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The Jig is Up for Fig Wasp Evolution

By Karl Priest 12-19-2013 (revised 12-30-13)

Pollinating (some are not) fig wasp males (usually blind and wingless) live only to mate and chew an escape hole for the female to exit the fig. He finds her and mates with her before she hatches. The female picks up male pollen and flies to another fig and enters (often losing her wings and antennae) by using spines on her head. After laying her eggs she dies. See video of this amazing process for yourself. Scroll through a slide show with beautiful images of the process. Take a look at the fig wasp’s ovipositor. If intrigued, learn more of The Interaction of Figs and Fig Wasps. Despite the astounding facts about fig wasps, those who push non-science nonsense evolutionism, seemingly oblivious to their oafishness, try to claim it all came about by mindless processes. Take the following articles for example.

World's Oldest Fig Wasp Fossil Proves That If It Works, Don't Change It (June 16, 2010)   ( )

“The fossil wasp is almost identical to the modern species, proving that this tiny but specialized insect has remained virtually unchanged for over 34 million years… This means that the complex relationship that exists today between the fig wasps and their host trees developed more than 34 million years ago and has remained unchanged since then. ” In other words, the reality and truth is that nothing has evolved! Nevertheless, the undying faith in evolutionism motivated Dr. Steve Compton to declare his belief: “ We believe from molecular evidence that fig wasps and fig trees have been evolving together for over 60 million years."

The wasp was found in 1920 and misidentified as an ant. It was compared with a “20 million-year-old wasp in amber which was purchased over the Internet and with living wasps. The females all have a remarkable design feature (evolutionists stupidly say it “developed”) that cause them to intentionally pollinate figs before laying eggs. This is for the benefit of their larvae. To do this the adult females were designed with a special body form that enables entry into the figs. It gets more amazing. The 1.5 mm wasp collects pollen in special body pockets then removes and spreads it on another fig tree! Electron microscope images show the miraculous minute detail of the pockets. One can imagine the intricacies of the internal anatomy of this wasp!

Over three years later another article one was released.

Ancient 'Fig Wasp' Lived Tens of Millions of Years Before Figs (Dec. 5, 2013) (

“A 115-million-year-old fossilized wasp from northeast Brazil presents a baffling puzzle to researchers. The wasp's ovipositor, the organ through which it lays its eggs, looks a lot like those of present-day wasps that lay their eggs in figs.”

The “baffling puzzle” to true believers in evolutionism is that they believe figs arose 65 million hears later. They admit that figs might have been around then, but postulate that there was “ something like a fig was around.” The Darwin devotees imagine that the wasp and fig –like plant experience “convergent evolution” and separately evolved traits that the other needed. I predict that eventually these “Just So Story” tellers will find proof that figs were there. That fits perfectly with a creationist position.

Lying becomes easy with practice and is easier if one truly believes the lie is true. Those with open eyes and minds can see that this wonderful wasp has caused the jig to be up for evolutionist propagandists.

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