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Stingers to use on Evolutionists

Compiled by Karl C. Priest 11-9-2008 (revised 8-29-11)

Over the years I have accumulated dozens of wonderful and witty quotes from creationist extraordinaire, Dr. Joseph Mastropaolo. With his permission I have used them many times to “sting” evolutionists who thought they were going to “exterminate” this pesky little creationist.

It gives me great pleasure to share these “stingers” with those of you who wat to go around “bugging” evolutionists.

Please give Dr. Mastropaolo credit for the quotes.

If you like what you see, I suggest going to Dr. Mastropaolo’s Joe's Gems for more of his material.

Have fun my “bug” brothers (and sisters).
The quotes are listed in random order except for the first two which refer to insects. The first two have citations. Many of the others came from correspondence over the years as we compiled the list of Debate Dodgers at
As ants cannot comprehend the civil engineering of New York City, so human intelligence aggregated cannot comprehend the mega macro and nano biological engineering of the biosphere. To attach the origin and diversity of life to the universe's brainless phantom, evolution, is the ultimate intellectual insult. That the public schools and universities of the United States of America should be engaged in such a travesty, not only violates the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America, but it degrades the realistic thinking ability of science students to below no science education whatsoever. Teaching the exact opposite of reality, like a photographic negative, promotes psychosis, not education.
"Physics. Non-living Living Fantasies" ( )

The life cycle of the monarch butterfly teaches that in the seemingly inert egg are all of the genetic instructions to form a sixteen-legged caterpillar and a six-legged butterfly. There was no physical manifestation of the caterpillar when it was an egg just as there was no physical manifestation of the butterfly when it was a caterpillar. There was a manifested morphology while there were unmanifested in the organism’s genetic reserves meticulously planned transitional structures and different morphologies. To observe such remarkable transformations in 60 days teaches an important lesson on genetic reserves. These incredibly complex transformations, which no human engineer can blueprint, may be called sequential genetic reserves. They occur once in a rigorous order to attain adulthood and do not occur again. Every complex organism has them. Some do not transform from sixteen legs to six legs, some do not transform from pedestrians to flyers, but the transformations to adulthood are no less remarkable. Every multicelled life form must grow and develop from an egg or seed to an adult configuration and that requires continuous structural and functional alterations that are molecularly planned, organized, coordinated, controlled, and commanded beyond human comprehension. We do not know how the DNA did it, but we do know that such megengineering could not have been done brainlessly the way evolution pretends. There are other kinds of genetic reserves.
"Biology Eliminates Evolution" (

Evolution dies without censorship. Competition kills evolution.

Vast originality represents a vast intelligence, not evolution, because endless originality requires infinite wisdom for the most difficult of intellectual tasks, originality, especially disciplined and circumscribed originality?

Evolution is inverted fantasy and can never have a successful experiment.

Unlike evolution, gravity has infinite experiments with mathematical precision.

Evolution is an inverted-fantasy religion taught in the public schools in violation of the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America.

Evolutionists have no evidence, not Star Wars, not swords, not pitchforks, not pointed shoes, nothing.

The Life Science Challenge proves you are all bluff and no science, or as they say in the Southwest, all hat and no ranch. You say you have a jumping frog that can beat our jumping frog but you refuse to put you money where your mouth is. Or you say you have a runner who can beat our runner or a jumper who can jump higher than our jumper. Well, let's put them on a level playing field and see. The proof is in the results of the contest. The contest settles the issue with finality. Hot air contests never end. The Super Bowl and the World Series are not decided with hot air on web sites. If you are so sure of your position you would debate.

Propagandists like Richard Dawkins are out of touch with reality and hallucinate that evolution is true. Such hallucinations so withdrawn from reality are the medical dictionary definition of psychosis.

Evolution is more impossible than the Blue Fairy, the Witch of the North, Aladdin's genies, the Tooth Fairy, Santa Claus, the Headless Horseman, and the mathematical definition of impossible all put together.

