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I have three family members who have either drug or alcohol addiction. One, my son, literally lost everything he had except what family members could quickly haul to a storage locker.

I cannot give medical or psychiatric advice, but I can testify that the bottom line for deliverance from addictions is to make Jesus Christ your Savior and Lord.

The person who I have found to have the best biblical understanding about addictions is a Christian brother who is a former crack user. Jim Battle does not have a website, but he can be contacted for personal biblical counsel concerning addiction.

Jim can also speak from experience regarding other addictions such as alcohol, cigarettes, gambling, food, and pornography. He ministers as a layman with knowledge that few (if any) professional counselors can attain.

According to Jim (and I agree) the “step” programs are not for Christians (some may even lead to the occult) and he has the following articles which he will send to you via email:

How AA’s Teachings Compare with Bible Teachings
The Greatest Danger
12-Step Program Fact Sheet
Are "Christian" Recovery Programs Really from God?

Courts Rule that AA IS a Religious Program!
How AA came to Power
The Dangers of Recovery Program Language
Should A Christian Have A Sponsor?
Using Drugs (Including Alcohol) Is Witchcraft

You can reach Jim via email at or call him (toll free) at (800) 419-1426. He is available to speak at churches also.

And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. (John 8:32)

Also, help can be found at Reformers Unanimous and Celebrate Recovery.

My family's experience with addiction is told in "Creationist Cast Down".