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After displaying PowerPoint insect photographs that clearly demonstrate God’s astonishing ingenuity, I present dozens of pictures representing a small sample of the marvelous insect creations that portray God’s superb artistry. During this time two songs* are played.

For the "grand finale", in the context of our departure from this temporal life, we view butterflies as Dino (the pianist) plays “We Shall Behold Him”. This is a time where the “amen” churches get happy and the reserved churches say “amen”!

*These songs are excellent for this part of the presentation and the music does not override the message. The words are below and upon request I can send an audio in either Windows Media or M4A format. I do have alternative music, but the effect is somewhat decreased.

Great are your Works 

by Andy Park 

Your works, Lord, are awesome. Your power is great. Your works, Lord, are awesome. Your power is great.

Great are your works Lord. Great are Your deeds; awesome in power, so awesome to me.

You will reign forever. In power You will reign. You will reign forever. Iin power You will reign.

Because of Your greatness all the earth will sing.
Because of Your greatness all the earth will sing. 

God is Delighted

by Steve Green  

There in the mystery before time began God reigned in completeness and harmony. There He moved to create all we know and share it with you and with me. He made mountains and music and rainbows and time, with pleasure they flowed from his beautiful mind.

(Chorus) God is delighted in all He has done; nothing can end all the joy he’s begun. His children delight in Him through his own son. God is delighted in all He has done.

There in the stars or a smile of a child, we glimpse how his joy fills eternity. This is His pleasure to give us Himself: His glory, His heaven, His peace. And soon all confusion will fade from our sight, with wonder we’ll dwell in His kingdom of light.

Perfectly wonderful, mystical joy sings for creation's great dance. God bids us to join Him in all that He has. Delighted to give us the chance