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Inside American Education by Thomas Sowell

34: A variety of courses and programs, under an even wider variety of names, have been set up in schools across the country to change the values, behavior, and beliefs of American youngsters from what they have been taught by their families.

285: The brutal reality is that the American system of education is bankrupt. Allowed to continue as it is, it will absorb ever more vast resources, without any appreciable improvement in the quality of its output, which is already falling behind world standards.

296: We need to face the harsh reality of the kind of people we are dealing with, the kind of bitter fight we can expect from them if we try to disturb their turf and perks—and the bleak future of our children if we don’t.

296: We must face up to what educators have actually done, as distinguished from what they have said:

1. They have taken our money, betrayed our trust, failed our children, and then lied about the failures…

2. They have used our children as guinea pigs for experiments, targets for propaganda…


Dumbing us Down by John Taylor Gatto

19: School has become the replacement for church in our secular society, and like church it requires its teachings must be taken by faith.

19: It is time that we squarely face the fact that institutional school teaching is destructive to children.

21: School is a twelve-year jail sentence whee bad habits are the only curriculum truly earned.

25 (T)he institution is psychopathic; it has no conscience. It rings a bell and the young man in the middle of a poem must close his notebook and move to a different cell where he must memorize that humans and monkeys derive from a common ancestor.

27: It is absurd and anti-life to be part of a system that compels you to sit in confinement with people exactly the same age and social class.

65: While the education administered by this abstract parent is ill-regarded by everybody, the institution’s right to compel its clientele to accept such dubious service is still guaranteed by the police. And forces are gathering to expand its reach still further—in the face of every evidence that it has been a disaster throughout its history.

77: Mass-schooling damages children. We don’t need any more of it. And under the guise that is is the same thing as education, it has been picking our pockets…

93-94: Defying the lessons of the market, this psychopathic megalith has grown more and more powerful in spite of colossal failures to educate throughout its history. It succeeds in surviving only because it employs the police power of the State to fill its hollow classrooms.

100:  "This is not a devil you can wrestle with as Daniel Webster did with Old Scratch, but one that has to be starved to death by depriving it of victims.  Monopoly schooling is the major cause of our loss of national and individual identity."

101:  "It's time to stop.  The system doesn't work, and its one of the causes of our world coming apart."


Child Abuse in the Classroom edited by Phyllis Schlafly

68: Parents and the general public must be reached also, otherwise, children and youth enrolled in globally oriented programs may find themselves in conflict with values assumed in the home.
[From Schooling for a Global Age by John Goodlad (1979). Further research reveals that Good lad also said, “Parents do not own their children. They have no ‘natural right’ to control their education fully.” ( Developing Democratic Character in the Young , pp. 164) and “Public education has served as a check on the power of parents.” (pp. 165.)]

69: Kitsap County Schools involved in the Gifted Student Project LIFE find the concept is ‘developing a new global philosophy’…The citizens are not told that this program is developing leaders of a particular world view [globalism] and away from loyalty to their country.

84: The naïve child is subtly programmed to think a certain way. He’s made to question every belief and truism much before he is emotionally capable of assessing what he believes.

125: Whatever we wish to see introduced into the life of a nation must first be introduced into the life of its schools. [From Wilhelm von Humboldt (a German humanist).]

142: As I looked through it, it seemed to be a ‘how to’ manual for the occult world. It suggested devising an experiment with a Ouija board. Pages 234 to 239 explain how to do meditation and TM. And on page 313 and 314 it tells how to do yoga. [A parent was commenting on her daughters’ high school psychology book.]

155: Schools will become clinics whose purpose is to provide individualized psycho-social treatment for the student and teachers must become psycho-social therapists. Children are to become the objects of experimentation. [A quote from a National Education Association pamphlet, “Education for the Seventies.”]

167: The new education seeks to develop desirable attitudes, and the school environment must be so arranged that the way of life cultivated in school will continue outside the school—a new philosophy of life must be developed. [From a college educational psychology textbook.]

178: The message of such deceitful dilemmas is crystal clear and always the same: there are no rights or wrongs—no absolutes by which to live and act. [Conclusion of a parent who studied the National Diffusion Network manual and its connection to Lawrence Kohlberg. (Further research: The National Diffusion Network (1974-1995) was a federally funded program to “ spread to America's schools innovative education programs” ( “American psychologist Lawrence Kohlberg who specialized in research on moral education and reasoning, and was best known for his theory of stages of moral development, believed children needed to be in an environment that allowed for open and public discussion of day-to-day conflicts and problems to develop their moral reasoning ability. (]

258: If a car manufacturer produced a faulty automobile, time after time, the public would cease to buy the car.

261: These courses openly admit that they are ‘change agents’.

273: Values Clarification and humanism have much in common. They’re being taught in almost every grade and school across the country. Their beliefs and objectives consist of these: faith in man; God is non-existent; there is no right and wrong; all morals are situational and there are no absolutes.

313: Students are taught that “Family Planning” is easily accessible and free of complications.

321: Another part that is difficult for parents is that sometimes the program titles are deceiving…one part of the program is informational and the other three-quarters deal with values, attitudes, etc.

335-336: Someone is tampering with the soul of America. This tampering has operated on intellectual deceit, clothing itself in phrases which have been designed to give the appearance of progress, while dismantling religion, culture, beauty, truth and order. It goes by many names. It calls itself sensitivity twining, change agents, learning clinics, psycho-educational clinics, psychosocial treatments, psychotherapy, sociometry, role-playing, attitudinal surveys, diaries, journals, psychodrama, encounter groups, simulation or survival games, group dynamics, open classrooms, inquiry learning, Values Clarification (more honestly called values mutilation), moral education, awareness training, consciousness raising or awareness, transcendental meditation, ungraded education, middle schools magnet schools, character education, contemporary literature, death education, abortion and contraception education, population control, evolution, new age education, psychology, parapsychology, astrology, mythology, classes about religion, in-service training, family livings, character citizenship, alternative schools, globalism, interdependence, health education, drug education, mastery learning, super learning, new math, ecology and environmental education, parenting, child development, Behavior Modification, Kohlberg’s moral reasoning, Esperanto, metrics, operant conditioning, MACOS, MGIC Circle, DUSO, QUEST, TRIBES, TAD, SELF, look-say methods, PPBS, management by objective, accountability, minimum competencies, taxonomy, multicultural education, multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary approaches, gifted education, foundations, and on and on and on.

348: The goal of Global Education is to prepare all youths to accept a world government for all systems and a global interdependence.

369: Russia could not have planned a better strqategy for the bleeding and ultimate destruction of our nation than what has been accomplished in our public schools.

375: Families are the heart of America and to interfere with these values is like setting off a time bomb that will destroy America.

415: I believe I am fighting for my children’s souls.

See: Why Christian Education Is Important.