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A Brilliant engineering: the weevil ‘hip’-and-leg joint

The invention of the threaded screw-and-nut mechanism was a great engineering breakthrough. But we now know that God thought of it first. That’s because researchers have discovered that weevil legs attach to the insect’s body by “screwing into” a part called the coxa—analogous to our hip.

This screw-and-nut mechanism serves the same purpose as ball-and-socket joints in vertebrates and hinge joints in other insects.

Muscles pull the legs in and out of the screw mechanism to make them twist—a handy feature for weevils needing to splay their legs to find footholds.

Evolutionists claim insects had a common ancestor, but then why do weevils have a screw-and-nut joint while other insects have hinges? It took ingenuity for us to design both of these mechanisms for our use—surely it makes more sense to acknowledge that the insect kinds were created separately, ingeniously designed with their respective features.

“Beetles beat us to the screw and nut”, New Scientist 211(2820):17, 9 July 2011