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These articles are under "Legacy" which was inspired by the Little House on the Prairie episode "The Legacy".

40-40 FACE the FACTS (rescue babies from slaughter)

A Speech Not Given

After Action Report of Bill Nye Event

The Agony of Atheists

"Anybody" is WORSE than Obama

Baseball Gloves--Symbols of Love

Becoming Mindful of Mindfulness

Black Genocide

Boot Camp Blizzard

Bugs in My Ears

Censorship by Any Name is Still Censorship!

Conservative in Name Only (CINO) Survey

Cold Warriors?

The Coming Crisis Upon the Cs

Counting to the Appointment

Count Your Blessings

Creek Rocks

A Creationist Cast Down

Face the Facts


FIRMly FUNdamentalist

FOUR E’s: Education-Environmentalism-Evolutionism-Exaltation

The Future is Now

Gay is Sad

Hold the Line

I am Pro-Choice

I Jumped

Immigration Impasse

I Saw Two Preachers

Islam Insanity

Karl Quits Conservatism

Letter about Liberal Attacks on Confederate History

Liberalism is Evil

Liberal Legs

Living with Angel

The Love of a Lady

Math Lesson: The Why and Where of Mathematics

Mission Hollow Memories

My Ancestor

My March (Stand) for Science

Name Recorded

Over the Hill is Out

Panty Waist Pastors

Political Bugs

The Priest Family

Racial Reality

Real Hate Groups

Romans Resounding Resources


Renegade Reverend

Respect for the Departed Reminds Us of the Future

Russia Reality

Sending Suicide Squads into Schools

The Slippery Slope

Sneaky Censorship

Start Swarming


Thirty Years and Three Boxes

Train the Brain and Serenity for the Soul

Traveling to Truth Transformation

Trust the Captain

Union Mission Memories

Wake Up Before the Clock Stops

What the "Conservative" Critics Say



Yoga is Religion

Other articles are dedicated to Insects, Creation, Textbook War, and Exodus Mandate.

*I advise you not to spend time reading what I say if you do not have time to read God’s Word.