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The Ant

By Anonymous

Although ants are tiny insects, they are very wonderful. They can smell, build, hunt and even talk to each other, not as we do, of course, but in a way that ants understand. The Bible tells us to consider or learn from the ant.

Consider the ANT’S WAYS Proverbs 6:6

Ants are very clean and tidy. On their feet are little combs and brushes. When they are not working, they spend much of their tine making themselves neat. Inside their ant hills, everything is tidy. They cannot bear anything dead around. If an insect dies near their hone, a large number of them gather together to push the body out of the way. One kind of ant eats its garbage! It would not be a good idea for you to copy the ant in that way, but you should imitate its neat and clean habits.

There's a family that nobody likes to meet!
They live, it is said, on Untidy Street ,
In a city named I-Don't-Want-To-Be-Clean,
Where the river called Carelessness runs in between.
Their buttons are off, and their shoes don't shine
I surely would not want this family for mine!
So it would be wisest to keep; YOUR feet
From this city where no one is ever neat.
Always be tidy, whatever you do,
Or people will think this is your family too!

Consider the ANT’S WORK Proverbs 6:6-8

ANTS BUILD their own hones. An anthill is a wonderful building! Inside are many passages and rooms. Each ant has his own work to do in the building. Some gather the materials. Others take these materials from them and do the building. Others stand on guard at the entrance. Anthills are easy to find, for there is always a stream of workers going in and out.

 ANTS FARM In some parts of the world there are what are called Harvester ants. They prepare a flat piece of earth about seven feet in diameter and plant seeds in it. They watch over the growing plants until the seeds are ripe, never allowing a weed to grow. Then they cut off the seeds, carry them to their nests, husk them and throw the husks outside. In India , when there is a famine, people hunt for Harvester anthills, then take out the grain and grind it into meal.

 Leafcutting ants grow their own gardens. They snip pieces of leaves and carry them back to their nest. There they bury them deep in the ground. Soon a special fungus grows on the leaves and the ants use this for food.

 The busy little ant sets a good example for us to follow. 2 THESSALONIANS 3:10 says, “If any would not would work, neither should he eat.”

Do you do anything to help your parents who provide your food? Consider the ant, and think of some ways you can be of help in your family.

Consider the ANT’S WISDOM Proverbs 30:24-25

The Bible says the ant is wise because it prepares for the future. Some insects, like grasshoppers, die in winter because they have no place to keep warm. Ants build their houses and store away food while the weather is warm. When winter comes, they are ready.

  Twice the Bible praises the ant for preparing beforehand for what is coming. The Bible tells us - PREPARE TO MEET THY GOD (Amos 4:12 ). Most people prepare for everything but that. If your family goes on a trip, your father prepares by studying maps and getting the car checked. Mother prepares for company by making sure the house is tidy and there are lots of good things to eat. You are going to school now to prepare to earn a living later and to take your place in the world.

Be WISE, won’t you, and PREPARE TO MEET GOD!

HOW Can You Prepare to Meet God?

 1. There is something you must KNOW

You must know that you are a sinner. Romans 3:23 means YOU. You may think you are pretty good, and even your friends and family may think so too, but in the sight of God, Who is holy, you have sinned like everyone else. And God must punish sin. Good works will never earn us entrance into heaven. They are but filthy rags in God’s sight. Read ISAIAH 64:6 and TITUS 3:5.

2. There is something you must BELIEVE

God did something about your sin and mine. He laid it on Jesus. JESUS DIED FOR YOUR SIN. He took the punishment that you and I should receive. Read I PETER 2:24.

3. There is something you must RECEIVE

Salvation is a gift that you must take from God Romans 6:23). In Matthew 22:1 - 14 Jesus tells the parable of a wedding of a prince. Everyone invited was given a garment to wear, but one man decided to cone in his own clothes. The king was very angry and had him thrown out. The man had no excuse for not being dressed properly. God gives you salvation as a gift, and this salva­tion is like a lovely new garment. Read ISAIAH 61:10.

ALL YOU HAVE TO DO WITH A GIFT IS ACCEPT IT. Have you received the gift of salvation from God? (JOHN 1:12).


Prepare IN TIME! Ants are wise because they do just that. When is the best time? Prepare NOW! Read 2 Corinthians 6:2. Acts 24 tells the story of a ruler named Felix who said he would wait for a more convenient time to put his faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. But that time never came. As far as we know, Felix died in his sins.


You may DIE IN YOUR SINS. Then it will be TOO LATE to prepare.

You will grow older. Then it will be much harder to accept the Lord Jesus Christ as your Saviour. Statistics show that the older you get, the less chance there is of becoming a Christian

You will miss God’s wonderful plan for your life. You will miss all the happiness and peace there is in having the Lord Jesus with you day by day as your Master, Friend and Guide.

 Mabel’s father was very sick so sick the doctor knew he was going to die. The father asked the doctor to tell his little girl.

 “Mabel, do you know your father is going on a long journey?” the doctor asked.

“Where is he going?” inquired Mabel in surprise.

“I guess he’s going to heaven,” the doctor replied.

“Whenever my daddy went on a journey, he got ready first,” the little girl said, “but I’ve never seen him do anything to get ready to go to heaven!”

Dear friend, when we come to die is no time to begin to prepare for eternity. God’s time for us to prepare is NOW!