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U.S.S. Wright

Number One “Deep Sink”

Part of Navy life for a lowly unskilled enlisted man on a ship involved duty of extremely long hours and hard work on the Deck Force (the real sailors) or the Mess Deck (the chow hall of a ship). As soon as I came aboard the USS Wright I was assigned to the latter. To multiply the misery, the ship was involved in a Navy worldwide competition for the best mess (food service). Shortly after starting as a mess cook I got into a fight and was “sentenced” to the galley deep sink. Some would say that was worse than the brig. Imagine, scrubbing pots and pans for a crew of over 1000 guys! There I stayed for 76 days and qualified as the best “Deep Sink” in the U. S. Navy because we won the coveted Ney Award for the best large mess afloat category.

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USS Wright (history)


“Award Winning Ships and Stations”. All Hands. November 1968. 18-21


personal experience!

I did some other things while connected with the Navy. Someday I will write about the adventures of a Mess Cook and other shipboard activities.