Everywhere in the universe the finger of time points downward in devolution. Evolution’s fictionalized finger points upward as it and its finger are devolving. But evolution is not fiction like Mother Goose where the cow jumps over the moon. A cow can jump a low fence so Mother Goose is straight forward fantasy that children enjoy. Inverted Mother Goose would be the moon jumping over the cow. That kind of inverted fantasy is what evolution is, the exact opposite of reality, an example of the medical dictionary definition of psychosis, and it twists the psyches of our youth.

Laws of physics and engineering are against evolution. Evolution exists nowhere in the universe, never has, never will. It is the phantom of the universe. No evolutionist worldwide has been able to provide one piece of objective, valid, reliable, calibrated evidence in support of evolution. Something can rust or rot to a pile of powder, but nothing can arise from that powder without engineering.

The idea of evolution was invented 2,500 years ago in Greek mythology. Darwin plagiarized, Haeckel falsified, Huxley propagandized, the public schools internalized, the kids have been psychoticized, and any alternative is censored. Evolutionists say, "Evolution is a fact. The theories may vary, but evolution is a fact." When anyone asks for the evidence, all that is given is propaganda essays with not one scintilla of proof. That is why no evolutionist will contend for the Life Science Prize. Is evolution a fact? Evolution is not a fact, it is not a law, it is not a theory, it is not a hypothesis, it is not a fantasy. The cow jumped over the moon is a fantasy because a cow can jump a low fence. The grass ate the cow is an inverted fantasy. That living things die and rot or putrefy to a pile of chemicals is a fact but that a pile of chemicals evolved to living things is an inverted fantasy as far from reality as the human mind can go and that is what the medical dictionary calls psychosis.

Evolutionists remind me of 800 lb men immobilized in hospital beds loudly proclaiming that they are the world champion marathon runners. When cordially invited to come to the starting line and race, they sniff that they do not wish to provide a pedestal for the genetically inferior athletic specimens who do not even reach a respectable weight of 400 lb. When coaxed, evolutionists agree on condition that the starting line will also be the finish line. When that is agreed, they are suspended by cranes with toes touching the starting line and when the starting gun sounds they are dropped and completely obscure the starting and finish lines to claim without taking one step that again they are world champion marathon runners. Quickly lifted by the cranes so they do not asphyxiate themselves in their own fat, they are returned to their hospital beds to continue their ranting and raving about their World and Olympic Championships in the marathon running. Then the nurses connect again their intravenous feeding tubes courtesy of their endowed professorships. The sham is over, the jig is up, the cat is out of the bag. The 2,500 year old mummy called evolution has long since crumbled to dust and been blown away hundreds of years ago by Redi, Pasteur and Tyndall amongst a legion of others. Alchemy is gone, so is magic and astrology.

Evolution is more than a zillion (1 followed by more than 4 million zeros) times more impossible than the mathematical definition of impossible. The little children who believe in the Tooth Fairy and never wish to grow up can look forward to believing in the champion inverted fantasy of all recorded history, evolution.

Create exists. It means bringing something into existence, to make or originate, particularly something requiring skill or art or invention. Henry created the Ford. Leonardo created the Mona Lisa, but neither Henry nor Leonardo were deities. Evolve does not exist. The entire universe is devolving, the exact opposite and excluder of evolving. Evolution was based on ignorance that maggots came from invisible fly eggs and the flies that hatched from the maggots were the same type as those that laid the eggs.

Devolve exists and in fact is universal. Things rust, wear out, die, go extinct, all permanently. Nothing evolves.

Spontaneous generation of maggots from putrefied meat, and evolution of flies from maggots was typical ignorance prior to Dr. Francesco Redi's experiments of 1668. By contrast, Darwin was a medical school dropout with a theology degree and a Victorian imperialistic agenda harking back to the vitalism superstitions prior to 1668. Darwin turned the science clock backward two centuries. He thereby branded himself an anti-scientist, as do all current evolutionists.

