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Swatting at Evolutionism “Organisms”

By Karl C. Priest

Evolutionism is everywhere, and it bugs me! The lie of evolutionism is in news reports, cartoons, movies, television shows, as well as “education” establishments. When I see the disease infected evolutionism mosquito I try to swat it before it infects more minds.

Wonderful West Virginia magazine states that it is “the state's premier showpiece magazine published monthly by the Division of Natural Resources.  Wonderful West Virginia showcases ‘the best of West Virginia’"… ( In an article about the West Virginia Department of Agriculture insect collection one work (like one microorganism of malaria can to a human) infected the entire piece.

My “swat” reaction (a letter to the editor, Nikki Bowman) follows:

5 January 2017

Dear Ms. Bowman:

Again, a great issue of Wonderful West Virginia (January 2017) is marred by the insertion of nonscience propaganda.

The otherwise excellent article "The Room is Bugged" (pg. 23) has the sentence "The room, with its government issue drop-ceiling and florescent lights, is filled with rows of wood-veneered cabinets organized by evolutionary families." (pg. 24)  Had the word "taxonomic" been used instead of ""evolutionary", the sentence would have been scientifically accurate.

The "families" are part of a system of classifying organisms originated by Carl Linnaeus who believed that "God has created the world, it is possible to understand God's wisdom by studying His creation."  If you doubt that, see the source at the University of California Museum of Paleontology Berkeley website.  

The scientific facts are that ants have been, are, and always will be ants.  They cannot change to a roach or any other insect.  The same applies for butterflies, cicadas, dragonflies, and all of the other taxonomic categories of insect families.  Just because there are variations such as the wide range of size and coloration of beetles only indicates the amazing engineering and artistic ability of the designer of beetles.

Believing otherwise is as realistic as claiming that a FORD will become a FIAT if given enough time and the various colorations in a Chevrolet car lot resulted from storms passing through the area!  Not to mention the ridiculous scenarios of how an automobile originated without a designer.

Again, I ask you to not insult and propagandize readers of your fine magazine. 

With respect,

Karl Priest

PS:  If you want to see how evolutionist propagandists struggle to deny the obvious, see Evolutionists Tacitly Admit Creation.

I did not receive a reply.

Previously, I sent a “swat” and got a reply. Following is that exchange.

My 6-6-16 letter

Editor of Wonderful West Virginia Magazine:

I love the June edition featuring insects which are the most diversely colorful and amazingly engineered creatures God created.

The Periodical Cicadas are so complicated that "we do not know what we do not know" about cicadas.

The article did not mention the absolutely amazing scientific discoveries (especially in the field of medicine) that result from studying the design of cicadas.

Insects bug evolutionism!

Karl Priest

Poca, WV

My 7-1-16 letter

Editor of Wonderful West Virginia Magazine:

Did anyone actually read my letter regarding the June edition?

If so, why did the otherwise excellent July article "Lantern Beetles" include the quote that the "Photuris female is...brought to you by natural selection."

No species (designated by variations in their design) of "lightning bugs" is derived from evolution of which "natural selection" is a synonym.  Their variations are simply design features of a Master Designer.

As the article says, the lightning "bugs" are "are masters of biochemistry."  Of course, they did not go to college for that mastery, and all real scientific evidence shows they have always been beetles and "natural selection" cannot design anything, so they had to have been designed by a Genius Creator. 

Wonderful West Virginia magazine can omit any mention of God , but it needs to stop paying homage to the non-science nonsense of evolutionism.

Yours truly,

Karl Priest

Ms. Bowman’s 7-27-16 response

Thank you, Karl, for your recent letter about "Lantern Beetles" and I'm glad you enjoyed the cicada story in the June issue. 

I personally believe that natural selection and believing in God are not mutually exclusive. You are, of course, welcome to your opinions, and I'm glad you share them with us. Our readers have a wide diversity of beliefs. When working on our stories for Wonderful West Virginia, we seek out our state and national experts and people working in the field to create educational stories that everyone will enjoy.

Thank you,


My 7-27-16 response to Ms. Bowman

Hello Nikki:

Thank you for responding.

Natural selection is NOT evolution.  It is simply a design feature that allows variation with strict limits.  Beetles, for example were, are, and ALWAYS WILL BE beetles.  A species designation due to coloration or some other feature is FAR from changing a beetle into a butterfly.  That is SCIENCE!

I have not asked Wonderful West Virginia to post a creationist point of view. 

I do respectfully ask Wonderful West Virginia to stick with real observable science and also not insult the beliefs of the huge population of Bible believing Christians who read your magazine.



She did not respond.

As long as I can “grasp a swatter,” I will try to eliminate the plague of evolutionism.


Previous emails on non-insect lies of evolutionism. There were no responses to any of them.


Dear Ms. Bowman:

The September issue of Wonderful West Virginia magazine has more evolutionist propaganda (pg. 23) "...the cave's story actually goes back more than 540 million years.").

If you are going to allow this, please allow me to rebut it in a letter.

Thank you.

Karl Priest


Hello Nikki:

The October issue of Wonderful West Virginia was great--both the articles and photographs.

I hope the opening of "The Nuttalburg Legacy" was not a coincidence.  Mrs. Pierotti did an excellent job in conveying that the New River is old (No one denies that.) without inserting evolutionism propaganda.

If it was intentional, I thank you and Mrs. Pierotti.  If it was otherwise, please use the way Mrs. Pierotti wrote ("is quite old" ) as a guideline for being factual without insulting the many folks in West Virginia who do not believe the myth of evolution and billions of years.