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Hi-Tech Butterflies

by Mark Sonmor

Can studying the wing of a butterfly develop faster computers and better lights?

Imagine. Computers that run a thousand times faster at a thousandth of the size! Lights that last longer, require less energy without producing the heat associated with traditional light bulbs. Is that possible? It may be with the research being done with photons.

A photon is a small unit of light that scientists believe can be used in the future the way electrons are used in computers today. The Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center reported this is being made possible by structures known as 2D photonic crystals. These crystals use an intricate lattice-type structure (a bit like microscopic swiss cheese) to route photons along a particular path and in a particular wavelength.

The BBC also reported that using a 2D photonic crystal in conjunction with some tiny (Bragg) reflectors, scientists have developed a more efficient light emitting diode (LED). You've probably seen LEDs used in key chain flash lights and electronic appliances.

Until now, much of the light from LEDs was lost or misdirected and therefore wasted. With these new developments, more efficient, durable light can be produced.

Ironically, what some of the world's brightest minds have developed with the help of the latest technology, African Swallowtails have been using all along. Their wings are designed in such a way that strategically placed pigment absorbs ultraviolet light which is then re-emitted fluorescently. This light is not lost or wasted because the butterflies' scales "just happened" to be equipped with tiny holes to direct the light in virtually the same way 2D photonic crystals do. The scales are also designed with a type of reflector underneath them that works like those found in the new LEDs.

Peter Vukusic, University of Exeter, UK, indicated that studying natural designs such as these, could help improve scientists' man-made devices.

Hmmmmm. If man looks at butterflies (which supposedly evolved) to come up with etter designs, could it be that butterflies were designed too? Obviously, God thought of it first. We need to give Him the glory!

"Think & Believe" Alpha Omega Institute ( May/June 2006