engineer” the same as “evolve?” If not, how do the two terms differ?

2. How did a praying mantis evolve its amazing 3D visual ability? 

3. Would it be accurate to use “evolve” and “evolving” instead of the underlined words in the following two statements?

"So much is still waiting to be discovered in this system. If we find that the way mantises process 3D vision is very different to the way humans do it, then that could open up all kinds of possibilities to create much simpler algorithms for programming 3D vision into robots."

Read still isn’t sure exactly how mantis 3-D vision works—but she's determined to find out. “I have a Ph.D. in theoretical astrophysics," she adds. "If you would have told me then that in 20 years I’d be creating movies for insects, I never would have believed you." (

4. Would any scientific facts be lost by removing the words struck through in the following?

Study leader, Jenny Read, Professor of Vision Science who is supported by the Leverhulme Trust said: “Despite their minute brains, mantises are sophisticated visual hunters which can capture prey with terrifying efficiency. We can learn a lot by studying how they perceive the world. “Better understanding of their simpler processing systems helps us understand how 3D vision evolved, and could lead to possible new algorithms for 3D depth perception in computers."… The Newcastle University team will now continue the research examining the algorithms used for depth perception in insects to better understand how human vision evolved and to develop new ways of adding 3D technology to computers and robots.

5. How will you use evolution to implement your discoveries into intelligently designed robots?

I know that you are part of the Newcastle University Centre for Behavior & Evolution

(, and I hope that will not prohibit you from answering my questions.

Thank you.

Yours truly,

Karl Priest

Not surprisingly the good Dr. Read did not reply. A few of the extreme TBEs have replied, such as Dr. Richard Dawkins.

Originally, my plan was to challenge Dr. Read with the Life Science Prize. However, I decided that she was a victim and had suffered enough. She either believes in the lie of evolutionism, or she is forced to be silent in order to remain on the good side of the TBEs that control academia and censor real science.

Dr. Read’s situation and the reports on her research are perfect examples that Evolutionists Tacitly Admit Creation and provide me with plenty of ways to keep on Helping Evolutionists Get It Right.

I hope the reader can see the blindness of TBEs.


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