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(Compiled from various sources by Karl Priest)

In the book of Numbers we can read of the scouts who saw how wonderful the Promised Land was, but 10 of the 12 scouts only saw obstacles and imagined the foes they had to face were too great for their God to overcome. We all know that God wasn’t too happy with the Children of Israel. Instead of dwelling on excuses let’s focus on ways to “overcome”. To overcome means to “rise above”. Jesus told us that we will have tribulation but to be of good cheer because he has overcome the world (Jn. 16:33) and in I John 5:4 we are told, “For whatsoever is born of God overcometh the world: and this is the victory that overcometh the world, even our faith”.

Instead of focusing on why it would be difficult to enter the Promised Land of Christian Education, let’s prayerfully focus on how we can make the crossing. If we trust God, He will part the waters.

We can’t just withdraw form the culture Sending children to Government Schools is surrender to the culture. By rescuing our children we declare that the world’s values and beliefs are not ours. If all Christian children were removed from Government Schools then Government Schools would no longer represent the cultural norm.

Socialization There is nothing wrong with friends, but children tend to model their peers; especially when the peers are viewed as “cool”. I Cor. 15:33 says, “Be not deceived: evil communications corrupt good manners.” Why assume that Government Schools are the best place for socialization? There is ample opportunity for learning to get along with others in church activities, sports, arts, clubs, mission trips, scouts, 4-H, dance, Bible Clubs, seminars, and volunteer work. With the exception of some team sports other options are, at least, as good as those offered in Government Schools. Larger Christian Schools have bands and team sports. Homeschools could form associations.

Society benefits from Christian Education through stronger families. Most of these families are politically conscious and do not withdraw from public life. Where are our priorities—Christ or football? He didn’t tell us to seek first the JHS band.

Public Schools Distinguish Democracies Do you think communists all went to private schools? Forcing students to attend Government Schools regardless of whether they or their parents approve of what is taught there will make sure the government can indoctrinate our kids and that is not freedom.

Educational Standards Are Lower There is zero evidence that children get an inferior education from Christian Education. Recent test results from “The Nations’ Report Card” disclose that Christian School students “had a higher average than their counterparts in public schools”.

I’m Not Qualified to Teach Many Government School teachers don’t really know how to teach. The young ones are steeped in useless theories. The dwindling remnant of teachers who know how to teach are hamstrung with curriculum and regulations that make real teaching almost impossible. There are materials available that provide books, videos, lesson plans, test services, and other helpful products.

We Don’t Have Time to Homeschool Homeschooled children finish work in 3-4 hours and only part of that time requires instruction. It can be done in the evening. The fact is that we have time to do what we value. Christian Schools are a good option.

How Would Christian Schools Be Accountable? Government Schools wastes billions of dollars and are not held accountable. Christian Schools are accountable to the parents who pay tuition. If the parents do not get results they can leave at anytime.

Our Public School Is Different Sometimes school systems point to other districts to convince parents that, in comparison, things aren’t so bad. All schools differ in superficial respects, but none is different enough to justify a Christian leaving a child behind in the seething cauldron of spiritual, moral, and academic pathologies of Government Schools. Your school is still subject to Federal education laws and court decisions. Did most of the faculty get training in a school of education? Are teacher unions present? Teacher unions represent leftist political views

We Went to Public Schools Our nostalgic memories notwithstanding, Government Schools were still a bad place for children even when we attended them. Today’s Government Schools are vastly worse than they were 20 years ago. You wouldn’t let your children play Russian Roulette, so why would you choose to give your children to an institution that is anti-Christian, aggressively promotes anti-Christian values, is physically dangerous, and cripples children intellectually?

Special Needs Students It has taken court orders to get much of what is provided in Government Schools and lots of these children are still badly served. For ides see the A-Z Home’s Cool Homeschooling site.

My School Has Some Christian Teachers Christian teachers are not immune from government control. They must be certified by secular universities that are part of the humanistic education edifice. They are limited by school policy and compelled to use secular humanist texts. They are in no position organizationally or career-wise to thwart an influence as large and pervasive as secular humanism. (Can a Christian Work in the Government School System?)

To Christian teachers: 1. A Christian teacher who keeps his light under a bushel is an example of compromised Christianity. 2. In a free market of education talented teachers have unlimited earning potential.

Each Family Must do As The Lord Leads God has one standard of right or wrong. This is not a subjective issue.

Salt and Light Government Schools promote a religion of humanism (even paganism). Christian children lack the experience to be salt and light. How can a child go out and make disciples before he gets a firm grip on the Word? Is your child an evangelist with a public ministry? It is unwise and dangerous to send children as missionaries to Government Schools. We cannot hold Christian children hostage in Government Schools in order to carry out youth evangelism. If Christian children leave Government Schools the ministry to children left behind can continue with clubs, sports, and neighborhood outreaches. Non-Christians will see the success of Christian Education.

Our Pastor Hasn’t Said It’s A Problem That is beside the point. Our obligations as parents are not determined by what is said from the pulpit. Many churches are quite political and pastors are under pressure by those who make their livings directly or indirectly through the school system.

We Can’t Afford It This is usually really asking, “Can we afford Christian Education without disturbing our existing material priorities?” Our cars, boats, hobbies, cloths, vacations, large houses, and restaurant meals are all ephemera. Like our flesh, they will wither and fade. We must be willing to do whatever it costs to obey Christ. Try to re-budget and downsize. Seek private and business scholarships. Encourage aging family members to direct their estates toward this cause. Pastors can open up facilities.

Neglect Of the Poor This is similar to the “We can’t afford it” excuse, but it cuts more deeply. The poor and ethnic minorities are more tragically underserved by government schools than middle class families. The schools tend to be worse, drugs more available, and violence epidemic. Christian families could assume responsibility for some disadvantaged children. Churches can use benevolence funds.

“School Planting” could be done as part of a church mission ministry. _______________________________________________________________________________

Imagine your child sitting on a stool with only two legs. A stool needs at least three legs in order to save your child a lot of pain. The training of your child is like a three-legged stool. The three legs are the home, the church, and the school. Please do not make your child have to overcome the tremendous disadvantage of trying to balance his/her life when you can overcome the problem and provide the third leg.

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