I went to a one-room school in the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains in 4th grade, then dropped out to go back to school in NYC. So, I am a 4th grade dropout from a one-room schoolhouse in the sticks of the Adirondacks and evolutionists are afraid to contend against me. I wonder if that makes them (evolutionist who will not debate him) dumber than a 4th grade dropout and maybe as smart as the village idiot

Laws of physics and engineering are against evolution. Evolution exists nowhere in the universe, never has, never will. It is the phantom of the universe. No evolutionist worldwide has been able to provide one piece of objective, valid, reliable, calibrated evidence in support of evolution. Something can rust or rot to a pile of powder, but nothing can arise from that powder without engineering.

That reminds me of a 100m race that the ID contestant can run in 10 seconds. The front man says his evolutionist sprinter will boycott the race because the ID sprinter is too slow. So, we hire a detective who finds that the evolutionist sprinter is a quadruple amputee only able to move his mouth. Evidently, that is what evolutionists are, all mouth and no legs.

Ten facts about evolution:
1. There is no evolution anywhere in the universe. Never has been. Never will be.
2. Evolution requires an almost infinite number of spontaneously generated structures to obtain a cell from inert elements, to obtain a second different kind of cell, to obtain a progression to the more than 30,000
different single-celled organisms then to untold numbers of multi-celled organisms, some up to more than 100 trillion cells.
3. Spontaneous generation was proven superstition 350 years ago and those experiments have never been overturned.
4. Each spontaneously generated structure would require a miracle. A miracle is something that defies the laws of physics. So evolution requires an almost infinite number of miracles. That is the definition of
a religion, not science. This can be proven in a court of law beyond a shadow of a doubt.
5. Teaching evolution is teaching a state supported religion which is prohibited by the U.S. Constitution.
6. Evolution teaches that mutations are beneficial and uses the sickle cell mutation as an example. The sickle cell mutation causes 75,000 hospitalizations per year in the U.S. of 6.1 days with significant mortality. "Thus, sickle cell disease is one of the most prevalent genetic disorders in the US." (Ashley-Koch, Yang and Olney, 2000) The evolutionists classic case of biological superiority is filling hospital beds and graveyards with the afflicted. Can the Board afford law suits to prevent children or grandchildren from ending up in the hospital or graveyard because of what they were taught in biology?
7. The "ravages of time" is in our language. Nothing gets better with time. Everything must be built brand-new and immediately begins to age, wear out, devolve. Evolution is the exact opposite of what billions of people have consistently observed for thousands of years with not one exception. Are you requiring your students to believe the exact opposite of what billions of people have consistently observed for thousands of years?
8. The genetic defects known prior to 1966 were 1484, when the current records were started. They are being reported as they are being discovered and reported in the medical journals. The count is 13,539 as of 2001. Genetic defects have been accelerating consistently. Evolution teaches the opposite thereby disarming students rather than preparing them for life's most important decisions.
9. Extrapolating backward in time there were fewer genetic disorders and fewer people. Medical science is on the side of a genetically perfect original couple.
10. No biology textbook teaches the truth that evolution was invented by Anaximander 2,500 years ago and that the goddess Cybele, the Great Mother of all the gods, performed the infinite spontaneous generation miracles that evolution needed to work. Evolution originally was a pagan Cybelese religion and still depends on Cybele for the infinite structural miracles to make it work.

They cannot spontaneously generate, so they had to be created, and the only change they can undergo once created is devolution to genetic disorders. The experiments that disproved spontaneous generation, the foundation of evolution, over the last three and a half centuries have never been overthrown. So creation is an unrivaled, undisputed, proven fact in the testimony of the entire biosphere and the entire universe. Evolution exists nowhere, never has and never will. Evolution is not only the phantom of the universe, it is the inverse of reality. Reality is devolution, always has been and always will be. After creation, devolution is the unrivaled, undisputed, proven fact of life and nonlife alike.

