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(Snipped from a longer article by Bobbie Ames.)

The Unitarians were the first to establish state boards of education and state controlled education. (4)

As painful as it is to face today's reality, we must, for the sake our children and their future:

"Out of an average of 30 high school students,
15 are sexually active (1)
23 believe that homosexuality is an acceptable lifestyle (2)
14 don't see a great risk in heavy daily drinking (3)
12 of them have used marijuana (3)
9 admitted stealing from a store in the last 12 months
24 admitted lying to their parents about something significant
18 admitted cheating on a test in the last school year and even though they had done these things,
28 out of 30 are satisfied with their personal choices and character."(5)

Between 70% and 80% walk away from church by the end of their freshman year in college. (6) That means that 7 out of 10 of our children will not be reared in the discipline and instruction of the Christian faith. Another research group has found that half of those leaving the church have actually lost interest by middle school. (7)

 Keep in mind that 89% of Christian parents have their children in public schools. (6)


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(Snipped from a longer article by Ron Kirk.)

Contemporary state laws require attendance in schools. Since the student must attend and the state must offer 'free' school, the burden of accomplishment in the student weighs upon the school.  The student thus often adopts an entitlement mentality with little or no personal responsibility involved. Meanwhile, the school assumes a greater and greater authority over the student, but without the effective means to control the elements of life which influence education outside the classroom. This system leads to an adversarial and often combative relationship where parents require success of the school, students dare the school to make them learn, and schoolteachers, caught in the middle, harden to protect themselves from the abuse they often receive. Meanwhile no one assumes responsibility for success (though the school will take the credit when, because of a character-accomplished family, they are successful). To make matters worse the humanistic intrusions into education from the 1930s under the auspices of John Dewey and others have so succeeded that no area of the curriculum is free from humanistic and anti-Christian bias. From evolutionary pre-suppositions in science class, to statist politics in social studies, to behavioral presuppositions about human nature, godlessness prevails. There even Christian teachers must submit to the state-mandated content after they are trained in psychology-based educational theories. Egalitarian reduction of learning to the lowest common denominator forces the dumbing down of the educational process. In other words, the state curriculum (and the private schools which have adopted its presuppositions) must offend Biblically minded Christians. Indeed, as the state must adopt a monolithic view of life and education, state education must always offend anyone who does not agree with it. Christians in huge numbers accept this travesty, while the elite liberal rulers wisely send their own children to private academies where they might reproduce themselves.