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Dragonfly At Dusk

By Karl Priest (10-22-08)

(Written while watching a dragonfly performing in my back yard.)

Zipping, zooming—sleekly and silently it moves
With flickers of each wing—Almighty God it proves.

Protecting, mating, feeding, playing as it flies about
Causing me to look toward heaven and “Hallelujahs” shout!

Wings of magnificent double layered construction—
Sending evolutionism to sure destruction.

Little creature, God’s creation, wings gleaming in the sun.
Cause of evolutionist consternation by the Word of God’s Son.

Zigging, zagging, diving, soaring—fast as the eye can see--
Bringing the Creator’s blessings wonderfully to me.

Also see "Fantastic Flight".


Uncommon Common Insects

By Karl Priest (10-11-12)

Not all male crickets sing.
Not all scary wasps sting.

Not all moths fly at night.
Not all mosquitoes bite.

Not all insects are bugs.
Not all insects cause “Ughs!”

An informed investigator simply expects
Nothing to be simple about insects.