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The Lie: Evolution


What the Ancient Greeks Imagined

By Dr. Joseph Mastropaolo

The ancient Greeks noticed a milkweed leaf with nothing on it. The next day, a caterpillar was eating the leaf. Their best explanation was that their goddess, Gaea, the goddess of the Earth, sent her vitalism into the milkweed leaf and generated the caterpillar. (This explains the first two figures of the top row of the visual aid.)

When the caterpillar spun a chrysalis around itself, they thought it was an egg. When they saw a butterfly hatch out of the chrysalis, they thought the caterpillar had evolved to a butterfly. (This explains the last two figures in the top row.)

About three centuries ago with the aid of a “fine microscope,” scientists discovered the egg laid on the underneath side of the leaf by the same kind of butterfly that hatched from the chrysalis. (This explains the first two figures of the bottom row.) There was no spontaneous generation, there was no evolution, there was no need for a Gaea goddess, there was no need for goddess vitalism, there was only metamorphosis.

The spontaneous generation and evolution taught in current earth science and biology textbooks are based on the goddess superstitions of three centuries ago.

American Public Schools and the Law

1. The whole universe has always devolved, the exact opposite of evolved.

Therefore, the evolution taught by all public schools is the exact opposite of the truth, which violates the state Education Code (which requires teaching the truth).

2. The textbooks parrot the Gaea concepts thereby advancing the Gaea religion. The Constitution forbids any advancement of any religion. The public schools are federal outlaws.

3. All public schools are state and federal outlaws.

4. All public schools may shed their outlaw staus by (1) expunging all references to spontaneous generation and evolution in all biology and life science textbooks, and (2) by teaching omnipresent bounded omniscient originality, which is verifiable in every viable and nonviable realm in the entire universe (see ).


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Revised: 10-8-09