In the last 8 years whenever an evolutionist asked me for my peer reviewed evidence, I would send a reprint. Then when I asked for his, he'd stop writing and send nothing. Worldwide bar none, all they have is brass and bluff and to prove it I've put millions in $10,000 bets where my mouth is. Except for balloons, perpetual motion machine charlatans, and evolutionist mouths, nothing runs on hot air.

Scientists publish their evidence, present papers in science meetings, and write review articles on the state of the knowledge in various fields. Evolutionists cannot do any of those activities because they have no successful experiments and, without at least one successful experiment, they cannot publish one article to even attain the hypothesis stage. A review of their literature shows their direct descent from the vitalism superstitions current up to 3.4 centuries ago.

As expected for any inverted fantasy religion, all they have are 12% superstitions, 74% frauds, and 14% forgeries. The acid test of that fact is the Life Science Prize. If I am wrong, they can prove it and simultaneously make themselves rich with unlimited Life Science Prizes.

Plans are underway for the long overdue interment of evolution. Appropriately, there will be several days of viewing an open, empty casket, for evolution was imaginary from its conception. Incense will burn nearby to overcome the stench it has needlessly caused these past 3.4 centuries. The choir will be working on two hymns: Poor Darwin Is Dead, sung to the tune of Poor Judd Is Dead from the musical, Oklahoma; and Ding, Dong Evolution Is Dead, sung to the tune of Ding, Dong, the Witch Is Dead from the Wizard of Oz. Skunk cabbage is the plant of choice for anyone thinking of sending some adornment for the grave.

The controversy is between the anti-science, evolution, and the science, devolution.

1. Create, according to Webster, is to make or originate. Leonardo created the Mona Lisa, Henry created the Ford.
2. Humans have created trillions of things like houses, clothes, tools, cars, etc. Humans have evolved zero things. For the debate count only one trillion for create, zero for evolution. The score so far: created 1 trillion, evolved 0.
3. Animals have created trillions of things like dens, webs, nests, hives, dams, etc. For the debate count only one trillion for create, zero for evolution. The score so far: created 2 trillion, evolved 0.
4. Plants have created trillions of things like blossoms, leaves, stems, roots, seeds, etc. For the debate count only one trillion for create, zero for evolution. The score so far: created 3 trillion, evolved 0.
5. Humans are devolving (new and known genetic disorders are continuously increasing), humans must have been without genetic flaws in the past, and before that must have been created brand-new (like humans, animals and plants create everything). Historically, there have been a trillion humans and none have evolved (e.g., ape-men were proven frauds or forgeries in 2002). For the debate count one trillion for create, zero for evolution. The score so far: created 4 trillion, evolved 0.
6. Our sun is devolving 4.5 million tons/s of its mass to radiant energy. It must have been more massive in the past and before that it must have been created. There are 2.6 x 10^6 galaxies with 100 x 10^9 stars/galaxy which equals 260 x 10^15 stars devolving and having been created like our sun whereas zero have evolved. Planets, moons and other objects also devolve and must have been created. That accounts for the entire universe and a box score of about 260 quadrillion 4 trillion for created and zero for evolution.

The dictionary definition of create is to make or originate. Leonardo created the Mona Lisa. No divinity is inferred. Everything on this planet was made by man, animals, or plants. The examples are nearly infinite and there is not one example of evolution. Further, everything is devolving and that requires a creation some time in the past. For example, the sun is devolving 4.5 million tons/s of its mass to radiant energy. It must have been created sometime in the past because it could not go on gaining mass indefinitely in the past.

Everything had to be created new and from that moment onward it began its devolution to extinction. Everything in the universe, nonviable and viable alike, works that way. Billions of observers for thousands of years have observed creation and devolution and that is why both are science. No one has ever observed the opposite of reality, evolution, and that is why it is inverted fantasy.

The mechanism to make or originate is in the brain. We don't need to know the mechanism to know something was created and not evolved. I do not need to know how the neural impulses activate the motor units when I create a bird house.

Also see "Joe's Gems".