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That destroys children’s Christian faith.
The Baptist Council for Family Life’s study reported that 88% of children from Christian homes who attend public (government) schools leave the church shortly after graduation and many never return. That’s the optimistic study! George Barna’s studies show that 95% of children lose their faith before they graduate.

That deliberately dumbs down children.
Academically among industrialized nations America is nearly dead last. .Approximately 40% of graduates are functionally illiterate, and of those who go to college approximately 42% have to take remedial courses.

That indoctrinates children into accepting homosexuality as a normal alternative lifestyle.
Bob Chase, head of the National Education Association said In April of 2002, “Acceptance of homosexuality should be the goal for educators.” There are now 4,000 homosexual clubs in schools in all 50 states.

That increases children’s sexual behavior.
Sex-ed has resulted in a 500% increase in pregnancy to unmarried girls 15–10 years old since 1968.

That sexually molests children.
A recent study by the U.S. Education Department showed that 4.5 million students were victims of sexual misconduct by teachers in the past decade.

That leads to increased illegal drug use by children.
A study in Illinois showed that Dare and Quest lead to increased drug use. Since 1965 illegal drug use among youth is up 6,000 percent.

That drugs children to make them easier to handle.
6 million children are being given Ritalin or other psychotropic drugs.

That places children in physical danger.
Nationwide, there were approximately 1,466,000 violent incidents that occurred in public schools in the1999-2000 school year

That teaches children there are no absolutes.
Values clarification and situational ethics are a part of all studies.

That promotes New Age religions.
Meditation, Buddhism, and other eastern religions are promoted.

That indoctrinates children with the philosophy of socialism.
Globalism, environmentalism, revisionist history are all used to indoctrinate children to believe in socialism and other collectivist philosophies.

That indoctrinates children with the religion of Secular Humanism.
I don’t know what you would call such an institution, but I would call it EVIL. The institution I’m referring to, in case you haven’t figured it out, is the public (government) school system.

Government schools devastate children morally, spiritually, and academically. Christian children need a Christian education, and should be home schooled or sent to a good Christian school.

A miniscule percentage of churches have a Christian school, and almost none encourage parents to give their children a Christian education!! What’s wrong with this picture?

(The above is slightly revised from a leaflet prepared by Exodus Mandate-FL state coordinator Dr. Robert Dreyfus.)

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