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Fire Breathing Christian articles

Ten problems with the “salt and light” excuse for feeding children to the State.

Ten answers to those “What about socialization?” questions from public school advocates.

10 Reasons Christians Should Not Teach In Public Schools

The Dying Dinosaur Of Centralized Education

Let’s get the State out of our children’s heads, shall we?

Temples of the State: The VERY Religious Mission of American Public Schools

Statism 101: State-run “education” makes a State-dependent population.

Disciples of the State: 10 ways that State-run “education” is (purposefully) killing us.

Government run “education”…and why we don’t know anything anymore.

The Serpent’s Ongoing Education (and Control) of the “Bible Belt”

Do you have two hours a day to focus on your children?

Why Statists despise Christian homeschooling (and why Christians shouldn’t feed their children to the State).

Also see: Why Christian Education Is Important.