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‘Snake-head’ moth

by Anonymous


This large Atlas moth (Attacus atlas) has a built-in 'scarecrow'. The top of each wing looks something like a snake, or even the head of a small bird of prey, which tends to scare off would-be predators. Such fantastic design features are usually said to be a product of natural selection — a process that helps the survival of creatures best suited to the conditions in which they live.

Natural selection is not evolution, although many people think it is. Natural selection is not a code directing the production of anything new in a creature — it is merely a process which screens out unfit variants and defective mutants. In fact, there is no evidence that moths have evolved from any other type of creature, and there is much evidence that moths have always been moths — as the Bible's account of creation indicates. Bible's account of creation indicates.

Used by permission of Creation Ministries International: