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Ants and Antifreeze!

by Anonymous

Pun intended, but ants really do produce antifreeze, too! Yep, it gets cold out there in the ground under a blanket of snow. Since the ants don't have their own central heating systems, they need to have a way to keep from freezing during the winter. So the colder it gets, the more antifreeze is actually produced.

Did this ability happen by chance over millions of years by mutation and natural selection as our evolutionist friends would claim? Scientists have long studied ants that live in the equatorial zones where it is nice and warm year round. They found that these ants do not produce antifreeze like their cousins do in Indi"ant"apolis, Indiana. The evolutionist were quick to point this out. "See," they said, "this shows that this ability to produce antifreeze came about by mutation and natural selection. Since they certainly didn't need antifreeze, they didn't need to evolve that characteristic. "

Some explanations such as this one sound really great, at first. However, researchers shot a big hole in the original theory shortly after it was suggested. Ants from the equatorial zone which they thought did not have the ability to produce antifreeze were transported to the northern latitude. Within the first year, they all of a sudden began producing antifreeze. You might say, "Wow! That's fast evolution!" The truth is that the ants had already possessed the genetic ability to produce the proper antifreeze chemicals.

Is this "pre-evolution" as some might suggest? Very doubtful! Perhaps, as others would theorize, these ants lived where it was colder at one time, evolved the complicated antifreeze system, and somehow over the millions of years ofliving in the warm zone did not lose the ability to produce antifreeze. I believe a better explanation is that they were pre-programmed by their Creator with ability to handle many possible situations. Just like a dog grows a thicker winter coat in years it is going to be very cold, so do ants produce antifreeze before it is needed! We really believe God takes care of his creatures. Think about it! Ifhe cares for the ant, and cares for the fish in the sea, don't you think He cares for you and me! We serve a wonderful God! Tell others about Him!

Source: Alpha Omega Institute