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START SWARMING (A Call to Christian Activism)

By Karl Priest 2008 (revised 4-7-18)

It is apparent to me that the folks who are passionate about what they believe will decide the outcome of society.*

There are two groups of professing Christians.  Those who are concerned and those that are compromised--most of the latter are covetous. The concerned Christians are those who know something is morally wrong.  A sub-group of them are passionate enough to mildly speak out and a smaller group is fervently passionate and have worked in some capacity to make changes.  We need to get the concerned Christians passionate enough to actually take action. To use an analogy in the context of insects: Christians need to realize the nest (our society) is under attack and swarm out in self-defense

The atheists will not decide society's future.  There just are not enough of them.  Add the agnostics and any other group to the few atheists and they still cannot defeat (politically or swaying public opinion) professing Christians.  But, compromised Christians may make the atheist side a sizable bloc of citizens.   

Sadly, too many Christians are comfortable in their churches and willing to compromise with the logic of someone who says he can control himself and he doesn't need someone to take care of him.  In other words, many professing Christians will find an excuse not to do anything.

The problems of society are not due to the liberal media and atheists.  Society is where it is because the Church has too many compromisers. The compromisers in the Church are why evolutionism is dogma in our schools, babies are murdered in local abortuaries, and sodomite sex is considered normal by many citizens. 

It is time for concerned Christians to take back a little of the territory we have lost.  Prayer is important, but prayer does not cast a vote or speak to the public.  If you have not already done so, you must take action.  You must also rack your brain for names of folks you can encourage to take action.  Email them.  Telephone them.  Offer to help them.  Show them your passion for your cause! 

The passion of concerned Christians will determine the future of society.

Start swarming!

*Although I look for Christ to return soon, we cannot hibernate and wait. Of course, our priority is to present the Gospel of salvation. Please prayerfully read "Counting to the Appoinment".

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