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by Anonymous

Children usually study the amazing life cycle of butterflies sometime during the elementary grades. They marvel as they watch the worm-like caterpillar disappear into a dead-looking chrysalis and finally emerge as a beautiful butterfly. How many of us keep this childhood wonder and go on to discover lessons for life as we learn more about these fascinating creatures?

The transformation from adult is truly an amazing feat. Metamorphosis is a complex process involving very precisely tuned chemical changes (see Think and Believe, July/Aug, 1~90). When the caterpillar enters the chrysalis stage, it is totally changed as it prepares for takeoff. Special chemicals break down the old substances and new ones are formed. The old caterpillar disappears and a "rebirth" takes place as the beautiful butterfly emerges. Though technically having the same genetic make-up, it is a very different creature with a radically new lifestyle. Analogously, "If any man is in Christ, he is a new creature; the old things passed away; behold, new things have come." (II Cor. .5:17) Have you experienced this radiCal, life-changing transformation?

The feeding habits of caterpillars are extremely different from those of butterflies. While caterpillars generally have strong jaws for feeding on plants or other insects, adult butterflies have a long, coiled tube, the proboscis, which is used in sucking juices from flowers. At the upper end of the proboscis is a hollow bulb which expands as the muscles contract, lowering the pressure in the bulb. The outside air pressure forces the nectar up the tube. Has your "diet" changed since you became a Christian? Are you feeding daily on the sweet nectar of God's Word?

The eyesight of butterflies is also much changed from that of caterpillars. Caterpillars have six small eyes on each side of the head which apparently enable them to tell light from dark. Butterflies, however, have very sophisticated compound eyes, consisting of thousands of separate lenses. They apparently have good eyesight and color vision. How has your vision changed since becoming a Christian?

Caterpillars destroy millions of dollars worth of valuable crops whereas butterflies usually perform a useful function being vitally important in pollinating fruit trees. Are you actively involved in useful service in the Kingdom of God?

Indeed, butterflies give us a powerful reminder of who we are in Christ. Are you using your flying wings?

Source: Alpha Omega Institute